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by Hurdle Group

PULPS is an online commercial loan pricing model. Just enter your loans input variables and you get the analysis. Try it for free or call us for more info View Profile



- Integrate with Your ARM / collection management system - Powerful Reporting and Scheduling Campaigns - Graphical Call Campaign Designer - Preview and Predictive Dialing - Recorded Calls View Profile

Canopus EpaySuite

by Canopus Innovative Technologies

Canopus EpaySuite is an open technologically advanced software solution designed to automate and streamline operations of a payment service business. Modular, multi-currency, multilingual, encompassing industry standards, flexible and easily configurable to meet specific needs of the customer, it is a solution of choice for a truly global payment service provider. View Profile

Since 1981, Automated Systems has been building strong relationships with community banks. These banks are more than just clients, they are partners. These partnerships have helped us develop the advanced solutions that allow banks to compete with regional and multinational institutions. These solutions include our revolutionary Insite Core system, industry-leading iTeller application, award-winning mobile banking apps, real-time online banking, and our time-saving image processor, iDoc. View Profile

CoBIS Microfinance Software

by Enterprise Software & Technologies

Microfinance software that manages micro-banking & SACCO operations. Manage savings, loans, term deposits, shares. View Profile


by EBANQ Holdings

EBANQ is a out-of-the-box mobile-ready e-banking application for small to medium sized banks and other financial institutions. View Profile


by NexorOne

Online Banking Software System - The leading online account manager for pooled funds. View Profile

Complete integrated solutions for banks which covers the entire range of banking activities. View Profile

Adaptable and flexible microfinance software with integrated Business Process Modelling tool. View Profile

Apex Banking System is a comprehensive solution for the integral processing of all operations in a financial organization. View Profile


by Millennium Information Solution

Banking system developed with the specifics of Islamic culture in mind and focus on profit sharing instead of interest collection. View Profile


by Cashbook

Cash Mgmt and Electronic Banking solutions for over 100 customers in 20 countries around the world. Integrates w/ leading ERP systems. View Profile

Combines the advanced experience and state of the art technologies of online banking. View Profile

LeaseWave Suite

by Odessa Technologies

LeaseWave is a browser-based lease and loan management system designed to support the entire lifecycle of leases, loans and assets. View Profile

Loan Performer

by Crystal Clear Software

Loan Performer is the No 1 software for microfinance organisations with 300 clients and 700 installed sites. View Profile


by Aceway Software

Moneyman is cash management software for the small to medium business, either through brokers/agents or direct. View Profile

NLS Banking Solutions

by NLS Banking Solutions

Custom software and database development company delivering world-class services, products and solutions for Banking Industry globally. View Profile


by SecurePaymentz

Easy to use Banking Systems solutions. Unlimited accounts, 100% White-Labeled, customizable design and more! View Profile


by Temenos Group

24-hour real-time banking application that provides multiple application server support to a number of users. View Profile

The Nortridge Loan System

by Nortridge Software

The most robust and flexible lending platform in the industry. Do heavy customization without coding. View Profile

Integrated financial management solution for banks, credit unions, loan originators and wealth management firms - SOA architecture. View Profile


by Central Software

Core Banking Systems with modular components providing a comprehensive banking solution. View Profile

Bank information system that addresses all aspects of modern bank management View Profile

Real-time, online banking solution. N-Tier Architecture, Web Interface, Third Party Software Integration and more. View Profile

Capital Global Banking

by Capital Banking Solutions

Range of solutions designed for Banks, Private Banking, Management companies and Insurance companies. View Profile

4Sight Securities Finance

by 4Sight Financial Software

Front to back office functionality for direct lenders, global custodians, brokers or intermediaries. View Profile

A/L Reporter

by FIMAC Solutions

Net interest income simulation projection reporting tool fro banking industry. View Profile


by Cor Financial

Integrated multi-currency banking system covering treasury,commercial lending and trade finance with unified customer information. View Profile


by MeharSoft Technologies

Loan management and recovery automation software for agriculture development banks. View Profile

Banking software system providing bank imaging and bank document management to community banks and regional banks. View Profile

Alkami Online Banking Suite

by Alkami Technology

Software designed to view, chart, search and export account data, transfer funds and make loan payments. For retail and business users. View Profile


by Payment Components

Enables banks to enhance their existing payments systems with the required functionality to fully support SWIFT messages routing. View Profile

