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by Wasp Barcode Technologies

Wasp asset management systems makes it painless to manage your business valuable assets. Quickly conduct audits, and always know what you have & who has it. The information you need will be at your fingertips with our smartphone (iOS & Android) & tablet capability. We include everything you need (mobile computer & printer), and we include FREE, Live Getting Started Training & FREE, US-Based Phone Support.. View Profile


by Real Asset Management

Real Asset Management (RAM) is a leading provider of fixed asset management and tracking software, with over 3,000 implementations across 70 countries. As a powerful fixed asset register, Asset4000 tracks and records all changes that occur during an asset's lifetime. Depreciation can be calculated for one book or multiple books to comply with state, federal and corporate policies. Asset4000 addresses SOX, GAAP, US Tax, and GASB compliance. View Profile

Field Squared

by Field Squared

Automate Your Paperwork & Mobilize Field Operations. Field Squared quickly converts your existing paper forms into interactive, digital documents for any iOS or Android device. Without changing existing workflow, your field staff will operate more efficiently and late or missing paperwork will disappear. Our cloud-hosted system optimizes routes with GPS, increases team communication and improves customer satisfaction levels. View Profile


by ManagerPlus Software

ManagerPlus is an easy-to-use maintenance management software system that helps companies in asset intensive industries increase their return on investments while decreasing costs of operation. ManagerPlus links your asset management, maintenance management, inventory and purchasing functions together for quick and easy viewing and decision-making. Available in Pro, Enterprise, and MyManagerPlus (web-based) versions, ManagerPlus is used by over 10,000 Maintenance Managers around the world. View Profile

Fixed Asset Pro

by MoneySoft

This very cost-effective fixed asset depreciation software was designed specifically for small to mid-sized US companies and CPAs. Fixed Asset Pro is a powerful, effective depreciation and fixed asset management system that costs just a fraction of other, comparable software programs. Fixed Asset Pro is a self-contained system. So, you won't need to install and maintain any third-party database software. Free technical support is included for current users. View Profile

Bar|Scan uses bar code technology and powerful portable bar code readers to more accurately track your resources in less time than a manual inventory. Complete bar code system with specialized software designed to meet a company's enterprise-wide asset information needs. a turnkey solution including software, hardware, labels, training, data integration and reconciliation services. View Profile

AssetWorks' Asset Management Software is a customizable solution for life cycle tracking of capital assets. It's easy to use, and offers comprehensive depreciation, budgeting, transfer, disposal management, and much more. AssetWorks includes detailed audit trails for all transactions, and everything you need for GAAP, GASB, and tax and compliance reporting. Bar code scanners, automated reconciliation, and custom business rules are seamlessly integrated to maximize efficiency and accountability. View Profile

Bassets eDepreciation

by Decision Support Technology

Bassets eDepreciation lets you to simplify your asset management. Bassets is scalable from just a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of fixed assets. Written using Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL as its database eDepreciation (starting at $1,900) offers great performance. Bassets offers free assistance for data conversion from spreadsheets and other commercial fixed asset management software packages. With 22 user defined fields and reports on-the-fly, eDepreciation is easily configured. View Profile

GoCodes Asset Management Solutions is a leader in smartphone scanable QR code fixed asset and inventory tagging. Our patented software allows you to securely tag your fixedl assets and manage them using our powerful and easy-to-use web-based management software. Designed to work on all smartphones, tablets and computers, GoCodes is simple to set up and requires no IT expertise - which means anyone can use it. GoCodes provides a complete single-vendor solution. View Profile


by Tofino Software

A single integrated Cloud solution providing CMMS/EAM, Enterprise Inventory Management, Asset Tracking and Smart Procurement. View Profile


by Tracker Software

Activity based costing maintenance management system that manages projects, work orders, roads, bridges, facilities, etc. View Profile


by EZOfficeInventory

With real-time access to information, employees can checkout/checkin assets with ease. Make office inventory tracking simple. View Profile

