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Talkdesk is the world's leading browser-based call center software. It integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, LiveChat and others to show relevant information about the caller. With real-time and historical reporting, call monitoring and telephony agents and managers can make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive information. No phones, hardware, coding or downloads - all you need is a computer and internet connection. Benefit from data-driven customer interactions with Talkdesk. View Profile

Five9 is the global leader in hosted call center software for companies of all sizes, from business startups to multinational enterprises, in industries as diverse as customer support, telemarketing, financial services and outsourcing. Five9 pioneered the concept of VoIP-based virtual call center software-as-a-service - delivering world-class features with all the benefits of a hosted solution: fast setup, on-demand capacity, no capital outlay and low operating costs. View Profile


by ClickPoint Software

Close more leads and improve ROI instantly with SalesExec. Setup all lead sources to automatically route leads to sales agents (Push or Pull) Automated distribution of leads based on state, zip, territory, round-robin Power dialer, click-to-dial - no additional charge, use your VoIP solution Email nurture with instant notifications for opened and delivered email Lead management solution that lets you design sales process Improve conversion rates from leads immediately. View Profile

Voice Broadcasting

by Dynamic Interactive

Dynamic Interactive's voice broadcasting service offers a powerful array of features and options for your outbound ivr, press 1 campaign, automatic survey, political message, and much more. Our cloud based software as a service allows you the ability to leverage our extensive dialing infrastructure to get your message out quickly. We work with small to large companies, government agencies, non profit organizations, political candidates and call centers. Contact us today. View Profile

3CLogic is a leading provider of Inbound, Outbound, and Blended cloud contact center solutions based on an innovative distributed approach. Offering next-generation multichannel communications, reporting and analytics, dynamic scripting, lead management, call routing (IVR, ACD), and third-party integrations (CRM, WFM, Ticketing, PBX), 3CLogic facilitates its clients ability to offer high-quality customer service and drive sales and marketing initiatives. View Profile


by OPC Marketing

SpitFire Enterprise Call Center Software by OPC Marketing: Easy to Install, Operate, and Upgrade. Predictive, Fixed rate, Preview, Quick Connect and manual dialing modes. SpitFire is developed & supported in-house offering the most cost effective and full featured enterprise edition dialer on the market. Our tech support team is rated "Excellent" by our customers month after month. Call to schedule online demo 800-704-5202 View Profile

$125 per user per month unlimited outbound minutes. Enterprise class call center suite hosted predictive outbound, inbound and blended auto dialer. Designed to only deliver live calls to your agents. Answer machines, disconnected number, operator intercepts are handled by the dialer without impacting an agent's productivity. View Profile


by Corvisa

Corvisa provides businesses with a single source for cloud communications solutions. As the only provider of a true product-plus-platform offering, Corvisa combines powerful contact center software, business phone systems and connectivity services with the unmatched flexibility of our Summit development platform. Backed by carrier-class network reliability and a passion for delivering unbeatable support, Corvisa is making cloud communications better. View Profile

$59/User. Contact Center Anywhere (CCA) from Oracle, is an award winning virtual call center platform ACD, IVR, skills based routing, Predictive Dialer, blended inbound/outbound,100% call recording, email, chat whisper coaching, barge-in, skills base routing, remote, VOIP/SIP enabled and more than 250 call center reports. Add ZohoCRM for only $10 per agent. Promero offers no charge integration with Pipkins WFM, CallMiner Speech Analytics and PCI Redaction. View Profile

Cloud Contact Center

by SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions provides the most robust predictive dialer and inbound call center software on the market today, wrapped in a rich suite of services to provide a comprehensive solution proven to accelerate sales productivity. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based offering is completely customizable to your needs, whatever your industry. For just a few dollars per day you get unlimited minutes and uptime performance second to none. Increase your sales and contacts by 400% overnight! View Profile

inContact leads the cloud contact center market for one simple reason: we help our customers transform the profitability of their contact centers with extraordinary success, unexpected ease and speed. inContact's cloud-based call center, call routing, self service and agent optimization solutions give you the competitive edge. Worry less about your technology and more about what really drives profit for your business. View Profile

