Top Electronic Medical Records Software Products

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Practice Fusion provides a 100% free, certified, web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to physicians. With charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, lab integrations, Meaningful Use certification, unlimited support and a Personal Health Record for patients, Practice Fusion addresses the complex needs of healthcare providers and disrupts the health IT status quo. Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EMR community in the country with more than 100,000 users serving 25 million patients. Learn More

CareCloud Charts is a leading, cloud-based electronic health records solution. Delivered to healthcare organizations on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Charts guides providers towards increased productivity & greater returns by speeding up patient encounters & providing real-time insights to physicians at the point of care. Through powerful capabilities like intelligent task management and rapid charting, Charts reduces the issues that slow down your practice. Learn More

athenahealth offers the leading cloud-based practice management, EHR, and patient communication services that help medical groups get more money and more control of patient care. athenaClinicals(R) provides a unique cloud-based approach to electronic health records, delivering greater clinical control and insights to medical practices while boosting efficiency and revenue potential. Learn More

Make your life easier with LeonardoMD's premier Web-based Practice Management Software, Medical Billing Software, and Electronic Health Record (EHR). Serving practices nationwide since 2000, LeonardoMD provides a proven web-based software suite supported by seasoned experts in every specialty. Our commitment to customer service has resulted in unrivaled customer satisfactions rates and training speed. Learn More


by Nuesoft Technologies

The ONC-ATCB Certified NueMD electronic health record uses secure Internet-based technology, just like our medical practice management system. Chart, code and share information with other providers and lab systems simply and quickly. Nuesoft has an established U.S. customer base of more than 15,000 users in 50 states. Due to differing regulations, NueMD is only available to doctors located in the United States. Learn More


by Metasolutions

What is on your EMR wish list ? ZoomMD EHR is built on cloud technology, simple and intuitive, complete with Practice Management, and offered for one low monthly fee* (*FREE WITH MEDICAL BILLING SERVICE). ZoomMD is ONC-ATCB certified by CCHIT, ready for meaningful use. ZoomMD's Smart Charting makes documentation quick and easy & next-generation medical billing technology increases collections. Ask us how. ZoomMD includes Charting, eRx, Labs, Insurance Eligibility, Scheduler, and much more. Learn More

MedicsDocAssistant EHR

by Advanced Data Systems

MedicsDocAssistant is Drummond Group-certified as a complete EHR for Stage 1 MU. Highly specialty-specific with its templates and vocabulary. - MU Dashboard operating in REAL TIME for immediate attestation by providers upon completing their MU criteria. - Medics FlowText for auto-populating EHR data fields from transcribed text in 1 pass eliminating the need to manually enter that data (works with Dragon Medical). - Client Server or ASP / Cloud. - Specialties include Behavioral Health. Learn More

DOX Podiatry EMR

by DOX Podiatry

DOX is pleased to announce that DOXEMR 5.1.0 has been successfully certified for MU Stage 2 and contains CCHIT Certified-Automated tools for meaningful use. Web-based solution-no servers. Podiatry specific medical database, includes every location, diagnosis, treatment plan option & all billing codes for all conditions below Knee. Ready to use day one from scheduling to billing ! Learn More

Medios EHR

by IOS Health Systems

Medios EHR is a web-based system that facilitates secure access to patient records through an Internet browser on a number of different web-enabled devices. Included in the system are communication portals for patients and partners, which allow medical professionals to easily contact patients and third-party providers. Medios EHR is ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 compliant. It is officially a Complete EHR, formally certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). Learn More

TheraNest is an easy to use mental health EMR software. It includes appointment management with reminders by text, voice and email (free email) to reduce cancellations and no shows. Upload and store documents, create invoices, accept payments including credit cards. Send electronic insurance claims. Enter case notes - progress notes, treatment plans, discharge summary, etc., searchable DSM database, CPT codes. Create custom forms. Tons of reports and dashboards, and much more. Free 30-day trial Learn More

Relay patient information over secure, HIPAA-compliant wireless networks to leading handheld devices. Learn More

Web-based EHR/Practice Management software increases productivity, revenue, and patient satisfaction, while you practice your way! Learn More

Electronic medical records (EMR) software integrated with practice management, billing, and scheduling to optimize your operations. Learn More

Electronic Medical Records (EMR software) with integrated scheduling and billing for small to medium-size medical practices. Learn More


by AllegianceMD

Web-based medical billing, practice management and EMR software that uses Artificial Intelligence. Learn More

Amazing Charts

by Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is the #1 rated EHR according to multiple studies. It is affordable, easy to use, and FREE to try. Learn More


by Accumedic Computer Systems

Electronic Medical Records (emr software). Provides facilities with detailed demographic files including progress notes. Learn More

Professional EHR's intuitive design mimics practice workflow, while its simple navigation mirrors a physician's thinking process. Learn More

Web-based EMR and medical practice management solution designed by physicians. Learn More

Take your offices completely paperless with a certified EHR, PM, PHR, and eRx, device agnostic solution. Learn More


by WEBeDoctor

Software for appointments, insurance verification, scheduling, patients EMR, and their electronic billing. Learn More

Scribe Complete

by Scribe Healthcare Technologies

Web-based tool set for the creation, delivery, management, communication, coding, billing & analysis of clinical information. Learn More

Electronic medical record (emr software) designed by physicians to improve care, reduce errors and simplify business. Learn More