Asset management solution with industry-specific editions for manufacturing, healthcare, oil&gas, hospitality, and public sector. View Profile


by MapYourTag

Smartphone-enabled asset tracking through QR codes and NFC tags. View Profile


by RCS Technologies

Asset management and tracking system; simplifies depreciation calculation, requesting, assigning, identifying, and tracking assets. View Profile

Visual Asset Manager

by E-Innovative Services Group

Fixed and IT enterprise asset management; take control of assets by knowing what you have, how much its worth, and where it is. View Profile

A1 Tracker

by A1 Enterprise

New generation asset software designed to meet unique business needs, bring value to your business, & streamline asset management. View Profile

Complete work management application for tracking employees, equipment, projects and activities. View Profile


by Accruent

Achieve 570% ROI with a comprehensive work order, preventive maintenance and asset management system. View Profile


by fsc

Enterprise asset management solution that encompasses CMMS, purchasing, inventory, accounting and financial activities. View Profile

Advantage Accounting System

by Roundtable Accounting Software

Includes general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, sales processing, job costing, report generator, fixed assets and more. View Profile

Anytime Assets

by e2b teknologies

A cloud-based asset management system that allows you to track any asset. View Profile


by Nektar Data

Cloud based asset management and mapping solution for documenting, assessing, manipulating, managing, and reporting asset data. View Profile

Asset Control System

by Lowry Solutions

Comprehensive, web-based asset tracking solution designed to automate and streamline asset management utilizing barcode and RFID. View Profile

Asset DB

by NewField IT

A unique graphical based asset management toolset enabling a repository of all print and storage assets. View Profile

Asset Keeper

by Pro-Ware

Fixed asset depreciation software program with data entry, calculations and reports. View Profile

Asset Management System

by vMoksha Group

Efficiently manage your fixed and rolling assets. View Profile

Asset Organizer Pro

by PrimaSoft PC

Catalog, manage, and track all your company's fixed assets. View Profile

Asset Performer

by ASSETtrac

Integrated label, scanner, and software solutions for fast paper free audits of movable property. View Profile

Asset Tags


We offer 88 types of labels, to get you the exact custom barcode that you need. View Profile

Asset Tracker

by Lockwood Technology

Asset management system; reconcile, finance, reporting, utilization, scheduling, document management, security and maintenance. View Profile

Asset Traker

by Traker Systems

Asset Traker provides companies of any size with the capability to manage their fixed assets quickly and easily. View Profile

Asset TraQ

by QueTel

Allows you to design your own barcode inventory system for equipment and furniture. View Profile


by Minisoft

Manage financial reporting, depreciation, optional revaluation and physical verification of fixed assets in Indian markets. View Profile


by Relegen

Asset intelligence solution with software & hardware components for workflow automation, audit management, and asset disposal tracking. View Profile


by Sensys Technologies

Web-based software that offers depreciation deductions calculation, accounting books, reporting, and categorized relocation of assets. View Profile


by AssetGlobe

Manage your surplus assets, generate value by providing annual costs saving, improving corporate compliance and more. View Profile


by Liberty Street Software

Software to streamline your fixed asset organization and record keeping. View Profile


by TrackX

Designed to automate your physical assets tracking using any automatic ID technology or mobile handhelds. View Profile

Assetware Tracking

by Assetware Technology

Fixed asset and inventory management software with asset tracking and barcode reading technology. View Profile


by Asset Systems

Solution for organizations requiring unlimited facilities management and fixed asset tracking. View Profile


by InfinID Technologies

A complete RFID fixed asset management system with an intuitive interface that is easy to implement, learn and use. View Profile

BarCloud Online Inventory

by ASAP Systems

Complete barcode-based inventory management and asset tracking system for easy web-based inventory tracking. View Profile

BNA Fixed Assets

by Bloomberg BNA

Streamlines the financial and tax management of fixed assets, while ensuring accuracy and consistency. View Profile

CCS Assets

by Crow Canyon Systems

Enable tracking of any type of asset: computers, servers, buildings, equipment, vehicles, and many other assets. View Profile

CitiTech Management Software

by CitiTech Systems

Infrastructure & maintenance management software for local government. Work Orders, GIS and asset management. View Profile

