Top Church Management Software Products

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Good stewardship starts with good accounting. That is why using a fund accounting is an essential piece of church management. Aplos Accounting is simple, online accounting software where no experience is necessary to keep your books and support is always free. Practice true fund accounting to track your designated funds, accept online giving and save time by automatically generate giving statements. Try it for free to see how simple fund accounting can be. View Profile

Church Community Builder

by Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder exists to help the church be more successful by providing powerful tools to church leaders. Our software has the features you need to not only manage ministry tasks, but also shepherd people. By compiling information to give a comprehensive view of your people, our software helps you ensure that no one falls through the cracks. Our features include check-in, contribution management and online giving, forms, volunteer management, guest followup, dashboards, and much more. View Profile

Servant Keeper

by Servant PC Resources

Discover why more churches switch to Servant Keeper each year than any other church software. Easy to use and easy to customize with optional cloud technology so you can manage your ministry anywhere! Desktop, mobile and web apps will bring back the joy of your work! You will grow your ministry, increase donations, and engage more volunteers, while reducing the frustration around the church office. You'll see why Servant Keeper was awarded the Campbell Rinker Award for User Satisfaction. View Profile

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Elexio provides the only fully-integrated church management solutions that simplify assimilation, discipleship, event management, contribution management, and more. Our ChMS database integrates with our website CMS, check-in, mobile app, giving tools, and online portal. View Profile

Web-based ChMS. Our goal: No one slips through the cracks. Do ministry more effectively by tracking follow ups efficiently and by communicating with members & visitors via mass email, SMS, and voicemail - all in one system, with mobile apps that include these features. Operate child check in via iPad, tablet and computer kiosk. Easily track contributions with integrated online giving. Sync contacts with Planning Center, Mail Chimp, & Constant Contact. SimpleChurch: Empowering ministry. View Profile


by Seraphim Software

Seraphim is like an Operating System for your church. Technology is supposed to enable you, not slow you down. Our church management software is designed to maximize your outreach and create intimacy between members, regular attenders and visitors. With Seraphim Church Management Software you get more time doing what you do best. Our intuitive and practical tools makes complicated tasks easy. We do all this at a price lower than anyone else in the industry with comparable features. View Profile

Church Office Online

by Church Office Online

Web based church management software starting at just $14.75 per month. Sign up for 60 days of FREE service. We offer text messaging, mass email, Planning Center Online integration, directories, individual management, household management, contribution tracking, attendance tracking, calendars and much more. View Profile

Roll Call church software allows you to easily manage membership, attendance, donations & pledges as well as group & class information. Roll Call even includes a Child Check In system. Roll Call runs on Mac or Windows, standalone or on a network. View Profile

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Church Management Software

by Web Church Connect

The All-Inclusive Online Church Database that empowers your organization with the most customizable features in the market; while equipping your team to maximize outreach, focus on your members, and work effectively on what matters most in your ministries. Web Church Connect considers it a privilege and an honor to help you grow and successfully manage your church. It is the online church database that was built for and by active and devoted pastors and leaders. View Profile

In the 40 years that Shelby has been serving the church community, the mission of making disciples has never wavered. With ShelbyNext and Arena, we strive to do this better. The vision of Shelby is to continue to support and enhance the products churches love, while expanding our product offering to provide more SaaS-based solutions. ShelbyNext is a fully-integrated ecosystem of cloud-based software solutions: Membership | Giving | Financials | Websites | Mobile. View Profile

Everything you want in a cloud ChMS: membership, groups, assimilation, website integration, event registration, secure check-in, contributions, online giving, event registration, email, texting, robust reporting and more. Completely optimized for use on any device. We became the leader in group software by taking the best practices of ministry and blending them with the best of software architecture. We do the same for the rest of your church at a price you can afford and service you'll love. View Profile

MemberPlanet is a Web-based group management system that provides leaders of religious organizations with online tools to manage membership, streamline communication, and increase fundraising and event participation. Members of our churches enjoy easy access to a suite of online tools including tithing and registration forms, event and donation sites, text messaging, email newsletters, mobile app for administrators and members, surveys, and more. View Profile


by ChurchTrac Software

Our passion is equipping churches to do better ministry. ChurchTrac is a powerful tool that enables you to keep up with your membership, improve communication, and organize your team and ministry. We've included everything you need, including contribution tracking, online giving, child check-in, attendance tracking, budgeting and accounting, congregation access, and much more. Perhaps our most impressive feature is our price. Create a free account and discover why thousands of churches trust us. View Profile