SpringCharts EHR

by Spring Medical Systems

The physician and staff gain instant access to up-to-date patient charts, office status, and office communications. Learn More

Dr Chrono

by Dr.Chrono

Handles a providers scheduling and marketing system, sending patient updates and reminders about appointments vie text message and more Learn More


by Daw Systems

EMR software, Gold Certified E-Prescribing & medical scheduling; Meaningful Use certified & compliant with CMS requirements. Rated #1. Learn More

Integrated Billing, EMR & Appointment Scheduling software that automates the input for patient chart notes. Learn More

Cloud based, HITECH Certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) with SOAP Notes, Patient Portal, billing and Outcomes Assessment Library. Learn More

Vitera Intergy EHR

by Vitera Healthcare Solutions

Easy to learn and implement so you can focus on providing quality care for your patients instead of paperwork. Learn More


by Adaptamed

Analyzes your current workflow, understanding your specific EMR & PM requirements. Learn More

User-friendly information system designed for Emergency Departments by Emergency physicians and nurses. Learn More

Electronic Medical Record Software designed for medical offices of all specialties and sizes. Learn More

HealthTec Trilogy

by HealthTec Software

HealthTec Trilogy is an ONC-ATBC Certified system that elegantly integrates practice management and Electronic Medical Records. Learn More


by Platinum Systems Specialists

CCHIT certified EMR solution for small and medium medical practices and clinics who need EMR. Learn More


by Practice Perfect

Practice management and EMR software for psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, pathologists, and occupational therapists. Learn More


by SOAPware

Offering a CCHIT Certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software, Eprescribing. Coming Soon, Electronic Billing Software. Learn More

DocuRehab Software

by DocuRehab Software

Full EMR Documentaion exam forms, treatment animation and videos Learn More

EMR designed for doctors by doctors. It adapts to your medical specialty and specific needs thanks to its fully modular environment. Learn More


by MyOnlinePractice

Complete web-based practice management + EMR solution starting at $150/mo/provider Learn More


by Nth Technologies

Seamlessly integrates online patient services, practice management, and electronic medical records. Learn More

Comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) software for specialty practices that is usable by anyone in the practice. Learn More

Full Enterprise PACS and Workflow Solution Learn More

Praxis EMR

by Infor*Med

Award-winning template-free EMR solution that learns from each user, allowing them to chart using their own words and style. Learn More


by iChartsMD

An HIS with build in interface engine that simplifies integration throughout various departments and machinery within a hospital. Learn More


by 6N Systems

Electronic Medical Records (emr software) with integrated orders, workflow, doctors notes, charting, e-Prescriptions and more. Learn More


by AbelMed

Electronic medical records (emr software) with administrative features to provide a doctors notes solution that adapts to any practice. Learn More


by Catalis

Graphical electronic medical record (EMR) software for primary use on a wireless tablet PC. Learn More

Acumen nEHR

by Acumen Physician Solutions

A nephrology-specific electronic health record and office communication system. Learn More

ADP AdvancedMD EMR

by ADP AdvancedMD Software

Powerful workflow processes and medical coding/rules compliance features, simple for medical personnel to easily learn and train. Learn More

AdvantaChart EMR

by AdvantaChart

Powerful electronic medical records (emr software) system that mirrors the established workflow process of OB/GYN offices. Learn More

Advantage EMR

by ProLink International

Medical practice software that includes electronic medical/health records, billing, collection and reporting. Learn More

AirStrip ONE EMR

by AirStrip Technologies

Electronic medical records (emr software) that allows physicians to remotely access real-time waveform & patient data remotely. Learn More

Alere ACS

by Alere Accountable Care Solutions

Web-based EHR solution that provides entire patient history access, secure messaging, and real-time decision support. Learn More

AllMeds EMR

by AllMeds

Total practice solution, designed for surgical specialties, such as otolaryngology, pain management, orthopaedics, and neurosurgery. Learn More


by AlphaCM

ONC fully certified for "Meaningful Use" electronic health record and practice management system for behavioral health providers. Learn More

AltaPoint EHR

by AltaPoint Data Systems

Electronic medical records (emr software) and practice management system fully integrated. Learn More


by Medical Information Records

Triple platform AIMA anesthesia module for your existing EHR system. Integrates with any EHR. Learn More

AppMed EMR

by AppMed

Integrates with your patient appointment scheduling and billing systems eliminating information re-entry. Learn More

Aquarius EMR

by Aquarius Imaging

Touch screen enabled, ONC certified ambulatory EHR with remote access functionality. Learn More


by Solventus

Full-featured, scalable, web-based EMR with electronic appointment book. Learn More

AssistMed EHR

by AssistMed

CCHIT-certified electronic health record with practice management system with on-the-fly custom templates. Learn More

Azalea EHR

by Azalea Health

Cloud-based EHR: scheduling, charting, e-prescribing & billing, lab ordering & reporting software. Learn More


by BlueWare

Electronic medical record (emr software), utilizing laser disk imaging, document imaging and clinical multimedia imaging. Learn More

BlueStep EHR Platform

by BlueStep Systems

Comprehensive , customizable EHR designed for assisted living, skilled nursing and other residential care settings. Learn More

