Top Collaboration Software Products

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Asana puts tasks and conversations together to help teams manage projects and rely less on email. Organize team projects, create and assign tasks, comment on progress, attach files, and track due dates to keep your teammates accountable and focused on results. With Asana, you'll spend more time getting things done, and less time reading and answering email. Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. Available on web, Android, and iOS. View Profile

Mavenlink provides powerful software and services that put collaboration in context with your project plan. In one space, your team can assess tasks and timelines, track time and expenses, and post comments and questions on shared files. Mavenlink makes it easier to get things done, keep clients happy, and grow profitably by giving you a platform that seamlessly facilitates team collaboration and communication. We empower businesses to better understand their productivity and collaboration. View Profile

Project Collaboration the Right Way: Clarizen gives you powerful project management, social collaboration and real-time visibility for any project or task. Easily manage all of your work, projects and resources in a single, collaborative environment. View Profile

eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It is full featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design. eXo helps companies connect their employees, customers and developers through social, collaborative and content-driven intranets, websites and dashboards. View Profile

Onstream Meetings

by Onstream Media

WebInterpoint is a professional service for conducting everyday Web meetings. It is a powerful, yet simple to use tool for securely performing presentations on the Internet. It supports up to 100 participants with no advance reservation required, however, we can extend the limit to additional participants if needed. View Profile

inMotionNow solves project management, creative brief, review & approval, and reporting challenges for marketing and creative teams with its work management application, inMotion. With inMotion, teams can automate administrative tasks that distract content creators from getting their content to market faster. inMotion gives marketing and creative teams what they need to ease the launch of new projects, solve visibility issues during project execution, and speed the approval of new content View Profile

LiquidPlanner is an easy and powerful online project management tool for teams that need a reliable and realistic scheduling tool. This multi-project scheduler streamlines processes, lets teams collaborate and complete tasks faster, and offers the best time-tracking, analysis and reporting. Plus, its flexible, mobile and socialjust like you. View Profile

MemberHub allows organizations, schools and businesses to share a private online site where members can transform communications and collaborate on an organization-wide, group/discipline level, on a team level, or one-on-one. You can set up private online groups, called hubs, for each discipline, team level, or committee, as well as a main hub for the entire organization. Members have access to just the hubs they need, while administrators can view and manage all of the hubs. View Profile



Smartsheet is an online project & collaboration tool that is redefining how teams work. Its familiar and easy to use spreadsheet-like interface, coupled with file sharing, Gantt charts, and work automation features have helped Smartsheet quickly grow into a favorite business app for productivity. **#1 Productivity App of 2013 - Tech Impact Awards **Best Business App of 2014 - Evernote Platform Awards View Profile


by Xait

XaitPorter is a cloud based document collaboration software that lets several contributors work on the same document, simultaneously . Companies use XaitPorter for bids, proposals, license applications for the O&G industry, clinical trial documents, reports, procedures and more. This team collaboration software takes care of formatting, layout and numbering, and has built-in workflow that gives you complete control of the document creation process.Gartner has named Xait Cool Vendor 2013. View Profile

Bloomfire is currently trusted by hundreds of teams and organizations as a secure collaboration software that allows teams of all sizes to create, share, upload and collaborate around almost anything. Our mission is simple, help people looking for answers get them. Simplifying web collaboration within organizations with easy content upload, creation, sharing and enabling the transfer of knowledge from people that have it to people that need it, when they want it. View Profile

Our web conferencing solution supports a modern workplace with two-way VoIP, multi-point video, built-in phone conferencing, interactive whiteboard, desktop sharing, and more. Trainers and learners can engage naturally and easily. View Profile

Wrike is all-in-one project management and collaboration software that brings thousands of teams closer to project success. View Profile


by Inflectra

An integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system that manages your project's requirements, releases, test cases, and issues View Profile


by HelpGizmo

HelpGizmo is knowledge base software that saves you time and money by helping share information with customers and employees. View Profile


by Citrix Systems

Organize and attend online meetings by enabling coworkers, customers and prospects to view any application running on your PC. View Profile

Turn your Gmail into a simple, powerful collaboration tool. Collaborate seamlessly with Shared Gmail labels and shared notes. View Profile


by Basecamp

Web-based solution that makes it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects. View Profile

Integrates data, voice, and video within a standard web browser so you can hold meetings over the Internet. View Profile


by Redbooth

Redbooth is a collaboration platform that helps teams transform company-wide collaboration and work smarter. View Profile

GlobalMeet delivers simply better meetings. Easy web conferencing with the highest quality video, screen sharing and audio conferencing View Profile

High-end solution designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, and workflow and knowledge management. View Profile


by Tamaplace

Virtual secure room for collaborative activities View Profile

Central Desktop

by Central Desktop

Simple-to-use web collaboration tool to share files, manage projects, inspire ideas, connect people and so much more. View Profile


by ProofHub

ProofHub is a web-based project management software that helps to manage, discuss and communicate projects with team at central place. View Profile

