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Get a free, live demo of FleetMatics GPS fleet tracking. FleetMatics provides live web-based GPS fleet tracking software and hardware that reduces fuel and operating costs while helping you provide better service to your customers. FleetMatics also gives you the competitive edge to respond to customer needs faster by deploying vehicles more efficiently and providing you with the tools to accurately measure your fleet's performance. View Profile serves 1000's of businesses. Every solution is customized to the needs of the individual client providing them with web-based, fleet management software integrated with GPS tracking devices, real-time monitoring, reporting, and cloud-based information management. Our GPS tracking solutions help businesses reduce expenses and increase profits by tracking driver behavior, route optimization and many other expense-reducing activities. BBB A+ Accredited - GSA Certified View Profile

Verizon Networkfleet

by Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet transforms the way fleets operate by monitoring mileage, fuel use, engine diagnostic codes, and other vehicle data. Our online system offers 24/7 access to fleet information, robust reporting capabilities, reliable tracking of fixed and movable assets, and third-party data integration to automate fleet management tasks and improve efficiency. View Profile

GPS Insight is a leading technology provider of GPS tracking software for mid-large fleet-based businesses. They utilize high quality GPS hardware and add the customization and enhancements which fleet based companies demand. Using the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. FREE DEMO FREE TRIALS NO CONTRACTS View Profile

Telogis is the only provider who can offer you a single integrated platform to cover all your location intelligence needs. Say goodbye to individual products and switch to a complete, future-proofed platform solution. Maximize profits, security, safety, compliance and productivity. From commercial GPS fleet tracking and fuel management to route planning and navigation, our modern, web-based architecture allows efficient data exchange between common systems, right across your entire business. View Profile


by Agile Access Control

Join an impressive list of organizations using FleetCommander fleet and motor pool solutions to automate nearly all facets of fleet management to save time, reduce costs, & improve service. FleetCommander customers are able to right-size their fleet, achieving reductions of 15% or more, with documented ROI many times over. Features include online reservations, car sharing & motor pool technology, assigned vehicle management, secure key control, automated dispatching, reports & more. Free Trial! View Profile


by ManagerPlus Software

ManagerPlus helps effectively manage maintenance for your fleet and equipment. It effortlessly handles an unlimited number of preventive maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles in your fleet. Easy to use, and quick to learn, our software system ensures that the system you pay for will actually get used. Available in Pro, Enterprise, and MyManagerPlus (web-based) versions, ManagerPlus is used by over 10,000 Maintenance Managers around the world. View Profile

RTA Fleet Management

by Ron Turley Associates

RTA Fleet Management Software handles a wide range of small and large business software solutions for industrial, automotive, school bus and trucking company maintenance. From Transit to Construction, government fleets to bussing - RTA covers all the details in managing your fleet. Visit our website for a free-full-function demo. Experience the easy to use, intuitive system that is in use by thousands of fleets throughout the world. View Profile

Tailwind TMS Software

by Tailwind Management Systems

What if you had a solution that could maximize your profits and minimize downtime by automating your fleet records? One of many Tailwind's customized software products will ensure the right fit for your dispatch operations and administrative needs. Carriers have the ability to automatically manage sales, orders, drivers, trips, maintenance scheduling, routing, reporting and accounting. Integrations to many partner services and software such as mileage, GPS, fuel cards, fuel tax, EDI and more. View Profile

Online Fleet Management Software that is Powerful and Easy to Use. 14 Day Free Trial and Monthly Pricing. Accessible from any Internet-Connected Device. Automated Email Reminders. Unlimited Users Included with Customizable Permissions. Automatic Software Updates. Unlimited Photo and Document Storage. Streamlined Reporting. Fuel Card and VHM Integration. Employee and Vendor Management. See why thousands of Fleets in over 25 countries love Fleetio. View Profile

Fleet Maintenance Pro

by Innovative Maintenance Systems

Fleet Maintenance Pro is maintenance tracking software that makes quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for your fleet. It is flexible enough to let you track as much or as little information as you need, and automated and color-coded PM alerts will ensure that you when a certain vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service. Any unexpected maintenance performed on a vehicle will be also be recorded and saved. View Profile

