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by iCareManager

iCM is an EHR system designed to reduce risks for its clients in the long-term-care. It manages resident medical documentation, staff information, and facility workflows. In addition, it provides a highly sophisticated eMAR, and an alerts & notifications module both engineered to reduce medication errors and keeping all managers and staff connected so the best possible care can be provided. iCM's eMAR can also integrated with various pharmacy systems. View Profile


by Software Solutions Associates

Affordable SaaS web application for Assisted Living and Care Facilities. Designed for complete care management with eMAR, electronic charting, care plans, assessments notes, service scheduling, marketing, and billing. Real time information that you can access on laptops, desktops, tablet or smartphone. Our program includes regularly scheduled upgrades and support. No installations required. Maintenance free. View Profile

Medtelligent brings you ALIS, Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions, a comprehensive, yet affordable assisted living software, designed for managing all of the daily tasks of operating an assisted living facility. ALIS provides resident care plans, compliance management, staff scheduling and time tracking, medication administration, resident charting, marketing and analytics and reporting! View Profile


by AOD Software

AOD Software (Answers On Demand) offers Answers, a fully integrated clinical, financial, home health and operational software solution for Long Term Care. Our solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry with robust components that interconnect to offer a seamless software experience. Answers has thousands of satisfied users nationwide. Visit our website to request your Free Demo. View Profile

Full menu management software that helps you control costs and improve resident satisfaction. We offer Dietitian signed menus that meet state regulations but still allow you to customize the menus to fit your individual needs. The software is accessible to any device connected to the internet. The program includes: seasonal menus, shopping lists, special diets, prep sheets, production sheets and much more. It also syncs with food vendors for accurate pricing and ordering. View Profile

Complete practice management software for assisted care facilities from a single unit to hundreds. View Profile


by PointClickCare

Software for Long Term Care providers of all sizes from independent skilled nursing facilities to large corporate chains and CCRC's. View Profile


by American HealthTech

Long Term Care and Post Acute Care integrated clinical and financial software. View Profile


by ADL Data Systems

Software for nursing homes and organizations involved in caring for people on a long term basis. View Profile


by Carevium

Mobile apps suite for assisted living facilities to manage prospects, admissions, assessments, medications, scheduling, billing, etc. View Profile

PALs Executive

by PALs Software

A comprehensive Assisted Living program at $2000 offering clinical and staff management, QI, billing, and P&P manual. View Profile


by MDI Achieve

Allows your long-term care enterprise to manage the resident, clinical, and business sides of your operation. View Profile



A web based assisted living software solution designed specifically for administering ALFs. View Profile


by Campana Systems

Resident and staff management solution for long term care facilities. View Profile

Adaptive Care

by Assisted Living Soft

Adult foster care management program that interacts with all phases of treatment and observations in patient management. View Profile

AL Cloud Care

by Sushoo

Low Cost Assisted Living Facility Software with EMAR, CRM, Pharmacy Interface, ADL, Billing, Dining and Charting capabilities. View Profile


by Senior Insight

A cost effective assisted living solution that provides superior customer service and software support to users at all levels. View Profile


by ALCharts

Simple, yet comprehensive web-based documentation system for care planing and managing your homes. We help you docus on providing care. View Profile


by Yardi

Software featuring assessments / careplans, financial management, eMAR, and risk mitigation. View Profile

An easy-to-use online client management solution built specifically for Community Living & Human Services organizations. View Profile

Assisted Living Software

by LTC Solution

Track financial, operational, and resident information such as residents' medications, mental health, and care plans in real time. View Profile


by Caremerge

Forging meaningful connections between providers, payers, families and seniors to improve communication. View Profile


by Caresoft

Easy to use software for the Mental Health and Child Development industry. View Profile

ChartMeds E-MAR System

by ChartMeds

Keeps you in compliance with state regulations, ensures patient safety, reduces errors, and increases your profitability up to 40%. View Profile

Clarity Healthcare

by Clarity Healthcare Solutions

Patient assessment software for mental health, rehabilitation, long-term care and homecare providers. View Profile