Software for business collaboration and project management, that provides an efficient and affordable solution to organizations. View Profile


by daPulse

No more asking people what they're working on. daPulse Big Picture tells you where things are stuck & gives a clear view of progress. View Profile


by ProTasker

Created by humans that disliked the other complicated or under intuitive project management solutions. This one's for you! View Profile


Web-based project management & collaboration solution with content management, group chart, event notification, task management, etc. View Profile


by Centroy

A secure online team collaboration portal for businesses to use as an intranet, extranet or virtual data room. Groupware software. View Profile


by Axero Solutions

If you're looking for easy-to-use collaboration software, Communifire is for you. Manage projects, tasks, teams, and people. View Profile


by Netdev

Designed to make web collaboration easy with no downloads and straight forward document sharing. View Profile

iMeet by PGi brings together audio, web and video conferencing in one simple, user-centric solution for one low price. View Profile


by Simply Good Software

A collaborative work tool that eliminates distracting email by structuring communication around tasks and processes. View Profile



Simple online file sharing and project management software. Collaboration tool increasing productivity used by 10,000+ businesses. View Profile

Caboh is collaboration software which streamlines conversations, consolidates information, organizes tasks, and creates stronger teams. View Profile


by Rabbitsoft

Online project management, client portal, teamwork and collaboration platform that allows people to interact wherever they are. View Profile


by MeetingSphere

A meeting and collaboration tool designed to actively engage team members and support group decision-making, online or in-person. View Profile

Web 2.0 document management & web collaboration solution with template based deployments and LDAP connectivity. View Profile


by Auralink

High definition business class video conferencing software. Share applications and content right from your desktop and much more. View Profile

Canvas aggregates your team's content in a reader and let's team members easily share insightful posts and articles with one another. View Profile

Collaborate Cloud

by Collaborate Cloud

Get Organized. Collaborate internally with your team and with your clients on projects and work the smarter way. View Profile


by Atlassian

Give your team one place to share, find, and collaborate on information they need to get work done. View Profile

Feng Office

by Feng Office

A web-based collaboration software (web office) to enhance group productivity with project management, web document management and CRM. View Profile


by Framebench Technologies

Share, review, and discuss with your team upon any file within a real-time visual workflow platform. View Profile


by Glip

Collaboration platform built around chat functionality (video and text) with powerful searching capabilities for easy file discovery. View Profile


by Hallwaze

Hallwaze fosters organic connections and conversations within and across organizational silos to deliver better business value. View Profile


by HootSuite Media

Social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks. Manage social profiles, track brand mentions, and much more. View Profile


by Huddle

Online project management tool which is easy to use, scalable for large enterprises and has government level security. View Profile


by Designtech Projektsamverkan

Online collaboration software that includes documents and content management , planning, and coordination functionality. View Profile


by omNovia

Allows you to present documents, applications, or any other digital material to anyone with access to the internet. View Profile


by PortalsXpress

Our client portals allow you to share documents securely with your clients and field offices. View Profile

Collaborative website prototyping and wireframing tool. View Profile


by Stackfield

Collaborative messaging with file sharing, task management and scheduling. Highest data protection with true end-to-end encryption. View Profile

E-mail, time & document management and discussion forums on Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms. View Profile

TeamWox GroupWare

by MetaQuotes Software

TeamWox GroupWare includes HR, Tasks, Documents Management, Forum, Clients and other. View Profile


by VIA3

Secure, encrypted collaboration with live video, telephone-quality audio, IM, whiteboards, information sharing & storage. View Profile

Web conferencing with video teleconferencing and audio chat capabilities. Shared desktop, whiteboard, record meetings, and more! View Profile

Powersim ExTrain

by Powersim Solutions

A virtual practice field for managers to exercise decision-making power under various business conditions in a risk-free environment. View Profile


by Atlassian HipChat

Group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations. View Profile

The easiest way to show & share information. With idiligo you show & share documents and websites in an online meeting. View Profile


by Composica

Web-based authoring solution for interactive e-Learning content and real-time collaboration. View Profile


by Mikogo

Mikogo is a free screen sharing solution with built-in VoIP for online meetings, web presentations, web conferencing and sales demos. View Profile


Easy discussion, sharing, and video conferencing tools help your community connect, organize, and get stuff done. View Profile

Cloud-based video conferencing service that is as easy, interoperable, and affordable as audio conferencing. View Profile

123 Flash Chat Server Software

by TopCMM Software

Allows you to organize chat-events, collaborative work sessions or online meetings.And start your own business. View Profile

