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Over 13,000 people and businesses around the world use Net-Results to automate marketing and grow their revenues. Net-Results offers world class, unlimited live support, affordable pricing at any scale, and easy to use, powerful features that combine to create an incredible customer experience. View Profile

Accelerate pipeline, drive revenue, and align marketing and sales with Pardot B2B Marketing Automation. Track all prospect interactions on your site from downloads to page views then score prospects based on parameters you set. Put time back into your sales reps day with automated lead nurturing and real-time sales alerts, which allow reps to prioritize their time. Then, measure the true ROI of your marketing efforts with closed-loop reporting. View Profile


by TidyMktr

TidyMarketer helps you get ahead of your multi-channel campaign planning, executing and coordination, so you never have to rely on messy spreadsheets again. View Profile

Workfront allows marketing teams and other departments to prioritize, route, manage, and report on all of their workfrom large projects to small, ad hoc requests. With more than 50 standard reports and the capability to customize to each organization's unique needs, the platform provides visibility into the entire work lifecycle, ensuring projects finish on time and within budget, and that all stakeholders stay in the loop from start to finish. View Profile

Inspired by drawing campaigns on a whiteboard, Autopilot helps you visually manage, automate and track your marketing on a drag and drop canvas. Connect with customers and nurture your leads with personalized email, in-app messaging, sms and direct mail. Built-in integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Segment, Twilio, Slack and Zapier make it easy to connect systems and message consistently across online, offline and mobile channels. Try it free for 30 days. Plans start from $4/mo. View Profile

Go Beyond Email Marketing with Powerful, Easy-to-use Marketing Software and Solutions for both B2B and B2C Marketers. With Experiture, you can create, launch, measure, and optimize personalized, automated marketing programs across email, web, mobile, and more -- with minimal ongoing involvement from engineering or IT. With browser-based tools, flexible workflows, powerful segmentation, and included marketing data warehouse - Experiture gives you the tools you need to succeed from day one. View Profile


by ReadyPulse

ReadyPulse is the #1 social campaign managment platform trusted by consumer brands to drive social proof, revenue, influencers, e-commerce & social campaign success --- through authentic, proven, authorized, high quality imagery & stories created by your social customers. Enjoyed by Nike, Northface, O'neill, Quicksilver, Zumiez, Red Bull, GoPro & hundreds of other top brands, the ReadyPulse platform quickly finds your authentic social influencers, gathers their content & activates campaigns View Profile

Use multi-touch campaign attribution to finally analyze which campaigns help your reps find and win opportunities. 100% native for customers. All clients receive Magic Robot's 5 models of influence. View Profile


by Target Everyone

#1 Digital Marketing Solution! Like Having Your Own Award Winning Ad Agency In House- With a Low Price Tag. Create Digital Campaigns with drag & drop, no programming needed Target Contacts through segmentation Multi Channel Distribution (SMS, Email, Mobile App, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, QR code, digital Ads) Analyze, get all your statistics in one place and track your conversions View Profile

Crowdstream customer analytics - send highly targeted emails to customers based on what they do on your website - any page view, product view, button click, event or checkout. Segment your customers and send to MailChimp and other services with one click. Grow sales and create loyal customers by sending email at the right time. Engage existing customers and abandoned sales to send targeted email at the right time, grow revenue and ROI. View Profile

Marketing Optimizer

by Active Internet Marketing

Campaign management software for marketing managers that are focused on generating targeted leads and improving sales team performance. Marketing Optimizer empowers digital marketers with the tools and reporting to continually improve their lead generation campaigns. Marketing Optimizer integrates with all popular website testing, web analytics, and landing page optimization software. View Profile


by LeadsRx

Our mission at LeadsRx is to help marketers make decisions about the mix of campaigns that drive conversions for their companies... we call this "conversion marketing". Whether you use inbound, outbound, online, or offline programs, LeadsRx will pinpoint exactly what works best. With complete cost analysis and demographic segmentation, you'll feel like a hero at your next staff meeting when armed with great analytical insights and less guesswork from the crowd. View Profile