Auto attendant software that helps your operators to handle a high volume of calls & provide a greater level of service for callers. The Parlance Operator Assistant is an auto attendant solution that uses natural language processing to enable spoken navigation of a voicemail network. Callers just answer a simple question and are quickly transferred to their chosen destination. Customers include Doctor's Hospital, Texas A&M, Sysco Eastern Maryland and many more. Call us today at 888-700-6263. View Profile

Dezide provides software for optimizing technical troubleshooting processes for manufactures and operators of equipment for Mining, Oil&Gas, Wind and other heavy and advanced industrial industries. Also serving the telecom, high tech and communications industries. Dezide is used online by our customers for improving AHT and quality in Call Centers and Surveillance Centers as well as for increasing availability, reliability, MTBF and reducing MTTR for on-site scheduled and unscheduled maintenance View Profile

Predictive dialer software that combines outbound dialing, queued progressive dialing and managed preview dialing. View Profile

Find out why our software is the world's most popular solution and the trusted call center software choice of over 550,000+ users. View Profile

A web based Quality Monitoring solution for Call Centers that makes performance assessment easy and accurate. View Profile


by CyTrack

Route and manage telephone, email, fax, web chat, web call-back, SMS and business processes. View Profile


by SimplyCT

A cloud based Virtual Call Center Solution enabling businesses to tailor call center services according to changing needs. View Profile

Snapforce CRM

by SnapForce Technologies

Snapforce delivers SMB with enterprise level cloud applications. Economically priced, and recognized as the CRM of choice for business View Profile

Predictive and Auto Dialers - world class call center technology. With over 800 call centers and businesses using our solutions. View Profile

Helps companies provide great customer service over the phone, by email or on the Web. View Profile


by Voicent Communications

A phone messaging solution for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose. View Profile


by Call Center Development Services

Web-enabled predictive dialing service the provides agent reporting, campaign statistics and more within minutes of your activation. View Profile


by ICT Innovations

An autodialer that functions as voice broadcasting software, fax broadcasting, sms, email, and video broadcasting. View Profile


by Spectrum Corporation

Call Center Real Time Reporting Software via software to drive devices to display real time KPI's to call center managers and agents. View Profile


by Drishti-Soft Solutions

Ameyo Communication Suite is a comprehensive interaction management solution for the Contact Centers and Enterprises . View Profile

Lunar CRM

by Lunar Media

Cloud-based system that monitors KPIs, manages workflow, integrates with dialler for outsourced call centers and insurance brokers. View Profile

Profile Watchdog

by OpsTel Services

An automated agent profile management solution takes the guess work out of this process and reduces your cycle times for agent profiles View Profile

by is an Agile Customer Interaction hub on cloud, enabling you to build Personalized engagements across the customer journey. View Profile

Customer Care Suite integrated with Asterisk Open Source PBX. Multi channel solution for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Contact Centers. View Profile

Genesis Communications

by Genesis Communications

Hosted call center solutions. predictive, power, preview, inbound and blended modes. View Profile

KPS Knowledge Management Software

by Knowledge Powered Solutions

Speeds an organization's data retrieval and includes access rights, searching capability and an "ask the expert" feature. View Profile

Manage all channels (voice, mail, chat, sms, fax or social media). Predictive dialer, IVR, recorder, blending & reporting. View Profile

Restaurant Call Center

by ccdex technologies

CCDEx is a system designed to enable restaurant chains enhance takeout and delivery sales from a centralized location. View Profile

Call SWEET! Worx

by DATEL Software Solutions

See every agent's phone activity without leaving their desks, increasing overall visibility while saving supervisors time and energy! View Profile


by Aavaz

Run your business' call operations (IVR, Voicemail, Call Handling) & your Inbound and Outbound telemarketing campaigns with Aavaz. View Profile

Abacus Cloud

by Abacus Group

Open source billing management platform for PBX, VoIP gateways, IP phone systems, wireless, routers, data switches. View Profile


by Voice Print International

Telephone call recording, screen capture and call center quality monitoring solution. View Profile

Agent Power

by DeskFlex

Call center agent scheduling, forecasting and historical statistics to improve service levels and productivity. View Profile

Agent Sensei

by SKS Solutions

We put the expertise needed to meet customer requirements accurately and consistently into the system instead of into the agent. View Profile