Enterprise instant messaging and collaboration with imaging features, chatroom and group discussion capabilities. View Profile


by 30SecondsMail

Keep your team in sync by simply answering a few lines to an email. Thats it. It cant be easier. View Profile


by 4Projects

24/7 on demand online collaboration extranet software for project, programme and organisational management. View Profile


by Disarea

Web-based project management software with customizable interface. View Profile


by 8Force

Cloud-based system that provides CRM, invoice, social intranet, and helpdesk automation. Tablets and iPhone compatible. View Profile

AAPO Social Workspace

by AAPO Social Workspace

AAPO helps you get work done with less effort. Simple & powerful workspace for collaborating, communicating and working in the cloud. View Profile


by AchieveIt

AchieveIt empowers leaders with the visibility and the capacity to coordinate their organizations to drive results. View Profile

Agent GovCon

by Leros Technologies

A fully integrated, DCAA compliant business management system with cost capture and financial management for Government Contractors. View Profile


by C-DAC

Amnesia falls under the category of Collaborative Web Page Annotation Tools. View Profile

Asite Adoddle

by Asite Solutions

Asite helps people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud. View Profile

AT&T Connect

by AT&T

Collaboration services that combine voice, Web and video in a single tool that empowers employees to communicate. View Profile


by Atinav

Voice communication over the Internet, Application Sharing, Whiteboard, Co-browsing, HTML form sharing and more. View Profile

Azeus Convene

by Azeus Systems

Board meeting software for iPad, Android, and web allows secure and instant access to company information anywhere, anytime. View Profile


by 84kids

Collaboration tool that improves communication within your team by highlighting the most important issues in the dialog. View Profile

Bantu Messenger

by Bantu

Web-based Instant Messaging solution for enterprises; seamlessly integrated into your existing Intranet or Extranet. View Profile


by bEcosystems

Platform that solves inefficiencies of silo B2B software tools in order, project and document management, communications & social biz. View Profile


by BCSocial

Cloud-based collaboration solution that helps organize and index business content and share it with work groups. Supports task setting. View Profile

BigAnt Space

by Huatu Software

Provides IM, file transfer, voip, video chat, web conferencing, document management, project/task management and more. View Profile


by BigWave Software

Enables efficient online collaboration and communication for your multi-site projects. View Profile


by Bluescape

Bluescape is an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate innovation and drive results. View Profile


by Box

Facilitates the way we work today, from collaborating with distant teams and partners to accessing files from anywhere, any time. View Profile


by Epazz

All-in-one: Web Portal, Content & Document Management, Learning Management, Online Community, Knowledge Management, Collaboration. View Profile


by Bracket Software

Web hosting on local system, Desktop Sharing, Instant Messaging, File Sharing, File System Access, Hotlinks and much more View Profile


by BrainCert

BrainCert is a cloud-based E-Learning platform that functions almost exactly like a traditional classroom. View Profile

Enables your team to instantly share Calendars, Contacts, and Files and Instant message in real time. View Profile



Enterprise community collaboration software built for teams, companies, and communities looking for a way to work with each other. View Profile


by Cageapp

Web collaboration tool that provides contextual feedback, web-based presentations, media uploading, and projects archiving. View Profile


by CaucusCare

Web-based eLearning and discussion platform, that allows to keep a history of lessons and conversations that are at once easy to use. View Profile


by CDX Technologies

Web-based software that provides secure web links and coordination tools for files sharing, email notifications, and collaboration. View Profile


by Webgroup Media

Web collaboration platform that provides mail routing, notifications, and activity scheduling. View Profile

chuPPo Messenger

by chuPPo Applications

Audio/video web messenger application allows your members to be able to use their webcams to see each other. View Profile


by BroadVision

Cloud-based platform that enables business to create a social enterprise eco-system of interconnected networks. View Profile

Click to Meet


Rich media solution that combines voice, video, data collaboration, text & streaming into a web-based user interface. View Profile


by Implix

Use the advanced and easy-to-use options for a productive online meeting experience. View Profile


by TallyFox

Provides projects, communities, and entire organizations with cloud-based collaboration tools. View Profile


by SYPECom

Collaboration and communication integrated platform server software. View Profile


by Vimukti Technologies

A virtual office environment for your team to share files, events, tasks, and manage projects as if everyone was in the same location. View Profile


by Saba Software

Improve communication and collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers View Profile

Collaboration Foundation

by Digital

Provides the ability to collaborate among the many segments of people that make up an online community. View Profile

Collaboration Server

by Intrafinity

Collaboration Server for live training, collaboration, interaction, and relationship building. View Profile

Collaborize Classroom

by Democrasoft

A free online collaborative education platform that allows students and teachers to engage in an online learning environment. View Profile

Colligo Collaboration

by Colligo Networks

Enables messaging, chat, conferencing & file transfer for teams that require advanced data exchange & security. View Profile


by NewtonIdeas

Web-based project management and team collaboration tool; tasks and tickets management, bug tracking, planning and monitoring. View Profile

