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Contact Zone

by Melissa Data

Melissa Data's Contact Zone point-of-entry validation software makes collecting accurate contact data fast and error free. Errors made at the point of entry are the most common and most difficult to correct later. Get contact data right the first time for better overall efficiency. Contact Zone verifies, corrects and standardizes street addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and can update the addresses of customers who have moved in the last 48 months. Activate your free trial today. Learn More


by Blosm

An integrated ETL & data acquisition system that gathers and analyses data from multiple sources. Learn More


by Adapx

Web-based form solution for handwriting and text data collection and integration. Works with PDF and XML. Learn More


by Neoptec

Replaces manual data-entry by automatically capturing the information from your documents and feeding it directory into your system. Learn More

eMail Lead Grabber

by eGrabber

Grabs information directly from emails or web forms and transfers it directly into your database. Learn More

Entrypoint Plus

by Phoenix Software International

A complete system for creating, deploying, and administering custom data entry applications . Learn More

EpiData Entry

by EpiData

Used for simple or programmed data entry and data documentation. Learn More

Forms Processing

by ReadSoft

Automatically extracts information from your forms and transfers the information into any system. Learn More


by EnableSoft

A powerful scripting technology that automates tedious, manual labor-intensive tasks involving large amounts of data Learn More

MailRoom ToolKit Capture

by Satori Software

Helps you maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry and into the future. Learn More

Questys Capture

by Questys Solutions

A forms processing software tool that will let you automate nearly any data entry process and output the data to your system. Learn More

ScanVue DB

by ScanVue

Image management software with data entry. Learn More



Collect, key verify, re-format and output data the way you and your customers want it. Learn More


by Viking Software Solutions

Data Entry software that allows you to key faster and more accurately. Learn More

Viking Data Entry

by MB Imaging

Multi platform keyboard data capture from paper documents. Learn More


by Softomotive

An automation tool that allows for web site data extraction into Excel and text files. Learn More


by Taskware

Automatically creates a Script file and records all your keystrokes, object selections, Windows and Web functions. Learn More


by Flowmation Systems

WIS is real-time inventory control system that supports day to day operations in the winemaking process. Learn More

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