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by ComputerCare

CAMS (ComputerCare's Apparel Management System) runs on your local server or on the Cloud, is simple to use, tested, proven, competitively priced, & designed to meet requirements of apparel and accessory manufacturers/importers. PLM, ERP, SCM, EDI, WMS, and Finance, operate in a real time, function alone or as a part of a total system, support multi-companies, multi-divisions and multi-locations. We take pride in our knowledge of the apparel industry, ability to deliver on time & within budget. View Profile

Xperia's world class COMPREHENSIV ERP Solution has been tailored to expertly manage the complex product specifications of the Apparel and Footwear Industry. Product information supports the multi-dimensional characteristics of style, color, size, dimension, options & season. Xperia incorporates industry-specific business rules that you can tailor to your needs. Includes powerful BI, WMS, & SCM capabilities, plus B2B, B2C, PLM, and POS options. Unmatched customer support! Minimum 5-user license. View Profile

Prodmode is a modern full featured, cloud based ERP system dedicated to the apparel and fashion industry. Prodmode offers you a better experience. Streamlining everything increases productivity and greatly reduces error. Push the boundaries of your business, get the tools you need to succeed. View Profile


by In-Style Software

Suite of integrated subsystems designed for apparel manufacturers and importers. Includes Product Development Management, Costing, Purchasing, Order Entry, EDI, CRM, Alerts, Production Planning, Work in Progress, Imports, In-house manufacturing, Subcontractors, Raw Material Inventory, Finished Goods Inventory, Order Allocation, Bar Coding, Warehouse Locator, Picking Tickets, Packing, Shipping, Invoicing, and Accounting. POS analysis module and sales analysis module using Business Inteligence. View Profile


by Fast React Systems

We have 3 intuitive, highly visual solutions designed specifically for apparel, footwear and textiles businesses to help improve visibility, coordination and control, delivering product to market faster, and more efficiently. Vision: Browser based, fashion e-PLM for retailers, brands and sourcing businesses. Evolve: Dynamic, efficient planning of capacity, critical path and materials for apparel manufacturers Align: Efficient capacity planning and management tool for textile producers. View Profile


by Apparel Business Systems

ABS by Apparel Business Systems is a proven ERP software system. Used by Apparel & Footwear providers for over three decades, ABS offers the most comprehensive ERP system designed for this industry with modules for Warehouse & Supply Chain management (WMS & SCM), PLM, Ecommerce & Business-to-Business (B2B) portals for Internet self-service, Product Embellishment & Customization, EDI, integrated Financials, Business Intelligence, and intuitive business process management. View Profile

FashionFlow Apparel ERP is a specialist systems dedicated exclusively to the apparel , footwear, and accessories industries. FashionFlow is designed for small designer company to enterprise size fashion business and it is developed to be user-friendly and flexible to adapt to changing business environment. Its powerful database engine allows clients to grow their business to any size without limitation. Low budget personal is now available for start-up fashion solitaire business owners. View Profile

PERFECT FIT Apparel Business Management Software is designed to provide your small business with the power and flexibility of a large enterprise system. If you are a startup company, outgrowing Excel and Quickbooks, or are disatisfied with your current software, you owe it to yourself to take a careful look at PERFECT FIT. We provide personal training and configuration to meet your business needs. Our desktop and cloud versions (options!) are reasonably priced, easy to use, and very powerful. View Profile


by Polygon Software

PolyPM combines Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into a single solution, helping brands, distributors and manufacturers from design through distribution. Awarded Gartner's highest rating for the last two years, PolyPM features high-end functionality without high-end costs and endless implementation. Web-enabled, PolyPM improves communications, efficiently controls the design process and manages production from order entry to distribution. View Profile


by iSyncSolutions

Proven and fully integrated PLM & ERP software system designed specifically for the apparel & footwear industry. View Profile


by Brightpearl

Our cloud software and services enable multi-channel retailers to manage the heart of their business accelerate their growth. View Profile


by Elastic Suite

Cloud based B2B platform for manufacturers, which includes Digital Catalog, Online Order Entry, Order Status, Assortment Planning ... View Profile