CommuniGate Pro

by Stalker Software

Allows organizations to consolidate thier email and calendaring, instant messaging, VoIP, and web conferencing. View Profile


by Collabria

Collabria lets users efficiently and securely communicate with other Composer users from a laptop or desktop computer. View Profile


by Conceptboard

Conceptboard is a visual collaboration platform where teams discuss, evolve, and present their products and services. View Profile


by ConceptShare

A creative review tool to help creative teams share, review, and approve their work. View Profile


by Concrete

Social planning platform for big brands - teams can plan, manage and share work together in one place online. View Profile


by Joyent

Collection of Web-based applications perfect for small businesses as well as individuals or teams collaborating on a project. View Profile


by Conversocial

Manage Customer Care at Scale in Facebook and Twitter. Connect, collaborate, and control using social media outlets. View Profile


by Convo

Convo is a business collaboration tool for fast-moving teams to centrally share, organize, and archive information securely. View Profile

Connect with your customers, supplies, and business partners through a scalable and secure cloud environment. View Profile


by Cinergix

Online collaboration and diagramming tool with built in sharing and project features. View Profile


by Crocagile

Agile project management meets collaboration. Streamline communication, consolidate your tools, and stop using email. View Profile

Crypto Complete

by Linoma Software

Encryption and tokenization software that protects sensitive data using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing. View Profile

by Cynapse

A service that allows groups to manage, organize, store, version, search and collaborate on any kind of information. View Profile

Daily Pulse

by Daily Pulse

Daily Pulse is a simple way to keep track of your team's daily accomplishment and feedback without having to bother them! View Profile


by Skillsoft

Web collaboration tool focused on companies that want to rapidly develop learning programs. View Profile



Enables live and on-demand communication, collaboration and learning over the Internet. View Profile

DigiChat AV

by Digi-Net Technologies

A web conferencing and collaboration software to address the needs of business, education, and non-profit entities. View Profile


by Compu.Ed

Web-conferencing with simultaneous voice, text and interactive whiteboard. Ppt/Flash, instant response and polling. View Profile


by dotloop

Cloud workspace and document storage application for everybody who needs to collaborate on sensitive documents such as contracts, etc. View Profile

DriveHQ FileManager

by Drive Headquarters

Online Storage, Sharing and Collaboration, FTP, folder synchronization, version control. View Profile


by Dropbox

Dropbox helps keep your files safe, synced, and is easy to share. View Profile


by DynaDo

DynaDo brings all your emails, tasks, files and employees in one place, and connects everything around projects and customers. View Profile


by Stylite

Online collaboration tool that allows you to share information, track incidents, manage projects, documents, and website content. View Profile

eLecta Live

by Electa Communications

Personalized collaboration environment with audio conferencing, whiteboards, PowerPoint broadcasting, IM, and more. View Profile

Electronic Messaging System

by i-Soft Emirates

A robust web based product which utilizes the concept of automated processing in managing the life cycle of all types of documents. View Profile


by Entando

An agile, modern, user-centric Open Source Portal Platform that helps businesses to improve organizational effectiveness. View Profile

Enterprise Project

by ProjectsCenter

Web-based project management tool and web collaboration software for easy project scheduling and project planning. View Profile


by Epiware

Enables organizations to easily share information and collaborate on documents in a browser-based environment. View Profile


by EMC

Collaborative workspace to help teams manage projects and achieve on-time delivery of quality products and services. View Profile



Project management software, collaboration tools and group calendars that coordinate coworkers, freelancers and clients. View Profile


Provides an electronic conference center where multiple meetings and discussions can be conducted at the same time. View Profile


by Fastviewer UK

Desktop sharing software - online meetings, presentations, remote training/support and document sharing with concurrent license model. View Profile


by Salience

Multilingual web collaboration tool that allows teams to map out their project related idea and tasks on a visualized storyboard. View Profile

FileCatalyst Webmail

by Unlimi-Tech Software

Enables users to send files of any size to anywhere using only the recipient's email address. View Profile

A fully integrated suite of applications designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. View Profile


by Flowdock

Flowdock enables your team to collaborate on desktop, mobile, and web. View Profile



Online collaboration solution with social networking interface, calendar, files posting, contacts tracking, and project management. View Profile


by Folloze

Simple, powerful way to engage colleagues and customers with great content: videos, links, pictures and files. View Profile


by Freedom Voice Systems

Virtual office is the ultimate business tool for increasing leads, converting sales and distributing important information. View Profile


by Front

Front is a collaborative email client that lets teammates collaborate on their support@, contact@, hello@, jobs@ group addresses. View Profile


by Fuseboard

Fuseboard frees up your organization to collaborate around business essentials. View Profile

