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Performance Management Suite

by Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in on-demand budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and consolidation solutions for companies of all sizes. Our solutions allow finance and management teams to obtain real-time visibility into performance metrics, streamline FP&A processes, and drive better business decisions. We make it easy to move beyond spreadsheet-based processes without the cost and complexity of traditional on-premise software. Ranked as a Leader in Gartner's MQ for Strategic CPM. View Profile

Within one single product BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence software and Performance Management application solutions without the use of any programming. Its revolutionary toolkit approach as well as delivering unrivalled speed in BI&CPM application building, customisation and maintenance, provides end-users with an advanced interactive interface. View Profile



Hubble is an integrated suite of performance management apps for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite. It offers reporting, analytics and planning in a single real-time solution that fully understands your ERP. Hubble integrates your critical business systems so users at all levels have access to live data extraordinarily fast. With this type of visibility, everyone can easily understand, manage and predict the business. View Profile

OneStream XF

by OneStream Software

OneStream XF, is a unified CPM software platform that simplifies financial consolidation, reporting, planning and operational analytics for complex organizations. Guided Workflows improve the quality and consistency of data while reducing risk by protecting the end users with simple spoon fed processes. Be agile by extending the value of OneStream XF by easily downloading and leveraging XF MarketPlace solutions that allow you to begin solving business problems on day one without IT complexity. View Profile


by ESM Software Group

ESM is a suite of web-based software applications that facilitate robust strategy management throughout an organization. ESM+Strategy enables the standardization and dissemination of strategic planning processes using the proven Kaplan & Norton (Founders of the Balanced Scorecard & ESM) Balanced Scorecard methodology, while increasing collaboration, positioning strategy in the right context for execution, and increasing the level of participation and engagement of employees. View Profile


by Strategy Focused Business Solutions

StrategyShare is a powerful strategy collaboration platform and essential strategy management system that puts your strategy, action plans, results data, knowledge and ideas together in one place. StrategyShare engages your people with today's most critical business questions (What is our strategy? Are we implementing it most effectively? Is it producing results? Is this still the right strategy?), and makes capitalizing on opportunities sooner, and achieving better results faster, possible. View Profile

Corporate performance management solution that unifies budgeting, financial planning, consolidation and management reporting. View Profile


by Performance Solutions Technology

Gives you the power to simultaneously manage people, projects, tasks and goals. View Profile

ClearPoint Strategy

by Ascendant Strategy Management

User ClearPoint to quickly and easily combine text and graphical information to make dynamic and compelling management reports View Profile

Predictive Analytics can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interaction View Profile


by FinPro Solutions

Empowers your organization to report, analyze, plan, and manage your data in real time. View Profile


by ClicData

All in one cloud platform including a dashboard creator, automated data refresh, extensive data manipulation & automatic publication. View Profile

KPI Fire

by KPI Fire

A powerful solution to communicate and execute your strategic plan. Quickly align your team and projects to your metrics and goals. View Profile


by NetEkspert

Strategic plan creation tool for corporations and non-profits. Teamwork-oriented strategy planning made efficient and agile View Profile

Complete solution to create and follow your strategic plans, goals, projects and more. View Profile

CPM software made powerful and simple. View Profile

GIDE is the most powerful and business friendly financial modelling, budgeting, forecasting and planning software on the market today. View Profile


by Glimpse Live

A healthcare analytics solution that provides instant tracking and measurement of your business performance View Profile

PBL ScoreCard

by Competitive Solutions

Drives business metrics and accountability at all levels and provides a communications platform that tracks performance management. View Profile


by Andara software

The business dashboard for all companies based on balanced scorecard. All your relevant business indicators in the same platform. View Profile

BI suite that includes driver-based modelling, GPU-accelerated analytics, self-service budgeting for Excel, web, and mobile. View Profile

Professional performance management software oriented on Balanced Scorecard framework, KPIs, and strategy maps. View Profile

Provides a comprehensive financial management solution for the most complex businesses across a broad range of industries. View Profile

Project-based solution for PS firms that combines project accounting, resource management, project mgmt, time/expense and client mgt. View Profile


by 360factors

Promotes a focus on performance metrics and measurement of achievements against metrics to improve business performance. View Profile


by Fathom Applications

Financial insights, on demand. Fathom transforms your accounting data into accounting intelligence. View Profile

