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Halogen 360 Multirater

by Halogen Software

Now there's a practical, affordable, easy way to gather and analyze rich 360 degree feedback, giving your employees the broad, balanced perspective they need to develop and improve. Whether you use it for leadership development or to collect broader, fairer feedback for employees, Halogen 360 Multirater does away with the paperwork and hassles associated with 360 degree feedback. Gather feedback from managers, peers, subordinates, and even external contacts, such as customers and suppliers. View Profile


by Applied Training Systems

Reviewsnap's acclaimed Web-based performance management system offers the most flexible, robust, user-friendly and cost-effective online solution on the market today. It includes performance review, 360 degree feedback and compensation tracking modules all bundled under one highly affordable annual subscription fee. Our customers have found Reviewsnap to be an ideal framework for enhancing employee communication, morale and productivity and for developing a culture focused on high performance. View Profile

Web-based leadership competency modeling and 360 feedback tool for consultants, coaches, and HR professionals. View Profile

Primalogik 360

by Primalogik Software Solutions

Affordable web-based solution with customizable questionnaires, automated email reminders and quick sign-up process. Try it for free. View Profile


by Spidergap

The employee-friendly 360 degree feedback tool. Create and manage your own assessments with incredibly easy-to-use feedback reports. View Profile

High impact 360 feedback data collection and reporting applications in your web browser using wizards and keeping costs to a minimum. View Profile

RealTime 360

by RealTime Performance

Increases return-on-training investment by aligning individual learning needs with targeted recommendations for improvement. View Profile

Gather performance feedback from all members of your organization & uncover your company's strengths and opportunities for improvement View Profile

Appraisal Smart

by Appraisal Smart

Web-based, online performance appraisal software for employee review and evaluation. View Profile

real-time 360-degree-feedback software; departs from the classic Q&A/survey based approach and instead uses attribute based scoring. View Profile

C3 Statistical Solutions

by C3 Statistical Solutions

Employee self-administered web-based 360 degree reviews plus research consulting for real-life return throughout the world. View Profile

INSIGHTMirror 360

by InsightMirror 360

Online, customizable multi-rater assessment tool. View Profile


by Hirease

A performance management solution with customized appraisals, 360 notes, cascading goals and flexibility in the cloud and on the go. View Profile

Online survey tool that lets you create unlimited surveys, distribute them and analyze the data with ease. View Profile


by CompleteSurvey

360° feedback solution with branding, questionnaire building, and automated report generation functionality for leadership consultants. View Profile

360 Degree Feedback Tool

by Grapevine Solutions

An online 360 degree feedback software tool to perform a 360 degree evaluation, employee performance evaluation, assessment and review. View Profile

gowerk PERFORM

by gowerk solutions

Performance Management that streamlines the review process, clarifies goal tracking, and identifies opportunities across a workforce. View Profile

20/20 Insight GOLD

by Performance Support Systems

Survey software that can be used for 360 degree feedback, organization surveys, customer feedback and training evaluation. View Profile

36 Dollar 360

by SVI

Easy to use 360 assessment. For as little as $36 per report, your organization can finally afford to develop everybody. View Profile

360 Assessments

by Booth Company

Online application that provides a platform for designing, implementing, and managing simple to complex survey programs. View Profile

360 Checkup

by Checkster

Simplified 360 feedback and automated reference check. View Profile

360 Degree Feedback

by HR-Meter

360 Degree Feedback. HR-Meter offers a proven, multi-faceted, specific HR-Meter tool, at an attractive price. View Profile

360 Degree Feedback

by SumTotal Systems

SumTotal 360 Feedback automates the competency-based multisource assessment process to facilitate employee development planning. View Profile

360 Degree Feedback

by HR-Survey

Incorporates multiple perspectives by using feedback from a variety of sources. View Profile

360 Degree Feedback

by Calibra

Provides timely, relevant information to help leverage companies strengths, drive high performance and focus on development areas. View Profile

360 Degree IT

by Netready

360 degree feedback software enables organizations to maximize the strengths of their employees and highlight areas for improvement. View Profile

Provides organizations with insight about employee skills and behaviors and helps employees understand strengths and weaknesses. View Profile

ActiveView 360

by SurveyConnect

Allows for a performance evaluation of a person, team, project or organization by many people. View Profile


by Appraisal360

360 degree feedback helps you focus personal and professional development and rounded appraisals. View Profile