Fuze Meeting

by Fuze

Meet online with people around the block or the globe. Simply login, upload content & start a meeting. View Profile


by Gaggle

Collaboration & productivity tools that leverage social networks, mobile & virtual learning tools in a safe online learning environment View Profile

gDecide Team

by gDecide

gDecide is designed to make collaborating on a decision as easy as sending an email or participating in a group chat. View Profile

Genesys Meeting Center

by Intercall

One interface integrating audio, web and video conferencing, makes conferencing online as easy as point and click. View Profile


by Lincoln Loop

Email is dead! Ginger builds collaboration and better discussions for your virtual or software development team. View Profile


by Glasscubes

Make your job easier & your team more productive. Online Collaboration Tool to share files, manage tasks, communicate in a better way. View Profile


by gluu

All-in-One processes, roles & responsibilities, work instructions, collaboration and social network. View Profile


by RHUB Communications

Online Web conferencing solution available both hosted and in a secure, plug & play appliance. View Profile


by Goplan

Track project progress through task management, calendaring, note sharing and issue tracking. View Profile

Instant messaging service, archiving engine and LDAP support along with full groupware capabilities. View Profile



Branded websites with social networking, discussion forums, email lists, and calendars allowing members to communicate and share. View Profile


by Grouputer

Facilitator led, highly collaborative program enables structured online communication for meetings, training, presentations, and more. View Profile


by Novell

Collaboration solution that offers support for any communication over intranets, extranets and the Internet. View Profile


by GroveSite

Allows groups to be online and working together within minutes to manage projects, share files, and hold discussions. View Profile


by HeyUpdate

A simple tool to keep your team in sync. See activity from the services you already use and daily written daily updates from your team. View Profile

Combines document management and file sharing with enterprise social collaboration, productivity, and knowledge sharing tools. View Profile


by Enterprise Hive

Enterprise social collaboration and externally facing social software for organizing online communities. View Profile

HyperOffice Collaboration

by HyperOffice

All the tools company groups need to be productive and work together: share documents, manage projects, coordinate schedules and more. View Profile

IBM Notes

by IBM

Email software that includes messaging, applications and social collaboration. View Profile

Ice Online Collaboration

by Box of Blue

Application that allows businesses to collaborate, communicate, share documents, and keep track contacts. View Profile


by IceWEB

A network-hosted groupware, email, calendaring, and collaboration solution utilizing Microsoft Exchange 2003. View Profile

Collaboration and document sharing software for web communities, workgroups and organizations. View Profile

Idea Challenges

by Imaginatik

Provides unique enterprise software, processes and insights to tap into the Collective Genius for collaborative innovation. View Profile

Teleconferencing solution for online meetings, webinars, support calls and virtual classroom training. View Profile


by Veramiko

Multilingual collaboration platform for Intranet, Extranet and Internet environments; optimizes project communication. View Profile


by Incentive

A collaboration platform that includes wikis, blogs, feeds, microblogging, social networks. View Profile

Ingeniux Cartella

by Ingeniux

Delivers the best in social networking, web analytics, and content management to make social software fit business and IT needs. View Profile

Innovation Management

by Brightidea

Hosted modular solution designed to assist in all areas of innovation with templates and workflows. View Profile

INOVEM Collaborate

by INOVEM Inclusionware

Online team collaboration software that includes group and project management, stakeholder database, and email integration features. View Profile

Instant Business Network

by Mediachase

Web-based project management and group collaboration server. View Profile



Intranet suite including portal, content & document management, collaboration, dashboards, search and workflow modules. View Profile


by InterCall

InterCall InterCall is the worlds leading conferencing services provider. Audio, video and web conferencing in one. FREE 30 DAY TRIAL! View Profile

Empowers teams to schedule and organize tasks, create and follow project plans and track project status. View Profile

IntraLinks Connect

by Intralinks

Project and relationship management teams can schedule, conduct and manage business interactions online. View Profile


by Intranet DASHBOARD

Complete suite of over 40 intranet tools including business process, content management and web collaboration tools. View Profile


by Mindbridge Software

Rapidly deployable intranet software solution including group calendar, discussion board, and document manager. View Profile

iPlanWare PPM

by iPlanWare

Helps organizations with project and resource management, portfolio management, task scheduling, team collaboration, time reporting. View Profile


by Jive Software

Collaboration solution for teams, companies and communities to work with each other without time or location limitations. View Profile


by LogMeIn

Ridiculously simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly. Get everybody on the same page, when they're not in the same room! View Profile


by Jostle

Web-based platform with news sharing, team structures viewing, access to key content, and auto-tagging functionality. View Profile


by Kahootz

Cloud collaboration tool; Online project management, business intranet, secure deal room, tender management, client/partner portal. View Profile

Kavi Workspace

by Kavi

Collaborative web environment for standards organizations; provides a solution created for collaborative, team-based processes. View Profile