APPS 10i

by Royal Datamatics

ERP application that covers all activities that take place in an apparel/made-ups/textile/leather manufacturing company. View Profile

Cloud based software combining workflows with multiple payment options to helps businesses run efficiently & profitably. View Profile


by Indigo8 Solutions

Fashion or wholesale we'll manage your entire business from style development and sales orders to invoicing, PO's, warehousing and POS. View Profile

Powersoft365 ModaPro

by Powersoft Computer Solutions

Cloud-based ERP that includes Back office , Point of sale and shop management software tailored for fashion industry. View Profile

Affordable apparel & production management software for designers and makers of clothing, footwear and jewellery. View Profile


by Vetigraph

CAD/CAM solutions for apparel and fashion - grade patterns, plotters for markers, automatic cutting machines and fashion. View Profile

Apparel Connect

by db Solutions (Thailand)

ApparelConnect is an enterprise class ERP software suite providing a complete business solution for garment manufacturers View Profile

Fully integrated apparel software solution for importers, distributors and manufacturers on-site or on the Cloud. View Profile

Fashion Master

by Fashion Master Software

Fully networkable Windows software that provides a complete ERP solution for importers and manufacturers. View Profile


by Baywood Technologies

ERP software for apparel and shoe manufactures & wholesalers. View Profile

TeqControl ERP Suite Our highly regarded flagship software package. View Profile


by Qexpertise

Fashion industry-specific functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. View Profile

Visual AS/AP

by AS/AP Apparel Software

AS/AP is a fully integrated accounting system designed specifically for Apparel manufacturers and distributors. View Profile


by Axind Software

Web-based suite of solutions for all companies in the Fashion and Lifestyle industries View Profile


by JCW Software

Business Management software designed specifically for the apparel decorating business. View Profile


by ShopWorks

Integrated business management for apparel screen printers and embroiderers, promotional product distributors and digital printers. View Profile


by Quantum Computer Systems

Complete integrated software system for apparel importers. Powerful, real-time, fast, easy to use and customizable. View Profile

A2000 Software

by GCS Computers

ERP Software for the apparel, footwear, home furnishings, accesories & other CGM industries. View Profile

A2000 Software

by GCS Software

A2000 is an end-to-end, state of the art software solution for the apparel, footwear & sewn products industry. View Profile


by Brandix I3

Apparel manufacturing ERP solution designed to automate merchandising, supply chain, inventory, cost accounting, and more. View Profile

Activity Advantage

by Activity Software

Includes estimating, work in process, ecommerce, accounts receivable, marketing, inventory. Customizable. View Profile

ADS System 9001

by Apparel Data Systems

Apparel mgmt. system featuring order processing, inventory control, allocation, invoicing, A/R, A/P, and more. View Profile



Provides centralized control to the production flow from sales order entry to shipping process in garment manufacturing systems. View Profile


by PT.Surya Data Infokreasi

ERP for apparel/garment companies. Features include raw material management,production,sales, POS, and accounting. View Profile

Apparel Innovator

by Plural Technology

For apparel manufacturing and retailing organizations who want to integrate product development process and other business processes. View Profile

Apparel PLM Software

by Bluewater Software

PLM Software, With options for Sourcing. ERP for apparel, footwear and accessories. View Profile


by Axon Infosoft

Integrated apparel management, planning, and inventory management system that enables timely deliveries to customers. View Profile


by ApparelMagic

Full Accounting, Sales, Purchasing and Production, Reports, EDI, Free Training, Free Support. View Profile


by Technopoly

Stock management solution for garment industry including importers, wholesalers, and retailers. View Profile

Aria 4XP

by AriaSystems

Our apparel software applications are used by manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the world for improving workflow. View Profile

Aria Manufacturing

by Aria Systems

ERP software for the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Furnishing and Textile industries. View Profile


by Computer Generated Solutions

Includes ERP, PLM, Omnichannel Planning, Warehouse Management, Shop Floor Control, B2B eCommerce, EDI, BI and more View Profile


by Cantel Systems

Modules: PLM/PDM and Sourcing, Sales Order Processing, SFA, Inventory, Invoicing, Forecasts, Booking and Sales Analysis, and more. View Profile


by Micar Computer Systems

Comprehensive ERP Business Management software for the clothing and footware industry. View Profile