BMCASE Case Management

by Bluewater Management Systems

Enables accurate clinical documentation with its comprehensive and easy-to-use practice management and electronic health record. Learn More


by Darena Solutions

Modular system that allows you to design the program's interface. Could be maintained in the cloud or installed on premises Learn More


by Brave River Solutions

HIPPA compliant EMR software with instant access, user management, fast reporting, and auto-notification features. Learn More


by Quest Diagnostics

More than 300,000 physicians use the Care360 platform to manage patient data, connect with their community network and improve care coo Learn More


by IntelliSoft Technologies

A web-based EMR that is customizable to any specialty. Learn More

Web-based application that provides patient reminders, triage management, problem list management, and immunization recording. Learn More


by Isprit Systems

Provides disease management, EMRs and comprehensive report generation, streamlines patient visits, e-prescriptions, and more. Learn More


by Marshfield Clinic

Customizable EHR system is a CCHIT certified repository of each patient's laboratory and radiology results, and event documentation. Learn More


by CDP

EMR system for public health industry. Capabilities include transcription, patient encounter capture, and billing. Learn More

Centricity EMR

by GE Healthcare

EMR software designed to integrate with medical practice management systems for large physician's practices. Learn More

Paperless solution that lets you monitor, support and manage health information. 3,500+ physician practices rely on Cerner solutions. Learn More


by CompuGroup Medical

Web-based EHR that can interface bi-directionally to more than 1,500 other software systems of healthcare providers. Learn More

ChARM Tracker

by MedicalMine

ChARM EHR is an Ambulatory Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution that can be customized according to your practice workflow. Learn More

Chart Links

by Chart Links

Discipline-specific medical rehabilitation software integrated with a standardized, distributed electronic medical records (EMR). Learn More


by Digital Document Packaging

Electronic medical record (emr software) that will help you get paper charts into your computer and make them easy to look at on screen Learn More


by ChartWare

Electronic medical records (EMR) software for fast, accurate and affordable clinical record keeping with customizable prescribing.. Learn More


by Civerex Systems

Healthcare Management System for enterprise-wide management of patient records in Hospitals and Private Practices Learn More

Claimat EMR

by Claimat

DGI / ONC-ATCB certified software offered in a SaaS basis that could be used by small, large and multi-location facilities. Learn More

ClaimCare EMR

by ClaimCare

Software is offered as part of ClaimCare's billing service. Functionality includes point-and-click data entry. Learn More


by LCD Solutions

Clicktate is a system to easily and inexpensively generate medical office progress notes. Learn More


by Clinical Software Solutions

Electronic medical records (EMR) software that offers your facility the ability to implement your EMR incrementally. Learn More

Clinic Information System

by P & P Data Systems

Designed to help you get control of your clinic and manage the overload you and your staff have to deal with everyday. Learn More


by ClinicYou

Web-based EMR and practice management solution, nothing to install. Learn More


by Clinix Medical Information Services

Bring to your practice one of the most complete, efficient and affordable EMR systems on the market today. Learn More



Computerized medical records with simultaneous single-user or multi-user access options and audit control. Learn More

Provides innovative Coordinated Care solutions for Health and Human Services. Learn More


by CodoniX

Functionality includes collaborative charting, automatic code capture, patient portal, and billing integration. Learn More

ComChart EMR

by ComChart

Cutting edge electronic medical records system that allows your practice to go entirely paperless office without stress or worry Learn More



COMPLETE EHR Guaranteed to meet your needs, today and into the future of healthcare. Learn More

Crib Notes

by Grand Rounds Software

Documentation, reporting and workflow management solution for neonatal clinics. Learn More


by Mountain Medical Technologies

Manage patient education, referrals, record keeping, etc. with this second generation EHR system featuring graphical user interface. Learn More


by Digimed Innovation

Electronic medical records (EMR) software that provides tools to increase patient monitoring and follow-up. Learn More

DirectorMD EHR

by Health Communication Systems

A suite of information systems framework, that reflects the way physicians and caregivers work in Ambulatory or Outpatient Practices. Learn More


by doc2MD

Dermatology-specific EMR capable of automating repetitive snippets of information for standard diagnoses. Learn More


by DocPatient Network

Electronic medical record (emr software) meets your requirements! Simply log on and dictate and point&click your way. Learn More

Doctors Choice

by ER Records

Emergency Department EMR for Physicians, Nurses, Electronic Prescriptions, Multilingual Discharge Instructions. Learn More


by DoctorsPartner

Medical practice management system with integrated appointment scheduling, electronic medical record (emr software), and more. Learn More

Manage documentation of the entire patient visit, view cases at a glance, write prescriptions and bill your patients all in one system. Learn More


by DocuTAP

We tie all the components of EMR and Practice Management into one integrated solution for urgent care clinics. Learn More


by Purkinje

Web-based, integrated electronic medical record and physician practice management software system. Learn More


by TriMed Technologies

Practice management and EHR software that includes patient registration, scheduling, charge and credit posting, and collections. Learn More


by eClinicalWorks

EMR and medical practice management software used by over 60,000 physicians and 370,000 medical professionals. Learn More


by ifa systems

Electronic connected medical record system for ophthalmology professionals from general ophthalmologists to ophthalmic surgeons. Learn More

eDoc Health

by Biz Technology Solutions

Electronic medical record (emr software) solution that electronically scans and files your documents. Learn More


by DocComply

Provides services like scheduling, electronic medical record (emr software), billing and everything in between. Learn More


by eHealthCare Systems

EMR solution that offers demand orders, e-signature capture, in-house dispensing database, wait time analysis, and e-prescriptions. Learn More


by eHealthFiles

Electronic medical record (emr software) that provides better case documentation and maintains patients' charts and clinical notes. Learn More