Kenja Rooms

by Kenja

Take advantage of real-time communications - find and share data in your company, collaborate quickly, and achieve results. View Profile


by Accellion

Share files and collaborate with other users on a secure platform that manages and organizes information View Profile


by InfoReady

A configurable framework of services and toolkit for building information action solutions for a variety of applications. View Profile


by i-nable Solutions

Unify content, files and structured data from various sources and intelligently organize it to enable effective collaboration and flow. View Profile


by LeanKit

See what team members are working on. Easily collaborate and share information. View Profile


by LifeSize

HD video conferencing platform that is simple to deploy, making instant face-to-face collaboration possible with anyone, anywhere. View Profile


by LiteManagerTeam

Remote access software for remote administration, remote control, distant learning, remote support. Classroom management software. View Profile

Lumo Flow

by Lumo Research

A real-time stream of knowledge from discussions, documents and tasks in a shared workspace with syndicated content from the web. View Profile


by Magentrix

Engage, share and collaborate with your customer, partner, vendors and distributed teams through dedicated self-serve portal sites. View Profile



Collaboration platform which allows groups to share conversations, notes, tasks, calendars, files, and other information. View Profile

On-demand audio conferencing and web collaboration services to enhance your business communications. View Profile


by Latitude Communications

Enterprise conferencing solution that provides fully integrated voice and web conferencing capabilities. View Profile

MegaMeeting Video Conferencing

by Internet MegaMeeting

100% browser based video and web conferencing software with no special installation on your computer. View Profile


by eVisioner

Team performance management and project group collaboration. View Profile


by MeisterLabs

MindMeister is the market-leader in online mind mapping and brainstorming. View Profile


by Thought Works

An agile project management and collaboration software for software teams. View Profile

Mithi Connect Server

by Mithi Software Technologies

Enterprise messaging solution with electronic mail and chat, group calendaring and contact management. View Profile



Mobile content collaboration application that supports voice, chat, document sharing and distribution throughout a variety of channels. View Profile


by Intuitive Solutions

A subscription based internet-hosted virtual office designed for SMBs to combine shared calendars, contacts, tasks, email, and more. View Profile


by Pixel Studios

MyPro is a web based software which will connect every employee, sharing information on projects, tasks and events. View Profile


by Near-Time

Integrates a group weblog with wiki pages, team events and shared files in a hosted and secure collaborative environment. View Profile


by Nefsis

On-premise & hosted web conferencing including voice & video over IP, document, application and desktop sharing - no usage charges. View Profile


by NetDocuments

For organizations and law firms seeking document management functionality on a permanent, ongoing basis. View Profile


by NetOffice

Hosted communications and information management including contacts, tasks, files, back-up, e-mail marketing and eCRM. View Profile

NetResults Tracker

by NetResults

Web-based collaboration tool to help companies track business issues and automatically manage them through to resolution. View Profile

Netviewer one2meet

by Netviewer

Conferencing solution that lets users initiate or participate in spontaneous or pre-planned meetings via intranet or internet. View Profile


by Vialect

Corporate intranet software with document, data, and content management available as hosted or installed product. View Profile


by HarborNation

Design feedback, prototyping, and workflow web app for creative teams that allows them to share, discuss, and review design documents. View Profile


by Nuospace

An enterprise wiki powered by document management features offered as a web based service or as a standalone intranet installation. View Profile


by Octopz

Advanced online collaboration with creatives working for digital media View Profile

A free online whiteboard that allows users to collaborate in real-time. View Profile


by Chmura Economics & Analytics

Online workspace, collaboration, and project management solution with tasks and milestones management, files tracking, and messaging. View Profile


by Digital Samba

Flash-based enterprise web conferencing & communications software. View Profile


by Unify

Collaboration solution that includes web conferencing, application sharing, and white-boarding. Supports media and moderator switching. View Profile

Oracle Beehive

by Oracle

A secure collaboration and communication platform for conferencing, instant messaging, email, calendar, and team workspaces. View Profile

OX App Suite

by Open-Xchange

A cost effective messaging and collaboration solution based upon open source components. View Profile


by PBwiki

The perfect tool for improving coordination, reducing wasted effort, and freeing up extra time for productive work. View Profile

PC-Slides Plus

by PC-Conferencing

Enables you to add visual presentations, web tours, app sharing and team collaboration to your conference. View Profile


by Imunin Software

KM software with group chat and document sharing indexed by content and made searchable in an enterprise-wide knowledge network. View Profile


by Pelotonics

Group collaboration tool designed to create discussion topics, track time, prioritize tasks and set auto reminder notifications. View Profile


by Pinipa

Collaboration platform for business transformation and change View Profile


by Saratoga Oceanic Development Group

Offers simpicity of operation, seamless and fast collaboration tools and high quality audio and video. View Profile


by Planio

Finally: one App for Everything. Agile & Traditional Projects, Files, Wikis, Customers, Helpdesk, Git & Subversion. View Profile


by Augeo Software

Create a unique workspace to plan your projects, manage tasks, communicate and collaborate with colleagues and partners. View Profile


by Plush Content

Communications platform for your organization, featuring real-time discussions, integrated blog, member directory, private messaging. View Profile