Fully-integrated and easy-to-use clinical and financial software solution for long-term and specialty healthcare. View Profile

Convergence Platform

by Momentum Healthware

Complete electronic health record designed with a care planning functionality. View Profile


by Continuex

Software & Services for the Long Term Care Community. View Profile


by PRIME Services

Foodservice software that includes a clinical electronic cardex which maintains all resident data in one central repository. View Profile


by eTasking

Assisted living resident assessment, service plan software. View Profile

FieldSync Health

by FieldSync

FieldSync Health is a web and mobile based solution that allows care teams to provide and track treatment in real time. View Profile

FoodStorm for Care

by CaterXpress

Built for Corporate Catering and Event Management, FoodStorm saves time and helps deliver professional service your customers will love View Profile

Geriatric Report

by MDansby

Provides a full range of clinical case - patient management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of patients. View Profile


With hc1, healthcare organizations offer a 5 star service experience to patients and providers while achieving operational excellence. View Profile

by Health Care Systems Corporation

Billing service and Internet based system for admissions, billing, Medicare, Medicaid, care plans, MDS, EMR, AP, GL, AR, and payroll. View Profile


by Health Data Systems

Integrated financial and clinical software for Long Term Care and Assisted Living facilities. View Profile


by White Oak Systems

Handles intake through discharge, including patient and employee demographics, point of care assessments, etc. View Profile


by MedScend

Web-based and wireless handheld based solution for the Nursing Home Industry. View Profile


by Emergys

Nursing home software that includes registration, reception, out-patient and in-patient management, appointment scheduling, etc. View Profile

Melyx Pro

by Melyx

Integrated clinical and financial software used in long-term care facilities. View Profile


by Move-N Software

Move-N Software - designed for Assisted Living, Memory Care, & Retirement communities. Mix/match Marketing, Resident Care, and Billing. View Profile

Oncare Purchasing Software

by Oncare Software

Web based purchasing software for the nursing home industry. View Profile


by OnShift

Staff scheduling & labor management software for long-term care & senior living. View Profile


by Mobile Physician Technologies

EMR to enhance quality of care and documentation efficiency in your nursing home, assisted living facility and house call practice. View Profile


by Athena Software

Secure, mobile and comprehensive web-based case management software solution designed for social service and human service agencies. View Profile



Quality of life assessment tool for seniors. Monitor resident quality of life. Fully bilingual in English and French. View Profile

Referral Management System

by Patient Placement Systems

Web-based system that enables continuing care providers to efficiently manage inbound patient referrals and their medical documents. View Profile

Residential Care Track

by Points North

A web-based solution that documents residential health and behavioral care plans, delivered services, staff training, and more. View Profile


by TenX Systems

Helps you manage your Assisted Living Facility or Group Home. Helps you control your service commitments and medication lists. View Profile

Robintek MDS 3.0

by Robintek

Web-Based clinical care management software for the long term care industry. View Profile


by Sagely

The Best Calendar and Activity Management for Senior Communities View Profile

Service Minder

by Eldermark Software

This assisted living software makes assessments, service documentation and billing easy. View Profile


by SigmaCare

SigmaCare is redefining the EHR experience for providers in assisted living. View Profile

Tabula Pro

by Senior Living Software

Comprehensive and state customized EHR that tracks Facility, Residents, and Staff. View Profile

The WorxHub

by Dude Solutions

Web based solution for senior living centers. Features include room bookings, maintenance, and IT services. View Profile


by Professional Computer Consultants

Homecare Software tools for Oasis, 485, HIPAA billing, A/R, scheduling, point-of-care and payroll. View Profile

TotalCare Application Suite

by RSN Technologies

Assisted Living, Dementia Care, and CCRC resident Assessment, Service Plans, Marketing, Rent Roll, Census, and Employee Scheduling View Profile


by Vitals Software

Online operations and community management software for senior housing companies. View Profile


by WinCare

Integrated clinical and financial software for long term care facilities. View Profile

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