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by InterProse

WebAR, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based debt collection platform, is a cost-effective, easy-to-use system to process payments and manage accounts receivable. Ideal for collection agencies, attorneys, debt buyers, health care providers and government agencies, it comes with free support and automates many functions, allowing staff to focus on additional tasks. WebAR is customizable and clients report a 400% increase in collection rates, while decreasing staff and overhead. Contact us for a demo View Profile

Tired of overpriced collection software? Simplicity provides the most affordable and flexible debt collection software solution in the market. Simplicity's modernized, cloud-based interface boasts all the features of a "big box" collection software at a price anyone can afford. UNLIMITED USERS, UNLIMITED CASES, and UNLIMITED CLIENTS! Simplicity perfectly scales to meet the needs of large or small collection agencies, collection attorneys, health care, and judgment recovery professionals. View Profile


by CasetrackerLaw

CasetrackerLaw was designed by and for collection law firms, agencies and corporations in order to streamline the collection process. View Profile

Web-Based Easy to use state of art Debt Collection Software. Affordable Transparency TXT Message to creditors, attorneys & debtors View Profile

Comprehensive, Web-based application that will automate the process of debt collection management. View Profile

EZ Collector

by EZ Soft Business Software

All the features, flexibility, and sophistication of mainframe debt collection packages at an affordable price. View Profile


by LEAH Software

Cloud based debt collection solution ideal for small business, law firms, medical offices, collection company, debt buyer View Profile

Solutions that allow corporations to receive, process and automatically post payments against QuickBooks invoices. View Profile


by Collect Tech Solutions

Designed specifically to answer the needs of the Receivables Management industry. View Profile


by Comtech Systems

Automates and streamlines collection, administration, reporting, letter writing and accounting functions. View Profile

Collections MAX

by Decca Software

Provides low cost debt collection solutions for the debt collection industry. View Profile

The only totally integrated system managing new account decisions, collections and reporting without the additional cost. View Profile


by Comtronic Systems

With built in features: database encryption, elctronic payment processing, scanned document viewing & skiptracing. View Profile


by InterStation Debt Collections

Cloud or server based multilingual app. 20 languages, SMS, IVR, CRM, reporting, charts, business logic and more. Free trial. View Profile


by ezyCollect

Cloud based application that integrates with your accounting software, and then streamlines and automates your collection process. View Profile


by LiveVox

The only SIP-based, on-demand, Outbound, Inbound and Automated Call Distributor solution for collections contact centers. View Profile

qonTango Collection Software

by Cybersoft North America

An integrated end-to-end solution that comprehensively addresses the challenges faced by a collection agency. View Profile


by CyberCollect Software Solutions

Dynamic collections management application with over thirty years of experience in the industry. View Profile


by Moreton Smith

Powerful but easy-to-use, ero57 is a revolution in A/R technology: Analyse, optimise & automate to collect more, quicker for less. View Profile

A converged billing & collection system of engagement in the cloud for Utility and Service Providers to significanlty improve cash flow View Profile


by System Partner Norge

A flexible solution for new or small businesses in debt collection. View Profile


by Actius International

Debt recovery, billing, and revenue solution for UK and European customers. View Profile


by Accelerated Data Systems

The most advanced software of its kind - an insightful solution with a clear understanding of the collector's needs. View Profile

Agency Manager

by Adtec

Flagship of a suite of software, Agency Manager is designed specifically for Debt Collection Agencies, large or small. View Profile

Ample Collection

by Scorto

Empowers agencies to implement risk based collections and balance debt collection with customer retention. View Profile

Anytime Collect

by e2b teknologies

Suite of business applications to help companies effectively manage their outstanding accounts receivable and collections processes. View Profile

Aptic ARC

by Aptic

Efficient and rational handling of invoice administration, factoring, administrative as well as financial, and bad debt collection. View Profile

Accounts receivable collections manager for Dynamics SL; automates your time consuming collections activities. View Profile

Artiva Agency

by Ontario Systems

A complete solution designed specifically to meet the challenging needs of the debt buyer marketplace. View Profile


by Compiforce

Compiforce produces a range of software for Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, Lawyers, and Enquiry Agents. View Profile

AtPoint Loan

by AtPoint

Calculate information required to effectively negotiate and manage loan and payment information with borrowers. View Profile

AvantGard Aceva

by SunGard AvantGard

Credit and collections software solution offers organizations the ability to slice and dice data based on user-defined criteria. View Profile


by Bankruptcy & Litigation Technology

Protect your assets with early warning notification when customers file bankruptcy with a complete default servicing platform. View Profile


by Beam Software

Debt buying and collection software with real-time, online payment processing. View Profile