FleetWave / RoadBASE

by Chevin Fleet Solutions

Chevin offers world-class flexible fleet and maintenance management software designed to meet the needs of fleet professionals around the world. Offering features such as flexible screen design, dynamic maintenance, work order and inventory management, touch screen and bar coding, comprehensive driver and accident management. Web-based FleetWave offers larger fleets flexibility and ease of use. RoadBASE offers smaller fleets sophisticated capabilities and analysis at an affordable price. View Profile


by Melton Technologies

MTI offers US truck fleet owners of 5-500+ trucks the Horizon core trucking software for Dispatch, Billing and Driver Settlements as well as Tax Reporting, Document Imaging, EDI and Mobile Communications modules to efficiently improve and optimize fleet operations. MTI Horizon Business Analytix gives fleet owners Business Intelligence to help manage their business. Cloud product coming soon. December 2014 View Profile


by PMXpert Software

Complete predictive maintenance software for equipment, facilities, machine shops, medical centers, hotels and more. Enables managers to track equipment, and automatically schedule preventive maintenance activities. Maintenance managers in any industry can benefit from PMXpert. Take the guesswork out of preventive maintenance and eliminate the endless cycle of putting out fires and emergency maintenance. View Profile


by TomTom Telematics

Smart navigation and real-time traffic information saves your drivers time on the road so that they can spend more time with your clients. TomTom's fleet management solution helps you to optimize processes and save time across your entire business. Instantly update orders, send job details direct to staff on the road, and keep a track of your vehicles with real-time reports on working hours and driving time. 30,000 customers in 60 countries rely on TomTom and our software partners' solutions. View Profile


by Collective Data

Schedule, track, and report on an unlimited number of pieces of equipment. View Profile


by Manning Navcomp

Mobile asset tracking software package that allows you to view the geographic tracks & statuses of a set of remote mobile vehicles. View Profile


by Navotar

Navotar is powerful web-based software that keeps your vehicle rental business running smoothly and efficiently. View Profile

Awery Airline Management Software

by Awery Aviation Management System

Web-enabled airline ERP solution with modules for managing flights, cargo, and services, as well as accounting and HR capabilities. View Profile

Mobile phone-based tracking service with integrated voice and visual GPS navigation, electronic timesheet reporting and dispatching. View Profile

Dispatch and fleet management management software for asset based, 3PL, broker and private fleet companies. View Profile


by Virture Infotek

The platform amazon cloud tracks vehicles on map, helps cut operational losses in half, and improves driver performance. View Profile

Choice Fleet Management

by Choice Applications

Provides an intuitive and efficient system for tracking and managing the activities and costs involved in the operations of your fleet. View Profile


by eFleet Systems

Mist is a Fleet Management System targeted to bring greter efficiencies & productivity in operations of a Fleet of a Company. View Profile

Award-winning, 100% integrated, cloud-based GPS fleet tracking with safety monitoring, custom reports, alerts, driver scoring and more. View Profile


by MyRouteOnline

Route optimization solution that can convert addresses from an Excel file into a route plan to be shared via mobile or GPS. View Profile

Shadow Tracker

by Advanced Tracking Technologies

Incorporates the most current maps of North America delivered through our patented software technology. View Profile


by Arcline (2000)

Manages truck dispatching including lead tracking, load orders, trip reports, and posting to your accounting software. View Profile

Dossier Fleet Maintenance

by Arsenault Associates

Fleet management software program for fleets who want a full featured system to control the equipment. View Profile

Mileage logging solution that enables you to record driving data and export it conveniently into an Excel spreadsheet. View Profile

PeopleNet Fleet Manager

by PeopleNet Communications

Manage your fleet via the web; provides you with secure control of your communications and fleet management functions. View Profile

Regatta Transportation

by Regatta Transportation

Owner operator and small fleet software with accounting, maintenance, customer database, routing, satellite, payroll, IFTA, reports. View Profile

Compliance Solutions Plus

by CSP Web-Based Management

Solution to enhance management of employees, vehicle and equipment files as well as their safety/loss control program. GPS compatible. View Profile


by KVS Systems

Fleet Management Software with CRM, cost control measures, effective utilization of fleet and manpower. View Profile