AgentView Enterprise

by Centergistic Solutions

Real time metric-based performance optimization software, publishes key metrics to reader boards, LCD/plasma displays and devices View Profile


by Aheeva

Solution for your inbound and outbound calls with reporting and quality monitoring functionality. View Profile


by AireContact

Omni-Channel Cloud Contact Center solution that opens up all forms of communication through phone, chat, email and social media. View Profile


by Westbay Engineers

A forecasting tool that helps call centers predict how many agents they need in order to handle their call volume. View Profile


by Vortalsoft

Call Center/Customer Interaction Management solution your business needs to satisfy your most demanding customers. View Profile

Aspect Zipwire

by Aspect Communications

See how easy it is setting up an enterprise class, feature-rich and reliable contact center in the Aspect Cloud with a free trial. View Profile

Call queuing solution with skills-routing algorithms that ensure appropriate delivery of incoming calls. View Profile

AWO Portal

by ac2 Solutions

Call center forecasting and scheduling with advanced statistical and optimization technologies. View Profile

Blended Hosted Call Center

by TelStar Hosted Services

Blend inbound, outbound, and voice messaging campaigns as well as run multiple simultaneous campaigns to maximize productivity. View Profile

Bolder Thinking

by Bolder Thinking

Offers a robust solution that significantly reduces the complexity associated with operating call centers View Profile

Calabrio One Suite

by Calabrio

Redefines workforce optimization, allowing contact centers to personalize and optimize the Web-based workspace of each type of user View Profile

Call Center Designer

by Portage Communications

Very affordable workforce management software designed for small and medium sized call centers. View Profile

Call Center Dialer

by iTecs Communications

Predictive dialer/Hosted dialer/Call Center Software. Hosted, predictive dialer that can dial 10, 00,000 + Phone numbers daily. View Profile

Call Center Solutions

by Connect First

Cost-effective call center solutions including call tracking, interactive voice response, outbound auto dialers, and more. View Profile


by Lakshya

Supports in excess of 400 agents simultaneously. Integrates with virtually any enterprise-ready CRM. View Profile

Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with - upload contacts and in minutes, CallFire will connect your sales agents to live leads! View Profile


by CallRail

Find out what makes your company's phone ring. Start tracking calls within minutes. Instant Free Trial. No Credit Card Needed. View Profile

CallView 360

by Dial 800

Proactive call tracking gives you real call volumes, buyer demographics, and recordings of every call you receive. View Profile

Castel Detect

by Castel Communications

Fully blended call center, collections center telephony software with a fast and accurate predictive dialer. View Profile

CCS Customer Service

by Crow Canyon Systems

Provides a powerful account, contact and ticket management that your organization requires to optimize call center/support activities. View Profile


by Data Collection Resources

Allows call center managers to gain a true understanding of the customer experience and manage their center efficiently. View Profile

Center Messenger

by Blue Feather Technologies

Real-time Contact Center Statistics. A unique combination of real-time statistics, presence and instant messaging. View Profile


by AcuCall

CIM solution that includes CRM, IVR, ACD, recording, SMS, email, complete IP/PBX functionality, network, voice and data, and more. View Profile

CenterWare Inbound

by Nuxiba Technologies

Administer, control, and supervise all inbound calling activity. With voicemail call back features. View Profile

Cherwell Service Management

by Cherwell Software

The first SaaS 3.0 help desk - service desk - service management software solution that your company will never outgrow. View Profile


by Envision Telephony

Provides call center supervisors with training, quality monitoring and evaluation tools. View Profile

Cloud Services

by Nexxphas

Multichannel cloud-based virtual contact center solution with ACD, IVR functionality suited for at home agent model of employment. View Profile


by Synety

Cloud based call centre solution with call recording and CRM integration. View Profile

Organizes incoming calls based on parameters that you set, whether they arrive by telephone, email or the Web. View Profile

Contact Center Software

by ADEL Communication Solutions

Hosted & Premised Solutions for Contact Center. View Profile

Allows companies to take care of every customer, every time by sending them to the right resource at the right time. View Profile