Dant Fashion Software

by Dant Software Solutions

Fully integrated accounting and POS software for the Wholesaler, Importer, Manufacturer, Agent and Retailer. View Profile


by Visionet Systems

EdgeAX harnesses the unique strengths of Microsoft Dynamics AX and delivers essential, effective, and affordable modules . View Profile

Ensemble Distribution Solution

by Ensemble Business Software

Apparel & Footwear Management software that fulfills inventory control, order entry and purchasing needs. View Profile

FABRIX Software


A windows and cloud based accounting, costing, importing, and manufacturing system designed for garment companies. View Profile

Fashion Matrix

by Information Systems Architects

Comprehensive apparel application interfaced with Sage MAS500. Full Integrated EDI, Business Intelligence modules. View Profile

Fashion One

by Softengine

SAP Business One based product for managing finished and raw material inventory, allocations, open-to-sell, financials, etc. View Profile


by Fashionware Technologies

An on-demand system for sharing and exchanging product development information across your business, brands and global supply chain. View Profile


by Guru Computers

A paperless office software solution for apparel & footwear wholesale distributors, importers and manufacturers. View Profile

Fast Accurate Bids

by Fast Accurate Bids

Fast Accurate Bids provides easy-to-use Windows software for generating screen printing and embroidery bids in less than two minutes ea View Profile


by FDM4 International

Software for logistics and warehousing management, order processing, inventory control, purchase orders, and more. View Profile


by PTC

Product lifecycle management solution for apparel, footwear, and other retail and consumer products. View Profile

Footwear & Apparel Management

by Redrose Software

Multi-channel business system designed for the footwear, fashion and apparel industry. Wholesale, Retail, Web & Concessions. View Profile


by Apparel Alliance

GPRO is Asia's NO.1 product and solution provider for the textile and apparel manufacturing needs. View Profile

Garment Base Pro

by Island Technologies

A PDM (pattern, cost, specifications) solution. Import PAD Systems pattern/marker information or add your own. View Profile


by Datas Data Systems

SPD - Sewing & Production Data - is developed specifically for the garment manufacturing industry. View Profile


by iGarment

A specialized garment ASP management system which improves order processing efficiency and monitor production scheduling closely View Profile


by Precise Software

ERP software specifically designed for the apparel decorating (screen printing, and embroidering) and promotional products industry. View Profile

Infor PLM Optiva

by Infor

Enables manufacturers to accelerate product development so that it moves as quickly as the market does. View Profile


by Jonar

Apparel & Shoe software for importing, manufacturing and distribution including EDI, accounting, shop floor & warehousing. View Profile

Jesta Vision Suite

by Jesta I.S.

Vertically-Integrated ERP Suite for brand manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers specializing in Apparel, Footwear and Accessories. View Profile


by CSL Software Resources

ERP for Apparel Manufacturing -- Kandaree is an integrated solution that covers the entire process of an apparel manufacturing unit. View Profile


by G-systems Software Development

Cloud production ERP for apparel manufacturers that provides data about the production costs, work efficiency of the employees, etc. View Profile

LogOn Business Systems

by LogOn Business Systems

Apparel, footwear & accessories ERP solution that runs on Linux, UNIX, Windows and any database. View Profile



Complete Accounting and Workshop management software for tailoring shop and boutiques. View Profile


by Magnal

Factory management software that helps meet the challenge of achieving overall manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. View Profile

Marker Making

by OptiTex

Software for pattern design, design optimization and visualization in the pre- and post production steps. View Profile


by ibuyer

Garment software. Manage sampling, costing, orders, purchasing, production, warehouse, shipping & account. Standardize all documents. View Profile


by International Systems

Garment software application to control Production, Payroll, Fabric & Raw Materials, Efficiency, Work in Process and more. View Profile

