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OneLogin provides a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for companies to secure and manage access to web applications both in the cloud and behind the firewall. Does your company have three or more SaaS or internal web apps? If so, then you will benefit from the security of a cloud-based single sign-on solution like OneLogin. Learn more about our solution from our whitepapers and webinars. View Profile

Secure, multi-user password management software for IT professionals. One central vault for securing passwords and more. Easy deployment - 30 to 60 minutes. Installed on-premise (runs on a VM if you want). Free 30 Day Trial. Integrated with Active Directory. Changes passwords on AD, Windows, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, UNIX/Linux, Cisco, Juniper and even more. Also take control of your Service Account passwords (find where service accounts are used and automatically change passwords). View Profile

Protect users against malicious programs such as viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers, spam and other forms of intrusion. View Profile

Website security test to protect application and server against hackers. View Profile

Corner Bowl Log Manager

by Corner Bowl Software

Log monitoring, consolidation, auditing and reporting tool that allows users to monitor networks and satisfy auditing requirements. View Profile

PDF document security software with US Government strength encryption and DRM digital rights management controls. View Profile

Patch management solution that delivers centralized control of your entire vulnerability management process from a single location. View Profile


by CurrentWare

provides a proactive solution for securing company endpoints (USBs, CD/DVDs, BlueTooth, WiFi, FireWire, iPods, MP3s). View Profile


by Viwal Interactive

Unicode-enabled checksum utility for Windows, will help to prevent accidental or intentional damaging of your data. View Profile


by ActivIdentity

Provides multi-factor, strong authentication to a variety of services on PCs. View Profile

Active Shield

by Security Stronghold

Protects your computer from trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, and even some special kinds of viruses. View Profile

Activeworx Enterprise

by CrossTec

Secure, cross-platform, remote support, management, inventory, file transfer and scripting software. View Profile


by Faronics

Faronics Anti-Executable ensures total endpoint productivity by only allowing approved applications to run on a computer or server. View Profile


by Wegilant

Just a scan to find the security vulnerabilities in your mobile app and their exact location. Appvigil does the rest. View Profile

Protect your business and customer data with the most-trusted security solution in the world. View Profile

AVG Internet Security

by AVG Technologies

AVG helps you grow your business knowing that your data and online communications are protected. View Profile

BorderWare Firewall Server

by BorderWare Technologies

Integrated solution that eliminates vulnerabilities and costs associated with a separate firewall and operating system. View Profile

Calyx Suite

by Open Seas

Includes two factor sign-on, access control, encryption, personal firewall using smart cards, USB or biometrics. View Profile

A comprehensive security software application that is easy to deploy and scales to the largest of global networks. View Profile

Addresses data privacy, residency, security, and compliance concerns so that organizations can confidently deploy Salesforce. View Profile

Companies can successfully navigate today's regulatory environment and increase business value by automating IT security functions. View Profile

Enables access to information through encryption, providing information security, privacy and confidentiality. View Profile


by ControlCase

Comprehensive computer security incident management system. View Profile

The Secunia CSI is a vulnerability and patch management solution that completes the patch management process. View Profile

Crypto Complete

by Linoma Software

Encryption and tokenization software that protects sensitive data using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing. View Profile


by InfoExpress

Network-ready solution that automatically detects, audits, quarantines and remediates endpoints. View Profile

Data Rover EP

by Mission2Mars

Calculates the Effective Permissions on Microsoft Windows File Servers. View Profile


by DeviceLock

Provides both contextual and content-based control for maximum leakage prevention at minimum upfront and ownership cost. View Profile


by Securstar

Protects all proprietary data on notebooks and desktop computers 100% of the time without users having to think about security. View Profile

east-tec Eraser 2014

by East-Tec

Keep what you do on your computer to yourself! Protect your privacy and files! View Profile

Egosecure Endpoint

by Egosecure

Covers all endpoint security, control and data loss prevention tasks which are relevant for preventive data protection measures. View Profile

EnCase Enterprise

by Guidance Software

Enables analysis to respond to security incidents, perform investigations and conduct audits. View Profile


by Encryption Security Solutions

Best in class encryption security products for business, governmental and individual needs. View Profile

Visualize your entire network, identify security threats in real-time, and improve IT governance with modular analytics solution. View Profile


by SentryBay

Protects users' logins from all keylogging spyware - for both PC and web-based applications. View Profile

eScan ISS

by MicroWorld Technologies

A complete security suite which provides essential protection against viruses, objectionable content, hackers and privacy threats. View Profile

