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by ACOM Health

Get the #1 Rated Chiropractic Software for $199/Mo. Recommended by Documentation experts as the top choice for Compliance and proper Documentation. Cloud-based or on premise. It automates everything in your office from Scheduling, Front Office and Documentation to Billing and Collections. Create detailed documentation payers demand in 30 seconds and without all the paper and stress! Now with a complete ICD-10 Assist Tools to help Doctors learn ICD-10 and make the transition effortless. View Profile


by ChiroTouch Integrated Practice Solutions

ChiroTouch, by Integrated Practice Solutions, is a premier provider of fully-certified, compliant chiropractic software for the entire chiropractic industry. Fusing innovative and advanced chiropractic EHR systems with superior support services and true iPad integration, ChiroTouch is an established industry leader in helping chiropractic practices automate operations, improve patient care, & increase profitability. View Profile

PayDC Chiropractic Software

by PayDC Chiropractic Software

PayDC Chiropractic Software is web-based, EHR-certified and fully integrated. Secure access anywhere. Automatic updates. Affordable fees. And, you'll never have to purchase an expensive server or incur annual maintenance fees ever again. PayDC makes it easy to manage patient care, stay compliant and be more profitable. Four easy-to-use modules for documentation & scheduling, integrated billing, payment planning and Meaningful Use. Contact us for a FREE DEMO. View Profile

Future Health

by Future Health Software

Imagine a software that is efficient, compliant, easy to use, customizable, certified to meet government and HIPAA standards, and affordable. Look no further. You owe it to yourself to check out Future Health Smart Cloud / Smart Server chiropractic management and EHR software. Modernize your practice today! Call 888-919-9919 for an EHR Advisor. View Profile


by tgi software

The integrated office solution for billing, scheduling, SOAP notes, narratives, patient management, management reports, HIPAA Compliant, electronic filing, patient statements, mailing labels, patient letters and virtually hundreds of time saving easy to use features. Front Desk Assistant (appointment book, with multiple appointment setting, single click charges entering, notification of late or no show appointments), Alerts to remind about critical patient activity. View Profile

Chiropractors face their own set of medical billing rules and challenges. NueMD can help you build a strong practice by putting you in control of your financial health. NueMD helps you submit accurate claims for government and private market insurance plans. We can even handle credentialing for you. With easy-to-use scheduling, billing and client notes, NueMD can ease your practice's administrative burden, and increase your revenues. View Profile

EZBIS Office is a uniquely-designed chiropractic software package for chiropractic practice management, combining ease-of-use with a fully comprehensive, automated and high-tech software system. Chiropractors can choose the combination of features that best fit the needs of their practice. EZBIS offers modules for patient accounting and billing, collection tools, appointment scheduling, electronic health records and patient self-check-in. ONC-certified for the meaningful use incentives. View Profile

PracticeStudioX16 is a certified complete Electronic Medical Record system with touch screen technology, cloud based solutions, online backup solutions, online patient portal and many device options. View Profile

Report Master is the #1 chiropractic report writing system that generates comprehensive and bullet proofed daily SOAP notes and initial, interim, and final narratives for you. Over 7000 chiropractors and other healthcare professionals have taken advantage of our comprehensive narrative report writer and daily SOAP notes system. Report Master is entirely point and click, making it one of the simplest, yet most comprehensive programs for the quick and easy documentation of your patients' care. View Profile

Chiro QuickCharts

by Havenridge Consulting

Package includes: Billing- Scheduling - Txt / Eml Reminders - Stage 2 Certified- Simple Charge/Payment Entry - INS/PAT Statements View Profile

SOAPe Platinum

by SOAPe Platinum Software

Free chiropractic practice management software designed and developed by a team of practicing chiropractors. View Profile


by Atlas Chiropractic System

Atlas is an all in one paperless software which handles scheduling, billing, soap notes and patient education and much more. View Profile


by Bookeo

How much time are you wasting on scheduling and payments? In 5 minutes, your Facebook & website can easily be taking reservations 24/7 View Profile

Billing, Scheduling, Practice Management, & Noting software for Multi-Disciplinary, Chiro, PT/OT/ST and more. View Profile

Web-based chiropractic practice management software & billing solution that is simple, efficient, and affordable for chiropractors. View Profile


by ChiroSpring

ChiroSpring is an advanced cloud based EHR chiropractic practice management software! Touch, cloud, simple. View Profile

Mac OS X based chiropractic practice management software that features automated appointment reminders & chiropractic scheduling. View Profile

Clinic Pro Chiropractic

by ClinicPro Software

Chiropractic practice management software & chiropractic billing software with diagnosis & procedure codes specific to chiropractors. View Profile

