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Advance Systems

by Advance Systems

Advance Systems provides your organization with advanced methods to easily collect, track, and manage employee time and attendance. Our system is not suited to companies with less than 50 employees. We offer a custom built Enterprise Attendance Tracking Solution best suited to medium and large organizations. Learn More

Replicon TimeAttend is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to collect attendance and time off data to process payroll accurately and ensure labor compliance for all types of employees. Our cloud solution is so hassle-free, you can get started in minutes. Sign up for a free trial today. More than 7,800 customers including The Wallstreet Journal, RBC Financial Group, HP, Compaq, AT&T Wireless, Sony Music and Hyatt. Learn More

Time-Off Manager

by Ironflow Technologies

Time-Off Manager is a fully automated, 100% web-based solution to easily track and manage employees' paid time-off, vacation, sick days or other custom time-off types. With 3 types of users (admins, managers, employees), our solution is suitable for any types of companies. Email notifications are sent to all designated users upon approvals, rejections and cancellations. All requests must be submitted through the system, which eliminate manual time-off processes and the risk for errors. Learn More


by TrackSmart

TrackSmart is the quickest and easiest way for small businesses to track employee vacations and other time off, as well as worked hours. We've created the next generation of attendance tracking calendars and employee time sheets in an easy-to-use, web-based, software application. TrackSmart has all the features of traditional paper forms, but we've automated the recordkeeping, reporting, and vacation request and approval processes. Learn More

Presagia provides Software as a Service (SaaS) absence management solutions to employers and Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) providers. We monitor and manage more than 450 pieces of federal and state leave legislation in our proprietary Compliance Engine, including the FMLA and the ADA, and update the system on a continuous basis. Our software automates leave processes to increase efficiency, minimize absence, reduce cost and above all improve compliance. Learn More

Gradience® Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping Software makes it easy to plan time off and ensure work schedule coverage electronically. Identify chronic absenteeism and abuse, simplify time accruals, and create and store documents to defend disciplinary action - all with one powerful application customized for your business. Plus, our robust software provides 18 standard reports (exportable in 9 different file formats including Excel, PDF, and HTML) - and the ability to customize your own. Learn More

Absence Direct

by ClaimVantage

AbsenceDirect is a cloud-based absence management tool specifically developed to improve company leave record keeping and compliance. Employers and 3rd Administrators (TPA's) can incorporate state, company specific and federal leave types. It includes best practice guidance, automated workflows, letter templates, preconfigured reports, all applicable FMLA and ADA rules and a self-service employee portal. AbsenceDirect does more than simply track employee absence - it determines eligibility. Learn More

Collect, manage, and report employee work hours from one or multiple locations. You can view or print payroll reports from any computer that is connected to the Internet, or allow your payroll personnel to log into your account remotely and run payroll reports from their own location. TimeFlow Online time clock software automates the time tracking and payroll process for managers and human resource departments. Learn More


by Acumen Data Systems

Keep track of such data as your employees' time, vacation days, overtime pay, and sick days. Learn More

Web-Based employee managment software, that includes time and attendance, HR, and recruiting/staffing. Learn More


by Mitrefinch

ATime and Attendance system to your organisation is a simple yet powerful step towards increased profits through business efficiency. Learn More


by FingerCheck

FingerCheck is an online time clock system that makes logging hours an effortless process and integrates with all payroll providers. Learn More

Manage With Success

by Manage With Success

HRIS System. With ManageWithSuccess, you can fill that void with a 'virtual professional': Efficiently, Effectively and Affordably. Learn More


We offer web-based time tracking for payroll, accountability and time-off. We also offer project time and expense tracking for billing. Learn More

ADP Time and Attendance

by Automatic Data Processing

Increase the speed and accuracy of payroll preparation, improve wage and hour compliance, and optimize your labor investment. Learn More

Attend HRM

by Lenvica Computer Solutions

HRM solution with integrated payroll and time attendance module; automates attendance and payroll/salary processing. Learn More

Manage your expenses, absence & timesheets online and via your mobile. Learn More


by TSheets

Ready-to-use software for employee time and attendance tracking; add employees, review timesheets online and streamline payroll. Learn More

Perform all time and attendance operations via the Internet, including creating reports and approving data. Learn More

Automates the process for employees requesting a vacation and absentees. Learn More


by Mosties!