Electronic Chart System

by American Data

Electronic medical records (emr software) including charting, physician orders, time clock, patient scheduling and therapy. Learn More

Electronic Medical Record

by Electronic Services Technologies

EMR solution designed for solo practice or small group with e-prescriptions, document scan, lab connectivity, etc. Learn More

Electronic medical records (emr software) with integrated medical billing system. Learn More


by Modernizing Medicine

Eliminate double-entry of information with this adaptive knowledge solution that generates forms automatically based on the diagnoses. Learn More


by GB Systems

Web based practice management software for your medical office or clinic (medical records and payments). Learn More


by Holt Systems

EMR including Practice Management Workflow, Prescription Writing, Note Creation, Automated fax out on referrals, Order Entry, etc. Learn More

Empower Inpatient

by Empower Systems

Go paperless with this EHR system that captures clinical data with intuitive workflow. Learn More

EMR Software

by 1st Providers Choice

EHR & practice management designed to help practices improve the quality of care, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenues. Learn More


by MedNet Medical Solutions

Comes loaded with features that are practical, user friendly and help your office improve workflow. Learn More


by Origin Healthcare Solutions

Software that organizes patient clinical data in a way that streamlines workflow and makes information retrieval easy and efficient. Learn More


by MedStar Solutions

Electronic medical records software with integrated medical billing system. Learn More


by Triple E Medical Solutions

EMRx | iClaim is a cloud-based, all-in-one, practice management, billing, and EMR system for medical providers. Learn More

Encite EHR

by Encite

Fully customizable, dermatology specific electronic medical record (emr software) application that combines both touch and voice. Learn More


by EncounterNotes

Practice Management System. Patient Management, Scheduling, Electronic Insurance Claims, Encounters, and more. Learn More


by EndoSoft

Meaningful use certified EHR for solo physician┬┐s office to large multi-site medical centers. Learn More

EpicCare EMR

by Epic Systems

Fast, physician-friendly ambulatory EMR software rated #1 by KLAS Enterprises. Learn More

Essentia EMR

by Lavender & Wyatt Systems

Comprehensive EMR software for mental health professionals with universal client chart functionality. Learn More

Web-based EMR system for intensive care units with integrated order entry and configurable data presentation. Learn More

Estuary EHR

by Estuary EHR

Web based medical record management software to simplify patient record updates and access, with additional kiosk interface. Learn More


by T-System

Emergency department information system that enables you to chart, report, and store records. Learn More


by EvEMR

Web-based EMR that supports integrated patient-fed data collection and evidence-based workflow for behavioral health clinics. Learn More


by AxSys Technology

Electronic medical record (emr software) that supports clinicians in key activities such as review, documentation and collaboration. Learn More

Experior EHR

by Experior Healthcare Systems

Software to handle clinical documentation. Fully integrated with EMS practice management or SurgeOn surgery center software. Learn More

Exscribe EHR

by Exscribe

Orthopaedic EHR - optional E/M coding services, OMR/Internet History, Workflow, HL7 Interface for PACS and Practice Managment. Learn More


by EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems

EMR software for ophthalmologists that interfaces with your existing practice management solution. Learn More

EZ Office

by EZ Healthcare

Medical practice management software solution that includes medical billing, EMR, patient scheduling, and claims tracking. Learn More


by First Medical Solutions

Client-Server based EMR that has capabilities to provide solutions from pre-encounter, clinical, and post-encounter. Learn More


by Forerun

Modular online EMR designed specifically for emergency room physicians. Learn More


by Forte Holdings

All packages of ForteEMR come standard with onsite training, web training, tutorials, and support. Learn More


by FreeDOM

EMR that is fully integrated with practice management functionality, and free to offices with one to two providers. Learn More

Fusion SpeechEMR

by Dolbey

Utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application. Learn More


by GalenMD Systems

Integrated billing software with appointments, workers compensation, comprehensive reporting, and marketing management. Learn More


by Global Record Systems

Web-based EMR that interfaces with practice management systems and supports multiple workflow documentations methods. Learn More

Globe MED

by Alpha Global IT

Clinical Management System (EMR) that provides staff communication, prescription writing, patient encounters documentation, and more. Learn More


by gloStream

gloCare is the tool doctors depend on to run smart, lean and focused pacesetting medical practices that can thrive through change. Learn More

Glostream Partner

by Health Network Solutions

Allows providers to document patient encounters, improve clinical workflow and simplifiy information exchange with others. Learn More


by Harmony Medical

Fully integrated EMR, HIPPA compliant software, easy to use scheduling & comprehensive patient billing. Learn More

Health Highway

by Health Highway

Automates the workflow of health care providers, patients and hospitals. Learn More

Health Probe

by HealthCare Data

A complete electronic medical records system enriched by billing, scheduling and communication management functionality. Learn More



An entirely browser-based ambulatory EMR system. Major modules include e-surveys, e-notes, and e-registries. Learn More

Healthland Centriq

by Healthland

Features a simple, intuitive user interface thats easy for clinicians to use, ensuring user adoption Learn More

by Wybtrak

Allows a practice to receive secured electronic Patient Registration and History Forms from their website. Learn More

HemiData EMR

by HemiData

Review and update patient records and patient histories, prescribe medications, check lab results and drug usage, update schedule. Learn More


by Z-Medinfo

Web-based solution for mental health facilities that support both outpatient and inpatient treatments. Learn More