Customizable system that integrates with any core business application to give business insights with analytical dashboards. View Profile


by ServiceFrame

Bring better governance to Outsourcing with ServiceFrame's market leading governance platform. View Profile

Define a strategy, measure performance against goals, monitor progress on a regular basis and communicate across your enterprise. View Profile


by Ibhar Technologies

High performance and productive organization addresses challenges and provides a framework that helps organizations manage better. View Profile

Optimizes forecasting so sales leaders can drive faster revenue growth. View Profile

Axis Planning

by Axis Planning

Get all your business planning & consulting services in USA from Axis PLanning & Consulting firm. View Profile

80/20 My Business

by 80/20 My Business

Easy-to-use cloud based solution with automatic uploads of your data for on-screen in-depth analysis. Export your results easily. View Profile


by PureShare

Web-based corporate performance monitoring & reporting software. View Profile

ActiveStrategy Enterprise

by ActiveStrategy

Software & consulting to cascade Balanced Scorecards, dashboards, KPIs, performance metrics & initiatives to drive strategy execution. View Profile

It is a web based solution that helps align executives, managers and employees. Features include issue tracking and weekly reports. View Profile

Axiom EPM

by Axiom EPM

Unified enterprise performance management software. Unified corporate performance management software. View Profile

Balanced Scorecards

by MGI Solutions

Unifies scorecarding with advanced corporate performance management capabilities. View Profile

Big Boss

by DSE Group

Budget planning and monitoring software for all size companies. Projects, tasks, meetings, planning. View Profile


by BizMetrics

Key business metrics for your SaaS business. Digest dashboards, email reports, and intelligent alerts and events. View Profile


by EFM Software

Management dashboard, offers all you need for performance improvement; instant graphics, reports, analyses and drilldowns. View Profile

Boréalis Application

by Boréalis

Our CSR software helps minimise the unexpected risks of our customers operations. Includes stakeholder engagement, land access, etc. View Profile


by Omnex Systems

Business operating system that offers root cause analysis, action plans management, benchmarking, and improvement proposals management. View Profile


by BrightGauge Software

Combine data from multiple systems into one customizable visual dashboard with 60+ pre made gauges. Starts at $189/month. View Profile


by BST Global

Comprehensive web-based enterprise solution based on .NET and scalable for larger organizations. View Profile


by Acteon Technologies

Planning and budgeting software for controllers, finance managers & department heads to build, maintain and forecast budgets. View Profile

Business Alerts

by Global Software

Business Alerts works with the multifunctional Spreadsheet Server and Spreadsheet Analyst for automated report distribution. View Profile

Software that helps organizations to drive consistent execution of their business goals. View Profile

Web-based database application designed for the hospitality industry to facilitate the preparation of budgets and forecasts. View Profile


by QuarterMill Technologies

BusinessGuard - the sector neutral solution for detailed planning, budgeting, analysis, reporting with easy data consolidation. View Profile



Business budgeting software for metrics and KPIs; reporting and analysis; budgeting, financial forecasting, financial consolidations. View Profile



SYCLE is an Enterprise Performance Management system designed to increase efficiency by aligning all areas of business to strategy. View Profile

CANEA Strategy


Enables organizations to more effectively maintain organizational alignment and execute strategy more dynamically View Profile

Cicero Discovery

by Cicero

Collects activity and application performance data and tracks business objects across time and across multiple users. View Profile


by Cloudinfocom

Cloudsignals enables organizations to be alerted to various events via customized real-time push notifications. View Profile


by KCI Computing

Financial management software, including budgeting, modeling, forecasting, OLAP analysis, consolidations & reporting. View Profile

Corporate Planner

by Account-Ability

Forecasting, costing, reporting and business budgeting software system. View Profile

Covalent Suite

by Covalent Software

Achievement of goals and objectives in business strategies. Performance against target for critical business KPIs. View Profile


by Cubeplan

Corporate performance management for budgeting, operations and marketing planning, financial consolidation and business planning. View Profile


by Robust Designs

Web based Business Intelligence solution that delivers a complete range of BI capabilities. View Profile


by Metrics Institute

Design and generate professional and interactive Excel executive dashboards with speedometers and gauges. View Profile


by Dasheroo

Dasheroo - Business Dashboards Done Right! Track all of your important KPIs for overall business analytics, web analytics, email View Profile


by Antivia Group

A solution that lets non-programmers create easy-to-use interactive dashboards quickly, without having to write a single line of code. View Profile