HR & leave management application that provides employee self-servive, time off reporting and Calendar integration Learn More

On-Time Web

by On-Time Web

Time & Attendance Tracking Solution Simplified Learn More

Absence Manager

by Systems Leading Resource

A Lotus Domino-based application for processing absences, recording holidays, vacation, unpaid leaves, sickness, and training. Learn More

Absence Manager

by Direct Health Solutions

Record and track absence processes in-house and get accurate reports with the dashboard functionality of this software platform. Learn More

Absentee Management System

by Keogh Software

A powerful and affordable software application that manages the recording, controlling & monitoring of employee absences. Learn More


by Engineerica Systems

A web-base attendance tracking system for tracking appointments, entry and exit times, and collecting profile information. Learn More


by Acroprint Time Recorder Company

Easy and affordable web-based time and attendance tracking Learn More

Manages employee leave balances and leave record history and helps employees, managers and administrators to manage leave requests. Learn More

Activ Absence Control

by Codel Software

A complete absence management software solution that controls all annual leave and any other scheduled and unscheduled leave. Learn More

Aestiva Timesheets

by Aestiva

More advanced features can be added, per your requirements. Learn More

AG Attendance

by AGNet

Ensures consistent and accurate attendance records throughout the company. Learn More

Altus Dynamics HR Solution

by Altus Dynamics

Payroll, time and attendance, and employee scheduling for non-profit & public sector organizations. Learn More


by KSI Computer Services

Record absence and leave activities, approve requests online, and generate graphical reports for easy trend discovery. Learn More


by eZee Technosys

Aruti is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System. Learn More


by Asure

Web-hosted solution with instant overtime calculators, mass approvals, automatically applied company PTO, and more. Learn More

AsureForce Time

by Asure Software

Cloud-based time and labor management software with workforce analytics and online timesheets. Learn More

Attendance Counts

by Metropolitan Software

The attendance tracking solution for eTime and ezLaborManager. Learn More

Attendance Enterprise

by InfoTronics

Web-enabled time and attendance; web hosted time and attendance with full capabilities for labor management, scheduling, Learn More

Attendance on Demand

by Attendance on Demand

Web-hosted time and attendance service that automates complex labor management. Learn More

Attendance On Demand

by PeopleForce Solutions

Web-based time and attendance solution with full capabilities for labor management, scheduling, timekeeping and more. Learn More

Attendance Tracker Pro

by MSS Software

Track attendees at conferences, meetings, manage attendance reports with this barcode-based system. Learn More

Captain Clock

by Captain Clock

Time tracking app & software lets you track time from anywhere, easily manage schedules, tasks & projects. Start 30-day free trial now! Learn More

CaptureIT Time and Attendance

by Vizual Management Solutions

Collect and record employee attendance data electronically, reduce absences, and provide comprehensive management reports. Learn More


by Pungu

An easy-to-use vacation tracking and leave management system for anyone to quickly and efficiently track leave requests. Learn More

Chronotek Telephone Time Clock

by The Chrono-Tek Company

Hosted telephone timekeeping system that records clock in times from employees over the phone; free trial. Learn More

Clock Real Time

by Kneson Software

Collect and process hours, cut payroll costs, create attendance tracking reports, reduce employee attendance management . Learn More


by Clockspot

Clockspot is the leading time and attendance tracking service, trusted by thousands of businesses. Learn More


by Agricultural Data Systems

Data collection solution that helps agricultural businesses collect real-time data on production, labor efficiency, time & attendance. Learn More


by Senior Internet

Track staff sickness, plan and process staff requests online with this web-based staff holiday planning and sickness management system. Learn More

Easy Leaves

by iLabMalta

The administrative tool to manage employee vacation, sick leave & time off records. Learn More

