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by ChannelEyes

New For Vendors - A Branded Mobile App For Your Channel Partners! ChannelCandy has all the features to connect with your channel on the go. Post real-time partner program highlights, news, and share tools to drive sales. It features your brand, splash page, and colors theme. Supports iPhone, iPad, Android and a mobile enhanced web site. Contact us today for a no risk demo. Learn More


by Ambassador

Ambassador gives any company the tools to turbo-charge their referral program, turning their customers into brand Ambassadors. Use Ambassador to easily create, track & manage custom incentives that drive referrals and evangelize your users. It's as simple as pasting a javascript snippet or can be seamlessly integrated via API. Integrate Ambassador into the existing applications you already use, including Salesforce, Sendgrid and MailChimp. Learn More

A platform for aggregating campaign and lead information that allows for customization of lead information delivery. Learn More

B2B Marketing Automation Software with deep seamless integration to all CRMs, with the powerful ability to track all of your campaigns. Learn More

The power to plan, execute, and evaluate, targeted marketing campaigns across different media, including direct mail and email and SMS. Learn More

Marketing Optimizer

by Active Internet Marketing

Provides a single interface to increase targeted traffic, maximize website conversion rates, and improve sales team performance. Learn More

Segments, schedules, triggers, and deploys email, voice, fax, text, and direct mail in single step - drip/nurture marketing campaigns. Learn More

HubSpot is an inbound Internet marketing system that helps businesses get found online and generate more leads. Learn More


by Ad2action

Landing page creation and management system. Learn More

Sales and Orders Ads

by Sales and Orders Ads

Structure product ads in the most cost-effective manner. Gain a comprehensive understanding of profit and loss for each product. Learn More



Gives you the power of a 24/7 real-time view of all elements of your business. Learn More

AdTrak 360

by AdTrak 360

AdTrak 360 is the "hub" for critical data enabling the user to analyze and optimize their marketing like never before! Learn More


by Appforma

Generate leads and sales with ready-to-launch automated marketing campaigns and loyalty activities. Learn More


by Automatur

Get faster results and connect with people more efficiently. Anything you currently do manually, we can automate for you. Learn More


by Media Flint

Campaign tracking and inbound calls reporting software with voice recording and text transcription features. Learn More


by BrandMuscle

A powerful online ad builder with total digital asset management software for customized local marketing. Learn More

Brightspot Campaigner

by Brightspot Technology Solutions

Bringing power of enterprise tools to medium and large B2C companies with simplicity in usage at affordable cost. Learn More

Create predefined or dynamic sets of your customers and contact them using mail or e-mail. Learn More


by Campaign Runner

Analytic CRM, Date Warehousing, and Campaign Management tool based on intuitive data-flow GUI. Learn More


by CaptainDash

Offers marketing dashboards and easy reporting. Manipulate data to create visual representations. Learn More

Clear Service

by Liberated Networks

Whether you are a small non-profit or a large member-based organization, we can help you to find, acquire and retain members. Learn More

Click Forensics

by Optimal IQ

Catches click fraud via historical click-thru data, detailed log analysis, embedded code that monitor campaigns, more. Learn More

CLM Mechanix

by ZSL

Closed Loop Marketing Mechanix delivers data-driven personalized communications to your Physicians. Learn More

Helps marketers apply one-to-one marketing techniques across all communications channels by unifying profile data. Learn More


by CouponFactory

Coupon management system for digital/mobile coupon creation, distribution, and tracking. Facebook compatible. Learn More



Coupon software designed to generate and distribute coupons. Offers website integration and social networking tools. Learn More

Software for managing your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. Learn More


by Madar

Contact management, campaign management and customer service software solution for Microsoft Windows. Learn More


by Dealtronic

Customizable sales solution that helps create promotions for in-store, mobile, and online marketing. Learn More


by directdialogs

A comprehensive web application that helps B2C businesses create customer database, run analytics on customer purchase behavior, execute target marketing campaigns and offer no-card loyalty program. Learn More


by Envoke

Arm your sales team with in-depth lead histories. Track visitors and automatically identify sales-ready leads. Learn More


by Noble Systems

A thin client, call center software solution for virtual VoIP call centers. Learn More

Fat Free CRM

by Fat Free CRM

Open source Ruby on Rails-based customer relationship management platform. Learn More


by HasOffers

HasOffers is an affiliate tracking software that allows thousands of businesses worldwide to track and manage their affiliate programs. Learn More


by HitPath

Simply put there is no faster, more feature-rich, more user-friendly affiliate tracking program in the marketplace Learn More


by interlinkONE

Manage multi-tiered marketing campaigns and collect data on preferences, response rates & customer behavior. Learn More


by Acxiom

The first digital marketing platform built specifically for collaboration amongst enterprise marketing teams. Learn More