A new concept in ARM software, combining a subscription model with a family of Collections, Portfolio Management, and Auditing. View Profile

Beyond ARM


For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has been a leader in simplifying the business of accounts receivable & collection management. View Profile

BFrame System

by BFrame Data Systems

The BFrame Recovery Management System is a SQL-driven, browser-based debt recovery system serving hundreds of collectors since 1991. View Profile


by ROYDAN Enterprises

Born and bred with a natural instinct to get the job done efficiently and easily- manage all aspects of collection activity. View Profile


by Computer Assist

Debt Collection Software product with facilities to support retail, commercial, medical and legal lines of business. View Profile


by Intelligent Banking Solutions

Designed to assist financial institutions in the automation of debt collection on delinquent accounts. View Profile

Case Master Pro

by Case Master

Case management and collections software that will also allow for remote offices on one centralized database system. View Profile


by CashOnTime

CashonTime is a collections management suite designed to help companies streamline and improve cashflow. View Profile


by Peacock Consulting

Customer complaint resolution and compliance system design specifically for collection industry. View Profile

Cheetah Collection

by Cheetah Collect

Comprehensive debt collection agency software with a focus on commercial collections - free 30-day trial. Pay per claim. View Profile

Cheetah Debt Collections

by Total Call-center Solutions

The TCS Cheetah Predictive Dialing system is a WINDOWS 2000, fully-integrated, predictive dialing system. View Profile

Clearing Client

by I-Com Software

Makes it possible for a company to automate the sending of written reminders (mail, fax, email) according to a predefined scenario View Profile


by Cogenda

Case management software for UK litigation and collection industry. View Profile

Cogent Collection Software

by BSI eSolutions

Engineered from the ground up as a highly scalable business solution for collection agencies and attorney firms. View Profile


by Hubbard Systems

Browser based collection system designed for law firms, collection agencies and financial institutions. View Profile


by Terida

Designed for attorneys and collections agencies - work on individual files, updating a central database. View Profile

Debt Collection & Recoveries View Profile

Collection Pro

by Credit Strategy

Complete Collection Program - Microsoft based system that utilizes such tools as Access, SQL databases, Excel and Word. View Profile

Fully-integrated, multi-faceted call center solution that enhances productivity, cuts costs and increases profits for debt collectors. View Profile

Collection System

by Global Web Solutions

Web-based application that tracks and sets rates, incentives, and fees and allows for sub case creation for managing related cases. View Profile


by Commercial Legal Software

The most advanced and mature specialty software for debt collection, foreclosure, and subrogation. View Profile


by Shaw Systems Associates

Collections management application designed for banks, finance companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions. View Profile


by SER Solutions

Develop highly targeted campaigns aimed at connecting with the right debtor at the right time, whether the call is inbound or outbound. View Profile

Collections Management

by RZ Designs

Collections Management is suited to small and large agencies alike. View Profile

Collections Management

by TransUnion

Collect more by using the Internet to create cost-effective, non-confrontational Web sites where customers can pay their bills. View Profile

Software to manage defaulted debt by allowing agencies to exchange information, managing legal activity and automatic data collection. View Profile


by JS Technologies

Hundreds of satisfied customers have been using CollectMax software to manage their debt collection accounts since 1987 View Profile


by CDS Software

Collection agency software developed to help you minimize costs and maximize results. View Profile


by CollectPlus

Debt collection & recovery software to simplify client management and organize debtor information. View Profile


by Effectuer Software

Enables business to conduct collection activities in-house, assisting them to minimize past due account balances. View Profile


by CollectWerks

Software to help manage your debt recovery business from end to end. View Profile


by Computer Collection Solutions

Don't Waste Time and Money with Debtors - collect what's yours quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. View Profile

Compass Collections Manager

by Buyers Acceptance

Unique among debt collections software: we're open with our prices, open with our code, and we make our software available for free. View Profile


by Persolvo Data Systems

Web-based settlement system with locating and bulk offer submission options for collection agencies and debt buyers. View Profile


by CoreCard Software

An intuitive, browser-based user interface reducing training time and speeding collectors' time to productivity. View Profile


by Charter Mercantile Agnecy

A sophisticated collection system that integrates debt recovery, word processing, legal formatting and accounting. View Profile


by CollectionWorks

Third party collection agency application with document imaging module and dialer system interface. View Profile

D2r Collect

by s2h

SaaS debt and receivables management solution with automatic letter and invoice generation capacity for credit and collection agencies. View Profile


by Data Transformation

Meets the needs of the debt recovery professional - the most powerful, most feature packed program in the industry. View Profile

Debt Collection

by Automated Accounts

Through a network of information, we make credit information available to you. We also have legal staff standing by to help you. View Profile