Smartimage, by Widen, is built for small businesses and teams that want a simple, instant-on tool to centralize and share your brand assets. Sign up for a 15-day free trial to test all capabilities, including custom brand portals -- no credit card required. Plans starting at $69 / month. View Profile

A platform for aggregating campaign and lead information that allows for customization of lead information delivery. View Profile

HubSpot is an inbound Internet marketing system that helps businesses get found online and generate more leads. View Profile


by Instapage

Instapage lets marketers build and A/B test landing pages for all of their promotions. View Profile


by Salesfusion

Deliver More Revenue with Marketing & Sales Alignment View Profile


by SproutLoud

SproutLoud helps leading brands manage and execute marketing programs through the local businesses that sell their products & services. View Profile

HasOffers is the leading performance marketing platform, enabling thousands of businesses to manage their own publisher relationships. View Profile


by AddShoppers

Self-serve social media marketing platform for small-medium size online retailers. View Profile


by ProjectWizards

Software designed specifically for the OS X operating system; complete any project on time and within budget. View Profile

Segments, schedules, triggers, and deploys email, voice, fax, text, and direct mail in single step - drip/nurture marketing campaigns. View Profile


by Ad2action

Landing page creation and management system. View Profile


by DynamiCard

Do you use direct mail? This real-time tracking, ROI and analytics software allows you to collect & analyze customer and response data. View Profile

Cloud based solution designed to automate bid and campaign optimization. Features include advanced performance analytics and reporting. View Profile


by SocialPilot

Manage all of your major social media accounts in one place with automated post scheduling and content discovery. View Profile

Ensighten unifies all marketing tags across all digital touch points - including apps - making data available for 1:1 marketing. View Profile


by Silverpop

Marketing automation software that allows you to manage your customer data, execute targeted campaigns, and track results. View Profile



Gives you the power of a 24/7 real-time view of all elements of your business. View Profile


by 7tag

The easy-to-use tag manager for the busy marketer. View Profile

A/B and multivariate testing for search, display, retargeting & mobile ads. Track data to know why your ads work. View Profile


by Accomplice

A digital marketing software and services company that helps you find and execute the optimal mix of digital marketing efforts. View Profile

AdGear Trader

by AdGear

Proprietary Demand-Side Platform (DSP), allowing users to efficiently buy and optimize digital media across all channels. View Profile

Adobe Campaign

by Adobe

Solution for developing marketing datamarts and managing direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels. View Profile


by AdStage

AdStage is a self-serve online advertising platform with full management and analytics for campaigns across search, social, and mobile. View Profile


by Adsuit

Transparent self-service advertising platform with segment and audience analytics. View Profile

Advertising Analytics

by App Annie

Provides an analytics dashboard for aggregation of all app marketing and monetization data in one place. View Profile


by News-Net

Full featured advertising management system designed for daily and weekly publications. View Profile


by Artvister

Create and manage your own advertising campaign via e-mail or sms. View Profile


by Appforma

Generate leads and sales with ready-to-launch automated marketing campaigns and loyalty activities. View Profile


by Automatur

Get faster results and connect with people more efficiently. Anything you currently do manually, we can automate for you. View Profile


by Media Flint

Campaign tracking and inbound calls reporting software with voice recording and text transcription features. View Profile


by ANEGIS Consulting

Advertising and media management software built on Dynamics AX ERP system. View Profile


by BlueConic

Solution that recognizes an individual at any touchpoint, and synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. View Profile

Brightspot Campaigner

by Brightspot Technology Solutions

Bringing power of enterprise tools to medium and large B2C companies with simplicity in usage at affordable cost. View Profile

Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with - upload contacts and in minutes, CallFire will connect your sales agents to live leads! View Profile

Campaign Management allows you to analyze client information, recommend the right products and orchestrate marketing campaigns. View Profile

