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The 360 Platform


A SaaS-based platform for managing complex incentive programs in real time. Provides brands with a platform to create limitless customized incentive programs and then pay channel partners within days by many methods, including custom-branded debit and credit cards. Campaigns can then be viewed from a customized dashboard which reports results and effectiveness is real time. View Profile

Preferred Market Solutions is an industry leader in Loyalty Rewards Programs, Loyalty Marketing and Gift Card Management throughout the U.S. and Abroad. With Preferred Patron you can manage points and rewards, incentive promotions, membership programs, eMail marketing, SMS texting and VIP programs all on your own PC or on any web enabled device. You can also manage customized gift cards, stored value cards, store-credits/vouchers, spending accounts, and reloadable cards. View Profile

The Loyalty Box is a customizable loyalty solution for retailers on a budget. At a cost of just $45 per month per store, it allows business owners to set up a range of unique and differentiated programs (incl. cashback, points, gift cards/codes, and more). With The Loyalty Box software, managers can easily automate the sending of highly targeted promotional messages to specific customer groups based on what they buy, when they buy, how much they spend, and how often they visit stores. View Profile

A web application that allows retailers to manage the loyalty reward program. Offers purchases tracking and redemption reporting tools. View Profile

CashFootprint Point-of-Sale will securely process sales, organize inventory and track customer history. View Profile

River Cities

by River Cities Software

Increase your brand awareness among your customers by having a frequent buyer program. View Profile


by Appdator

Customers buy once and never come back? Build your own biz app and loyalty program and convert one time customers to repeat customers. View Profile


by AddShoppers

Self-serve social media marketing platform for small-medium size online retailers. View Profile


by MediaTrac

Your Customized, Rewards-Based Program For Customer Retention and Preventive Service. View Profile


by PowerCard

Allows multi-unit restaurants to run mobile and card-based loyalty programs using POS integration, analytics, and social media tools. View Profile

Arcovo Hotel Loyalty

by Arcovo Systems

Our platform is designed specifically for hotels to operate their own independent loyalty program. View Profile


by Belly

Leading loyalty program that offers customized rewards, social media integration, and email marketing campaigns. The tablet included. View Profile


by BigDoor

Gamification platform that helps companies promote brand loyalty through customer rewards. View Profile


by BlinkBee

A customer loyalty solutions provider with rewards, points, gifts and more for service industries such as travel, retail, etc. View Profile

Bluestar Loyalty

by Bluestar Loyalty

Customer rewards system with cards design, segmented reporting, integrated email and text marketing tools. View Profile

Boltzmann CLP

by Seretos Consulting

Software for loyalty program automation and configuration. Customer support module available. View Profile


by RAP Solutions

Mobile-based application designed to collect customer satisfaction data, run customer acquisition and rewards programs. View Profile

by brandbuddee

Loyalty program management tool that helps encourage your customers to review and promote your brand through social media channels. View Profile

Brownie Points

by Brownie Points

Brownie Points is a simple new way for independent stores to engage, acquire, and retain more customers as a collective. View Profile


by Bungee Loyalty Programs

Saas designed to manage loyalty programs. Provides dynamic advertising, social media and e-rewards system integration. View Profile


Gift voucher solution can be individually tailored for your business and professionally integrated into your existing website. View Profile


by Cafe Rocket

Web-based software that makes available transactional emails, marketing reports, gift card and client loyalty programs creation. View Profile

Card City

by Card City Solutions

Free, web based system to track and process loyalty, rewards and gift cards. View Profile


by Cardlink Solutions

Creating international software products for card management, loyalty programmes, payment solutions and the fleet management sectors. View Profile

CashStar eGift Cards

by CashStar

Web-based mobile gifting software that enables stores to drive customer loyalty. Used by hundreds of brands across retail categories. View Profile


by CityGro

CityGro's marketing solutions are automated and data-driven, and they get sizzling hot results. We get customers coming back! View Profile


by RedGiant Analytics

Customer loyalty and analytics system with RFID technology, customer shopping tracking, and social media broadcasting capabilities. View Profile

Clickworld provide modern business retailers with new marketing software and hardware to take their business to new heights. View Profile


by Collect

Cloud-based customer loyalty software for retail and hospitality stores. Integrated with POS, email marketing tools and eCommerce. View Profile

Course Rewards

by Course Rewards

White-label loyalty system that enables golf clubs to run member benefits program or rewards program. Offers online member portal. View Profile


by CrowdTwist

We provide omni-channel loyalty & analytics solutions that help brands build more profitable and active relationships with customers. View Profile