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by TouchPoint Software

Open source web-based system with world class hosting, for tracking critical information about your ministry and those you serve. Mobile access with iPhone and Android apps, online giving and registration, check-in for children or events, real time attendance tracking, group and volunteer management, customizable email templates, task management, context help, and superior search abilities to deliver that fine-tuned and exact group of people you are targeting for ministry and communication. View Profile

Church Helpmate

by Helpmate Technology Solutions

Church Helpmate is the church management system that's simply powerful - AND powerfully simple! Save time & money, build unity, make better disciples, increase ministry participation, improve outreach effectiveness, & simplify your life. Click on "Testimonials" below to read full testimonials from folks just like you who have switched to Helpmate. You may be surprised at what they have to say! Available ONLINE (as a cloud-based service) in addition to the traditional desktop software. View Profile

Form Groups

by Form Groups

Host signups, organize, and manage Church small groups. Use the map view to see where your groups meet or where your members live to form groups based on location proximity. Test drive the software for free for 15 days. No Credit Card required to sign up. Love it before you pay for it. Purchase the Advanced Plan to manage multiple group types like small groups and fellowship groups. Share your referral code to earn $25 per referral that signs up for a paid account. View Profile


by grplife

grplife is a private social networking platform that allows your church to engage like never before. Keep visitors from falling through the cracks by using the power of community to draw in and keep in those that interact with your ministry. It's church management with a slightly different focus - rather than centering solely upon the nuances of data control and management, grplife aims at empowering the body to serve, connect, interact and be to one another what Christ has called us to be. View Profile

Designed for MEDIUM - LARGE churches. Excellerate Church Management Software has been helping thousands of churches for over 15 years with - member tracking, visitor follow-up, small groups, contributions, child check-In, volunteer scheduling and more. Excellerate can help churches organize almost every area of ministry. Excellerate is a powerful solution at a reasonable price - and we'll do our best to make sure our software can meet your specific church need View Profile

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by Nuverb Systems

"Save time and get more done, with fewer headaches." Easily keep track of members, contributions, pledges and more... Starts at $47.98. (No Attendance Tracking, Accounting or Payroll) Issue yearly tax receipts or one with each donation. Print quarterly statements, bank deposits, church photo directories (pictorial) and a variety of customizable reports. It's easy to send personalized letters, emails & text messages. Share data like web-based software without the monthly fee, using DropBox. View Profile

Try the FREE DEMO of our innovative solution that allows churches to manage their membership and accounting records with ease using either desktop software or running from their web browser. As pressures increase from the I.R.S., Revenue Canada, and other government agencies, most churches and non-profit organizations are looking for tools to meet their responsibilities, and operate more efficiently. If this describes you, Faithful Steward is the answer you've been looking for! View Profile

Church Windows Software

by Computer Helper Publishing

Church Windows is a flexible, user-friendly church management software program. Choose the complete integrated package of Membership, Scheduler, Donations, Accounting and Payroll modules, or begin with Membership and add additional functions later. In addition to helpful toll-free telephone and online support, we offer free online training classes . Find out why more than 10,000 churches see things clearly through Church Windows. View Profile

User Friendly & the Best Priced + Value in CMS Market "MemberLink" makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to church members, prospects, calendar & contributions. Think of it like your church's command center that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects you through the web for member access and interaction. A powerful and fully web-based program allowing you to even login from your Tablets, iPads or Smartphones. (FREE Conversion Assistance Provided) View Profile


by ChurchMouse Development

ChurchBook/DataBase (CBW5) is for small or medium churches to simplify processing of Offerings, automatically crediting church families and adding it to funds within (bank) accounts. Expenses can be handled via simple Accounts Payable and written on checks, ensuring posting of expenses accurately and promptly. Statements to contributors can be generated at any time. Records of individual members and activities generate reports, mailings, simple photo directories. All for $150. Free Trial. View Profile