Aurora Image Item Processing

by Computer Service Professionals

A suite of check processing software designed to provide superior performance and accuracy for your check processing operations. View Profile

Avaloq Banking Suite

by Avaloq Evolution

Combines front and back office functionality with single data maintenance and single view of clients. View Profile


by CS

All-round banking automation solution that enables a broad spectrum of bank's business processes to be automated View Profile


by SS&C Technologies

BANC Mall provides accurate and up-to-date access to credit reports, business reports and other services all from a single web site. View Profile

Bank Communication System

by Keystone Computer Associates

A modular system that operates on IBM mainframes and supports SWIFT, CHIPS, DTC, FEDWIRE, NBES, and TELEX transactions. View Profile


by Eon Technologies

Innovative banking suite offering integrated financial services management features for retail and commercial clients. View Profile


by Mindmill Software

Core Banking Software. Browser & Applet Based. Full functionality, Single Database. View Profile


by Complex Systems

A browser based software solution for trade finance, letters of credit and international banking. View Profile



Omnichannel (Internet, Mobile, Web Services etc.) solution for modern financial institutions. View Profile


by International Financial Systems

A "customer centric" core banking software solution that runs the front, middle and back office of the bank. View Profile


by BanQ Systems

Multifunctional product for transaction processing creating. It could be used as a standalone product or as a part of FinQloud. View Profile

Bantotal Core - Bantotal Microfinance - Bantotal Comex - Bantotal On Line Banking - Bantotal Treasury View Profile


by Prime Factors

Prime Factors' Bank Card Security System (BCSS) is highly-specialized middleware for EMV data preparation and a secure card issuance. View Profile


by New Access

Banking CRM platform for managing prospects and clients. View Profile


by Finsolint

A state-of-the art product suite for teller cash handling (with or without TCRs) and branch cash management. View Profile


by Transtrack International

Modular multi-lingual cash management solution that integrates with 3rd party systems and works with domestic and foreign currencies. View Profile


by Computer Sciences Corp

Gives financial services organizations of all sizes the latest technology at a lower cost of ownership. View Profile


by Centerprise Services

Management, monitoring, and control solution for financial services organizations. View Profile

Online banking platform that combines asset management, customer service, and bank document management modules. View Profile

Opportunity management platform with combined CRM, sales force, and marketing automation functionality for banking sector. View Profile

Community Banking Systems

by Genesis Banking

Document imaging & loan management software for community banks which helps in banking compliance,audit preparation, etc. View Profile


by Sydel Corporation

Anti-money laundering monitoring and compliance system for financial institutions. View Profile


by Ideal Invent Technologies

ConnectCore is a completely service oriented front to back office platform for the next generation bank. View Profile

An easy-to-use construction loan tracking & fund control system designed to meet the needs of most construction lenders. View Profile

Control Platform

by Continuity

Software foundation for financial institution controls. Each app addresses risks and a particular regulation, functional or focus area View Profile

Core Banking

by VisionCredit Gregal Financial Institutions

Web based solution for core banking. Features include service operations and deposit accounts. View Profile

Core Banking

by Allshare

A business solution for retail banks. Enables banks to offer their products & services in a simple, integrated way. View Profile

Core Banking Solution

by Mccoy Global Links

Enables your financial institution to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. View Profile


by Banksoft

Integral and modular core banking system that represents a strategic tool for bankers. View Profile


by Megasol Technologies

Provides true multiple currency accounting with a uniform back-office interface, with excellent on-line banking facilities. View Profile


by Piracle

Software that helps banks and financial institutions improve customer service by providing checks and deposit slips immediately. View Profile

Credics Solution

by Credics

Rules-based engine platform for transaction processing. View Profile

Credit Cooperative Society Software

by Shinewell Innovation Softech

.NET based centralized database online software for credit cooperative societies with core banking functions. View Profile


by Computer Services

Core banking application that supports integration of all the client loans into one system and comprehensive account tracking. View Profile


by Technisys

A complete set of financial transactions for customers to satisfy all of their banking needs. View Profile

D3 Banking

by D3 Technology

Adapts to existing online banking sites, integrating with the navigation, look and feel of each financial institution's site. View Profile

by Dais Software

Enterprise multi-channel solution for Internet banking, finance and online payments. View Profile

Software that helps community banks, regional banks, and credit unions deliver mobile enrollment and online banking services. View Profile