Momentis Fashion System

by Momentis Systems

A fully integrated web-based ERP system for the apparel and fashion industry that includes, PLM, EDI, global sourcing & more. View Profile


by Industrial Management Systems

Web based software designed especially for garment factories to drive growth and increase profit. View Profile


by Nouvolution

ERP - Apparel Management Solutions - Sales, Planning, Production Warehouse. View Profile


by NedSense

Fashion design software that helps speed up product design process, create storybooks, catalogs, adjust colors on the go, and more. View Profile

Design, sample, present & produce Men, Women, Kids Clothing, Jeans, Lingerie, Lining, Novelty fabrics, Scarves, Ties and Labels. View Profile

Niche Garments

by Niche Fashion Technology

Apparel Management System with fully Integrated e-commerce. Suits wholesalers, manufacturers and agents. View Profile

OMS Office Master System

by Master System

Complete inventory control and accounting system for a fully-integrated wholesale distributor back-office solution via the Internet. View Profile

A multichannel retail business solution for specialty retailers that can be adopted as a Store Solution or as an all-in-one Retail ERP. View Profile

Pattern Design Software

by Assyst/Bullmer

A powerful tool used in the initial design through to the production phase to manage and control all relevant data. View Profile


by Prima Solutions

Product Development, Order Management, EPOS, Stock Control, Manufacturing, Financials and more... View Profile

Web software for manufacturers of intricate products such as garments, furniture, construction supplies and sporting goods. View Profile


by REACH Technologies

Pattern engineering, grading and marker planning to minimize fabric consumption and supply sewing sections with accurate cut parts. View Profile


by New Generation Computing

Apparel ERP software consisting of 12 optional modules; Customer Order Processing, EDI Information System, etc. View Profile

RLM Apparel Software

by RLM Apparel Software Systems

RLM offers more than 40 fully integrated apparel software modules capable of managing the entire fashion product lifecycle. View Profile

Scheme Software

by Scheme Software

Modular software for apparel industry with order entry, sales analysis and inventory tracking capabilities. View Profile


by Simparel

Offers the quickest, most flexible and affordable global supply chain management solution available today. View Profile


by SysDiva Consultants

SourcApp ideal software for all Fashion & Buying Houses, Importers & Buyers, Exporters, Sourcing Agencies. Liaison Offices & vendors View Profile


by Rich & Pure

STYLEtexpro ERP for Sales Order Processing, Supply Chain Management, Financial and Import/Export Management. View Profile


by Apparel Management Systems

Inventory and contact management software designed for screen printers, embroiderers and promotional product distrubutors. View Profile


by Smart Solutions

All in one ERP software for the fashion world. View Profile


by Jingle InfoSolutions

Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) for Textiles, Apparel and Garment Industries View Profile

Vertex Apparel

by Business Management Systems

True PLM functionality for the Apparel and Sewn Products Industry. From Concept to Delivery with full process visibility. View Profile

Vista Apparel

by Technovista

Integrated ERP Solution for Apparel Industry. View Profile

Visual 2000 End2End

by Visual 2000

Enterprise Resource Planning Software solution for Apparel manufacturers and importers. View Profile


by World Fashion Exchange

Streamline production, connect global offices & departments including design, merchandising, planning, production and sourcing. View Profile


by Wikipixel

A web-based system with Tree folder structure for storing and virtually accessing sounds, videos, pictures, and DTP files. View Profile

WinFashion ERP

by Winfashion Technologies

Fashion ERP, iPDM, iTradeshow, CatalogApp View Profile

World on a Hanger

by World on a Hanger

Provides easy to use web-based product data, production, stock and order management software priced on a monthly basis. View Profile

Xe-ERP Apparel Software

by XeBusiness

Business management software for garment, footwear, soft goods and household textile suppliers. View Profile


by MobiTen

Designed by apparel industry experts to provide PDM basics like Tech Pack, BOM, Mobile Prototyping, team collaboration. View Profile


by Gerber Technology

Control, manage, and track product changes to maintain one version of the truth for the product development process. View Profile


by Efectra Software

An on-demand supplier relationship management and sourcing system for apparel and fashion industry. View Profile

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