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Jackrabbit Dance

by Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit's leading online dance studio management software helps you work smarter and have more time to grow your business. Jackrabbit is online so you can access your account information anytime and anywhere. Streamline your business operations with the top features: online registration, recurring billing, recital and costume management, time clock, and point of sale. Save time. Save money. Save your sanity. Sign up for a free 30 day trial to see for yourself. Learn More

Regpack is a registration, payment, and management tool that includes a full suite solutions for dance studio management. It will allow your dancers to register, select the correct classes and then pay. Recurring payments are done automatically! With Regpack you can easily share data, create statistics, and reports and everything is through an intuitive interface that makes sense. Learn More

Dance studios can manage their business using Front Desk anywhere, anytime. Front Desk delivers integrated scheduling, client management, and payment processing on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Get out from behind the desk and back on the floor. We've taken the mess out of business management so you can simply focus on your passion. Learn More


by Symmetric Technologies

Main Street Sites offers web-based class management, payment and website hosting services for dance studios. Features include class scheduling, online registration, recurring billing, email marketing, credit card & ACH payments, customer portal, online store and more. Our service is easy-to-use, secure and affordable. Find out why our customers rave about our service and top-notch support. Learn More


by PaySimple

PaySimple gives studio owners the ability to set up automatic membership payments and collect payments with a mobile card swiper. 96% of customers love PaySimple's service. 85% report time-savings on their collections. 55% report faster payments. Call PaySimple at 800-466-0992 to speak to one of our product experts and see if your business is a good fit. Learn More

ClassJuggler is an affordable customer and class management solution for dance studios, gymnastics, martial arts, music, swim, and other class-based and schedule-based businesses. ClassJuggler is packed with features to simplify your business, such as class scheduling, student/family/instructor management, robust email tools, easy-yet-powerful reporting tools, invoicing, online bill pay & customer self-service, free online/phone support, & tons more. Sign up today & get your first 30 days free! Learn More

Online Payment Software

by Secure Instant Payments

Take event registrations and process payments from your website. Also manage recurring payments from a variety of businesses! Learn More



Web-based business management software tailored to businesses that need scheduling and business management systems. Learn More

School Empower

by School Empower

Top rated online dance studio software. 1000's of studios use us. ONLINE recurring billing, enrollment, multiple discounts. FREE TRIAL Learn More


by Grip Technologies

Complete club management solution with sales and marketing, appointments, access control, client management, and analytics features. Learn More


by iClassPro

Manage class scheduling and registration, billing and payments, communications, and reporting all from one convenient software online. Learn More


by StudioBookingsOnline

An online fitness studio management software for pilates, yoga, and zumba studios. Learn More


by Akada Software

Windows-based dance studio management program with single-button access between the account, student and class screens. Learn More



Student, class, teacher, event and item management for dance studios. Come with iPad, iPhone, and iPod app. Learn More


by QuestWare

A free online/web-based application that will allow you to manage all aspects of your school-based business. Learn More


by ProClass

Manage classes and events easily. Powerful scheduling, flexible tuition and fee options, and multiple instructor assignment. Learn More


by CompuDance

Integrated software package helping manage the non-artistic aspects of dance, music, and gymnastic studios for over 23 years. Learn More


by Dance Studio Manager

Dance Studio management software specifically designed to help you run your dance studio. Learn More


by SimplySignUp

Help your students by reducing the administrative burden of running your studio, providing tools to fill classes, and more. Learn More

Zen Planner

by Zen Planner

All-in-one software with integrated payment processing, scheduling, membership management, email, workout tracking & website templates. Learn More

Skedda is the best online booking system for 'space' based places such as meeting rooms, studios, courts and halls. Learn More

DanceComp Genie

by Inchol Solutions

Ready for your dance competition, dance convention, workshop or dance studio. Designated for registration, scheduling, and more. Learn More


by Amilia

Join the e-commerce revolution by selling your activities, memberships and merchandise through your own customizable online store. Learn More


by appointmanager

Accounting and appointment management software for appointment-centric small businesses. Learn More


by BizeeBee

Manage your yoga studio. Sell class cards online, track purchases, take attendance, and view reports about your studio. Learn More


by BlueSparx

School and studio management software with membership management features. Learn More