Discover Analytics

by On Demand Analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting Tool -- Ad-Hoc, Accurate, and Actionable knowledge about any aspect of your business. View Profile


by Ducksboard

Ducksboard is a real-time dashboard to visually monitor data in a single place. View Profile

EcoSys EPC

by EcoSys

Consolidates project management with enterprise budgeting and financial management. View Profile

EmpowerWFM Dashboard

by Empower Software

Centralized operating management tool that gives your organization the ability to make informed, real-time business decisions. View Profile

Enterprise StrategyWare

by Arrowpoint Technologies

Balanced scorecard solution that aligns business activities to strategy and scrutinizes performance of strategic goals. View Profile

ERMSIM Strategy Analytics

by Interactive Design Labs

A multi- paradigm goal modeling environment for creating motivation and intention prescriptive models of social-technical systems. View Profile

User-obvious reporting and business optimization application designed for users of all technical levels. View Profile

This pre-configured template helps you accelerate and simplify your expense planning process. It's easy to create, share & collaborate. View Profile


by Entalysis

A business intelligence and performance management tool enabling dashboard kpi to root cause analysis to corrective actions drill-down. View Profile

Ezzy Kpi


Business performance system that will track your financial and non-financial key performance indicators. View Profile

Provides your finance and business management team with market-leading data sourcing, warehousing and analytic capabilities. View Profile

Financial Driver

by FinancialDriver

Cloud based budgeting, forecasting and month end reporting solution. Cost effective, intuitive, quick to install and simple to use. View Profile


by Buckhill

Leverages the power of cloud technology to perform complex analytical calculations at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms. View Profile

Automates the process of monitoring, measuring and evaluating the overall performance of agents in real time. View Profile

Goal Huddle

by Within Reach

Software to focus teams on achieving company goals through goal clarity, alignment, attention and support. View Profile

Hiperos 3PM

by Hiperos

Risk mitigation, performance management, compliance monitoring, corporate responsibility tracking, and supplier information maintenance View Profile


by HoshinOnline

Collaborative strategy implementation platform to capture and execute your company vision and strategy. View Profile

Host Analytics EPM Suite

by Host Analytics

Grow your business with one complete EPM suite for modeling, planning, close, reporting and analytics in the cloud. View Profile

Impact 360

by Verint Systems

Gives visibility to your operations to improve back-office quality, productivity and process consistency and reduce costs. View Profile


by inDinero

inDinero's flat fee software+unlimited service pros turns the small business CEO into a virtual CFO - accounting/payroll/taxes = done. View Profile

Infor d/EPM

by Infor

Generates business insights used to increase productivity, control costs and improve overall business performance. View Profile

InPhase BMS

by InPhase

Business management suite that offers budgeting, risk management, ideas management, and performance appraisal functionality. View Profile


by Insightformation

Web-based, easy to use and implement, effective and affordable balanced scorecard automation platform. View Profile


by Intelli-Mine

Business intelligence, dashboards, analytics, reports, integration. View Profile

iRely Dashboard

by iRely

Puts all your business information at your fingertips. Dashboard brings it all together. View Profile


by Knowledge Discovery

Web-based balanced scorecard software that provides interactive strategy map, trend analysis, initiative management, and reporting. View Profile


by Khorus

Khorus has a mission to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth. View Profile

Longview Platform

by Longview Solutions

Software for management reporting and analysis, modeling, budgeting, planning, forecasting, and consolidation. View Profile

macs Controlling Software

by macs Controlling

Solution for costing, corporate performance management, overhead cost management, project costing and profitability analytics. View Profile

Margin Minder

by Salient

Enables companies to use data from their existing processes to correlate actions to profit, growth, efficiency and productivity. View Profile

