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Multi-location dental groups, medium-sized practices, solo practices, and mobile clinics.

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  • Planet DDS
  • www.denticon.com
  • Founded 2003
  • United States

About This Software

Denticon cloud-based practice management software from Planet DDS greatly enhances the administration and profitability of dental practices. First to the cloud over a decade ago, Denticon was built to handle multi-location groups, solo offices, even mobile clinics. Eliminate IT overhead and access all of your data via web browser. Providers and patients can move easily between locations, while management can pull comprehensive reports for the whole enterprise. No more data islands.

Features Checklist

  • Appointment Management
  • Claims Management
  • Clinical Charting
  • Document Management
  • Imaging
  • Patient Account Management
  • Patient Billing
  • Patient Records Management
  • Reminders
  • Treatment Planning

Product Reviews

Out With the Old In With The New!

5 / 5
Ease of Use
5 / 5
Customer Support

Comments: Out With the Old In With The New!

How would you like to say that in 2016?   Ditch  the servers in the front office and go flying away with lighting speed technology!

  When our office wanted to purchase dental  software we tried to find the best match for our office.  Let me say first you should always stick with a team that does only that. Dental technology should be coming straight from companies who have been in the technology field for a long time.  This includes cloud technology.   If I want to buy toothbrushes I will go thru a dental supply company, not so with front office technology.   We love the freedom that Denticon has given us.   I went with Denticon and they do the rest when it comes to updating their software  to keep up with the technology that changes from day to day.

 Stability is everything and Denticon is number one when it comes to giving our office state of the art cloud technology.   You don't have to do a thing but keep on working with your patients and inputting the claims thru.  The whole staff from the sales team all the way thru to the technology team is there to far exceed what ever your office needs.

We love the flexibility of this software as well.  If you get an emergency call at home, the dentist can talk to the patient, look at their schedule and give the patient  a time to come in to the office before they get off the phone.  If it snows outside and the office is closed I can just pull up the schedule from Denticon, call our patients and reschedule them.

 Denticon can give the  dentist the edge in running their office by the  reports generated by the software within seconds.  Reports that can help in micro managing anything from how many patients have a certain insurance, how many different procedures where done in a office,  how many outstanding insurance claims have not come in, etc, etc, etc.   Denticon is a software that your office will never be able to out grow.

  Denticon's software is incredible when it comes to stability and flexibility.   I know  longer have to keep looking for dental software in the future.   They have far exceed my expectations of a software and technology team!

  They are like family to us and we count it a fun and rewarding experience  to have them working as a team with our office.  Stability is the key to cloud based dental software and they have stability that can help any office to be more productive!  

. Cheryl Long owner of Joy Jay Inc. 

Solo practice startup with Denticon

5 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Customer Support

Comments: Cloud based, no servers necessary other than a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive for my xrays which cost $250. The software is designed for enterprise/large/multiple office practices, therefore it is supremely over engineered for a standard 1-3 doc practice. Denticon is like Dentrix but in the cloud. Denticon has also been around for over 10 years and is a solid company.
Things I like:
1. Scheduler shows procedures for the appointment and includes the tooth/surface, unlike other PMS
2. Quick batch entry of EOBs and payments
3. Integrates with Lighthouse 360 well
4. Copies of xrays taken in the office are copied to the cloud via Dentiray, I can view xrays remotely on my iPhone or at home, no need to remote in to my office
5. Denticon does not break: there is never a software update gone bad to worry about, there is never a hardware issue, if there is an internet problem Denticon mirrors your data at multiple data centers across the US
6. Virtual Business Services aka outsourced insurance and aging support: To check and verify/enter insurance plans there is a button on the appointment that sends the patient's insurance info to a Denticon agent in the US who then will verify and enter all the necessary insurance info into the patient file. No one offers that.
7. Realtime eligibility: A button you press in the patient's file that connects with the insurance carrier and gives you an immediate eligibility and benefits remaining report
8. Built in time clock for staff. No other cloud PMS that I looked at offers this.
9. Easy to add new users, new locations/practices

Since new ownership software updates have been more frequent but sometimes buggy. Denticon does not have the same grassroots user base interaction/support that is inherent in systems like Dentrix, Open Dental or Eaglesoft because their market penetration is geared towards multiple office/DSO customers.