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by Martureo.Org

Free to download and use on any number of computers. Easy to use, flexible. Manages info about Households, Individuals and Organizations (vendors, other churches, etc.), Group participation, Attendance, Income (contribution and non-contribution), non-monetary donations, Pledge Campaigns, etc. Can send emails with attachments. Can email Contribution and/or Pledge Statement PDFs. Can export bank deposit info to QuickBooks or Quicken, and most data to Excel. Windows (XP thru Windows 8.1) only. View Profile


by Software4Nonprofits

Easy to use, powerful, affordable program for charities and churches for tracking donors and donations and issuing charitable receipts. View Profile


by Owen & Walker Software Solutions

Membership & Contribution Software $99 and True Fund Accounting $99 Easy to Use & Powerful for churches with volunteer or small staffs. View Profile

Breeze ChMS

by Breeze ChMS

Serving small and mid-sized churches with intuitive cloud-based software that organizes people, groups, events, contributions, & more. View Profile


by Jubilate Software

High-quality, affordable church presentation software that does its job with no fuss. Download a 30-day fully-functional trial today! View Profile

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Fellowship One

by ACTIVE Network

Web-based church management software that automates member care, visitor outreach, volunteer and child check-in, and communication. View Profile

Skedda is the best online booking system for anything 'space' based such as meeting rooms, co-working spaces, studios, courts and halls View Profile

The Beautiful & Unique Church App & Online Software that keeps members connected & Giving to your church for under $40 / month. View Profile


by Cool Solutions Group

eSPACE is a suite of software solutions designed to assist facility owners/managers be efficient and effective managing their facility View Profile

CCIS Church Management Software

by CCIS Church Management Software

Church management software that allows you to view activities, attendance, contributions and pledges per member. View Profile

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Rock RMS

by Spark Development Network

Rock RMS is a free open-source Church Management System that provides innovative features to churches of all sizes. View Profile


by Satechs NZ

Web-based community management system for churches, not for profit organisations and community groups at sensible prices. View Profile


by Think Ministry

Browser based software for large and multi-site churches to assist with all aspects of church administration. View Profile

Logos II Church Management

by Logos Management Software

Windows-based church and donor management software that includes a fund accounting system. View Profile

by Phipps Custom Solutions is a full-featured online church management system that is easy to use and affordable. Save time and money! View Profile

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A record management system & planning tool that allows for managing contacts, events, rosters, expense claims and help desk. View Profile


by ChurchApp

Web-based church management system, offering address book management and much more! View Profile


by Suran Systems

Fully integrated solution for membership, attendance, contributions, accounting, payroll, event registration, and website integration. View Profile


by ACS Technologies

Designed for churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations to manage events, staff, finances, schedules, volunteers, and more. View Profile


by Elvanto

Elvanto is an all inclusive, 100% cloud-based church management system. It's jam packed with powerful features and super easy to use. View Profile

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CFS Live

by Easy Software Solutions

CFS Live handles all your church management basics and more! View Profile


by Concordia Technology Solutions

Through effortless sync technology, the Church360 suite integrates to help keep all your church information up-to-date and accurate. View Profile


by ChurchWorks

A web-based database solution for all churches including tools for small groups, new Christian follow up, online donation management View Profile

Secure online picture directory with email list management tool, donation tracking, feeds, pastoral visits tracking capabilities. View Profile


by Our Parish Record Systems

Registration, contribution, education, ministries, volunteers, pledge, festival, endowment, scheduling, employee records, and more. View Profile

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Connect Manage

by Easy Church Tools

Easy to use system with visitor tracking, group management, attendance tracking, email members, mobile version, and searching function View Profile

Fresh Vine

by Fresh Vine

Intuitive online software that manages contributions, services and check-in, church/group rosters, event calendars, and attendance. View Profile


by Kindrid

Kindrid provides simple ways to facilitate giving, compelling ways to communicate giving, and meaningful ways to initiate giving. View Profile


by Mind Software

Schedule church services, build your song database in the cloud. Roster volunteers and musicians, send automated reminders to everyone. View Profile


by GoTech Ministries

Web-based software with simple intuitive interface for tracking attendance, donations, and member information. View Profile

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Reach out to your church members online - manage member directories, accept online donations, create a great social experience. View Profile


by iPrayerCenter

A full-featured, mobile-friendly prayer request and praise report management center. View Profile


by Church.IO

Free open-source web-based church directory and social networking software for churches. View Profile

Integrated Diocese-Parish automation software designed for Catholic Dioceses in India and Africa View Profile

Planning Center Services

by Ministry Centered Technologies

Online worship planning software that provides team scheduling, calendar coordination, and music management. Add-ons available. View Profile