MAUS MasterPlan

by MAUS Business Systems

Develop customized business and marketing plans, complete with financials, actual vs. budgeted comparisons and graphical analysis. View Profile


by Mereo

Mereo web based Platform is a hybrid of HCM, CPM & BI (One-stop-shop concept), that allows executives to reach strategic results. View Profile


by Mind-Alliance Systems

Allows knowledge managers, IT leaders, HR managers to manage information requirements enhancing decision-making and business processes View Profile


by Mondelio

Enterprise CPM solution for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, planning, business intelligence, balanced scorecard. View Profile


by OnStrategy

Build your strategic plan in a day, manage your performance all year. View Profile

New Element

by New Element

It's a web based solution that translates goals to action via collaboration tools, performance metrics, & project management. View Profile


by Numerify

A web-based performance solution. Features include dashboard analytics, reporting, and metrics. View Profile


by OmniStrat

OmniStrat is web-based business planning and Execution software with simple strategy building blocks and social features. View Profile

Activity Intelligence provides actionable, real-time performance insight used to make informed decisions about people and technology. View Profile

Option Explorer

by Jonova

the most powerful Integrated Business Planning software available today. View Profile

OTUS Analytics

by OTUS Analytics

We build basic dashboards, balanced scorecards and strategy maps with a social communication interface. View Profile


by DSPanel

pcFinancials is todays latest and most modern reporting, planning, budgeting, and simple consolidating solution. View Profile

PlanBase Scorecard

by PlanBase

Process management system that offers KPIs and performance metrics tracking, communication, visual management, and reporting features. View Profile

Powersim ExPlan

by Powersim Solutions

Offers a risk-free simulation environment for scenario-based strategic planning and analysis. View Profile

Prime Statistics

by Prime Numbers Technology

The intent of the scorecard is to present an analysis of your company's travel performance based on an overall grade. View Profile

Web-based scorecard solution with user access management, graphical presentations with status indicators, and automatic e-mail alerts. View Profile

Program Performance Manager

by Plexus Scientific

Strategy execution management bridges the gaps between strategic planning, activity based budgeting and strategy execution. View Profile

QPR Performance Management

by QPR Software

Expand the measurement, monitoring and reporting of objectives in strategy, operations, risk and compliance and quality. View Profile


by Data2Decision

QuickDraw is an application developed for circulation management professionals to optimize circulation and increase readership. View Profile



The Ultimate Business Productivity Platform View Profile


by Rhythm Systems

cloud-based software for executive and departmental teams to meet their goals. View Profile

Bring context to your business intelligence initiatives; implement balanced scorecard, Baldrige, Six Sigma or a customized framework. View Profile


by Spider Strategies

Web-based scorecard and dashboard software for tracking metrics, KPIs, and balanced scorecards. View Profile


by SetSight

Gives you a single vision of your business's performance across multiple departments and/or retailers. View Profile


by Sightline Systems

Real-time monitoring & analysis solution focused on root-cause analysis, performance management & predictive analysis. View Profile


by Iceberg Software

Create, monitor, and manage key performance indicators for your company. View Profile

Steelwedge Software

by Steelwedge

Enterprise planning and performance management solution that helps manufacturing companies improve performance. View Profile


by Strategix Performance

Provides automation of all employee incentives & scorecards. View Profile


by Silvon Software

Planning, analysis and reporting solutions for manufacturers and distributors. View Profile

Synergy Indicata

by Synergy International Systems

Industry-leading M&E solution that streamlines results-based management and help organizations accomplish their performance objectives. View Profile

Talentia CPM Software

by Talentia Software

Web-based solution for consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, dashboard analysis and reporting. View Profile


by TCM Infosys

OLAP solution for corporate management and finance functions. TCM combines consolidation, budgeting, and forecasting. View Profile

ComSci delivers IT Financial Management solutions that enhance IT Cost Transparency and drives down IT costs. View Profile


by Tidemark Systems

Business performance management and analytics software that helps management make more intelligent decisions. View Profile

Value Insight

by Altech Star

OLAP based business intelligence & enterprise reporting solutions for call center, retail, banking and healtcare. View Profile


by Visible

Web based solution giving you the power to tell the story around your key performance data to all of your most important stakeholders. View Profile

winCapri Business Intelligence

by Capri Software

Keeping management informed so they can make the best decisions by viewing and compairing useful information side by side. View Profile

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