F2F Video Banking Solution


Our solution has the potential to facilitate Business Transactions on Mobile & Virtual F2F Video Banking. View Profile

Offers an automation in accounts receivable management that redefines "superior ROI." Requires little or no customization. View Profile

Fin Superb

by Cooperative Society Software

Mini Banking software for small cooperative banking operations. View Profile


by Infosys Technologies

Addresses the core banking & web based cash management requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks worldwide. View Profile

A system that covers all operations of a financial institution with more than 80 modules that can be assembles according to your needs. View Profile


by Potentia

Improves customer service and new business opportunities by integrating channels and banking systems for users and clients. View Profile


by Nelito Systems

FinCraft Core Banking Solution offers unmatched deployment flexibility, superior scalability and unique functional features that add View Profile


by Nucleus Software

Integrated suite of applications supporting the typical business offerings of Banks and Financial Solutions companies. View Profile


by FISA Group

A modular, integrated banking system,ideal for the automation of most of the process of a modern financial institution. View Profile


Developed to cover advanced business processes within a financial institution. View Profile



Helps banks efficiently manage cash in their ATM and Branch networks. View Profile



The system fully satisfies current commercial and organisational needs of a bank of any level and size. View Profile

Customer relationship management system that helps financial institutions reveal relationships between customers. View Profile

Franktek Microsystems Sacco Software

by Franktek Microsystems

A complete solution for managing bank clients, loans, savings, and shares. View Profile


by Misys

Core operations platform for wholesale banks with functionality designed to promote reuse across different shared modules. View Profile


by Bavaria Banken Software

Highlights; user customisation capability, integration with open interfaces, multi-level security system, modularity. View Profile


by Infocorp Group

A mobile-friendly, omnichannel banking platform designed to provide a more user-friendly experience for your clients. View Profile


by Virmati Software & Telecommunications

iCBS is Centralized Core Platform for the Banks for Retail/Corporate/Government/Treasury Forex/Remittance & other business functions View Profile


by BML Istisharat

ICBS Conventional & ICBS Islamic are Customer-Centric business oriented software covering Banks and Financial Institutions activities. View Profile


by ICS Financial Systems

A state-of-the-art management software, delivering maximum value to customers, staff and managers of banking clients of all sizes. View Profile


by Path Solutions

Enterprise-wide solution that covers all aspects of banking; whether commercial, retail, corporate, Islamic or investment banks. View Profile


by Surecomp

Trade Finance Banking System. Browser-based Thin Client solution in conformity with ICC regulations. View Profile


by T8 International

A robust, scalable, Retail banking suite of products with a 360` customer view View Profile

Integrated eStatements

by PrintMail Solutions

Industry-leading electronic statement solutions for financial institutions. View Profile


by Intelligent Environments

Online and mobile platform for financial service providers that enables consistent interaction between back office and contact center. View Profile


by International Private Banking Systems

Fully integrated, Internet enabled, multiple entity, multi-currency accounting and management information system. View Profile


by KAL

Multi-vendor, multi-protocol ATM application with pre-built and certified transactions, bunch note and bunch check acceptance. View Profile


by KBS Solutions

Integrated landing platform,encompassing accounting ,multi-currency and ,multi-branch capabilities, and more. View Profile

Lean Deposit

by LeanDev

Web based solution with features such as support for fixed rate and floating rate accounts & tight integration with address and banks. View Profile


by 3Core Software

Levy management software for financial service industry. View Profile


by Mambu

Enables innovative banking providers to rapidly create, launch, and service loan and deposit products through its agile platform. View Profile


by MoadBus

Mobile banking solution developed with international banks in mind, supports multi currency and multiple languages. View Profile


by Metada

Metabanka is a ready-made multichannel banking product management platform for creating customer offers, pricing, rules & operations. View Profile

Microgen G3

by Microgen

Private banking and investment management system designed for the needs of international private banks operating both on and off-shore. View Profile


by Zafin Labs

miRevenue enables relationship-based pricing, centralized billing, loyalty management and revenue enhancement for banks of all sizes. View Profile


by Ensibuuko Technologies

Cloud-based banking software with integrated 3rd party technologies, accounting, and SMS alerts. View Profile


by MyAzimia

Management solution for peer to peer lending businesses. View Profile


by Elysys

For any entity that has lending or borrowing activities, and/or places money on deposit. View Profile


by nCino

Cloud banking system improves productivity, transparency, and compliance through its integrated CRM and loan lifecycle management. View Profile