F-Secure VPN+

by F-Secure

Provides strong encryption, supports multiple protocols, security standards & authentication methods. View Profile


by Check Point Software Technologies

Firewall that provides access control, content security, authentication and centralized management. View Profile

ForeScout CounterACT Edge

by ForeScout Technologies

Security hardware that monitors the perimeter and preempts targeted attacks. View Profile

Fortres 101

by Fortres Grand

Reliable security software for student access. Fortres 101 limits computer access to only programs, files, and Web sites you allow. View Profile

G Data Internet Security 2013

by G Data Software

Comprehensive antivirus protection package with behavior checking, parental controls, and idle scanning. View Profile


by Internet Biometric Security Systems

On demand biometric security solution for any type of internet application requiring security of confidential information. View Profile

Gold Antivirus

by M1 Group

Gold Antivirus: Free Edition offers a wide range of effective tools for keeping your computer safe for your business. View Profile

Manages and safeguards access to your data and lets you enforce a unified security policy across the enterprise. View Profile

Centralized management of users, groups and roles, role-based access control, entitlements and access policies. View Profile

IMCrypto Pro

by Global Information Technology

IMCrypto Pro uses in its work one of the most widely spread asymmetric encryption algorithms - RSA. View Profile

IntelliTrack Network

by Soni-Soft

Intelligence software system for security, loss prevention and audit organisations in the retail & financial sectors. View Profile

Internet Lock

by TopLang Software

Ppassword protect or deny any program from accessing internet. Protect or deny all programs from accessing the special TCP ports. View Profile

Invisible Secrets

by NeoByte Solutions

Security software that encrypts your data and files for safe keeping or secure transfer across the net. View Profile

iPrism Web Security

by EdgeWave

Integrated cyber security suite for comprehensive data protection and web security compliance across all network access points View Profile


by LiveEnsure

Authenticates users through their mobile device, location, knowledge and behavior. View Profile


by LogPoint

LogPoint is an effective and valuable SIEM solution for enterprises of all sizes because of its unique design and rich features. View Profile

Simplifies protecting files, file transfers, and application data while improving security; uses PGP encryption. View Profile


by InetSolution

Uses powerful encryption to secure databases at the cell level and can encrypt email messages and flat files on your network. View Profile


by Clearswift

Content security software that enables businesses to protect themselves against digital attacks. View Profile


by Vircom

Robust, customizable email security solution that ensures a high catch rate and an almost non-existent false-positive rate. View Profile

MxM Secure

by Ezenia!

Provides real-time collaboration and information sharing, with military grade encryption for the security of your information. View Profile


by Logmatrix

Delivers integrated, real-time security management in a single, seamless suite. View Profile

NetIQ Sentinel 7

by NetIQ

Make decisive, appropriate responses to incidents by automating identification and resolution processes. View Profile

NetSupport Protect

by NetSupport

Top choice of IT admins and tech coordinators to protect Windows operating systems and desktops from unwanted or malicious changes. View Profile

Network security audit system designed to audit network and detect available security vulnerabilities in the network. View Profile

Network Security Manager

by Intellitactics

Threat management software that enables you to police, prioritize and prevail across the full range of today's security threats. View Profile

Safeguard your network against undesirable Internet content while maintaining exceptional performance levels. View Profile

Password Reset

by Special Operations Software

Self Service Password Reset for Active Directory. Deploy a solution that saves you $1000's in lost productivity and support costs. View Profile


by DTS

Secures the Windows Operating System from unwanted or malicious writes. View Profile


by BeyondTrust

Access Control and Authentication; identify and strengthen your security's weak points, manage access and allocate privileges. View Profile

PureSight CSDK/OEM

by PureSight Technologies

Easily integrated into Internet security suites/appliances to provide content filtering capabilities to your offerings. View Profile

Monitors the vulnerability management process, tracks remediation and ensures policy compliance. View Profile

Retina Network Security Scanner

by eEye Digital Security

Combines advanced scanning technology with most comprehensive vulnerability database. View Profile

Rohos Logon Key

by Teslain

Two-factor authentication solutions for Windows. Secure USB Key logon. View Profile

RollBack Rx Server

by Horizon Datasys

Windows Server backup and restore utility that gives IT professionals the ability to quickly restore mission critical systems. View Profile

RSA Keon

by RSA Security

Public key infrastructure; enables, manages and simplifies the use of digital certificates. View Profile


by Utimaco

A comprehensive solution portfolio that guarantees your organization to cover all data security requirements the way you want. View Profile