3DRX Insight

by 3dRx Development

Chiropractic software that uses 3D animation videos and rehabilitation exercises to help chiropractors create their own protocols. View Profile


by Life Systems Software

Fully integrated chiropractic software and chiropractic SOAP notes. Full EMR for chiropractors system. View Profile


by MPN Software Systems

A chiropractic practice management software handling patient & third party billing, scheduling, WYSIWYG daily notes, and more. View Profile

Cloud based, HITECH Certified electronic health records (EHR) with SOAP notes, patient portal, billing and outcomes assessment library. View Profile

Platinum system

by Platinum System

Chiropractic software & EMR system for chiropractors. Computerized system where chiropractic SOAP notes are viewed by any computer. View Profile


by Addison Health Systems

Chiropractic software and EMR for chiropractors that can write out randomized notes/reports & allow patient input. View Profile

DocuRehab Software

by DocuRehab Software

Full EMR for chiropractors. Web based software to help chiropractors communicate with patients and document their treatments. View Profile

Herfert Software

by Herfert Chiropractic Software

Everything your chiropractic clinic needs in one easy to learn system. View Profile

Configurable system that measures muscle strength and/or range of motion and produces session and narrative reports for P.I. and W.C. View Profile


by Guardian EMR

Chiropractic EMR software that allows chiropractors to easily document your patient records. View Profile

AcuBase Live

by Trigram Software

Web based chiropractic practice management software. Keeps track of chiropractic billing, scheduling, & inventory tracking. View Profile


by AMS Software

Chiropractic practice management software including patient programs, chiropractic emr, reporting, billing, calendar, utilities & more. View Profile


by DB Consultants

Chiropractic practice management software with many features and reporting abilities for chiropractors. View Profile


by BackChart

Designed for chiropractors, a complete EHR, billing, and practice management solution with iPad compatible patient portal. View Profile


by BPM Rx

Physical therapy or personal trainer software for chiropractors, that allows you to create exercise handouts for clinic or practice. View Profile

Cash Practice Systems

by Cash Practice

Chiropractic software that makes it easy to serve more people & increase cash collections.4 step process helps create lifetime patients View Profile

Chart Talk

by Mighty Oak Technology

Chiropractic EHR hosted in the cloud, patient engagement portal, easy to customize, speech recognition, excellent and timely support. View Profile


by ChiroCloud

EHR and Practice Management system.Providers can take comprehensive notes, organize their practice, and promptly bill services. View Profile


by Forte Holdings

Chiropractic software for patient education. Takes your patients inside the body seeing and teaching the effects of their conditions. View Profile

ChiroPractice Pro

by Eldridge Enterprise Solutions

Chiropractic software with integrated scheduling, billing, notes, and reporting to help your chiropractic practice run efficiently. View Profile


by Pulse Software

Chiropractic software with fully integrated clinical features. Improves efficiency of your office with chiropractic SOAP notes. View Profile


by ChiroSoft

Chiropractic practice management software built for elimination of the paperwork burdens for you chiropractic practice. View Profile


by Softworx Solutions

Chiropractic software that records daily visits to produce chiropractic SOAP notes using TOUCH screen point & click interfaces. View Profile

Clinic Doctor EHr

by Clinic Doctor

Web-based chiropractic EHR software with inbuilt compliance warnings and instructions, & integration with Clinic Doctor Billing. View Profile

Clinic Essentials

by Tri Tech Information Systems

A clinic management solution designed with a comprehensive menu of features so that you can manage every aspect of your clinic. View Profile


by CloudChiro

Enterprise grade chiropractic software. Fully customizable and includes a billing solution and EHR for chiropractors. View Profile


by Beyond Software

A chiropractic SOAP notes system with pre-loaded diagnosis codes and random text generation functionality that speeds up note taking. View Profile

CoAction Software

by CoAction Software

A chiropractic practice management software solution including chiropractic SOAP notes that speeds up note-recording & examinations. View Profile


by ClaKen Software

Chiropractic practice management software & documentation management software. Chiropractors run their practice more efficiently. View Profile


by and Beyond

Ideal for chiropractic, dental, medical, veterinarian, and other practices where staff provide services in multiple rooms concurrently. View Profile

Document Plus

by Document Plus Technologies

Chiropractic practice software focused on document management. Streamlines paperwork with a scanner & software to create documents. View Profile

Web based chiropractic software designed for chiropractors looking for a chiropractic practice management system in their office. View Profile

EMR Datacenter

by Software Motif

Chiropractic practice management software that appointment-centric. Includes chiropractic SOAP notes and EMR for chiropractors. View Profile


by EZnotes

Chiropractic software designed by chiropractors. A natural patient documentation solution to help manage chiropractic records. View Profile