Impact Engine

by Impact Engine

Online service that enables large organizations and small businesses to manage multimedia marketing campaigns. Learn More

ion platform

by Ion Interactive

A powerful and landing page management platform that delivers ROI via clicks from pay-per-click, email, display ads and mobile. Learn More


by JangoMail

Ready to make your email marketing the stuff of legends? Create unique, personalized email campaigns and enjoy advanced reporting. Learn More

KeyMetric Campaign Analytics - the first marketing analytics tool to effectively track online conversions and offline phone calls back Learn More


by Direct Response Technologies

Offers advertisers, agencies and local search publishers a powerful and intuitive mix of tools and services to fit their evolving PPC marketing needs. Learn More

LeadGenesys Platform

by LeadGenesys

LeadGenesys offers affordable marketing automation to companies that need to improve their lead-gen results - $195/Month. Learn More


by LinkTrust Systems

Performance marketing tracking software with lead generation, pixel tracking, fraud prevention, and real-time reporting. Learn More


by ContactPoint

Call tracking and phone performance management SaaS. Marketers can measure phone calls and sales can measure phone performance. Learn More


by MachroTech

Website Analytics & ROI tracking solution for all online marketing campaigns. Web based ASP solution, Easy to Implement. Learn More


by markethound

An online multichannel marketing management tool that lets you DESIGN, LAUNCH, MONITOR & ANALYZE your marketing from one place. Learn More

Solution for developing marketing datamarts and managing direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Learn More

Marketing CRM


Helps you understand customer behaviour, run precisely targeted campaigns and follow-up with interested customers. Learn More

Mass Campaign Printing

by Techna Center

This software makes personalizing and printing messages for mailing campaigns effortless. Learn More


by Metaphor

Metaphor is software that lets companies engage with their customers however, whenever, and wherever they choose. Learn More

Mobile Marketing Pro

by SignTive

Create mobile marketing campaigns through delivery and reception of SMS text messages with keywords (also known as two way SMS). Learn More

NuEdge Suite

by NuEdge Systems

Marketing campaign management solution; plan campaigns annually, yet implement events "on the fly". Learn More

OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management

by OpenBox Technologies

Helps plan, schedule, and monitor multi-stage, multi-channel campaigns spanning email, direct mail, fax, Web & telemarketing. Learn More


by Mobius Solutions

Optimove is a retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology Learn More

Orbis MRM

by Orbis

Orbis Marketing encompasses strategic marketing planning & budgeting, program development and marketing intelligence. Learn More

Performance Analytics

by Monetate

A way to visualize performance monitoring of your marketing campaigns that allows you to see potential opportunities at a glance. Learn More

Portrait Campaign Manager

by Portrait Software

Portrait's Customer Analytics is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, predictive analytics solution. Learn More

Post Affiliate Pro

by QualityUnit

Affiliate Tracking Software suitable for anyone from one-man operations to large scale businesses. On the market since 2004 Learn More


by PowerMailer

Enables you to create professional designed newsletters. Manage lists to deliver the email campaigns you want with analysis & tracking. Learn More


by RedZoneGlobal

Automated PPC bid management tool that can be customized and integrated with proprietary tracking systems. Learn More

Provides distributed sales and marketing teams the opportunity to easily create, customize and deliver brand-compliant marketing materials on-demand. Learn More


by RatePoint

Web-based communication tools - email marketing and surveys that allow businesses to collect, manage and promote customer feedback. Learn More

RedPoint Interaction

by RedPoint Global

Marketing automation solution that includes digital asset management, financial planning, and social media integration. Learn More

Sales Portal

by Alex & Gross Systems

The lead generation engine for your campaign. Learn More

SAS Customer Intelligence

by SAS Institute

Integrated platform for enterprise marketing management with campaign management and optimization. Learn More

SDL Campaign Manager

by SDL International

Complete campaign management solution Learn More


by SearchIgnite

Manage large PPC campaigns using web-based keyword research, bid management, tracking and reporting. Learn More


by Silverpop

Marketing automation software that allows you to manage your customer data, execute targeted campaigns, and track results. Learn More


by Smart-wares

Send e-mail, fax and SMS based marketing messages to your customers and prospects from intuitive web-based screens. Learn More


by Strategy Analyzer

Automate marketing data Imports from AdWords, Google Analytics, BING, etc. Schedule reports, alerts, and marketing dashboards Learn More

Teradata Marketing

by Teradata

Consolidate every element of your program including resource allocation and workflows, campaign financials and performance analytics. Learn More


by Vanick Digital

Enables you to manage your documents, marketing efforts, control your expenditures, and generate reports that provide total visibility. Learn More

Cloud solution for multi-channel advertising planning and execution, as well as for real-time campaign monitoring. Learn More


by UberTags

The best way to manage website tagging (analytics, conversion tracking, A/B testing, chat, etc.) Learn More

In three easy steps you can track up to 15 marketing campaigns all with no fee, no credit card and no obligation. Learn More

Yield Web Marketing Suite

by Yield Software

Optimize PPC, SEO and Landing Page content with one easy-to-use web-based system. Learn More

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