Easy Time Control

by Trinity Enterprise Solutions

Time and attendance solution that can interface to all existing payroll systems. Learn More

eAttendance System

by Eattendance

An online attendance and leave tracking system that supports Nepali language Learn More


by Electronic Commerce

Integrate HR services for payroll, attendance records, reports, benefits, performance management and other administrative data Learn More


by Empower Software

Browser-based enterprise solution that automates the collection, calculation and reporting of accurate employee work transaction. Learn More

Enterprise Edition

by Stromberg

Designed for large businesses with complex time and attendance requirements. Learn More

eTech Web Based Timesheet


Intuitive and easy-to-use software system for gathering and tracking employee time and expenses. Learn More


by Escan Technologies

Define company workweek, create employee records, manage holiday and absence hours, archive attendance and labor tracking data. Learn More

Flexi Time Sheet

by Flexi Time Manager

Online flextime recording and attendance monitoring time sheets. Learn More


by Globees Solutions

Software that is used together with RFID reader and writer unit to provide effective tracking and control of employee attendance. Learn More

HRIS processing software that automates everything from recruitment to termination and includes built-in legal compliance tool. Learn More

Human Time

by Nevum Solutions

Time and attendance, workforce scheduling, access control, accruals and activity based labor costing. Learn More


by Raydox Technologies

A compact stand-alone device with software component for fingerprint time management in offices along with time attendance. Learn More

In Out Scheduler

by CyberMatrix

Attendance tracking application that indicates which employees are in or out of the office and when they will return. Learn More

In/Out Board

by InOutBoard.Com

Online employee status and attendance tracking, includes calendars, chat, phone messages. Learn More

Addresses all the processes critical to making sure your workforce is a major contributor to the satisfaction of your customers. Learn More


by IT Computing Services

PC, browser and web based time clock and time and attendance software that integrates with payroll and accounting systems. Learn More


by Jantek

Time & attendance software with job costing capabilities. Learn More

Kelio Integral

by Bodet

Features include multiple schedules control, rotating shifts management, overtime calculations, and holiday and absence tracking. Learn More

KSum Complete

by KnowledgeSum

Accommodates payroll time and labor rules regardless of size of your organization; time & attendance, employee scheduling. Learn More

Labor Time Tracker

by Utiliware

Track employee time for payroll and job costing, record vacation, sick time, holiday hours with this web-based and telephone system. Learn More

Leave and Absence Coordinator

by Tayomi Software

Coordinate and manage staff holidays, and record and monitor sickness rates from a single intuitive web interface. Learn More

Leave Management System

by VTech Services

Track absences and leave types for every employee with predefined leave fields and an option to extend leave continuously. Learn More


by Absentys

Web-deployed absence management software that creates reports about employee leaves and tracks absence data. Learn More


by Systems Valley

Book and approve time off and keep track of who's in and who's out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. Learn More


by Reed Group

Administer employee leaves, manage workloads, and reduce leave policy abuse and absence costs. LeavePro - purpose-built to manage leave Learn More


by Optis

Leave and absence management system that allows HR departments to administer FMLA and disability leave events. Learn More

Legiant Timecard

by Legiant

Time and attendance system that reduces labor costs, slashes payroll preparation time and eliminates costly payroll errors. Learn More

NOVAtime 2000

by Advanced Time Concepts

Collect and calculate employee time, track attendance, process payroll with data input, distribute personnel by departments and jobs. Learn More


by Azinao

Real-time platform for leave management with employee self-service. Supports unlimited leave types each of which can be color coded. Learn More

Office Control

by Office Control

Annual leave booking application with self-service features and leave guidelines management option. Learn More


by DaysPlan

Software application in English and Spanish for providing days off requests, approvals, and accrual allocations of time off balances. Learn More


by Adequasys

Scalable, modular and configurable software designed to more easily maintain, plan and manage data relative to the HR function. Learn More

A web-based system for tracking and scheduling employees' time, and checking record accuracy for payroll. Learn More

Pacific Timesheet

by Pacific Timesheet

Web-based timesheet and time tracking software; payroll and project, time and attendance, time off, leave tracking and time clock. Learn More