Customer Loyalty

by Joint Loyalty

Card / cardless loyalty system designed for use with or without a POS system. Customized rewards points, % off or cash coupon. View Profile

Online software designed to manage rules-based loyalty programs. Provides membership management and communication tools. View Profile


by DataCandy

Multichannel, multilingual, multicurrency - enables retailers and merchants to obtain SKU-based customer and product information. View Profile


by directdialogs

Helps B2C businesses create customer databases, analyze purchase behavior, execute marketing campaigns and offer loyalty programs. View Profile


by Easy Loyalty

Loyalty card software that provides customer database filtering, activity monitoring, and points correction tools. View Profile

Experts IN CLP

by Experts IN Solutions

Allows you to configure loyalty programs, manage membership, and analyze customer activity. SMS integration. View Profile

eZee iFeedback

by eZee Technosys

eZee iFeedback gives your hotel and restaurant the tool to effectively collect reviews, opinions or any data. View Profile

Fidelity Dining

by Catalpa Systems

Loyalty and Rewards Programs that will increase sales and customer satisfaction. View Profile

Firefly Rewards

by Firefly Rewards

Cloud-based software designed to automate rewards program, analyze and capture customer data. Text and email messaging tools included. View Profile


by FiveStars Loyalty

Loyalty automation platform with social media integration, email/messaging campaigns, and analytics tools. Integration with POS system. View Profile


by Gava Systems

Functionality includes loyalty program administration, real-time customer balance checks, and transaction processing tools. View Profile



Stand-alone solution with no transaction fees, giving you total operational & marketing flexibility because you own the data & software View Profile

Gift Card and Loyalty Program

by IDCARD Rewards

Web-based customizable solution with points accumulation, point balance printing on the receipt, and rewards leveling capabilities. View Profile

GiftTran Manager

by Debit Design Technologies

Loyalty card software with transaction and card history tracking, report management, and merchant information control functionality. View Profile


by GimmieWorld

Build your own custom program or campaign with Gimmie features. View Profile


by Global Loyalty

Revolutionary customer loyalty software with unparalleled administration and process cost savings and up/cross sell revenue channels. View Profile

Loyalty reward system designed as an add-on for MS Dynamics RMS. Provides points collection and redemption scheduling capabilities. View Profile


by SpotOn

Mobile application for iPad/Android. Features include loyalty programs management, charting, and customer activity tracking. View Profile

i2c Engage

by i2c

Multichannel loyalty and marketing platform that provides personalized targeting, campaign creation, scheduling and management tools. View Profile


by IdentLogic Systems

Web-based customer loyalty program that provides member management, point computation, award redemption, and CLP performance tracking. View Profile


by IBS Software Services

iLoyal is the next generation loyalty management solution developed by IBS for the airline industry. View Profile


by Incentivesmart

incentivebank is an online points loyalty platform for motivating staff, inspiring customer loyalty, driving sales & engaging channels. View Profile


by Incentive Logic

Enterprise-Class Solutions for acquiring customers, rewarding achievement, increasing customer performance and building loyalty. View Profile


by Sigmer Technologies

Incentive Program Management View Profile

Instant Loyalty

by Fidelity Systems

Card-based system that offers purchasing activity analysis, vouchers samples, customer database filtering, and communicaion tools. View Profile

iVend Retail

by CitiXsys

iVend Retail, a PCI compliant and SAP Certified solution, is a complete Retail Management Software View Profile

Launch Pad

by NextBee

Software solution for Referral marketing, Buzz Marketing, Reward Systems, Viral Marketing, and more. View Profile


by LinkTrust Systems

Performance marketing tracking software with lead generation, pixel tracking, fraud prevention, and real-time reporting. View Profile


by Leap Loyalty Solutions

This modular software allows retail chains to develop and analyze loyalty programs. Member portal module available. View Profile


by BlueBox

The marketing and loyalty system for small businesses. View Profile


by LoyalBlocks

The only automatic mobile loyalty solution on the market. View Profile


by Destination Rewards

Solution that offers virtual currency and engagement platform for customized rewards programs creation and management. View Profile

Loyalty Anywhere

by IDL Technology Group

Loyalty Card and Gift, Stored Value, or Prepared card program. View Profile

Loyalty Bound

by ADI Agency

Automated customer loyalty platform for the retail, hotel, construction, and auto industries. View Profile