Cloud based solution for core processing. Features include integrations, pre-loaded reports, and document management. View Profile


by Integrated Financial Systems

COLD/ERM, Remote Check Item Capture, Low Cost Document Imaging Solutions for the Financial Industry. View Profile

An interactive banking information system that incorporates front and back office, monitoring tools, and a communication system. View Profile


by Open Octopus

Open-Source solution for the use of Microfinance Institutions, NGOs, Banks and other microfinance providers. View Profile

Optima3 IMS

by Wausau Financial Systems

Content management system with customizable interfaces and various content capture methods for banking industry. View Profile


by Paynote

Bank-to-bank payments platform targeted at freelancers and agencies. View Profile


by Payveris

Payveris provides mobile and internet payment solutions for consumers, small businesses, and account to account money transfers. View Profile


by HBS Technologies

Multi-agent, multi-channel, multi-currency, and multi-lingual transactions processing software for the financial sector. View Profile

PC-Core Banking System

by Sharp BancSystems

Client-server architecture-based system that includes unattended processing for community banking industry. View Profile

Portfolio Plus

by Strategic Information Technology

The plug-in banking software architecture allows you to start small and add an array of banking services as your business grows. View Profile

Provenir Platform

by Provenir

Loan origination, Credit risk decisioning, merchant onboarding, KYC View Profile

Trust fee modeling, analysis, optimization and reporting for trust banks. View Profile


by Neptune Software Group

A complete banking solution with modular components offering scalablity, performance and fast implementation. View Profile

SAFE Advanced Solutions

by Safe Banking Systems

AML and compliance solution that improves entity resolution and reduces false positives for more effective enterprise risk management. View Profile


by Silverlake Group

Core Banking Solution, built on a Solid foundation for High Performance Banking and an Adaptive Platform for Innovative Banking. View Profile


Back-end software for the quickest technological start of any FinTech products. View Profile

Siena eTrader

by Eurobase International

Flexible multi-asset, multi-venue electronic trading system that provides limit order management, pre and post trade processing. View Profile


by Smart Solution

A completely integrated banking system for managing financial products, services and related information. View Profile

SMART System

by Advanced Financial Technologies

All-in-one underwriting and pricing software solution for mortgage bankers, banks and lenders. View Profile

SNL Banker

by SNL Financial

Internal banking reporting solution with proactive, effective management of key performance indicators such as risk, cash and growth. View Profile


by Finzsoft Solutions

Sovereign finance & banking software for lending/investments and automated loan origination. View Profile

SQN: Safe Deposit

by SQN Banking Systems

Safe deposit management and fraud detection application with virtual safe box for easy document access and visitor logs functionality. View Profile


by HMA STARware

Debit Card and ATM management solution for banks with high volume of transactions. View Profile

Software solutions that enable banks & retailers to offer personalized customer experiences and create new revenue streams. View Profile


by Tata Consultancy Services

Financial suite designed to fully integrate with current systems to speed financial processes and analyze markets View Profile


by Castle Creative Services

Manages bank branch staffing costs and improves customer service with advanced statistical modelling. View Profile

Helps banks and credit unions gain better control of labor costs while increasing service levels. View Profile

TLM Platform

by SmartStream Technologies

Multi-product, enterprise-wide solution that forms the hub of Transaction Lifecycle Management. View Profile

TOPAZ Banking

by Top Systems

An all inclusive modular system that supports institutions of varying capacities and complexity. View Profile


by CGI Group

Global trade platform that offers corporate portal, cash management, payables, and receivables functionality. View Profile


by Trust Group

Browser-based solution with core banking, e-banking, and branchless banking capabilities. View Profile


by Union Financial Technologies

Core Banking, Credit Scoring and Digital Engagement. Combine for a full Bank In a Box solution. View Profile

Unity Loan System

by Credex Systems

Loan Processing System. Features: Application Processing; Calculation of interest, insurance and fees; and more. View Profile


by Bankinfra Technology

Designed for banks of all sizes to automate wire transfer process. Features include ticket printing, automated OFAC scanning, etc. View Profile


by Trading Technologies International

Delivers even more speed,more exchange connections and more powerful tools to further optimize your trading performance. View Profile

Xelerate Corporate Banking

by SunTec Business Solutions

Helping banks offer context-specific solutions and orchestrate best-in-class customer service, thereby driving profitability. View Profile

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