Time and attendance solution with scheduling, reporting, historical data, self-service, leave management, accruals, incidents tracking. Learn More

Positive Time Attendance

by LOGISOFT Computer Systems

Windows-based time and attendance tracking, reporting, job costing option. Learn More


by Scribble Software

Time clock module that provides users the ability to track time and attendance with an electronic clock-in / clock-out feature. Learn More

Q>TAR Systems

by P & Q International

Time and attendance software, access control systems, shop floor data collection solution. Learn More


by Sundial Time Systems

Automated time and attendance, time clock software, calculate hours, overtime calculations, differantial pay, and more. Learn More


by M2SYS Technology

PC-based biometric time and attendance data collection utility. Learn More

SMART Time and Attendance

by Smart Human Logistics

Reduces attendance management administration, delivers an accurate payroll, provides proof of adherence to working time regulations. Learn More


by Bioenable Technology

Web based attendance system with HRMS and biometric device integration. Learn More

Sonic Enterprise

by Manusonic

Employee time clock and integrated time and attendance software that streamlines your entire payroll process. Learn More


by NETtime Solutions

Make business and operational decisions based on employee time and attendance data. Learn More


by CRS Advanced Technology

Completely automates employee absence reporting, substitute placement, data management, and payroll tasks. Learn More


by SwipeClock

Online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses large and small. Learn More

Comprehensive attendance tracking solution including time management, performance management and recruitment Learn More


by Softools Middle East

Easy to use, yet comprehensive time and attendance software. Learn More


by Datamatics Management Services

Time and attendance, employee scheduling, benefit tracking, job costing - PC and Web based applications available. Learn More


by FingerTec USA

Fingerprint Timeclock software(+timeclock), employee clock in software Learn More

Teamspirit Time & Attendance

by Bond Teamspirit

Define work, break, overtime and shift profiles, attendance records can be used for absence monitoring and analysis. Learn More

The JobClock System

by Exaktime

Portable time and attendance tracking; manages labor cost, job codes and integrates with accounting and payroll software. Learn More

Time & Attendance

by hSenid Software

Powerful solution facilitating tracking, reporting and managing of employee attendance. Learn More

Time and Attendance

by API Healthcare

Software for personnel management, enterprise-wide employee scheduling and staffing. Learn More

Time and Attendance

by Softworks Workforce

Build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports. Learn More

Time and Attendance Plus

by TSMTS Software

Track attendance of employees, record real labor costs, and control internal efficiency. Learn More

Time and Attendance Software

by WorkForce Software

Streamlines the time reporting process, and provides the timekeeping calculations needed by large employers. Learn More

Time and Labor Capture

by Epic Data

Real-time access to time and attendance information for payroll and monitors labor hours. Learn More

Time Clock Software

by PeopleNet

Capture and process workforce data regardless of location or assignment; time clocks, web-based time sheets, IVR, fax, email. Learn More

Time Off Work

by Good Doggie Software

Manage paid time off, holidays, vacation time, and sick time for each of your employees who can request time off electronically. Learn More

Time Safe

by Employment Law Advisory Services

A web-based system for absenteeism pattern tracking with visual prompts for alerting managers on issues that need to be addressed. Learn More

Time Tracker

by Asgard Systems

Staff & employee scheduling software manages shift schedules, time off, attendance, absence and vacations. Learn More

Time Well Scheduled

by TimeWellScheduled

Online Time & Attendance used for tracking employee attendance clock-ins/outs, late times, absent, scheduling, payroll, iphone. Learn More


by Centrix Solutions

Browser-based workforce management solution with online time and attendance administration, payroll integration and online reporting. Learn More

Timecard Monitor

by Count Me In

Powerful fingerprint technology solutions for time and attendance and detailed reporting. Learn More

TimeClock Plus

by Data Management

Time and attendance solutions for corporate time keeping. Learn More


by Affinity Software

Affordable time tracking software with timecards and payroll reports, vacation and leave requests and interoffice messaging. Learn More

TimeForce Time and Attendance System

by Qqest Software Systems

Combines a software-based time and attendance system with physical time clocks. Learn More