Campaign Management

by Emagine International

Omni-Channel Campaign Management solution with built-in analytics and operational reporting for monitoring and insight. View Profile


by CampaignChain

Connect to multiple online channels to plan, execute and monitor marketing activities. Open source - integrates with existing tools. View Profile


by Campaign Runner

Analytic CRM, Date Warehousing, and Campaign Management tool based on intuitive data-flow GUI. View Profile


by CaptainDash

Offers marketing dashboards and easy reporting. Manipulate data to create visual representations. View Profile


by censhare

censhare Multichannel Campaign Management allows the efficient creation and output of campaigns for all devices and channels. View Profile


by ChangeAgain

A/B testing tool for web-sites with Google Analytics Integration for non-technical small to medium businesses. View Profile


by ChannelEyes

ChannelEyes is the worlds largest mobile channel acceleration platform for vendors to better connect with their indirect partners. View Profile

CLM Mechanix

by ZSL

Closed Loop Marketing Mechanix delivers data-driven personalized communications to your Physicians. View Profile

Created for all organizations that conduct marketing activities, run communication through online and offline channels View Profile


by MarketRuler

A tracking and reporting service which determines the effectiveness of your web site marketing. View Profile


by CouponFactory

Coupon management system for digital/mobile coupon creation, distribution, and tracking. Facebook compatible. View Profile

Software for managing your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. View Profile


by Madar

Contact management, campaign management and customer service software solution for Microsoft Windows. View Profile


by Darts

Darts can automatically generate PPC advertising and focus on potential customers through offer listing and information from website. View Profile


by Dealtronic

Customizable sales solution that helps create promotions for in-store, mobile, and online marketing. View Profile


by directdialogs

Helps B2C businesses create customer databases, analyze purchase behavior, execute marketing campaigns and offer loyalty programs. View Profile


by DOZ allows you to create, manage and track your custom marketing campaign. Work with your team or access a pool of vetted marketer View Profile

Easy Alumni

by lunasoft

Maintain contact with past members, create profiles, register reunion events, and upload photos to share with others View Profile


by ClickMail Marketing

Spot trends, ID segments, & build custom reports with email data visualization and analysis tool developed for ExactTarget. View Profile


by Envoke

Arm your sales team with in-depth lead histories. Track visitors and automatically identify sales-ready leads. View Profile

FastStats Cascade

by Apteco

Campaign management module to co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions administered by different users. View Profile

Fat Free CRM

by Fat Free CRM

Open source Ruby on Rails-based customer relationship management platform. View Profile


by Folloze

Simple, powerful way to engage colleagues and customers with great content: videos, links, pictures and files. View Profile


by HitPath

Simply put there is no faster, more feature-rich, more user-friendly affiliate tracking program in the marketplace. View Profile


by interlinkONE

Manage multi-tiered marketing campaigns and collect data on preferences, response rates & customer behavior. View Profile

Impact Engine

by Impact Engine

Online service that enables large organizations and small businesses to manage multimedia marketing campaigns. View Profile


by Cosire

Solution for mobile advertising campaign management. Control spend, get reports, target users. View Profile

inClick Ad Server

by inClick

A scalable contextual advertising management platform for content publishers, vertical targets, and niche markets. View Profile

Infor Orbis

by Infor

Orbis Marketing encompasses strategic marketing planning & budgeting, program development and marketing intelligence. View Profile

ion platform

by i-on Interactive

A powerful and landing page management platform that delivers ROI via clicks from pay-per-click, email, display ads and mobile. View Profile


by JangoMail

Ready to make your email marketing the stuff of legends? Create unique, personalized email campaigns. Your email, your way. View Profile

JDX suite

by 2adpro media

Jdx suite enables publishers & brands to streamline their production process, reduce turnaround time and significantly reduce cost View Profile


by Kameleoon

Powerful A/B Testing & Web Personalization Solution to boost your Online Conversions. View Profile

KeyMetric Campaign Analytics - the first marketing analytics tool to effectively track online conversions and offline phone calls back View Profile


by Direct Response Technologies

Powerful and intuitive mix of tools and services for SEM agencies and online merchants to fit their evolving PPC marketing needs. View Profile


by LinkTrust Systems

Performance marketing tracking software with lead generation, pixel tracking, fraud prevention, and real-time reporting. View Profile


by Contenlo

Call tracking and phone performance management SaaS. Marketers can measure phone calls and sales can measure phone performance. View Profile