Provides collection professionals in the healthcare industry online access to skip tracing and collections data. View Profile

Debt Collection Manager

by Collection Agency Services

Keep track of all correspondence, transactions & dealings with your debtors with our free software. View Profile

Debt Pro

by Zoom Apply

Debt Management, Inquiry Removal, Loan Modification Loss Mitigation, Credit Repair View Profile

Debt Recovery Software

by LegalSoft

Debt recovery software used by law firms, debt collectors, para-legal's and in-house debt recovery departments. View Profile


by The Computer Manager

Advanced collection processes simplify account management and help build strong client relationships. View Profile


by Codewell Software

Cloud-based debt collection software with contract management, dashboards and reports. View Profile


by Alba Software Developers

Manage commercial ledgers, finance contracts, and overdue debts with the desktop module for clients and cloud version for field agents. View Profile


by Debtflow

Customizable revenue management system with security based access for both your clients and your staff. View Profile


by Linetime

Comprehensive county and high court debt recovery system; ensures profitable operation and compliance with client requirements. View Profile


by Zeavo

A Fresh Approach to Debt Management and IVA Management Software View Profile


by DebtManager

Software solution with CRM and legal process management modules for debt collection agencies. View Profile


by Debtrak

Debt Collection Software for agencies, corporations and institutions. View Profile


by Indigo Cloud

DebtView is the UK's most dynamic debt collection software. Contact us today for a demo of our cloud based solution. View Profile

Allows A/R staff to spend more time collecting valid cash instead of dealing with paper agings and the dispute resolution process. View Profile


by Dial Connection

Advanced and innovative solutions for inbound/outbound call management for the collection industry. View Profile

DR Collect

by Debt Resolve

Early and late stage, multiple round debtor self settlement and self pay solution solution for collections. View Profile


by Sentinel Development Solutions

It automates & integrates your collection functions in one system with processes that match the way you do business. View Profile

Daily Dashboards and Analytics. Five integrated modules focused on a key area of the receivables cycle to accelerate cash collections View Profile

Prioritizes a daily tasks in a work queue that summarizes all of the information a needed for an effective collections call. View Profile

Evolution Collect

by Evolution Collect

Total debt collection agency solution - manage accounts, work queues, get reports, manage reminders. View Profile

EZ Collector


This state of the our products encompasses everything you need for first party and third party debt collection. View Profile


by ezBackOffice

Collaborative, web-based debt collection software application that enables you to collect accounts receivable faster. View Profile

Our offerings address the entire collections life cycle - from day-one collections, to post charge-off, to debt sale. View Profile

Collect more. Faster. Smarter. And Compliantly View Profile

Offers an automation in accounts receivable management that redefines "superior ROI." Requires little or no customization. View Profile


by Collections Marketing Centre

Fully unified collections systems for synchronizing contacts, treatment, and offers in one core platform. View Profile

Gen2 Debt Collections System

by Piotr Rudnicki Consulting

End-to-end collections process Various products Voice, letter, SMS, e-mail Automation and control balanced Flexible licensing. View Profile

Genesis Collections Software

by Amvensys Technologies

The Collection Management System - Genesis enables collection agents to employ all the tools they need to deliver on performance goals. View Profile

Provides a cost effective solution yet offers features designed to effectively manage your collections business. View Profile

GreenFlag Profit Recovery

by Transworld Systems

Software for companies who are looking to interface billing and collections with 24/7 web-based account management. View Profile


by Hubsolv

Lead management and automated marketing for the personal debt and insolvency industry. We can also adapt to all financial services. View Profile


by Collection Solutions Software

Debt Collections Software Servicing Collection Agencies, Attorneys, Debt Buyers. View Profile

Indus Collections

by R Systems International

Origination, Servicing and Collections software for retail lending. View Profile


by Quantrax

Intelligent system for the collection industry, helping a machine to make decisions at the level of a human collection expert. View Profile

Intelligent Debt Solutions

by Apollo Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise-class, hosted solutions to primary creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers and legal recovery firms View Profile


by Gallium Technologies

Web based collections platform. Accounts receivable software to enable clients to free up cash tied up in aging accounts receivables. View Profile


by Lariat Software

Full featured and easy to use cloud based collection software. We offer free unlimited support and no upfront costs. View Profile


by Latitude Software

Powerful collection system designed for the debt collection and recovery industry. View Profile

Maximise Cloud Contact Center

by Magnetic North

Cloud communications for contact centers - includes a powerful predictive dialler, call recording, hosted PBX, compliance management. View Profile


by MyAzimia

Management solution for peer to peer lending businesses. View Profile


by Selas Technologies

Debt settlement sales and operations software build as an extension to Salesforce platform for student loan consolidation companies. View Profile