Contact Center: SP

by Enghouse Interactive

Supports multichannel customer interactions via telephone and Internet in one high availability platform. View Profile


by contactSPACE

Build, contact, and measure your customer contact. Maximize effectiveness in 20 minutes! View Profile


by BetterWRX

Web-based solution that includes real time monitoring and voice broadcasting capabilities for any size contact center. View Profile


by Avissol

CONTAQUE Call Center Software offering IVR, predictive dialing, ACD, Reporting, and more at an effective costs. View Profile


by AVIS e Solutions

Blended contact center solution with IVR, ACD, and predictive dialing capabilities. View Profile

Web-based contact center & telephony solution with broadcast messaging, voicemail, webchat, and performance monitoring features. View Profile

Powerful, affordable solution for managing a growing contact center, enhancing customers' experience and improving agent productivity. View Profile


by Deepija Telecom

Solution for blended contact centers that can handle voice, chat, mail, sms, and fax communications. Integrated with CRM systems. View Profile


by Sigmanet

Make calls from your computer and manage PBX functions through your desktop. Comes with automatic call identification. View Profile

Crazy Call

by Crazy Call

Intelligent platform that boosts outbound performance in call centers. Dialer, campaign management, scripting, cloud hosted, web based. View Profile

Customer Interaction Center

by Interactive Intelligence

Gives your contact center a standards-based, multichannel software platform to blend all media types with your business systems. View Profile

Customer Solutions

by Convergys

Software to manage interaction with clients and potential clients via online chats, email alerts, SMS notifications, and more. View Profile

Workforce optimization tools for the contact center. Call recording, quality monitoring, and workforce management. View Profile


by OnTimeTelecom

Record and send messages to a list of phone numbers within seconds. Used by schools, churches, and non-profits and many other groups. View Profile


by Dial Connection

Advanced and innovative solutions for inbound/outbound call management for the collection industry. View Profile

Multi-channel contact center solution with IVR, outbound dialing, call recording, analytics. View Profile

Eclipse CMS

by Data Track Technology

Call logging solution for tracking incoming and outgoing calls and generating reports that allow to connect call volume with revenue. View Profile

eGain Suite

by eGain Communications

Customer service & contact center software. Email management, live chat, service fulfillment, knowledge management and self-service. View Profile


by Green Workforce Management Solutions

Enables call center workforce forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, and vacation planning. View Profile

Engage Score

by TelStrat

Provides everything necessary to effectively measure and analyze agent performance over time. View Profile


by Astute Solutions

Customer service, knowledge management, and contact center solutions that enable companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences. View Profile


by CallMiner

Speech analytics and pervasive call center performance management solution for large and small contact centers. View Profile

Exelysis Contact Center is a communications software which comes to enhance and handle the operations of an Enterprise PBX. View Profile


by Homisco

Comprehensive call center software providing telephony and web-based communication for sales and service environments. View Profile

Focus Contact Center

by Focus Telecom

Multichannel cloud call/contact center solutions. call recording, live monitoring, phone, chat, mail, social, sms. Intuitive. View Profile

Call Center CRM intended to equip your Agents and Administrators with a rich set of features right at your fingertips. View Profile


by GetAbby

Phone call tacking application for missed calls information capture and pick volume times identification and analysis. View Profile


by Knoahsoft

VoIP-enabled solution with calls and other communication reviews, reporting dashboard and services-oriented framework. View Profile

Enables users to work remotely, includes real-time report generation, call routing, database administration, etc. View Profile


by Reksoft

Contact center creation platform that supports calls received from a variety of communication channels. View Profile


by Ifbyphone

Marketing automation software with call tracking, virtual receptionist, voice broadcasting, virtual call center, and call recording. View Profile

inConcert Allegro

by inConcert

A system that integrates with various front and back office programs and offers automatic call distribution, recording, and monitoring. View Profile


by 1Call

Hospital Call Center Software. View Profile

Inova Desktop Presenter

by Inova Solutions

Delivering call center metrics, statistics and messages directly to agents' desktops through tables, charts and virtual wallboards. View Profile