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PowerChurch Plus

by PowerChurch Software

PowerChurch Plus is an all-in-one software that helps keep track of Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Events Calendar and more! View Profile

Web-based church management software that has features for membership, check-in, finances, ticketing, and follow-up process automation. View Profile

Imagine Mobile Church

by Imagine Mobile Church

Imagine Mobile Church is a cloud-based, bilingual Church Management Software designed to make church administration easy. View Profile

The simple way to accept payments for anyone who charges their customers on a recurring basis by credit card or bank transfer. View Profile


by Stellar Day Products

Membership and contribution church management software package that is easy to use and affordable. View Profile

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Total solution for maintaining complete and up-to-date census and membership information for your entire parish. View Profile

Church Membership Directory

by Software for Ministry

A full-featured, mature, and ministry-relevant church data base system to track and easily use your important data. View Profile


by ChurchBOX

A fully managed church management solution. Manage your events, online directory, rotas, emails and more all in one place! View Profile

Church intranet on the cloud with emails/events/urgent text messages to members or groups with e-giving tracking and year end reports. View Profile

Simple Church Management and Photo Directory Software. Manage members, print directories, sync with MailChimp for emailing. Web-based. View Profile

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Ministry Scheduler Pro

by Rotunda Software

MSP is the standard solution for scheduling and managing volunteers for church services and other recurring events (e.g. ushers, reader View Profile

Online church management system with an integrated web site editor and social networking for your church members. View Profile

The City

by The City

Unified church management platform with communication and administration tools. Children check-in and giving modules available. View Profile


by ProclaimCRM

Cloud-based solution to strengthen relationships with your members and visitors using activity management, member portal, and more. View Profile


by Churchsoft

Full-featured software solution that tracks your membership, attendance, contributions, finances, prospects and visitors. View Profile

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Ekklesia 360

by Monk Development

Web-based solution that allows you to manage content, contacts, sermon database, members, online giving, events and registration. View Profile


by Icon Systems

IconCMO offers you anytime, anywhere access to the powerful tools you need to effectively operate a growing and thriving ministry. View Profile

Pastoral Care

by Jeem Services

Windows-based church management software for any size church. View Profile


by Pushpay

Pushpay is a 10 second giving app designed for churches. Ignite generosity by making giving easy, fast, and secure. View Profile

Nonprofit management system with membership, donor management, events, registrations, email, reporting, portal, accounting & much more. View Profile

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by Circuits & Systems Computers & Peripherals

Windows-based synagogue membership and accounting software. Optional school module available. View Profile

Web-based solution that covers membership management, donations and receipting, attendance tracking, library management, and more. View Profile


by ChurchPro

Network ready software for tracking payroll, accounting, attendance, membership, and contributions. View Profile

Acolyte Church

by Acolyte Technologies

Maintain church records of parishioners, family members, and ministries, schedule sacraments, and plan your parish programs. View Profile

Adagio Non-Profit Suite

by Softrak Systems

A suite of financial applications such as general ledger, payables, and receivables, for churches and nonprofits. View Profile

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by AgapeWORKS

Online church management software for small and growing churches. Essential features come at no cost. View Profile


by Ambassador App

We make it EASY to record, archive, and email your sermons to your congregation. Fun and easy to use, 100% money-back guarantee. View Profile


by Ascribe Data Systems

A powerful and easy-to-use online church database software to help churches as they disciple, equip, steward, preach, and more. View Profile


by Ralph Holvast

Church personnel directory solution with dynamic help section. Windows and Macintosh compatible. View Profile


by Aware3

Aware3 creates branded mobile apps that help your church drive generosity, increase connection and grow community. View Profile

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Bridge Element

by Bridge Element

Bridge Element ChMS helps you manage and grow your congregation with an app, child check-in, and online giving. View Profile

CahabaWorks Church Software

by CahabaCreek Software

Church management software; affordable, easy to use and fully integrated to minimize the time spent on administrative tasks. View Profile


by Chapeltools Software

An all inclusive, web -based system to grow membership, track giving, and manage visitors, website, shopping, facility, and more. View Profile

Church Growth Software

by Church Growth Software

Church Growth Software is a purpose driven church management software designed to help with church growth View Profile

church manage pro

by ATS Business

Church administration software with solutions for membership management, event scheduling, donation management, and accounting. View Profile