OnGuard Connext

by OnGuard

We help AR teams increase their productivity and performance through smart tooling. Bottom-line: faster payment, better relationships! View Profile


by Porcupine Computer Systems

Responding to the needs of the collection industry, Porcupine Computers has developed a cardless system-with a difference! View Profile

Pamar Collection System

by Pamar Systems

Features: precollect, client/debtor maintenance, electronic account placement, collection management, trust accounting. View Profile

Payment Books

by Howland International

Collections management software. View Profile

Payment Savvy

by Payment Savvy

Payment gateway optimized for debt collection companies that deal with medium to high risk clients. Integrates with 80 collection apps. View Profile

Payment Vision

by Autoscribe

Payment processing portal that consolidates and centralizes payments from multiple payment methods or capture channels View Profile

PDS Cortex

by PDS Cortex

Medical practice management and billing solution with optional automated bad debts / collection agency tracking functionality. View Profile

PDS Debt Settlement Software

by Prime Debt Soft

Debt settlement automation system that includes document management, quote generation, and tracking of various payment methods. View Profile


by Duncan Solutions

Unlock cash flow from backlogged citations and brings in more payments faster. All while reducing your overall debt collection costs. View Profile

Plus2 Collection Software

by Cyclone Software

Industry Proven Collection Software - Designed for Collector Efficiency - Performance Driven View Profile

Power Collect

by Profitera

Automates and streamlines the entire Revenue Collections and Debt Recovery process. View Profile


by Harvest Strategy Group

Legal recovery scoring application that ranks accounts based on likelihood of collecting payment. View Profile


by Q-Soft

Practice management software for law offices - includes special functions that automate retail, medical and commercial collection. View Profile


by BRCS Software

Software solution that helps debt recovery agents manage commercial and consumer debts, insurance recovery, and repossessions. View Profile


by TrioSoft

As a full featured debt collection software suite, Quantum has been designed with the debt collector's needs in mind. View Profile


by RecoveryPro

Debt collection and judgement recovery package with automatic online and local database synchronization. View Profile


by RevQ

We believe people should be held accountable. We partner with you to provide innovative tools to help make that happen. View Profile

Sajax System

by Sajax Software

A secure cloud based portal for clients to submit accounts to their collection agencies and buy and send automated collection notices. View Profile


by SkyCollect

Chase all of your overdue invoices on autopilot by email, SMS, phone and letter. Only pay us when we pay you. View Profile


by Collexus

Browser based debt collector software built with the benefit of hindsight. View Profile


by Akcelerant Software

Provides innovative features in workflow, analysis and third-party integration - take your risk management strategy to the next level. View Profile

Strategic Voice Messaging

by Global Connect

Strategic voice messaging system is a fast, easy, cost-effective way to increase portfolio penetration and collector efficiency. View Profile


by Swordfish

Manages and streamlines the debt recovery and collecting process with increased productivity & capacity. View Profile


by TCN

Outbound, inbound, dialing, collection solutions. Increase Right Party Contacts by 300%. Penetrate 20,000 accounts in two hours. View Profile

The Collection Assistant

by Credit and Management Systems

Credit and Collections in One Place - a collection tracking and analysis tool that bolts onto CMS' Corporate Credit Manager software. View Profile

The Collector System

by Columbia Ultimate

Increases cash flow, reduces operating costs, and significantly streamlines collections and debt recovery. View Profile


by Totality Software

Law firms, collection agencies and businesses use Totality to manage their debt collection activities. View Profile


by TrueAccord

Interactive portal with auto reminders that helps creditors and debtors track the remittance process, submit payments, and communicate. View Profile

TSI Payments

by Transactional Services

Makes accepting electronic payments easier for everyone in your collections organization, increasing efficiency and success. View Profile


by Vertican

Debt collection software with paperless filings. View Profile

Virtual Collection Agent

by Online Resources

Offer customers a tool to self-cure in a non-confrontational environment - you collect more and maintain full compliance and security. View Profile

Virtual Collector

by Global Collection Systems

Powers a custom branded web site where debtors negotiate, resolve and pay their debt online. We make collections better. View Profile

VQN Agency

by Uni-Source 2000

The premier collection agency software since 1979. View Profile

Wincollect Enterprise Suite

by Debtor Software Solutions

Delivers powerful features and functionality to ensure your agents work the accounts they should be. View Profile

WinDebt XL

by Lonestar Turn-Key Systems

Receivables management solution delivering outstanding performance, reliability and scalability. View Profile


by YGC Solutions

Debt placement management solution that provides collection portfolios and vendors control and management. View Profile


by ZenCash

Cloud-based solution for receivables and collections management with automated customer follow-ups. View Profile

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