Cloud based project portfolio management solution. Centralize projects, optimize resources, and increase on-time delivery of work. View Profile


by Powernoodle

Cloud based software that helps organizations make collaborative, impactful and inclusive decisions. View Profile

Build to order platform that extends project portfolio management (PPM) to all areas of the business regardless of work focus. View Profile


by Planview

Projectplace provides powerful collaboration tools. Simple. Scalable. Secure. View Profile


by Projectplace

Projectplace provides powerful collaboration tools. Simple. Scalable. Secure. View Profile

by Gambrell Software

100% web-based, file collaboration solutions that organizations and project teams need to centralize isolated data. View Profile


by Projektino

Online collaboration tool for project management, customer relation management, trips, seminars and conferences, education purpose. View Profile


by ProjectLounge

Offers a place on the Internet where you can publish, share, and track information with a community of individuals. View Profile


by Vigience

Easy-to-use collaborative task management cloud software for employees, customers and partners to help manage projects better together. View Profile


by ReadyPortal

A lightweight high performance portal engine focused on ease of implementation and content publication. View Profile


by ReadyTalk

Audio and web meeting solutions that are intuitive to use, simple to join and easy on the budget. View Profile

Design, implement and manage a scalable video infrastructure network , media servers, distributed video & video conferencing. View Profile


by Multivitamin

An online whiteboard where you collaborate freely and visually on your business processes or everyday life. View Profile


by Aquent On Demand

Real-time access to project status and schedules, everyone on the team knows where things are and who is working on what. View Profile


by ILD

Web conferencing, webcasting, and content management services. View Profile


by Attend

RushTera is a web-based, massive file-sharing platform with secure cloud storage. Remote content collaboration with no file-size limit. View Profile


by Schoology

An easy-to-use and implement online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform that enhances student engagement. View Profile


by ShareMethods

Provides centralized and secure document creation, collaboration and sharing for sales and marketing teams. View Profile


by Microsoft

Applications and desktop sharing and viewing, annotation tools, instant messaging, Web slides, and Whiteboards. View Profile

Secure, scalable network that serves as the foundation for internal or B2B collaboration. View Profile

Sitrion One

by Sitrion

Make your SharePoint environment the ultimate social platform you've been looking for. View Profile


by Tiny Speck

Search focused communication tool for teams that automatically indexes content of every discussion and every document that is uploaded. View Profile


by Octopus Marketing

Supports over120 file types. Enables collaboration, internal or external input/feedback, any browser/device. Providesin depth metrics. View Profile


by Teknowmics

SmartDocs is a cloud based SaaS content / knowledge solution, allowing better management and sharing of information across the org. View Profile

Social Collaboration

by SumTotal Systems

Allows employees to get information from company experts and organizations to capture the knowledge transfer for future reference. View Profile

Social Networking Software

by Mega Star Media

Building social networks for start ups since 1999. Social Networking Software. Let our experience guide you. View Profile


by Socialtext

Open source wiki that allows users to use private web pages to work together over the web in a secure environment. View Profile


by Webb Technologies

Social collaboration platform, accessible from any PC, Mac or internet connected device. No software to buy and set up. View Profile


by Moxie

Social workspace that enables companies to connect employees, customers and partners to engage in business, share knowledge and more. View Profile


by Wootech

Simple progress reporting for teams. View Profile


by InfoStreet

Rapidly deploy Intranets and Extranets that include email, group calendars, portals, file sharing, knowledge management. View Profile

Student Jotter

by Webanywhere

Create, store and retrieve a life of school learning in a controlled, secure online environment.... View Profile


by Advanced Millennium Technologies

A web 2.0 based messaging and collaboration suite that enables sharing of email accounts among team members. View Profile


by Buth Systems

Web conferencing solution using proven enterprise class Oracle technology with 128-bit encryption. View Profile


by ForeSoft

Design web-based database applications or use predefined solutions to gather, share and manage business information. View Profile


by 5 Point

Web based groupware and collaboration environment for virtual projects and teamwork. View Profile


by TeamViewer

Connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. Remote control a partners PC as if you were sitting in front of it. View Profile

