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Web-based BI application for dashboards, visual analytics, production reporting and data mashups. The application is easy to install and use. It is flexible in its data access options and ability to adapt to changing requirements. A powerful and flexible data mashup engine permits data combination and transformations that otherwise would require additional data warehouse investment. View Profile

Application to help you optimize business performance by connecting people, information, and businesses across business networks. View Profile

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

by Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Business intelligence software by Explore any data, get instant answers, and collaborate with your team. View Profile

PBL ScoreCard

by Competitive Solutions

Drives business metrics and accountability at all levels and provides a communications platform that tracks performance management. View Profile

Paramount Decisions

by Paramount Decisions

Software to help organizations make better group decisions. View Profile

QlikView enables analysis capabilities along with unparalleled flexibility, performance, and simplicity. View Profile


by Lumina Decision Systems

A powerful, stand-alone application for visual quantitative modeling, leading to greater insight for analysts and decision-makers. View Profile


by Ideyeah Solutions

Automates the selection and quoting for IT projects by aggregating information about the cost, capacity and capability of your company. View Profile


by GoldSim Technology Group

Supports decision and risk analysis by simulating future performance. View Profile


by 1000Minds

Decision-making software for prioritization, group decision-making, conjoint analysis, MCDM and maximizing value for money. Free trial. View Profile


by ServiceFrame

Bring better governance to Outsourcing with ServiceFrame's market leading governance platform. View Profile


by Tribium Software

Decision Support System that evaluates multiple alternatives in order to evaluate and publish the crucial details of a decision. View Profile


by Higher Level Systems

Empowers staff to make decisions on the spot, within a framework of policy and principles. View Profile

Best Offer Advisor

by CampaignGO

Our Best Offer Advisor updates you each time you receive an offer with all the necessary data needed to make a smart decision. View Profile

Blaze Advisor


FICO Blaze Advisor is the worlds leading business rules management system (BRMS), maximizing control over high-volume operational dec View Profile


by Salford Systems

Easy-to-use decision tree that automatically sifts large, complex databases for significant patterns and relationships. View Profile


by Defense Group

Decision support software for large-scale and all hazard incidents; critical tools, guides, forms, checklists and incident reporting. View Profile

D-Sight - CDM

by D-Sight

D-Sights Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) platform, supports its users in making better and faster decisions. View Profile

Datawatch Desktop

by Datawatch

Extract data from all types of existing reports, customize, analyze and visualize data in a variety of views, and more. View Profile

Decision Explorer

by Banxia Software

Helps you make a comprehensive qualitative model which can be analyzed to help develop strategy, decision making and business problems. View Profile

Decision Knowledge Center

by Decision Innovation

Empowers leaders to unlock new value and increase organizational capability using a systematic and scalable decision making process. View Profile

Decision Lens

by Decision Lens

Cloud-based software solutions for portfolio prioritization and selection, focused on modelling, scenario comparison, and analytics. View Profile

Decision Oven

by Dataland Software

#1 Enter criteria, importance and needs. #2 Enter alternatives that you are thinking about. #3 See rankings and choose a best option View Profile

Deliver the right knowledge to the right person at the right time! View Profile

Rules based, decision system for extending enterprise application functionality without burden to resources, budgets, project time. View Profile

DecisionTools Suite

by Palisade

Integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty. View Profile

Discover Analytics

by On Demand Analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting Tool -- Ad-Hoc, Accurate, and Actionable knowledge about any aspect of your business. View Profile

DPL 8 Direct

by Syncopation

DPL Direct is a practical, scalable Decision Tree Excel Add-in for rapid, real world decision modeling. View Profile


by Midrig

Evaluator helps organisations make structured selection decisions by scoring options based on a common set of weighted criteria. View Profile

Expert Choice

by Expert Choice

Collaboration software that helps organizations make better decisions that achieve alignment and buy-in with speed and transparency. View Profile

Financial analysis suite

by FinanceIsland

Analyze investment returns and what could go wrong. Identify risk in your cash flows and model them with Monte Carlo simulation. View Profile


by Ganacos

A single platform for all data-driven decisions Inspired by spreadsheets simplicity. Built with the power of BI tools. View Profile


by JadeLynx

Collaborative decision management tool with outcome resolution and decision repository features. View Profile

Host Analytics Reporting

by Host Analytics

Empower users with self-service insights using the leading report writer and financial package publisher in the cloud. View Profile

For the insurance industry; transform detailed policy, billing, claims, and agency data into valuable analyses of your business. View Profile


by Healthcare Insights

INSIGHTS is a financial and operational decision-support service suite for hospital and healthcare institutions. View Profile


by MakeItRational

Collaborative decision-making software based on analytic hierarchy process for suppliers evaluation, project prioritization, budgeting. View Profile


by DSPanel

pcFinancials is todays latest and most modern reporting, planning, budgeting, and simple consolidating solution. View Profile


by Powernoodle

Out-of-the-box Stakeholder Intelligence solutions that marry people, process, and technology to drive better decisions. View Profile

Riva TCA

by Riva Modeling Systems

Integrated enterprise solution used by medium to large municipal governments to manage tangible capital assets. View Profile


by Seerene

Actively drive IT change, balance productivity and innovation while massively reducing risk and increasing transparency. View Profile

Simulation Modeling

by Rapid Modeling Corporation

Simulation/predictive modeling tool for developing experimental computer models that are exact copies of an existing system. View Profile

Smart Decisions

by Cogentus Consulting

A full end-to-end innovative decision support tool combining problem definition and ideas generation with MCDA View Profile

Synergy Indicata

by Synergy International Systems

Industry-leading M&E solution that streamlines results-based management and help organizations accomplish their performance objectives. View Profile

Enhances telephone triage decision-making by helping nurses accurately assess patient symptoms. View Profile

TIBCO Spotfire

by TIBCO Software

TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization and analytics software helps you quickly uncover insights for better decision-making. View Profile

URSA infoSuite

by Decision Support

Allows non-IT people in small to mid-sized companies to turn their data into actionable information. View Profile

Vanguard System

by Vanguard Software

Vanguard System brings real-time, enterprise collaboration to all facets of business modeling for faster, smarter decisions. View Profile


by Logic Programming Associates

VisiRule is a graphical tool for helping business users build rule-based systems to model and automate their decision-making processes. View Profile


by Information Builders

Reporting, analysis, distribution, personalization, development, management and administration. View Profile

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