TimeForge Attendance

by Resolution Systems

Web-based software that automates tracking employee time. Learn More


by Better1Software

Control attendance and time records, manage overtime and project time reporting with this software. Learn More


by TimeLink

Enterprise workforce management solutions including time and attendance, workforce scheduling, employee self- service and analytics. Learn More

Timelot Power

by Timelot Software

A simple method for tracking time & attendance and generating efficient reports e.g. vacation/sick time, gross pay, etc. Learn More


by Mycroft Computing

Employee attendance management software - quick to install, easy to setup and use. Learn More


by CWS Software

Automate time off tracking with a self-service system configured precisely to your needs. Learn More

TimePilot PC

by TimePilot

Software-based time and attendance system that allows employees to use their desktop to clock in and out. Learn More


by StaffInsight

Simple time off management solution. Learn More


by Icon Time Systems

Time and attendance software with built-in modules including payroll export, job costing, auto-poll, custom rounding and custom hours. Learn More

Open source web-based software that offers employee scheduling, time and attendance, job costing, invoicing and payroll. Learn More


by International Time Recorder

Includes time and attendance and delivers many HR and administration features to help you better manage your workforce. Learn More

TNA Lite

by Time & Attendance

Employee time management solution collects, calculates and processes employee information into a format ready to import into payroll. Learn More


by Information Systems Development

Track paid time off, generate and submit time off request forms by employee, customize absence plans for each employee. Learn More

TP Time Suite

by Huntington Business Systems

Solution for the automation of payroll time and attendance. Learn More


by Recordables

Organizes the complex tasks faced with managing FMLA and other HR functions. Learn More


by HRdirect

Say goodbye to old-fashioned and costly methods of tracking employee vacations and other time off, and say hello to TrackSmart. Learn More

TrackStar PTO Tracking

by Internal Systems

Web-based comprehensive and affordable system for managing and tracking paid time off for employees. Learn More

Turbo Attendance

by PersonaWare

Track your employee attendance easily; sort and track data. Learn More


by ProcessingPoint

Track employee work hours, manage accruals, review time cards, create time-card summaries, and export data into payroll systems. Learn More

A web-based application for disciplinary attendance tracking, time sheet management, overtime equalization, and other tasks. Learn More

Unistaff HR

by Carval Computing

Comprehensive HR Information System with the option of including employee self-service, payroll or time and attendance management. Learn More


by Frontline Technologies

Time and attendance tracking software for school districts. Learn More


by WageBase

WageBase simplifies time and attendance by using mobile devices, GPS location, and mobile attendance alerts. Learn More

Web Time

by Paylocity

Online time and attendance management. Learn More


by Webtimeclock

A web based employee time clock system that records time, calculates hours, and sends reports to your payroll processor. Learn More

by WhosOff

Free to use online staff vacation planner - manage vacation, absence and meetings, with optional approval system. Learn More


by Tensor Time Systems

Time and Attendance system featuring Fixed hours, Shifts, Flexi-time, Job Costing, Personnel Monitoring & Man-Power Scheduling. Learn More

Web-based staff scheduling software and employee retention resources. Learn More

Time and attendance desktop application that automates the capture and management of critical employee labor data. Learn More


by WorkPlace Systems

Smart schedules that drive revenue. Learn More

WorkTech Time

by WorkTech

Time & attendance systems from time clocks to complex labor rules management allowing the efficient collection of complex data. Learn More

Youth Group Tracker

by Youth Group Tracker

Effortless attendance tracking software for every youth group service and event. Offers records management and customization tools. Learn More


by Zarlu

An employee attendance tracking web based application. Manage vacations, sick days, holidays, personal leave, unpaid leave, and more! Learn More

Zeus Time and Attendance

by ISGUS America

Time and attendance solution with shift and vacation scheduling, absence tracking, flex-time tracking and reporting. Learn More

Guest list check-in solution for event planners. Learn More

Zoho People

by Zoho

Affordable on-demand HRIS and recruitment solution with an employee portal, recruitment & resume management and much more. Learn More

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