InVision Enterprise WFM

by InVision Software

Web-based solution with forecasting, scheduling, adherence montoring, and analysis and reporting features. View Profile


by IPscape

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Consulting for contact centres typically less than 100 seats. View Profile


by ISC Consultants

Proprietary adaptive forecasting, multi-media-ready, and real time management features. Available in ASP or installed. View Profile

Jacada Fusion

by Jacada

Integrates legacy applications at the CSR's desktop to achieve critical objectives for contact center operations. View Profile

Jet Call Tracker

by Jet Interactive

An online call analytics tool that proves which marketing channels drive phone calls allowing marketers to spend confidently View Profile

Provides customer service agents with the best answers to customer questions right away. View Profile

Koala Cloud Call Center

by Electronic Voice Services

Affordable, simple, yet power virtual CRM & dialing system. Cloud-based Lead Management with Blended Inbound & Outbound call center. View Profile

KSS Call Manager

by Kelmar Software Solutions

Call center application designed to monitor call activity, manage results, measure performance, and generate reports. View Profile


by LiveOps

With LiveOps, brands have a 24/7, 360-degree ability to connect with consumers faster, better and cost-effectively. View Profile


by LiveVox

The only SIP-based, on-demand, Outbound, Inbound and Automated Call Distributor solution for contact centers. View Profile

Call tracking and phone performance management SaaS. Marketers can measure phone calls and sales can measure phone performance. View Profile

MailRoom ToolKit Capture

by Satori Software

Helps you maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry and into the future. View Profile

Maximise Cloud Contact Center

by Magnetic North

Cloud communications for contact centers - includes a powerful predictive dialler, call recording, hosted PBX, compliance management. View Profile

Mekashron Call Center

by Mekashron

Professional call center package with everything you need to manage your business and clients and take your business to the next level. View Profile


by Microbase

Call center software based on Asterisk PBX. Predictive dialing, IVR, call queuing, call recording, real-time monitoring. View Profile

Monet Live

by Monet Software

Could-based software with call recording, workforce management, performance management, and quality assurance features. View Profile

Identify long-term telephone activity trends, monitor calls, and view real-time displays of call center activity. View Profile


by Multima

Automate day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, marketing, help desk and call centers. View Profile

Newbridge Telecom Solutions

by Newbridge Telecom Solutions

Contact solutions for inbound, outbound and blended service centers. View Profile

Novanet (C3)

by Novanet

Browser-based Agent Telephony Client transforms the way Small to Large Contact Centers Interact with their Customers. View Profile


by Symmetrics

A complete reporting, analysis and performance management solution suite specifically designed for the contact center. View Profile


by Contact Center Managed Services

oneclick is a cloud based Contact Center platform, that allows customers to add contact center applications from its app store. View Profile


by OnviSource

Contact center product that provides all the functionality and features required to engage in comprehensive Workforce Optimization. View Profile


by The Chatfield Group

Handles online, offline, social, email, and other communications as the ultimate hosted contact center solution View Profile


by PamConsult

Free, reliable and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software. View Profile

Identify incoming phone calls right on your computer. View Profile

Phone Call Manager

by Get On Fast

Virtual switchboard software with customised greetings, call queuing and distribution, and line identification features. View Profile

Phone Client

by Xarios

A computer telephony integration solution that links with your CRM system and provides status visibility and call control. View Profile


by Arcaris

Free collaboration platform for managing, motivating, and training people at call centers. View Profile


by PracticeCompass

Practice management, appt. confirmations, recalls, marketing, auto dialer, reduce no shows, staff management, increase productivity. View Profile

Predictive Dialer

by Trans Continental Technologies

Predictive dialers and call center software with IVR and voice broadcasting predictive dialer phone systems. View Profile

Skype call center software with auto-attendant, IVR, automatic call distribution (ACD), and call recording for small businesses. View Profile


by Indosoft

Scalable call center software with web based agent screens, skills based routing and queue prioritization, and call recovery features. View Profile


by Returngoods

Integrated SaaS solution for managing product returns (RMA). Can be integrated into your call center or ERP database via VDS. View Profile


by Speed To Contact

The worlds fastest internet lead dialer. Call leads within 1 second flat! View Profile

rostrvm call centre software

by Rostrvm Solutions

CTI-enabled call centre applications to enhance traditional telephone systems and to capitalise on the power of Internet Telephony. View Profile

