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Comcate's easy to use Code Enforcement Manager (CEM) is a web-based solution that simplifies the resolution of municipal code violations. CEM puts powerful case management tools in the hands of field staff and administrators, improves compliance rates and can increase revenue generated through its automated case tracking functionality. View Profile


by PropertyPilot

PropertyPilot is a municipal management platform that combines powerful cloud-based data management with workflow automation and a user-friendly GIS. The platform removes communication bottlenecks, enabling departments to easily edit and share data in real-time. In addition, PropertyPilot will digitize your internal and public-facing paper forms, capturing license requests, e-commerce transactions and more with the ability to streamline task completion with a dynamic workflow engine. View Profile


by Carroll Engineering

Robust Municipal Management Software used by every user, every day. Facilitates critical business processes and asset management. View Profile


by WAGsys Technology

Designed by active municipal inspectors - BICEs manages the entire permitting, inspection, violation & code enforcement process. View Profile

iWorQ develops cloud-based application for public works and community development management. View Profile

Accela Automation

by Accela

Enterprise application to help government agencies automate workflow, forms management, activity tracking, and more. View Profile


by CSDC Systems

Manages enterprise transactions for office staff, mobile inspectors, third-party agencies and government services on the web. View Profile

asyst:General Government

by United Systems Technology

Accounting system designed for the most exacting fund accounting needs of local governments and not-for-profit organizations. View Profile

BAS Code Enforcement allows you to quickly enter complaints and track all associated actions. View Profile


by BasicGov Systems

For small to mid-size local governments who need to streamline permitting & inspections, code enforcement & planning. View Profile


by Perconti Data Systems

Code enforcement software that controls and tracks complaints, cases, citations, and violations. View Profile

Citizenserve Code Enforcement

by Online Solutions

Automates the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, recording violations and coordinating resolutions. View Profile

CityView PreBuilts

by CityView

Efficient community development software for code enforcement and P&I services. View Profile


by Progressive Solutions

Offers investigators the ability to organize and protect data, assign cases, and audit active investigations. View Profile


by CRW Systems

CodeTRAK provides incident and activity management while tracking the workflow for all types of code enforcement activities. View Profile


by Municity

With your own Code available online, information about the laws that govern your municipality is accessible 24 hours a day. View Profile

EDAMS Permits & Licensing

by Hydro-Comp Enterprises

EDAMS Operations is a parametric GIS & LIS system that provides Organizations with the flexibility to simulate their procedures. View Profile


by Complus Data Innovations

Complus Data Innovations, Inc. (Complus) is a recognized leader in the field of Parking Ticket Management solutions. View Profile


by FastTrackGov

Provides leading edge capabilities in data sharing, process automation, business intelligence, and desktop integration. View Profile


by Fund Accounting Solution Technologies

FundView Code Enforcement is a web-based code enforcement solution that manages all phases of the code enforcement process. View Profile


by Government Outreach

Transforms the code enforcement process by automating tedious tasks and giving staff the tools they need to be more productive. View Profile

HdL Code Enforcement Software

by The HdL Companies

HdL Code Enforcement Software allows you to track your code enforcement cases from initial complaint to final abatement. View Profile


by Builders Millennium

The most comprehensive up-to-date codes database search tool ever developed for State, County, and City municipal use. View Profile

LAMA Server

by Davenport Group

Track workflow and effectively manage time and resources to find the lowest costing structure to manage public projects View Profile

Life Safety Inspector

by Onsite Software

This product enables technicians to use Pocket PC's to electronically perform fire inspections. View Profile

Browser-based, comprehensive enterprise financial management and utility billing solutions for local governments private organizations. View Profile

Control Licensing and Code Enforcement with automatic status updates and notifications. View Profile


by Business Management Systems

Permitting / code enforcement software for tracking parcel info by any dept and by permits, violations, inspections, licenses, etc. View Profile

A smartphone app that gathers the who, what, when, where, and why and then creates a data point instantly on a hosted web map. View Profile


by Software Consulting Associates

Cloud based building, planning, permitting, and code enforcement software system that streamlines workflow of various departments. View Profile

Permit Vision

by eVision Industry Software

This software helps to ensure safety on dangerous hazardous worksites. View Profile


by WindoWare

Permit and inspections tracking software for Windows. View Profile


by Dallas Data Systems

Customizable code and fee schedule maintenance with unmatched flexibility and detail. View Profile


by PermitSoft

Adds mobility to Code Enforcement. Enjoy fully functional software from the job-site using wireless PDA or Tablet PC. View Profile


by ViewPoint Government Solutions

Improves code enforcement workflow and reduces errors by automating tedious processes and turning data into valuable information. View Profile


by ZP Systems

Permitting and inspection software for zoning, building, housing and fire departments. View Profile

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