IatroChart EMR

by Iatroware

Easy to learn electronic medical records system that enables detailed health-care office management. Learn More



Enterprise cloud Electronic Health Record platform for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Learn More


by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

A system that enables the doctor and patient to keep all prescription, medical reports, etc. online to access anywhere. Learn More


by 4medica

Cloud-based iEHR provides seamless integration between inpatient and ambulatory patient data from a single web application. Learn More


by Sajix

Health care software that manages patient, doctor lab, medication, billing and scheduling information. Learn More


by iMedCORE

Ambulatory EMR with single screen patient encounter functionality and intelligent scheduling technology. Learn More

IMH Office

by Primetime Medical Software

Organize patient information, improve medical chart quality and accessibility, and unify medical histories Learn More

Impact Medical System

by Impact Medical Solutions

Complete hospital management solution to streamline all hospital operations from admission to discharge. Learn More


by Unicomp Corp. of America

Document management system capable of capturing, storing, and organizing your most common paper and electronic medical records. Learn More


by edgeMED Healthcare Solutions

Comprehensive practice management and electronic medical record (emr software) to effectively manage your business. Learn More

Inpatient EHR

by FutureNet Technologies

A web-based software solution that links electronic health records with both transcription and speech recognition technologies. Learn More


by Accentia Technologies

Web-based modular electronic health record system that includes EMR, billing, DRT and PMS features for ambulatory clinics. Learn More


by MD On-Line

A state-of-the art, intuitive and integrated EMR and Practice Management system that enables you to provide superior patient care. Learn More

InteGreat EHR

by MED3000

Browser-based access to your clinical data, including patient demographic information, laboratory & radiology reports. Learn More

Intelligent Medical Software

by Meditab Software

Practice management including, EMR, billing, scheduling, check in & check out, prescription, fax management. Learn More


by Kanick And Company

EMR software completely customized for all specialties, for every practice and for each doctor. Learn More


by iPenMD

An easy to use, centralized, web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and practice management system. Learn More


by Iris Systems International

A comprehensive and fully integrated suite of EMR-based Practice Management Systems that are inexpensive and easy to use. Learn More


by KASA Practice Solutions

KASA features a user friendly web-based EMR system designed specifically for behavioral and mental health professionals. Learn More


by KeyMedical Software

Designed exclusively for ophthalmologists. Provides prescription writing, appointment scheduling, referral letters creation, and more. Learn More

Klinik Suite

by Klarian

EMR and Practice Management Software created for small and medium sized medical practices. Learn More


by Amstor

Electronic medical records (emr software) that handles registration, billing, appointments, treatments, investigations, and more. Learn More

Levin EHR

by Levin Software Technologies

Practice management software including eligibility checks, claim submission, payment posting, scheduling, documentation. Learn More

Login RIS

by LoginClinic

Complete clinical automation suite including practice management, EMR, billing, scheduling, lab management, and more. Learn More

Mastercare Allied Health EMR

by Global Health

Multi-disciplinary EMR that is team-based and can support practice and patient information management for organizations of any size. Learn More


by Medical Mastermind

Electronic health records programs that are fully integrated with the Medical Mastermind practice management system! Learn More

Mchart EMR

by Mchart

Web-based solution that includes EHR and Pactice management and offers revenue cycle reports, customizable templates, and ePrescribing. Learn More

Web-based EMR and PM software, certified for Meaningful Use, and inspired by small independent medical offices just like yours. Learn More

Generates accurate, complete, and error free medical documentation while making physicians more productive. Learn More

MD Synergy

by MD Synergy Solutions

Easy-to-use EMR and document management system to increase practice efficiency, improve operational control and increase revenue. Learn More


by MD-Reports

A report-generating tool with build-in EHR system for ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and private offices. Learn More


by MD Perfect

Windows based EMR software solution to manage a medical practice including patient scheduling, patient encounters, billing, etc. Learn More


by Data Strategies

Healthcare management system for practices, clinics, and billing service providers of virtually any size. Learn More

A certified e-Prescribing system that can run stand-alone or integrate with EHR/PMs looking to add an e-Rx module. Learn More

Medamation EMR with Insti-Select is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective professional quality medical charting program. Learn More

MedBase Pro

by GKG Productions

Medical office and EMR software for physician offices or hospitals. Learn More

MedcomSoft Record

by MedcomSoft

Physician EMR and Practice Management System that offers many EMR benefits. Learn More


by Medical Systems Development

A suite of tools that comprise a clinical information system capable of comparative patient data analysis as well as record keeping. Learn More


by Community Computer Service

All-in-one billing and EMR system with mobile and touch screen versions. Learn More


by LCG Medical

Medesync is a Canadian EMR that provides essential services to all healthcare professionals. Visit to learn more. Learn More


by MedEZ

Office automation for the healthcare community; track patient information, schedule appointments and manage billing. Learn More


by Crowell Systems

Medical practice and EMR software for all doctors. Design and organize your own medical charts. Learn More


by MEDHOST Solutions

Emergency department information system that are simple to use and preferred by hospitals nationwide. Learn More

Medical Chart Plus

by Medical Chart Plus

Database management application for generating, recording, and organizing patient charts in hospitals and private practices. Learn More