For Chiropractors Only

by Versatile Software Systems

Chiropractic software that includes patient management, accounts receivable ledger, patient billing & chiropractic soap notes. View Profile

Genesis Chiropractic Software

by Billing Precision

An ONC-certified scheduling, documentation and billing solution -- a complete chiropractic EHR and practice management system. View Profile


by G2 Software Solutions

Medical chiropractic software & chiropractic practice management software that handles appointment management, insurance billing &more. View Profile


by Chapter 1 Software

Chiropractic office management software for chiropractic billing, accounting, scheduling, patient tracking, productivity, and more. View Profile

HealthSoft Doc

by HealthSoft Solutions

Chiropractic software that includes documentation management programs for chiropractors. Full chiropractic practice management software View Profile


by Netsmart Technologies

Designed to meet the unique needs of chiropractors. Helps manage chiropractic records -- is EMR for chiropractors. View Profile


by Clear Health Media

Practice management software for chiropractors that allows personnel to track patients throughout the clinic without leaving the diary. View Profile

IMS for Chiropractic

by 1st Providers Choice

Chiropractic practice management software designed to help chiropractors run a successful practice. Suitable for small-large practices. View Profile


by InPhase Technologies Group

Chiropractic practice management software with scheduling, billing, client retention, checkout, and collections for chiropractors. View Profile

Intelligent Medical Software

by Meditab Software

Chiropractic practice management software containing EMR for chiropractors, billing, scheduling, and check in & check out. View Profile


by MyChartsOnline

Web-based chiropractic EHR software that attaches doctor's notes & chiropractic SOAP notes to bills from the accounting department. View Profile


by Network Logic Health Systems

Chiropractic software that is designed to work as a unified tool that addresses front office, clinical treatment and finances. View Profile


by NexySoft

Chiropractic EMR system with digital patient files, chiropractic SOAP notes, & practice notes for medium/high patient volume practices. View Profile


by PostureCo

Biomechanical X-ray analysis chiropractic EHR software designed for patient education. View Profile


by BodyZone

Chiropractic software that makes note taking fast and easy. Quickly record chiropractic findings and chiropractic SOAP notes View Profile

Practice made Perfect

by K & K Systems

Chiropractic practice management software & chiropractic billing software that includes scheduling, daily notes & is HIPPA compliant. View Profile


by Practice Perfect

Collaboration of input from facility owners and administrators, physical therapists, and business operations experts. View Profile

by KENPRO Technologies

Online scheduling and appointment booking software for Healthcare Practitioners View Profile

Profile Deluxe

by Digital Data Resources

Integrated hosted chiropractic software that's paperless & includes scheduling, billing & office notes for your chiropractic practice. View Profile

QNotes Office

by Quick Notes

Fully portable and customizable solution for SOAP notes and patient charting utilizing a wireless barcode solution. View Profile


by QuickPractice

Practice management software that provides patient records/charting, patient statements, insurance billing, scheduling, and more. View Profile

QuickSOAP Notes


Chiropractic software with a touch-screen based system to help create chiropractic patient SOAP notes quickly and easily. View Profile


by Cloud Advantage Technologies

User friendly chiropractic software that helps manage chiropractic records & uses technology to optimize the workflow in your clinic. View Profile

Raintree Practice Manager

by Raintree Systems

Chiropractic billing software & EMR for chiropractors. Easy to understand and include state and HIPAA compliance requirements. View Profile

SilkOne Software

by SilkOne Software

Web-based Chiropractic software. 100% Compliant EHR, bill with 3 clicks, post EOBs with 2 clicks. Easy to learn and use, great support. View Profile

SOAPe Platinum Plus

by SOAPe Platinum

SOAPe Platinum Plus is a fully comprehensive chiropractic EHR & Electronic Billing Software. Simple, Easy to use, does what you need! View Profile


by Stellar Software

Chiropractic practice management software that requires no previous computer skills. Interfaces with a number of EMR for chiropractors. View Profile


by TotalMD

Easy-to-use, full-featured medical chiropractic billing software that completely integrates financial, reporting & scheduling needs. View Profile

Virtual Consultation

by 3D Practice

Chiropractic software that helps educate patients and grow chiropractic practices with a 3D patient education product. View Profile


by VitaLogics

A Chiropractic EHR known for its interface because of the simplicity, speed and comprehensive note taking Macros. View Profile

Chiropractic EHR software that helps increase collections and improve patient care. Chiropractic SOAP notes in less than 5 seconds! View Profile

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