Integrated Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Compliance, and Configuration Audit software. View Profile

SecuBox for Pocket PC

by Aiko Solutions

User-friendly encryption software for Windows driven PDAs and smartphones. View Profile

Secure Audit Vault

by Kinamik

A software solution for data integrity protection that centralizes and preserves sensitive data, and makes it tamper-evident. View Profile

Secure CommNet

by Radient Software

A 32-bit Windows application for secure shell (SSH2), telnet, and dial-up connections. View Profile

Secure Hive

by Secure Hive

Create encrypted archives and self-extracting .exe files for secure storage and file sharing. View Profile

Secure Hunter Business

by Secure Hunter

Acting as a sidekick to your antivirus program, Secure Hunter locates malicious software and eliminates it before it reaches your data. View Profile

Security services platform is your company's security services, for your clients, and 100% private labeled for YOUR business. View Profile

Security Shield

by PCSecurityShield

Protects your business from viruses, spyware, Trojans, root-kits, hackers, adware and more. View Profile


by St. Bernard Software

Policy-based product; audit, enforce and report on managed machines with respect to their assigned policies. View Profile

SenSage 3.0

by SenSage

Allows for analyzation, monitoring and storage of event log data for compliance and insider threat detection. View Profile


by Odyssey Technologies

Security gateway software with capabilities for providing digital certificate based authentication and non-repudiation services. View Profile

Sophos Cloud

by Sophos

Windows, Mac and mobile, together at last. Manage endpoint security and mobile devices from one unified cloud console. View Profile

SP Detect

by BlackStratus

Reliable access to comprehensive correlation, dynamic threat visualization, reporting and analytics. View Profile

Spy Sweeper Enterprise

by Webroot Software

Provides a distributed anti-spyware solution using a client/server architecture with centralized management & reporting. View Profile

Spyware Scanning

by Alfasoftware

Fast spyware scanning easily remove pests such as WinFixer, SpyAxe, SpyFalcon, and thousands more. View Profile

SSH Tectia

by SSH Communications Security

Enables secure system administration, secure file transfer and secure application connectivity with centralized control. View Profile


by StillSecure

Security testing, monitoring and management software that defends networks from security breaches. View Profile


by Stonesoft

Highly Available Firewall/VPN that provides Security, Manageability, Availability, and Scalability. View Profile

Protects enterprise assets and business transactions by ensuring fast and secure connections with the Internet. View Profile


by SecurePro Software

File Synchronization Application and Cloud Storage. View Profile


by ComputerProx

Solution that automatically locks the system without requiring any keystrokes from the user. View Profile


by Panda Software

Easy-to-use protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and other Internet threats. View Profile

Tripwire for Servers

by Tripwire

Detect intentional tampering, user error, software failure, and introductions of malicious software. View Profile

Trust Lockdown

by White Cloud Security

App trust-listing technology. Protects your systems by only allowing trusted applications to execute. View Profile

Trustifier KSE

by Trustifier

Security solution for Unix-like OS. Separate system administrators from sensitive data to ensure security of your IT resources. View Profile

TweakEasy Professional

by WinSetter

A professional yet easy-to-use Windows tweaking utility with 2494 policies to configure. View Profile


by Baltimore Technologies

PKI; addresses key security concerns associated with the Web, and enables Intranets, Extranets, e-mail and VPNs. View Profile


by Secu Tech

A license management solution for audio, video, software, and web authentication. View Profile


by US Diversified Tech

Administrative control of USB ports, CD-RW and Bluetooth. View Profile

Validian ASI

by Validian

Manages all crucial security functions, including authentication, encryption and addressing. View Profile


by Golden Frog

Manages its own network, and owns the hardware so we can deliver the fastest VPN speeds in the world View Profile

The industry's fastest Web security appliance with a new scanning technology that enables signature-based spyware filtering. View Profile

Web Security Manager

by Armorlogic

Out of the box protection and automated policy building with adaptive learning allow for fast track web security. View Profile

WiKID Authentication System

by WiKID Systems

System for two-factor authentication that increases security, reduces costs and is very convenient to the end-user. View Profile

XenoCode 2005

by XenoCode

Powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use code security and deployment solution for .NET developers. View Profile

XyLoc Security Server

by Ensure Technologies

A server-based software platform that centrally manages and monitors XyLoc users and protected workstations throughout the enterprise. View Profile

ZoneAlarm Pro

by Zone Labs

PC firewall that keeps your personal data and privacy safe from Internet hackers and data thieves. View Profile

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