Medical Office One

by Biosoftworld Medical Software

All-in-one electronic medical record (emr software) - Appointment Scheduling - Medical Billing software package for Vista and XP. Learn More

Medical Practice Solutions

by Innovative Medical Practice Solutions

A full suite of EMR, scheduling, and billing software solutions. Learn More


by MedInformatix

EMR and practice management solution that allows patient records to be accessed at the actual point-of-care. Learn More


by Electronic Medical Records Group

An EMR system with multi-source access to patient information, including remote access, and interoffice communications. Learn More

Medisoft Clinical EMR

by Sunrise Services

Combines practice management with a fully functional electronic medical record at a price point geared to smaller physician practices. Learn More

MediTouch EHR

by HealthFusion

Web-based, touch screen Electronic Health Record that is affordable and secure. Learn More

MedOffice EHR

by Physician Revenue Services

Web-based EMR that can also manage correspondence, documents and transcriptions. Learn More


by Databridge Software

Electronic medical records (EMR) software that is accesible from a web-based ASP allowing secure remote access to your practice. Learn More


by MedPro

Web-based software for mental health facilities with seamless data transmission between billing and clinical records components. Learn More


by Scripnetics

Electronic medical records (EMR) software designed and built specifically for handwriting recognition using a Tablet PC. Learn More

MedServices STAT EHR

by DataNet Solutions

Electronic medical records (EMR) software for Physician Offices, Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers, and Community Health Centers. Learn More


by MedSym Solutions

Oncology EHR software that provides work orders management, clinical flowsheet, medication prescription, and integrated faxing tools. Learn More


by Medtuity

EMR solution featuring records processing, scripts, scanning, patient tracking and patient education. Learn More

MedWorxs Evolution

by MedWorxs

EMR and Practice Management applications that are designed to enhance your bottom line by increasing your office efficiency. Learn More


by H&T Medical Solutions

Electronic Medical Record software intended for mental-health clinics, offices and individual providers. Learn More


by HealthTronics

Blended model EMR system designed for creating and storing patient medical records in your office and on-line simultaneously. Learn More


by MICA Information Systems

Electronic medical records provider, practice management software (PMS) developer and billing service. Learn More


by Henry Schein

Software to ease the reviewing and documenting of patient charts as well as ordering labs and tests. Learn More


by MMF Systems

MMF provides mmfEMR, a web-based EMR & PPM solution based on the OpenEMR platform. Learn More


by ModuleMD

EHR and practice management system with flexible process modeling that offers clinical workflow, ePrescribing, and lab reports. Learn More

Mountainside EMR

by Mountainside Software

Template-based medical chart system with predefined choice lists and macros that can be customized to different specialities. Learn More

MPS Remedy

by MPS Remedy

Practice management solution to enable you to manage your practice and revenue effectively and seamlessly. Learn More


by Netsmart Technologies

A full suite of modules for complete practice management support. Learn More


by Zodiac Infotech

Electronic medical record and practice management solution for physician groups and practices. Learn More


by Complete Medical Solutions

The most advanced Real-Time Coding and Compliance Enhanced EMR Learn More


by NexTech Systems

Solution that provides accurate charting, prescription histories, referring letters creation, lab integration, and more. Learn More

NextGen Ambulatory EHR

by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

Ideally suited for sharing and managing clinical and administrative patient information through a single-source application. Learn More


by Nortec Software

Monitor and manage care with an all-encompassing system that combines EMR with e-prescribing, patient portal and practice management. Learn More


by iSALUS Healthcare

iSALUS Healthcare provides OfficeEMR - fully unified, cloud-based Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management solution. Learn More


by OmniMD

Suite of EMR and Practice Management products that automate the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process. Learn More


by Altos Solutions

Web-based system for oncology practices that offers integrated practice management, ePrescribing, and PQRS reporting. Learn More

One Touch EMR

by One Touch EMR

EMR system that includes built-In fax and unlimited e-prescribing capabilities for iPad. Learn More


by OpenEMR

An open source practice management and EMR solution that in ONC certified and free to use. Learn More


by Medsphere Systems

Highly adoptable subscription-based EHR system for non-federal healthcare facilities. Learn More

Ophthalmic EHR

by Health Care Intranet Technologies

Electronic patient consent forms, automated workflow for front desk, technicians, and residents in ophthalmology clinics. Learn More

Cloud based electronic medical records solution that is full integrated with all necessary operational medical practice functions. Learn More

Orion Health HIE

by Orion Health

Health information exchange solution with web-based interface for patient information sharing between organizations. Add-ons available. Learn More


by Oscar McMaster

An EMR system with chronic disease management capabilities, in addition to prescription, scheduling, and billing modules. Learn More

Pal/Med EMR

by Pal/Med Development

Keep e-prescriptions, lab reports and nurse's notes in one real-time charting equipped system. Learn More

Paperless Practice Management

by Cygnet Infotech

We offer complete software packages for the healthcare industry namely medical billing software, EMR and practice management. Learn More



An EMR system with accurate billing and coding, electronic drug regimen, multi-user clinician data synchronization features. Learn More

Patient Health Record

by HealthCare Anytime

Web-based solution that offers online access to health information, allows to give proxy access to the patient's legal representitive. Learn More


by PatientClick

Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management System Learn More