S2L by Phone

by S2L International

Lead Response S2L is a platform that facilitates swift seller/prospect connection and significantly increases conversion rates. View Profile


Sales engine technology capable of dialing 400 calls per hour. View Profile

Saviom Service Desk

by Saviom Software

Customizable software which enables organizations to record and manage service calls in an efficient and orderly manner. View Profile


by Transera Communications

Adaptive on-demand virtual call center solution delivering visibility and customer experience at the lowest operating cost. View Profile


by Bright Pattern

Next-generation cloud-based contact center View Profile

Smart Queue


Call center solution using voice over IP for outbound telemarketing and inbound call center. View Profile

Enables call center supervisors to analyze individual agent performance and managers to view each campaign performance. View Profile

Hosted PBX and mobile VoIP for enterprise level cloud communication to businesses and contact centers globally. View Profile


by SpiceCSM

Customer service management solution for both internal (corporate help desk) and external (outsourced) contact centers. View Profile

SPLICE Dialog Suite

by SPLICE Software

Actively engage with your existing customers with personalized messaging software to achieve your business results! View Profile

Star Call Manger

by Starre Enterprises

Call tracking software for small businesses. Assign actions to incoming calls, generate reports, track call volume. Starts at $25. View Profile

Suite Answer Center

by CTI Software

Call center solution with detailed management reports, call patching, customized text messaging. View Profile


by Hornbill Corporate

Track service or help requests from customers or suppliers and automate processes needed to deliver service. View Profile

TASKE Contact

by TASKE Technology

A flexible contact center management solution with real-time ACD monitoring and historical reporting capabilities. View Profile


by TCN

Sets the standard for call center optimization by employing proprietary algorithms and dialing logic with SIP/VoIP technology. View Profile

TeamMax Outbound

by Acarda Sales Technologies

An outbound telemarketing call center. Check out our free trial. View Profile


by Database Systems

Call center software that includes CTI Software, predictive dialers, IVR and ACD systems. View Profile


by Harris Connect

Allows fraternal organizations, high schools, and universities to set up a virtual call center and manage phone rooms. View Profile


by BiznusSoft

Cloud-based, end-to-end Call Center management solution offering account management, order management, inventory management and more. View Profile


by Netpro Technologies

Contact life cycle management tool for central and distributed call centers. View Profile

The Reporting Engine

by eMetrix Systems

Database driven application for online call center reporting. View Profile

TouchStar Dialler

by Daviker Group

Outbound dialing software with real time data management and call quality tools. View Profile


by TrackMyLeads

Call tracking & intake management system with optimized intake forms, appointment scheduling, lead tracking, and conversion analytics. View Profile


by Integra CCS

Comprehensive management solution for Contact Centers. View Profile


by Uptivity

Call monitoring software includes screen capture, logging, liability recording and on-demand recording. View Profile

Enables call center managers to focus on call center metrics and call center performance. View Profile


by Vicidial Group

Open source call center software with predictive dialer capabilities. Handles inbound, outbound, and blended calls. View Profile

Virtual Call Center

by Virtual Call Center

A hosted call center management solution with agent and supervisor interfaces, voice file recording and archiving, and call blending. View Profile

An award winning call center software. Increase your sales, ask for the demo & feel the difference. View Profile

Virtual Observer

by Coordinated Systems

Call recording and quality monitoring, best value in enterprise-ready call center quality assurance and training solutions.. View Profile

VMukti Predictive Dialer

by VMukti Solutions

World's first open source Enterprise P2P Call center software. View Profile

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer

by Voice2phone Software

Software for broadcasting voice messages by phone. View Profile

VOIP Call Center

by NomKa UK Communications

VoIP call center solutions for businesses in the United Stated and Europe View Profile


by USAutodialer

Make thousands of calls every day and prescreen potential clients for you automatically. View Profile

Call center automation solution that supports auto dialing, lead distribution, and provides a live floor map of your sales team. View Profile

Xtension Recorder

by Call Recording Solutions

Professional digital call recording that fits any budget with the same features as larger systems with more flexibility. View Profile


by YTel

Maintains both inbound and outbound call handling with skill and priority preferences. View Profile

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