Beyond Feedback

by Beyond Feedback

Custom-designed surveys and online reporting tools to gain insights about customers, employees, and the marketplace. View Profile


by BigPulse

Web-based, hosted sophisticated highly secure survey software. Employee surveys, 360 surveys, member surveys, customers. View Profile

Blue 360 Degree Feedback

by eXplorance

Blues 360 reviews features provide a complete picture by assessing competencies, skills and behaviours from multiple angles. View Profile


by BullseyeEngagement

Bullseye provides trend setting, non-form based solutions for employee and operational performance management- visual and intutive! View Profile


by Element 78 Solutions

360 Appraisal software. The Enterprise Model allows you to perform unlimited appraisals for an unlimited time. View Profile


by Centranum Systems

Web-based talent management platform designed to support the entire people management spectrum. View Profile

Compass 360

by Insights For Performance

Our 360 is client customizable. Clients can manage their own projects or we can do it for you. View Profile

Cornerstone 360Degree Feedback

by Cornerstone OnDemand

A market-leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent management suite. View Profile


by JustLogin

Flexible, customizable online 360 degree feedback and survey system. Features include rater selection, Excel data import, etc. View Profile

360 degree feedback reviews with online administration, limitless customization, simple user interface and reporting. View Profile

Employee Peer Review

by Employee Peer Review

Free Employee Review System. Blind Peer Reviews can be effectively used on groups of employees to help identify and address weaknesses. View Profile


by Track Surveys

Provides customized, multi-language online 360 degree feedback and talent management tools. View Profile

An administration interface which allows project managers to control the entire 360 feedback process. View Profile


by Perfode

Online employee performance appraisal solution that comes with interactive language audit capabilities for creating polished reviews. View Profile


by FeedbackOnline

Web-based solution for both individuals and organizations that offers multi-rater feedback for team assessment and career planning. View Profile

Focal 360

by Custom Insight

Comprehensive 360 degree feedback survey solution designed for individual participants or groups of any size. View Profile

HR Pulse

by Pilat HR Solutions

allows organizations to increase the quality of data needed in order to support development, performance and deployment decisions. View Profile


by IntegrateHR

Online 360 Feedback Solution. Use your own competency framework or questions and design your own surveys. View Profile


by Bullseye Business Solutions

Employee engagement solution that allows people to give instant recognition, send & receive feedback. Runs on all mobile platforms. View Profile

Mercer 360

by Mercer

Internet based, multi-rater survey and feedback process for collecting and reporting data. View Profile


by Optima360

Provides a flexible web-based 360 degree feedback system that provides you with a complete, customized approach to your unique needs. View Profile

Panoramic Feedback

by PanoMetrics

360-degree feedback system with customizable questionnaires, reporting, HRIS integration. View Profile


by TriNet

Performance management that streamlines the review process, clarifies goal tracking, and identifies opportunities across a workforce. View Profile

Allows complex and global companies to plan and implement performance management programs, measure and track employee performance. View Profile

Perspectives 360

by Exponential Training & Assessment

Flexible, easy-to-use web-based 360 skills assessment system. View Profile

Professional Quest

by Dipolar

Professional Quest is completely flexible, and contains all the question types you need to create virtually any survey. View Profile

Qualtrics 360

by Qualtrics

Define workflows, score evaluations, send invites and reminders, and generate reports with this assessment tool. View Profile



Web-based 360 degree feedback and appraisal tool. Offers system branding, multi-scoring scales, custom questionnaires, and reporting. View Profile


by Salesforce

Get a 360 degree view of your organizations's performance. View Profile

by SelfStir

SelfStir is a free 360 feedback and self assessment tool to help individuals develop leadership competencies in a connected environment View Profile

Small Improvements

by Small Improvements

Simple and intuitive. Small Improvements helps companies improve. Conduct performance reviews online and with minimal effort. View Profile

Starfield TMS

by Starfield TMS

Starfield provides Workforce Planning, Learning, Performance, 360 Assessment, Compensation, Succession, and Analytic solutions. View Profile

Survey Tools for Windows

by William Steinberg Consultants

Software to help you create, run, and analyze customer & employee surveys. Easy, fast, and affordable. View Profile

Talent 360

by Head Light

Gives you valuable insight into how people see their colleagues at work. View Profile


by TribeHR

Complete HR suite that helps you to recruit, retain, track, and engage employees in businesses with 20 to 1000 employees. View Profile


by Upsteem

360 feedback,satisfaction surveys, performance & development reviews, customer & client feedback, newsletters. View Profile


by Envisia Learning

360-degree feedback assessment tool that combines access to information, planning tools and a framework for taking action. View Profile

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