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SkyCiv Structural 3D is a cloud-based Structural Analysis program that allows users to model and solve complex 3D structures. It is completely online; requiring no installation to use. SkyCiv Structural 3D offers the very best in online structural analysis. It includes the results for: - Bending and Shear Force and Stress - Axial Force and Stress - Deflection - Buckling Analysis - Torsion - Full 3D Renderer with Results - Text Analysis and Reporting View Profile

An AutoCAD Clone that works with AutoCAD DWG files. No learning curve for AutoCAD users. View Profile

Mechanical CAD, design validation, product data management, design communication, and CAD productivity tools in a single package. View Profile

Full featured, comprehensive CAD program; integrates 2D drafting with 3D modeling. View Profile

NEi Nastran

by NEi Software

Simulate real-world structural, thermal, fluid-flow, and aero-elastic behavior of both simple and complex 3D product designs. View Profile


by RubySketch

3D BIM Design & Estimating plugin for SketchUp specialising in Automated Design tools for residential construction. View Profile


by SmartDraw

Architect software to help you design your home, office, or deck in a matter of minutes. Comes with free trial and 40+ plans. View Profile

PEP Technology

by PEP Technology

PEP Technology ERP/CAD/CAM Software is designed to automate the programing of laser, plasma, flame, waterjet and punching processes. View Profile


by Dassault Systemes

Product design software that addresses all manufacturing organizations, from OEMs through their supply chains, to small producers. View Profile


by Manusoft Technologies

IMOLD for SolidWorks provides designers with the most powerful mold design product available today. View Profile

Integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions for Any Size Design Challenge View Profile

sxCAD for IBM FileNet

by SirruX Cloud Solutions

SirruX sxCAD provides native integration of IBM FileNet P8 inside Autodesk AutoCAD. View Profile


by Bentley Systems

3D, solids modeling software provides a set of tools for object mgmt., modeling and drafting, visualization, and more. View Profile


by DP Technology

Machine any part, on any CNC machine, for any industry. Program any 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-axis mill with ESPRIT. View Profile

Adept CAD Document Management

by Synergis Software

Adept Engineering Data and Document Management Software helps you find, manage, share and control engineering, CAD & business document View Profile

Provides modeling functions unique for simulation that include detailed geometry creation and CAD geometry modification. View Profile

ANSYS SpaceClaim

by SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim is a 3D modeling software that enables anyone to create, edit, and repair geometry without worrying about technology. View Profile


by Autodesk

Create 2D drawings more efficiently View Profile


by SoftTech Engineers

AutoDCR is an innovative Building plan scrutiny and approval system View Profile

An affordable, user-friendly 3D CAD software solution for structural steel design, detailing and fabrication, based on AutoCAD View Profile


by Newton Software

Builders that works out the Bill of quantities for Major items and calculates BOQ for for buildings. View Profile


by Transoft Solutions

Swept path analysis software made to analyze road and site design projects. View Profile

A web-based solution for data and documents contextualization, cross-reference, and visualization. View Profile


by Sconce Solutions

Bingo shape-search service for cleansing/migration/design reuse/cataloging/quality of 2D/3D CAD data (any format) View Profile

Bridge Designer

by Interactive Design Systems

Software providing a time simulation of construction stages for concrete pre/post-tensioned structures. View Profile


by ExpertSoft

Network design tool automatically calculates the lengths of cables, conduits, trays, trunks, pipes etc. View Profile


by International TechneGroup

Software solution designed to translate, repair, and simplify CAD models. View Profile



Plant design and equipment engineering software - 3D/2D CAD software for P&ID, Piping design, Equipment, Electrical, steel, ERP link View Profile

Cadmatic eShare

by Cadmatic

The Cadmatic eShare is a virtual plant information management solution. View Profile


by CADopia

A CAD drafting tool for educators, designers, architects, and engineers. View Profile


by Intergraph

CADWorx is an integrated series of CAD software for plant design and automation. View Profile

CalcMaster for Windows

by Designerswest

Engineering calculation software for students, designers, engineers, architects and educators. View Profile


by Corel

Allows organizations of any size to create powerful technical graphics quickly. View Profile