CMI Fixed Assets

by CMI Software

Originally developed by CPAs for CPAs, CMI Fixed Assets is a powerful, easy to use program designed with the end user in mind. View Profile

CSA Assets & Depreciation

by CSA Data Solutions

A system that offers asset retirement processing, non-depreciable assets tracking, and acquisions audit trail maintenance. View Profile

DC-X and SES

by Digital Collections

- media neutral - multichannel - content sharing - semantic search - social media, web-monitoring - big user base (appr. 35.000) View Profile

Depreciation 4562 Pro

by MicroTechWare

Calculates depreciation. Comes with 2 educational books to help you learn standards and no hidden fees. View Profile

Depreciation Calculator

by Cellutionware

This software figures out depreciation using tax and GAAP methods to make accurate depreciation schedules. View Profile


by DepreciationWorks

Maintain unlimited fixed asset records ; book depreciation computations, depreciation schedules, and asset management. View Profile


by Data Support

Easily perform any transaction including, checking items in/out, moving or counting items using barcode scanners. View Profile


by Fast Facts Computer Systems

Software that helps you maintain details of each asset including cost, useful life, user, location, department, and cost centre. View Profile


by Computer Directions

Track fixed assets with bar codes. View Profile

Fixed Asset Depreciation

by Star Software

Fixed asset depreciation software that provides categorized assets tracking, depreciation adjustments/deletion, and reporting features. View Profile

Fixed Asset Management

by Less Software

Web-based application designed to manage assets/capital equipment. Offers asset deployment tracking and custom depreciation scheduling. View Profile

Enables companies of all sizes to maintain a complete fixed asset inventory. View Profile

Fixed Assets

by Financial & Management Information Systems

Asset accounting solution that offers suspended and postponed depreciation, transfers analysis reporting, forecasting, and budgeting. View Profile

Fixed Assets

by BankTEL Systems

Fixed asset management for banks, automatic interface to host g/l for monthly depreciation, book value and depreciation per month. View Profile

Fixed Assets CS

by Thomson Reuters

Customize the way asset data is organized and presented to meet all your asset management needs; calculate depreciation up to ten ways. View Profile

Fixed Assets Manager

by Red Moon Solutions

Comprehensive tax compliant asset depreciation software built to support both tax and accounting functions; unlimited books. View Profile

Software application that provides assets valuation and revaluation, reporting, depreciation and asset impairment adjustments tools. View Profile

Fixed Assets: Enterprise

by B1 Fixed Assets

Fixed asset management and accounting add-on for SAP Business One oriented towards small to mid-market companies. View Profile


by Globees Solutions

Asset Tracking Software designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets. View Profile


by Hardcat

Asset management software that handles procurement, purchasing, barcoding, stock, depreciation, help desk, maintenance. View Profile


by Innersync Studio

Designed to help manage photos of any size, this program creates thumbnails for each asset. View Profile



Asset management system for tracking maintenance and assets, work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory, purchasing, etc. View Profile

Turn-key RFID compliance solution that will allow your enterprise to immediately use current and emerging standards. View Profile


by Sapientech

A simple and inexpensive way to track the quantity, location and history of products/assets using barcoding technology. View Profile

irms AM Asset Management

by Upp Technology

Asset visibility that stands up to the toughest audit: field-level acquisition, mobilization, recovery, inspection, reissue, disposal. View Profile

iSuite Fixed Assets

by Global Software

Comprehensive, easy-to-use software system for complete asset accounting and asset management. View Profile


by ItemPath

ItemPath is a fresh, new way to track things. Whatever you want. Get a detailed history of everything. View Profile

Legler Accounting Software

by Legler Systems

Modules include GL, AP, AR, fixed assets, payroll, order entry, inventory management, check reconciliation. View Profile


by Levin Global

Web-based solution that provides management of assets under construction, budget control, assets depreciation and decentralization. View Profile

Mindbow Fixed Assets

by Mindbow Software

Fixed assets software with multiple depreciation books and methods, balance date adjustments and asset images displaying features. View Profile


by Miquest

Addresses any asset management application, and is totally scalable to suit all size of enterprise and organisations. View Profile


by System ID

Provides you with vital information, like asset location, cost, repair schedules, check in/out, and more. View Profile