Loyalty Bus Platform

by Loyalty Bus

Cloud-based solution for loyalty programs creation, planning, and management. EPOS integration available. View Profile

Loyalty Card Software

by Plastic Card ID

Provides online control panel, unlimited award levels, and audit reporting. Card balance can be checked from the website. View Profile

Loyalty Connect Platform

by Loyalty Connect

Web-based platform designed to create and manage employee reward and customer loyalty programs. View Profile

Loyalty Lab Reward

by TIBCO Software

Comprehensive set of features and capabilities for high-volume consumer marketers seeking a world-class loyalty marketing solution. View Profile

Loyalty Leaders

by The JAY Group

Customized CRM system with customer satisfaction analysis, purchasing activity tracking, and promotional campaigns development tools. View Profile

Loyalty Management Suite

by Loyalty Partner Solutions

LMS is a proven, highly flexible & rules-based software platform. Its modular system maps the full chain of your loyalty activities. View Profile

Loyalty Marketing

by Eastbiz Net

Software for operating your company loyalty program. View Profile

Loyalty Software

by TradeOne

Loyalty Software producing a variety of daily audit reports facilitating management control and insight into program performance. View Profile

Loyalty Solutions

by Comarch

System which supports defining and managing loyalty programs leading to increasing current client retention and winning new clients. View Profile

Loyalty Systems

by The Logic Group

LogicGroup is the leading supplier of end-to-end solutions for customer relationship programmes and loyalty schemes. View Profile

by Z.S. Microtech

Card-based loyalty program software with sms/email messaging and insight reporting tools for spas, restaurants, and retail outlets. View Profile


by Loyalty Gator

Affordable web-based platform for businesses to manage customer loyalty programs, gift cards, or employee incentives. Free Trial! View Profile


by LoyaltyLion

Web-based customer loyalty solution geared for any size company. View Profile

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand

by LoyaltyMatch

With this SaaS you have the ability to manage rewards catalogue, use social loyalty and real-time analytics tools. POS integration. View Profile

LoyaltyPlus Enterprise

by 500Friends

Loyalty and lifecycle marketing platform that allows retailers to implement targeted promotions, and use content management tools. View Profile


by SparkBase

Gift cards and loyalty rewards software that can be plugged into current eCommerce websites or POS devices. View Profile

Customer loyalty and channel sales incentive programs that boost sales and build loyalty with channel partners. View Profile

Loyax Loyalty Platform

by Sirma Solutions

White label customizable platform. Blends web, mobile, social and in-store interactions to reach your customers everywhere. View Profile


by MobiQuest

Mobile based Customer Loyalty Platform View Profile


by BlippMedia

Provides user location tracking, push notifications, customer account management, and social media integration. View Profile

Multi-Level Loyalty

by EVT Solutions

Multi-channel loyalty solution for companies that sell in store, online, or through clubs. View Profile

Neroya Business

by Neroya

An application that provides customer database building, user access control, incentive offers management, and messaging tools. View Profile

Online Rewards

by Online Rewards

Provides the expertise, technology, rewards fulfillment and program support services to turn your program visions into reality. View Profile


by MediaWatt

Full featured gift and loyalty card processing system. One time software purchase with no transaction fees. View Profile


by Paytronix Systems

Automate communications based on guest behaviors. With target list builder and statistics functionality. View Profile


by Perka

Mobile engagement platform designed to implement mobile loyalty marketing campaigns. Provides statistics and communication tools. View Profile


by Perks

Help you easily identify those who like your products; we supply them with incentives to help them like you even more. View Profile


by Perkville

Perkville turns our email address into a virtual reward card. No cards to carry. No apps to download. View Profile


by PlumReward

Mobile marketing solution that combines hardware and software. Features include social integration, sms marketing, and website widgets. View Profile


by Apandor

Mobile loyalty points program for stores. Provides coupon creation, point use logging, and user activity logging functionality. View Profile


by CardSys

Web-based loyality system that allows you to manage system access rights, analyze customer spending behaviour, and manage membership. View Profile


by Polaris Marketing Research

Program design, questionnaire development, and data collection to analysis and reporting; create a successful customer loyalty program. View Profile


by Proximium Technologies

Online mobile marketing tool to help increase customer loyalty. View Profile


by PunchTab

Omni-channel loyalty platform with website integration, white-labeling, and virtual rewards creation tools for brands and agencies. View Profile

QuintLoyalty LEAP Platform

by QuintLoyalty

Provide leading edge technology, incredible incentives, and the design and management expertise for our clients. View Profile