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Church Management Software

by SilentProject Softwares

Shareware solution that allows churches to capture unlimited details about their members. Comes with King James version of the Bible. View Profile

Church Management Software

by Congregation Builder Software

Modular CMS with small groups and volunteer profiles management, contributions, online event registration, and online photo directory. View Profile

Church Management Software

by Shining Light Technologies

Online software that offers missionary work management with flowchart-based workflows in addition to the standard features. View Profile

Church Management System

by Richmond Software

Keep records of family, offerings, financial and attendance information and produce inquiries and reports. View Profile

Church Member Software

by Douglas Tietjen

Simple member tracking and church management tool that is offered free of charge. View Profile

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Church Metrics


Web-based application for tracking various church information for campuses with attendance history and contribution history charts. View Profile

Church Secretary Pro

by Dennis Baggott and Sons

Record prayer requests and visits, import information about church families, individual members, their contributions and attendance. View Profile

Church Website CMS

by iMinistries

A full website solution for ministries of all sizes that are looking to build an online community. View Profile


by ICG Link

Website building system with church specific templates and easy-to-use content management tools. View Profile


by Brightwater Software

Member contributions tracking and management software that enables churches to manage membership details and keep track finances. View Profile

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by Austin Solutions

Online church software designed to manage membership, stewardship, donations, and groups; schedule resources and classes. View Profile


by Nine Oaks Technology

Online church management software that helps shift your focus from the duties of membership to the dynamics of ministry. View Profile


by Church Helper

Data driven web solution that manages mailing list, youth groups, events, and visits; provides online giving and online registrations. View Profile


by ChurchInfo

A free church database program created with PHP and MySQL to help churches track members, families, groups, pledges and payments. View Profile


by Endis

A complete web-based church management system that integrates with a community web site solution. View Profile

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by ChurchOS

Church OS is a web-based solution designed for church website creation. View Profile


by Churchsys

Cloud-based system that offers online giving module, new Symmetry system, and integration with biometric technology for check-in. View Profile


by ChurchTracer

ChurchTracer combines everything your church needs into one system- members, visitors, attendance, follow-up, contributions and more. View Profile


by ChurchUser

ChurchUser is an all in one church software and user managed database. View Profile


by White Mountain Software

Designed specifically for Windows PCs to help your church office keep track of membership, attendance, contributions, and pledges. View Profile

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by CircleBuilder Software

Create private, branded, rules-based, Christian social networking groups. Advance ministries, membership, serving and stewardship. View Profile


by Church Management Solutions

Modular church management software that tracks membership, contributions, attendance and outreach. Includes fund accounting. View Profile

CMTS for Windows

by Torbert Data Systems

Church management software that includes member management, donations, fund accounting, attendance tracking, and visitation modules. View Profile

Community Center for Churches

by Community Center for Churches

Manage the Details. Love the People. All-in-one pastoral care tool that handles your church information with ease. View Profile


by Specialty Software

Church organizational management system for Windows. Allows churches to manage pledges, attendance, giving, and inventory. View Profile

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by Gamut Global

CongSpace is an affordable, powerful and easy to use congregation management software for religious and communal institutions. View Profile

Connecting Members

by SMB Creative Group

Designed to help churches use the Internet to grow their ministry with online directory, event calendar, text editing, and more. View Profile

Connection Card

by Real Bean Entertainment

Starts at $10/month. Ministry management solution with attendance tracking, membership database, work teams, events, registration. View Profile


by Sheltered Apps

Online church directory solution that allows churches and schools to organize and manage family-oriented, interactive directory. View Profile


by MinistryLinq

MinistryLinq decreases administration efforts and encourages automated periodic giving, resulting in more time and money. View Profile

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E-Church Network

by E-Church Essentials

Web-based, modular solution with church website management, community forums, e-learning platform, assessment, and team building tools. View Profile


by e-zekiel

E-zekiel helps you grow your digital ministry with online giving, website design, and church management. View Profile


by Sam Hills

Calculate member statistics and prepare financial reports for five denominations of Christian churches. View Profile


by easyTithe

EasyTithe helps you minimize the fees, so you can maximize your ministry by accepting online giving via Web, Text, Kiosk, or Mobile App View Profile


by Softouch Development

Church presentation software that provides presentations creation using url scheduling, PowerPoint import, and slide editing features. View Profile