TeamWork Live

by CollectiveSoft

Manage projects, centralize team communication, share documents and files, collaborate with clients. View Profile


by Teowaki

Collaborative communication tool that allows developers to share project information and best practices with the team. View Profile


by GroupSystems

E-collaboration software to enable workgroup success by combining technology, methodologies, and expert services. View Profile


by ej4

Thinkzoom enables easier creation & tracking of video communication tools, and offers a platform for better workplace communication. View Profile


by Tibbr

Tibbr is the social network for work. It brings people, files, applications and actions together so work gets done faster. View Profile


by Trackmemo

A real time news feed of your team that gets you the big picture without status updates. View Profile

Traction TeamPage

by Traction Software

integrated action tracking, collaboration, and search that makes it simple to get work done with external as well as internal teams. View Profile


by Tribecube

Cloud-based collaboration service designed for dispersed teams and telecommuters, supporting natural video presence and conversation. View Profile


by Trubiquity

A solution for collaboration and process automation throughout the enterprise. View Profile


by Twoodo

Twoodo uses Twitter language - hashtags (#) and @ to create a seamless collaborating experience for its users. View Profile

Unified Conferencing

by EventBuilder

Collaborative solution that combines conference calling, meeting scheduling, invitation management & web conferencing. View Profile

Unified Meeting

by BroadData Conferencing

Web conferencing that unifies audio, web & video conferencing and integrates with your other standard business tools. View Profile


by Bluespace Software

Software to merge different email accounts into one inbox with a built in instant messaging client, compatible with Microsoft Exchange. View Profile

VentureBox Assist

by VentureBox

This free software is easy to use and allows sharing of the information from anywhere. View Profile


by Bitcarvers

Advanced collaboration tool that integrates project planning, issue tracking, time tracking, and document sharing for your team. View Profile

Delivers higher-quality experiences and greater deployment flexibility - all at a lower cost - over converged IP networks. View Profile

Virtual Board Room


A web based application designed to assist in Internet / LAN based communication, management, and collaboration for any company. View Profile

Virtual Office


An integrated suite of 15 applications include email, calendar and address book that are accessed via the Internet 24/7. View Profile

VMukti Web Conferencing

by VMukti Solutions

A open source video web communication platform which allows Multi-Point video and web conferencing. View Profile


by Volerro

Visual and intuitive cloud-based collaboration platform that enables interactions with various digital formats. View Profile



A web collaboration platform allowing perpetual meetings through its online portal. View Profile

Web conferencing

by Arkadin

Increases productivity of phone and web conferencing, with quick, simple and professional tools. View Profile

Web Crossing

by Elliptics

Online conferencing solutions including discussion groups & bulletin boards, calendar services, chats & live events. View Profile

Web Office

by VillageMall

Connects all of your company, employees or contractors, enabling access to information, corporate data and collaboration. View Profile

Web Share

by LightEdge Solutions

Comprehensive web conferencing tool available in an On-Demand model for sharing applications and real time collaboration. View Profile

WebAsyst Suite

by WebAsyst

Enables you to implement customer, project and document management in a world-wide internet environment. View Profile

Secure and customizable enterprise collaboration and online communities with knowledge management, document sharing, and more. View Profile


by Webjam Mark 2

Brings you, your customers and your team closer together to easily connect and share information in real time. View Profile


by Kore Technologies

Software that manages requests, projects, and tasks; offes discussion forum, team portal creation, and documents sharing. View Profile


by Weekdone

Weekly status reporting tool for managers who want to get more insights into their teams and improve team collaboration and focus. View Profile

Windchill PLM

by NxRev

Enables companies to streamline product development processes and deliver superior physical goods and information products View Profile


by Wiredrive

Total asset management solution helping you deliver on time. Offering industry leading upload speeds & a simply beautiful interface. View Profile


by MetaCommunications

Process automation and management solution for workgroups in the marketing, creative, publishing, prepress and print environments. View Profile


by WorkZone

Easy-to-use extranet for collaboration and document sharing with clients, teams and business partners. View Profile

WS_FTP Professional

by Ipswitch

Securely transfers files with lightning-fast transfer speeds, industry-leading security, and includes time-saving automation features. View Profile


by Yammer

Revolutionize internal communications by bringing together all employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. View Profile

Yapmo Direct

by Yapmo

Helps sales & marketing teams collaborate via mobile, tablet and desktop. Integrates with CRM for instant updates. View Profile


by Yugma

Collaboration software designed to allow users to share desktops and communicate spontaneously without leaving their office or homes. View Profile


by yuuguu

Hold online meetings, share your screen and work together on the same documents in real time. View Profile


by Zarafa

Open-source email and collaboration software with calendaring, tasks and contacts management, mobile devices compatability. View Profile

Open source solution providing support for email, contacts, and group calendaring, and consists of a server and client. View Profile


by Zullo Technologies

Fast, easy and secure way to communicate and collaborate from any workstation in real time. View Profile

Zoho Docs

by Zoho

Online document management with online file Storage, file sharing, online chat & collaboration, and writer, sheet and show. View Profile

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