Software to boost return customer rates by creating a loyalty discount program that can be integrated with social media sites. View Profile

Repeat Returns

by Repeat Returns

A complete turn-key, hassle-free, feature-rich marketing platform View Profile


by Pro/Phase Marketing

Customer loyalty is at the heart of your marketing effort so let us help you put your pulse on the right track with a winning program. View Profile


by Securit World

Web-based system that allows you to manage campaigns, use rules-based loyalty schemes and mailing list feature. View Profile


by QR Loyalty Systems

Allows you to use printable QR codes for your mobile loyalty program. POS compatible. No physical loyalty cards required. View Profile


by Incentive Solutions

Web-based point program platform that includes site content management, rewards catalogue, and participant activity tracking features. View Profile

by POS International

Multi-user, multi-location customer rewards and GCeXpress gift card software product created specifically for enterprise merchants. View Profile


by RoboRewards

Loyalty Program Software that offers POS integration, email maketing, surveys, appointment scheduling, and Facebook integration View Profile


by Lucent SMB Solutions

Java-based gift and loyalty card software that allows businesses to store customer details, track sales records and customer balances. View Profile



Our hosted applications manage customer data, collect customer feedback, distribute real-time data, integrated with legacy systems. View Profile


by Tecmark

Loyalty program software that is simple to use and easy to evolve. View Profile

Smart Loyalty Platform

by Smart Button

Smart Button Loyalty Platform (SBLP) is a web-based loyalty marketing platform for customer engagement, retention and rewards. View Profile


by Kedia Infotech

Solution to address loyalty programs, electronic cash, utility & identity cards. Can be molded / customised as per requirements. View Profile


by BPC Group

Card-based loyalty program solution with co-branded programs support, bonuses calculation, and rewards redemption configuration tools. View Profile

Social Prize

by Social Prize

Social sweepstakes SaaS offering for converting your audience while promoting your products, offers, & stories. View Profile

Integrate loyalty & gift card services into your POS. Customers can use an NFC tag, card or app to collect points & pay for purchases. View Profile

Stamp Me

by Stamp Media

Smartphone loyalty card application with customer numbers tracking, communication tools, and social media engagement capabilities. View Profile


by StickyStreet

Cloud based, turnkey, loyalty and gift card solution - provide your clients with private label loyalty programs anywhere in the world. View Profile

Summit Employee Incentives

by Ritam Technologies

Tracks employee incentives and rewards, based on job performace. Can also be used to track customer loyalty incentives. View Profile

Loyalty program management software with various reward options, automatic points calculation, and customizable points exchange rate. View Profile

The Loyalty Impact: At Store

by Welcome Real-Time

Real-time solution that makes available customer enrollment during payment transactions, printable coupons and sms invitations sending. View Profile

Ticket Max

by Edenred Singapore

Online incentives and rewards solution that allows businesses to use gift vouchers for their employees, partners, and customers. View Profile


by Waypoint Group

TopBox provides a streamlined and cost-efficient B2B customer-feedback solution to help SMBs grow through strategic insights. View Profile

Touch Pro

by Touch Pro

Restaurant management and POS software serving restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pizzerias, hotels and country clubs. View Profile


by Triplefy

Gift card and daily deal software for online and in-store sales. No initial fees or store setup required. View Profile


by BuyFi

Simply and automatically provides rewards to your customers based on their credit card purchasing habits at your business. View Profile


by Cardbiz Solutions

Web-based loyalty marketing application designed to manage program, redeem rewards online/offline, and communicate with customers. View Profile

Predictive technology for rewards, status levels, responses or privileges triggered by purchases, likes, referrals, participations. View Profile

Web-based loyalty management system for tracking customer rewards accumulation and redemption. Integrates with your website and/or POS. View Profile


by DED

Card-based loyalty/membership solution with windows-based software. Allows customers to view their points balance. Branding available. View Profile


by Walmoo

NFC/QR based fully self-service customer loyalty platform (Saas) that changes the way people interact with business online and offline. View Profile

Windsor Circle

by Windsor Circle

Retention automation platform for online retailers that provides analytics tools, ecommerce and email marketing platforms integration. View Profile


by Womply

Creates custom rewards for each of your members based on their spending habits while showing you when, how often and how the spend. View Profile


by Xeno

Social loyalty platform that connects consumers and local businesses. View Profile

Xpert Loyalty Space

by Xpert Solutions

Web-based application that allows you to use email and mobile marketing functionality for the loyalty card program success. View Profile

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