Asset management and inventory tracking software that maintains asset history and maintenance records. Integrates with backend systems. View Profile


by Deep Forest Systems

Web-based corporate property management solution with powerful reporting tools. View Profile

ONESOURCE Fixed Assets

by Thomson Reuters

Lets you control every aspect of fixed asset management; grows with your organization for any number of assets or users. View Profile

Paradigm Business Systems 5

by Paradigm Designs Software

Complete TransLingual application to be used as a fully integrated Enterprise Asset Management system or as discrete modules. View Profile

Planon Accelerator

by Planon

Facility management software that integrates corporate real estate, service management and maintenance management functionality. View Profile

Asset-centric accounting, tax, budgeting and analytics software. View Profile

Prisym Design


Incorporates industry standard barcodes, RFID tag encoding and database connectivity with additional modules. View Profile

Our solution provides a complete view of your fixed assets in a single location, streamlining your asset accounting process and more. View Profile

Pronto Xi Financials

by Pronto Software

Consolidates all your financial activities into a single finance-oriented control center. View Profile

Allows you to easily track assets and calculate depreciation automatically. View Profile

Ramco Asset Management

by Ramco Systems

ERP suite for capital intensive businesses with asset management to MRO supply chain, to collaboration, financials and human resources. View Profile

Track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets using this comprehensive PC application and barcode scanner. View Profile


by Reftab

Affordable asset tracking with QR Codes and asset numbers. Supports loan tracking, report generating, and role-based sub-accounts. View Profile


by Advantage Information Products

Using a handheld, touchscreen PDA that scans and prints custom barcodes. View Profile


by Riva Modeling Systems

Enterprise Inventory provides tools to quickly consolidate assets from a variety of data sources into one view. View Profile

Safety Management System

by Redkite Systems

Manage capital and consumable assets from initial purchase to final disposal. Track asset movements, scheduled activities and more. View Profile

Sage FAS

by Sage Software

Accurately track your fixed assets and significantly reduce insurance and tax costs. View Profile


by Levantare

Fixed asset tracking and management software. Data capture, barcode/RFID tagging, asset register maintenance. View Profile

SoftExpert EAM Suite

by SoftExpert

Enables the whole life optimal management of the physical assets of an organization to maximize value. View Profile

SPM Assets

by SPM Assets

A web-based asset planning application that provides a tactical to strategic analytical solution. View Profile

Strategic Asset Tracking System

by Strategic Systems & Technology

Fixed asset barcode tracking software that provides asset inventory value calculation, audit control, and inventory reporting. View Profile


by TekCore

TekTrack, the industry-leading, Internal Mail & Package Tracking Software System for your inbound tracking demands. View Profile

The Asset Manager

by One Squared Productions

Affordable fixed asset management system designed with the small business owner in mind. View Profile


by Mintek Mobile Data Solutions

A full suite of asset management, preventive maintenance, document & contract management, and capital asset planning tools. View Profile

TraxFast STD

by eTeklogics

Fully functional fixed asset management system for tracking the use, maintenance and disposal of valuable assets. View Profile

Upcrest Fixed Asset


Software that allows companies to maintain historical data, generate bardcode stickers, and import data to fixed assets register. View Profile

Vizion4 AUDIT

by Vizion4 Global

Easy to use 70 question self-assessment tool based on the 70 shall statements from ISO 55001 or customize to your own questionnaire. View Profile


by GigaTrak

Aside from tools, manage other assets such as consumables, chemicals, office equipment, and spare parts. View Profile


by Wisensoft

Modular, web-based software with barcode asset tracking, asset registers, and calibration date/warranty expiry date notifications. View Profile


by WiseTrack Software

Asset tracking software designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets. View Profile

WorthIT Fixed Assets

by M.R.S. Company

Enables fixed assets management, depreciation accounting and capital budgeting. View Profile


by Obor Digital

Web-based service desk and equipment management solution with enterprise asset management. View Profile

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