Cortona2D Editor Pro

by Cortona3D

Legacy graphics editor for creation and modification of layered graphic primitives. View Profile


by e-Xstream engineering

A multi-scale material modeling technology that speeds up the development process for innovative multi-phase materials and structures. View Profile


by Interstudio

Architectural CAD for 3D modeling and rendering. Supports Quesa-OpenGL for walkthroughs in real time and plug-in renderers View Profile

Draft it

by CADlogic

Powerful, easy to use 2D CAD Software package that is free to use. Create, save and print your work with our unlimited free version. View Profile


by Practical Programs

Automatically convert documents and send transmittals, compare CAD drawings and markup drawings from our viewer. View Profile

The DWG/DGN CAD sofware based on IntelliCAD with many advanced functions similar to AutoCAD. View Profile



Engineering system for electrical CAD design and documentation for electro-mechanical engineering and plant construction. View Profile

Electra E7

by Radica Software

Installed engineering CAD solution designed to help you complete your electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic projects. View Profile

Electric P8

by Eplan Software and Services

Offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. View Profile


by TiSoft

ElectricalDesign helps you design any building's electrical installation, make calculations & produce floorplans, schematics & reports. View Profile


by C&R Technologies

Allows a user to develop and integrate both fluid and thermal systems within a CAD based environment. View Profile


by Genius Solutions

A comprehensive suite of built-in features from order-to-cash designed specifically for your custom manufacturing operations. View Profile


by Suzhou Gstarsoft

Fast and powerful world-class 2D/3D CAD software platform based on IntelliCAD technology. View Profile


by HydroCAD Software Solutions

Computer Aided Design tool used by Civil Engineers for modeling stormwater runoff. View Profile


by iCADMac USA

AutoCAD for Mac Like replacement with little or no learning curve for AutoCAD users! View Profile


by Kubotek USA

Provides manufacturing designers a complete set of tools to meet their various modeling and drawing challenges. View Profile


by Avenir Software

Radiant heating design tool that enables snowmelt design, heat loss/hydronic calculations, circuit & floorplan drawings, 3D CAD views. View Profile



AutoCAD-based software product for a wide range of engineering applications. View Profile


by PSMotion

Machine design software that lets you easily model Cam and Servo based machines with many mechanism, motion, and material interactions. View Profile

Punch! ViaCAD

by Punch! Software

Intuitive 2D drafting application with extensive collection tools which supports automatic creation of 2D views from imported 3D data. View Profile


by Epiphany Software

CAD program that enables plumbing professionals to create and share drainage and vent piping drawings. View Profile


by CMS

QuoteCAD is a powerful software application that gives you the power to price quote your designs and projects from a DWG CAD drawing. View Profile


by MiTek

Enables better communication and collaboration between residential builders, CMs, and the entire supply chain. View Profile

Scia Engineer

by Nemetschek

A design platform with integrated modelling, analysis, design and automated GA drawings. View Profile


by Fidesys

A simple straightforward process that allows designers to evaluate structural performance of design alternatives quickly. View Profile

SimWise 4D

by Design Simulation Technologies

SimWise 4D answers Does it work? and Will it break? and How can it be made better? in an affordable, integrated package. View Profile


by Engineering Computation

Process simulation program which offers a number of benefits to the casting industry. View Profile


by KollabNet

Visualizes SolidWorks models to find and fix errors faster. View Profile

Spatial Vector

by Spatial Technologies

Software used to deal with weeding, line thinning, noise removal, attribute attachment and vectorization of raster data. View Profile


by SPUDWEB Technologies

SPULLOWS takes just 20 minutes to generate the bellows design along with bill of materials & costing sheet View Profile

Stallion 3D

by Hanley Innovations

Flow analysis software for performing a CFD analysis on your designs. View Profile

Professional-level 3D modeling and animation software capable of importing and working on third-party designs. View Profile

SwiftComp Micromechanics

by AnalySwift

SwiftComp Micromechanics (VAMUCH) computes all effective properties/local fields of composites for 3D FEA results in seconds not hours. View Profile


by Cardinal Systems

Allows the display and editing of LiDAR point data in 2D and in true three-dimensional stereo. View Profile

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