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by EcclesiaSoft

Manage secretary, treasury, school and administration departments of your evangelical church. View Profile

EMS Church Scheduling

by Dean Evans & Associates

Streamline your booking process, maximize the use of space and resources, and build a sense of community across the congregation. View Profile


by Hume Technologies

Parish management solution for attendance management, church records maintenance, facilities management, funds and finances tracking. View Profile


by faithHighway

Outreach, Integrated Giving, Calendars, Tasks, Communication, Engagement; All in one web-based church management software platform. View Profile


by Technology Management Group

Comprehensive church accounting and membership management software with payroll processing, contribution tracking and reporting. View Profile

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Focus Missions

by 52projects

Missions management from sign-up to touchdown. Managing your church's next mission trip just got significantly easier. View Profile

Genesis PRO

by DM2

Church administration software for Microsoft SQL server that makes it easy to add and update information. View Profile


by Givelify

People will give more when they can give from anywhere at any time. The Givelify mobile giving app is fast, easy and personal. View Profile

Grassroots CMS

by GLXY Software

A database system allowing you to manage membership, measure congregation performance, schedule events, track expenses and budgets. View Profile

Groupanizer SING

by Groupanizer

Online choir management and collaboration software for member invoicing, mailing lists management, ticketing, and attendance planning. View Profile

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Groups Interactive

by UpperRoom Technologies

Robust group search engine, easy usability and fine-tuned small group management tools. View Profile


by Gospel Software

Web-based software that allows local churches to coordinate a follow-up ministry, track guests and follow-up conversations with guests. View Profile


by Eagleson Software Solutions

Information management system that enables faith-based organizations to manage expenses, parishioners, donations, groups, and events. View Profile


by Advanced Solutions International

Engagement management system with donor management, member self-service, and fundraising for ministries and faith-based organizations. View Profile


by Jewel

Windows-based accounting package that allows local church treasurers to handle receipts, check writing, budgeting, reports, and more. View Profile

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by KidCheck

Secure children's check-in system for churches, fitness centers and child care organizations. View Profile


by CathoNet

Web-based software that helps Catholic parishes manage accounting, contributions, and sacramental records. View Profile

MapleSoft Giving

by MapleSoft Enterprises

Church bookkeeping software designed to record member giving, attendance and information; print labels, envelopes, reports, and checks. View Profile


by Martus Solutions

A dashboard that helps churches track their budgets and expenses, manage their assets and store financial statements. View Profile


by The 2:8 Association

Software that offers e-communications, texting, event management, gift and donor management, virtual storage, and ministry tools. View Profile

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by MediaComplete

Church presentation solution that offers 65 Bible versions, database of song lyrics, announcements and tweets management tools. View Profile

Member Manager

by Member Manager

Web-based solution for churches providing inexpensive web presence, calendar, surveys, and membership management tools. View Profile

Membership Co-ordinator

by Data Developments

Record details on members, groups, and visits and let leaders and volunteers know what's happening. View Profile

Membership Management System

by Linked Software

A universal membership and fundraising software program for all nonprofits, clubs, churches, and associations. View Profile


by Cimarron Valley Solutions

Subscription-based church management software that includes contribution tracking, events scheduling, and attendance tracking tools. View Profile

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MembershipPro Suite

by Coon Creek Software

Software that enables churches, synagogues, clubs, and libraries to manage their finances and membership. View Profile


by Lieberman Consulting Group

Church membership management software for Windows provides members tracking, financial contributions management, and auction features. View Profile

Ministry Assistant

by ChurchAssist Technologies

Church management software that allows you maintain information about members and groups, track attendance and contributions. View Profile


by Church Media Group

Online giving solution that allows ministries and churches to accept all major bank cards and ACH electronic checks for contributions. View Profile


by MinistryPal

Cloud-based ministry management system for tracking relationships in your church, ministry or non-profit. View Profile

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My Catholic Faith Delivered

by My Catholic Faith Delivered

Technology solution that helps churches manage members, connect communities, strengthen engagement and helps teach the faith. View Profile


by Directory Solutions

Installed photo directory software for churches, clubs and groups that offers data confirmation letters and importing templates. View Profile

by is a complete church management system that allows social interaction between different auxiliaries and or church faculty View Profile



Web-based software with easy-to-use cash accounting, donation tracking, and contact management tools for churches and not-for-profits. View Profile