PatientTrac EMR

by PatientTrac Information Technology

PatientTrac EMR is a powerful electronic medical records system custom built for Psychiatry and Mental Health. Learn More


by Physicians Back Office

Web-based EMR that adapts to the way the individual provider practices medicine. Learn More


by PCArchiver

Scans, indexes and retrieves patient records. Keep staff at the front, not looking for charts. Designed by a physician for physicians. Learn More

PDS Cortex

by PDS Cortex

Automated Bad Debts / Collection Agency Tracking for the medical profession. Learn More


by Software Solutions Group

A fully integrated practice management solution which incorporates EMR, billing, scheduling, coding, charts, forms and transcription. Learn More

Perfect Care

by NCG Medical Systems

Practice management system for physician groups, MSOs, IPAs, independent physicians and MCOs. Learn More


by Phyaura

Built on an open source electronic health record, scheduler and practice management software. Learn More

PhyMedica EMR

by PhyMedica

EMR with expansion factors such as patented graphics and natural language generator . Learn More


by Doctor Office Management

Pediatric Electric Health Records and Practice Management System Learn More



Web-based Practice Management and electronic medical record (emr software) solution that optimizes the flow of clinical information. Learn More

Plexia EMR

by Plexia Electronic Medical Systems

Customizable web-based system built on Microsoft.NET platform that integrates patient records tracking with billing and scheduling. Learn More

PowerMed EMR

by PowerMed

Electronic medical record (EMR) system designed to use over a network. Learn More


by Data Tec

Robust electronic medical records and practice management software for small to medium sized practices of all specialties. Learn More

Practice Expert

by California Medical Systems

Comprehensive, cost-effective turnkey EMR workflow solution that fuses with any office. Learn More

Practice Management Ultra

by American Medical Software

Integrated medical office software that includes ONC/CCHIT certified EMR, medical billing, and appointment scheduling. Learn More


by PracticeSuite

Ssoftware including physical therapy billing software, Mental Health Billing Software, Occupational Therapy billing software, etc. Learn More


by Greenway Medical Technologies

A leading provider of single database electronic health record (EHR), practice management and interoperability solutions. Learn More

Private Practice

by Private Practice

Medical charting software for midwives that could be used on a Smartphone, iPad or a computer. Learn More


by Aprima Medical Software

Offers a fully integrated, single application, single database practice management/ EHR solution, as well as complete RCM services. Learn More


by Intrahealth

Practice management and electronic medical record for general and specialist practice. Handles financials and appointments. Learn More


by Bizmatics

Electronic Medical Record Software designed for medical offices of all specialties and sizes. Learn More

Project E-vita

by EvaWare

EMR/EPR systems using SNOMED-CT. Prescribing, Booking, Patient Records, Image/Document archives, etc. Learn More


by ProtoMED Medical Management

Allows for seamless integration of patient demographics from ProtoMED and billing information. Learn More

Pulse Complete EHR

by Pulse Systems

Tracks and manages the processes involved in providing patient clinical services & in keeping accurate electronic medical records. Learn More

Q.D. Clinical

by STAT! Systems

Full-featured EMR package for Windows 95/98, NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux, Citrix, Novell, Pen-Tablets and PDAs. Learn More


by Qinec

Provides seamless technology that allows outpatient providers to deliver transformational change in the way they run their businesses Learn More

QNotes Office

by Quick Notes

Fully portable and customizable solution for SOAP notes and patient charting utilizing our wireless barcode solution. Learn More

RelayClinical EHR

by RelayHealth

Online connectivity solutions enable providers to connect with other providers, patients, payors, and pharmacies online. Learn More


by ReLi Med Solutions

EMR system that allows instant user customization along with free text notes. Learn More

Remedi EMR

by Ecognize

Electronic medical record (emr software) that captures interaction between doctor and patient while still supporting the SOAP process. Learn More

RevenueXL EMR

by RevenueXL

Web and Server based Certified Electronic Medical Record Software for small and medium sized Clinics. We support multiple Specialties. Learn More


by Health Innovation Technologies

An online practice management solution with an electronic health record system. Learn More


by Networking Technology

Practice management and EHR solution for medical centers, private practices, and other healthcare centers. Learn More


by ICS Software

EHR system for small and medium sized practices that offers patient demographics, eBilling, and appointment scheduling. Learn More


by Sequel Systems

Enterprise-wide medical practice management information systems solution based on Oracle. Learn More

Sevocity EHR

by Sevocity

Empower health centers and physicians to embrace EHRs by providing an easy-to-use, Internet based electronic health record system Learn More

Simple EMR

by Digital Cairo Software

Simple and low cost Electronic Medical Records software. Learn More

Simplicity EMR

by IQ-EQ Systems

ACO requirements ready EMR/EHR solution with unique scrolling feature that allows to see all patient encounter info on one screen. Learn More

Sleep WorkFlow

by Sleep WorkFlow

An Electronic Medical Record for the sleep industry, enables sleep centers to schedule and track patient history. Learn More


by SmartEMR Solutions

Web-based electronic medical records solution that enables physicians to record patient encounters & test interpretations quickly. Learn More

Smarter Docs

by Smartersoft

Fully customizable EMR system that successfully integrates touchscreen technology, handwriting recognition and voice recognition. Learn More


by Linkworks

A report repository application that enables physicians to access a patient's clinical and lab information from their Apple iPhone. Learn More

Integrated appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, and medical billing software for small to mid-sized physician practices. Learn More

Soarian Clinicals

by Siemens Healthcare

Designed to improve collaboration and care management. Medication management, computerized physician order entry, and mobile access. Learn More