MarCom On Demand

by Strata

MarCom On Demand is the industry-leading cloud-based solution for managing marketing assets, processes and workflows. View Profile

Marin Campaign Management

by Marin Software

Streamline workflow and optimize campaigns. Reduce time spent managing campaigns by up to 50% by automating time consuming tasks. View Profile

Market Smart 360

by Market Smart 360

Market Smart 360 is the "hub" for critical data enabling the user to analyze and optimize their marketing like never before! View Profile

Mass Campaign Printing

by Techna Center

This software makes personalizing and printing messages for mailing campaigns effortless. View Profile


by FusePump

Reactive product marketing solution for multi-channel product promotion. View Profile

Mobile Commons

by Upland Software

There are lots of different reasons to use mobile. Mobile Commons' platform can meet your needs out of the box. View Profile



A module based multi-channel distributed marketing platform. Features include campaign and digital asset management. View Profile

NinjaCat PPC

by NinjaCat

PPC reporting software that combines information from multiple channels into one interface. For consultants and agencies. View Profile


by Nomadic Uno

NomaCloud is a location based marketing cloud platform. It delivers right campaigns to the right people at the right places. View Profile


by Mobius Solutions

Optimove is a retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology View Profile


by sendgrowth

Conversion optimization tool with enterprise-grade targeting that supports serving real-time campaigns to different visitor segments. View Profile


by PageInvasion

A plugin for creating optimized landing pages for local SEO purposes. One time fee allows professional SEO's to charge monthly fee. View Profile


by Percolate

Web and mobile software helps marketing teams save time, grow brand recognition, manage social relationships and generate more sales. View Profile

Performance Analytics

by Monetate

A way to visualize performance monitoring of your marketing campaigns that allows you to see potential opportunities at a glance. View Profile

Poindexter POE

by X Plus One

Uses statistical modeling technology to determine determine the right audience and right message for campaigns. View Profile

Portrait Campaign Manager

by Portrait Software

Portrait's Customer Analytics is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, predictive analytics solution. View Profile


by PowerMailer

Enables you to create professional designed newsletters. Manage lists to deliver the email campaigns you want with analysis & tracking. View Profile

PPC BidMax

by Apex Pacific

The ultimate Online Advertising Campaign and PPC bid management software for the agency and the advertiser View Profile


by RedZoneGlobal

Automated PPC bid management tool that can be customized and integrated with proprietary tracking systems. View Profile

Quark Brand Manager is a unified content and brand platform that radically changes how marketing teams create and publish content. View Profile


by RealCampaign

Drag & drop digital campaign management tool with features such as social media integration, personalized email and powerful analytics View Profile

RedPoint Interaction

by RedPoint Global

Data-driven customer engagement solution that automates intelligent cross-channel interactions. View Profile

SAS Customer Intelligence

by SAS Institute

Integrated platform for enterprise marketing management with campaign management and optimization. View Profile

SDL Campaign Manager

by SDL International

Complete campaign management solution View Profile


by SearchForce

Search marketing automation platform that works on retargeting, social media, and mobile ad campaigns in addition to search engines. View Profile


by Tagga

Tagga is a market leader in cross-channel campaign management software and marketing services. View Profile

Teradata Marketing

by Teradata

Consolidate every element of your program including resource allocation and workflows, campaign financials and performance analytics. View Profile


by The Trade Desk

Online platform designed to manage video, social, and mobile advertising campaigns. View Profile


by Vanick Digital

Enables you to manage your documents, marketing efforts, control your expenditures, and generate reports that provide total visibility. View Profile


by TrackingDesk

A tracking platform for affiliates and media buyers providing a full management suite such as analytic and campaign management. View Profile

Cloud solution for multi-channel advertising planning and execution, as well as for real-time campaign monitoring. View Profile


by UberTags

The best way to manage website tagging (analytics, conversion tracking, A/B testing, chat, etc.) View Profile

In three easy steps you can track up to 15 marketing campaigns all with no fee, no credit card and no obligation. View Profile


by Workado

Recurring marketing campaign management software built specifically for SEO firms and digital marketing agencies. View Profile

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