Offering Helper

by Dirks Consulting

Increase church office efficiency and make managing your church offerings and year-end tax receipts a breeze. View Profile

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Omega Church

by GCD Technologies

Full record management tool designed for use in churches of any size or denomination. View Profile

One Vision CMS

by Tatum Consulting

Church membership software to help organize, update, and maintain membership enrollment and contributions for the church body. View Profile

Online church member photo directory w/free mobile app. Custom designed & linked to your website. Member, family, staff & group listin View Profile

Parishioner Database

by Marshall Software Consortium

Affordable, easy-to-use church management software that records key religious data; tracks members, addresses, and contributions. View Profile

PDS Church Office

by Parish Data System

Church software that allows Catholic parishes to implement stewardship campaigns, manage member details and contribution information. View Profile

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by Symteric Productions

An online-based software created to make day to day elements of worship planning simple and productive. View Profile

RDS Advantage

by RDS Advantage

Church software designed to manage membership, activities, attendance, visitation, contribution, GL, A/P, payroll, inventory, and more. View Profile


by ACS Technologies

Realm integrates basic record keeping into the daily motion of church life to keep your staff equipped and your church body engaged. View Profile


by RecDesk

Web-based recreation software for churches and non-profits. Features include facility reservations, program and money management. View Profile

Religious Suite

by MDansby

Track an unlimited number of members as well as finances, attendance, donations, pledges, day care center and the deceased records. View Profile

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by Ansell Productions

Cross-platform networked roster management solution for church or small business based on the power of Filemaker Pro. View Profile

Seeker Church Software

by N-Point Consulting

Affordable web-based follow-up, membership, teams, training and church management software that is intuitive and helps retain and grow. View Profile


by SeekerWorks

Software to track your members and attendees, assimilate visitors, manage donations, support your volunteers, and establish calendars. View Profile



Church service music planning software for praise and worship leaders filled with thousands of worship songs, hymns, and more. View Profile


by SiteOrganic

RealTime by SiteOrganic is cloud based Church Software for engaging and managing your church community. View Profile

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by Davallia Technology

Generate service or ministry schedules for churches, clubs, and family-based organizations. View Profile

Text In Church

by Text In Church

Relevant, simple & effective communication tools for modern day ministry. An easy to use system that connects with members and guests. View Profile

The Automated Church

by Productivity Software Services

Church management and membership management system. Provides families management, mass mailing, and date of birth management module. View Profile


by Titus Information Systems

Church membership records processing software that enables the storage, maintenance and reporting of all membership data. View Profile


by ChurchWare

Contribution and pledge tracking system with rapid data entry, customized reports for any period, and quick searching by name. View Profile

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Total Church Solutions

by Parish Support

Web-based system with an integrated social network for member socializing. Other features include online census and lifestyle tracking. View Profile


by Txt2Give

Txt2Give helps you break down barriers and make giving easy at your church. View Profile


by WeGather

A free secure and advertising free private social networking platform that is designed for churches and faith-based communities. View Profile

Working Church

by Brothers In Christ Software

Manage your assets, resources, events, members and financial records with this church membership application. View Profile

by Worship Sense

All of your planning, organizing, and communicating takes place on our secure and Internet accessible servers. View Profile

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Youth Group Tracker

by Youth Group Tracker

Effortless attendance tracking software for every youth group service and event. Offers records management and customization tools. View Profile

ZLC Ministry Scheduler

by ZLC Software

Software that provides scheduling for any number of ministers or services. Offers unlimited history & multiple report formats support. View Profile

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Top Church Management Software

Church Management software helps churches to better track their resources and foster communication among administrators, staff, members and visitors. Below is a look at the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of churches, members managed and online presence. To see a comprehensive list, please visit our Church Management Software Directory.

The Top 20 Most Popular
Church Management Software



Vendor Size
  1. 1
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  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
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  8. 8
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  20. 20

Chart Key

Rankings and bar segment lengths are determined using a weighted scoring system that awards points for total metrics (e.g. total customers) and rank within a data set (e.g. ranked 1st in customers).

Vendor Size
Number of Employees*

The Top 5
By Total Customers

50 k
37 k
30 k
12.5 k
12 k

The Top 5
By Total Members

50 m
30 m
20 m
8.33 m
6.5 m

Total Followers
By Vendor Size

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