How much time are you wasting on reservations and payments? In 5 minutes, your Facebook & website can be handling it all for you, 24/7! Learn More


by Halcyon Logic Solutions

Studio management software with no recurring fees and unlimited accounts. Learn More


by Recreational Solutions

Class scheduling and registration software that allows to accept members to classes based on skill level and eligibility. Learn More


by PulseTec Solutions

Business management software for personal trainers and studios. Learn More

Compete Services

by Compete Services

Tuition billing company that supplies studios with the software and consulting necessary to realize more success with less work. Learn More

Dance Designer

by Choreo Technology

Software designed to visualize, integrate, rehearse, and document the work of a choreographer. Comes with dancer information module. Learn More

Dance Finance

by Dance Finance

Dance studio software product to automate your day to day studio operations making your back office more efficient. Learn More

Dance in a Can

by Dance in a Can

Advanced dance planning system with over hours of programming for Dance Studio directors Learn More

Dance Manager Software

by DanceManager

Manage students, recitals, attendance, vendors, costume ordering and music with iTunes compatible functions Learn More

Dance Studio Management

by Robert Thomas Dancenter

Dance studio management software with billing, payments, scheduling, pay rolling, registration, attendance and more. Learn More


by ThinkSmart Software

Phone application for dance teaches that allows them to do invoices, update dance classes, and timings. Learn More


by F & F Enterprises

Web Based Dance Studio Management Software. Learn More


by ONE Software

Gives you everything you need to automate your dance business with no extra modules or hidden costs. Learn More


by Online River

Software for all kinds of dance studios - zumba, ballroom, tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, or modern. Available for Windows or Mac. Learn More

Dharma Tribe - Yoga

by Dharma Tribe

Scheduling, reports, email marketing and much more. Learn More


by Platypus Software

Designed to assist gyms, studios and personal trainers in managing business efficiently allowing you to focus on your bottom line. Learn More

Fitness Manager

by Lukefluke

Windows based software for managing gyms, health clubs, and dance studios that can work on multiple computers. Learn More


by Intellispa

Software provides health clubs, gyms, personal trainers, and fitness organisations with a comprehensive range of functions. Learn More

MedalTest Organiser

by MedalTest Organiser

Solution for dance schools using the IDTA examination syllabus, incorporating candidate, examination and class management. Learn More


by TigerSix Sports Management

Created by dance studio owners for dance studio owners. Table billing, instant text messaging, color coded calendars and much more. Learn More


by Clerestory Systems

Manage your studio with a single, web-based solution. Components for scheduling, accounting, email, security, and more. Learn More



Track all events, teachers, students, products, sales and fees for your dance studio. Just $29/mo! Learn More


by Trillo

A simple class and attendance tracking tool for small studios and independent instructors. Compatible with iPads and smartphones. Learn More

Recital Conflict Manager

by Backstage Pro

Design a perfect dance recital program that guarantees students time between routines and eliminates back-to-back performances. Learn More


by Gruppo Sinapsi

Web-based membership management software that does check-in, billing, payment processing, reports, access control. Learn More

Studio Calendar

by ZoomOnTime

Calendar software specifically designed for dance studios that provides an overall look at class and teachers' schedules. Learn More

Studio Helper

by Studio Helper

Automates your studio, freeing up your time to do things that are far more important. Learn More

Studio Manager

by TripleThreat Software

Designed to be flexible and easy to use, this software program can grow with you and be customized to specifically meet your needs. Learn More

Studio Organizer

by Organizer Software

Dance, yoga, and martial arts studio management system with tuition payment plans, attendance records and student and staff ID cards. Learn More


by Wolfe's Computer Consulting

User-friendly interface, quick management of contacts and students, create history reports of performances and automate financials Learn More

The Studio Director

by OnVision Solutions

Web based dance studio software and gymnastics software ideal for dance, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga and fitness studios. Learn More

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