SonoSoft Physical Therapy EMR

by Empower Technologies

Speed up documentation of daily treatment encounters through modifiable templates and drop downs, and easy point and click technology. Learn More


by EBS Medical Chart Solutions

Practice management, billing and Electronic medical record (emr software) to manage all sizes and types of medical practices. Learn More


by Paramount Health Solutions

An ONC-ATCB certified EHR designed to eliminate paperwork throughout your entire office: from reception to examination room. Learn More


by SRSsoft

EHR software, providing practice management, PACS, patient portal, and transcription solutions, for high-performance physicians. Learn More


by STATehr

Fully integrated EHR/Practice Management/Billing solution that work with any device and access to patient records, anytime, anywhere. Learn More

Stratus EMR

by Stratus EMR

Web-based system for outpatient addiction medicine clinics - includes e-prescribing for controlled substances. Learn More


by Pacific Medical Communications

Web-based system that provides patient history, demographics, lab results, medications, and reporting features. Learn More


by SynaMed

Free web-based EMR software with integrated PMS which stores all of medical record information in a secure on-line environment. Learn More


by Sindhu Synergy

Web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Medical Practice Management System. Learn More

TactusMD EHR

by TactusMD

Electronic Health / Medical Record software specifically for pediatricians, family practice, internal medicine and OBGYN physicians. Learn More


by Healthricity

Talk-4-Care enables a healthcare provider to securely email patient health information, over the Internet to a healthcare provider. Learn More


by StratIS

The Electronic Doctor manages electronic patient medical records and handles text, voice, scanned documents and SOAP notes. Learn More

The Digital Office

by EON Systems

Billing, Scheduling, Practice Management, & Noting software for Multi-Disciplinary, Chiro, PT/OT/ST and more. Learn More


by Therap Services

Comprehensive web-based solution for developmental disabilities (I/DD) support providers. Learn More

Therapy Manager

by Pathway Software

Helps AHP Service Leaders manage the provision of care from referral through to discharge. Learn More

TherapyRehab Plus

by Raintree Systems

Practice management and EMR software for physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists. Learn More

TIME System

by Infian

Track treatments, manage plans, and facilitate follow up and billing with web-based solution that empowers chairside carting. Learn More


by Capricornian Software

Designed to meet the needs of medical records electronic entry and daily management of agenda Learn More


by Turbo-Doc Medical Record Systems

Maintain medication histories, problem lists, look up drug interactions, and eliminate transcription costs with this EMR system. Learn More


by UnisonCare

EMR system for small ambulatory practices. Starts at $850. Learn More


by Practice Velocity

Coding software that reads SOAP-note template documentation and analyzes the coding algorythms. Learn More

VersaForm EHR

by VersaForm Systems

Electronic medical records with labs, medications, allergies, histories, prescription writing and much more. Learn More


by VersaSuite

EPM/EHR/HIS software that supports the administrative needs of the healthcare professional in a clinic, hospital, or FQHC. Learn More

Virtual Charting

by Virtual Charting

Modular EMR and clinical information solution that boosts physician productivity by using TabletPCs and desktop workstations. Learn More


by Contec Vision

Web based electronic medical records (EMR) software, designed for complete integration of the entire healthcare process. Learn More

Visual Private Office

by Practice Management Technologies

Software to handle client billing, clinical record, scheduler, medications, claims management and accounting integration. Learn More


by Alton Healthcare

Practice scheduling, billing, prescription management, electronic medical records, medical transcription, and practice management. Learn More


by Document Storage Systems

Electronic medical record (emr software) that automates the entire process of producing an accurate, consistent and compliant progress note. Learn More


by Medical Informatics Engineering

A browser-based, digital document management system for all types of practices that looking to go chartless. Learn More



Billing, transcription, and practice management solution all in one cohesive package. Learn More

Welford Chart Notes

by MEDCOM Information Systems

The only EMR with an embedded Natural Language Interpreter (NLI), a real-time text interpreter. Learn More

Welligent EHR

by Welligent

Web-based software with scheduling, payment collection tools, medication management, billing, and reporting features for your agency. Learn More

Wellsoft EDIS

by Wellsoft

Patient Tracking, Clinical Documentation, Discharge Planning, Order Management, Auto-faxing, auto paging, etc. Learn More



Allows you to work comfortably and efficiently using the forms that you already use today on a tablet PC. Learn More


by Net Health Systems

EMR for wound care clinics who have moved beyond paper charting; integrated clinical, financial, and regulatory solutions. Learn More


by WriteMD

Electronic medical record software with customizable graphic-palettes and macros & templates. Learn More


by Addison Health Systems

Full service randomized-text exam note and report generation system; track patients, create exam notes, and compile patient reports. Learn More

X-Link Real Time Interface

by Easy Business Software

Electronic patient records and medical billing seamlessly linked in realtime. Learn More


by Open Healthcare Group

XML-based open source electronic healthcare system. Learn More

Xcite EHR

by Xcite Health

Provides touchscreen technology and includes patient tracking, charting, and vaccine management functionality. Learn More



We start with your working documents and customize our forms to reproduce them electronically. Learn More

XpressCharts EHR

by XpressTechnologies

Complete Practice and Documentation Solutions- Practice medicine not data entry! Learn More


by ZipChart

A unique web server based EMR, makes it easy for physicians to customize your wireless Tablet PC for the way you work. Learn More

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