Designed to be the core of any aviation business, providing automated management capability. View Profile

Get to your customers in the shortest amount of time and spend less time on the road with GPS fleet management. View Profile


by Assured Tracking

GPS and GSM technology for accurate and real-time tracking. View Profile

Truck and trailer GPS tracking solution. View Profile


by Technopoly

Suitable for all sizes and types of operations, including Commercial, HGV, PCV, Light goods, Civil engineering and more. View Profile


by Bizsoft Consulting

Specialist fleet management and resource allocation and scheduling (plant hire software) solution. View Profile


by VTech Services

Yard management system that supports multi-location visibility, driver performance tracking, dispatching, and other yard-specific work. View Profile


by Routeware

Fleet management software that delivers real-time information about where your fleet is, what they are doing, how fast they are going. View Profile

Amicus VMS

by Amicus

Solution for companies that require vehicle and driver monitoring and data logging. View Profile


by WITC Information Systems

Comprehensive fleet management software for any size fleet. View Profile



Offers the possibility to successfully perform the fleet management in your local network as well as via Internet. View Profile


by BQR Reliability Engineering

Maintenance optimization solution that allows manufacturers, service-providers and MROs to analyze and optimize maintenance strategies. View Profile



Complete desktop solution for creating optimized routes and solving scheduling problems. View Profile

Asset Maximizer

by Trackum Software

Easily track expenses for your vehicles, maintenance scheduling, and vehicle location. View Profile


by AusFleet

Fleet management software that gives control of your fleet, maintenance, workshop, pool vehicles, plant hire, inventory and more. View Profile


by autoMinder

An integrated, easy-to-use fleet management software solution with fuel efficiency tracking and fleet maintenance functionality. View Profile


by Alembx Solutions

Automatically alerts you when maintenance due dates are near and keeps complete vehicle maintenance log of service history. View Profile


by Zada Partners

Uses GPS and Cell/Satellite transmission to allow you to manage your fleets, such as service, emergency, and construction vehicles. View Profile

Baseplan Enterprise

by Baseplan

Equipment and rental management, in an integrated ERP solution, for fleet managers, rental businesses, and equipment companies. View Profile


by BE-Fleet

Web-based fleet maintenance program targeting forklifts and other material handling equipment. View Profile

Borg Fleet

by BorgSolutions

Lets you monitor every piece of equipment or every vehicle in your fleet with real-time data. View Profile


by Bynx

Solution to manage in-life vehicle costs, re-market used vehicles and communicate effectively with your customers or suppliers. View Profile


by DigiCore

Provides vital information about mobile assets and workforce to achieve a range of business and operational benefits. View Profile

Car Systems


Modular vehicle management system with short and long term rental modules and fleet management options. View Profile


by Catch-e

Leasing & fleet management software that is rich in functionality and features. View Profile


by Celtrak

A web-based fleet management solution with a customizable software component for distribution, logistics and public sector industries. View Profile


by Computerized Fleet Analysis

Windows-based fleet maintenance and parts inventory program with PM scheduling, work order processing, etc. View Profile

Check & Drive

by Spierlink Software Solutions

Easy, powerful and affordable way to manage your preventive maintenance tasks, fleet inventory, fuel, repairs, appointments and more. View Profile

COCOS Software

by INVERS Mobility Solutions

Complete vehicle fleet management system, from reservation to billing, and all the administrative tasks in between. View Profile

ComLink GPS Tracking

by ComLink GPS Tracking Systems

Value added GPS Fleet Tracking and Heavy Equipment Monitoring Hardware, Software and Services View Profile



Comprehensive, web based, fleet maintenance and inventory control system for fleets and commercial shops to manage repairs, POs, etc. View Profile


by RPM Industries

Fleet maintenance software for hand held devices with built-in voice recording, digital photos and field printing functionality. View Profile

Crystal Ball

by Crystal Ball

Unique web based solution that provides GPS vehicle, mobile phone, asset tracking and lone worker protection on one web based platform. View Profile

Cygnus Track

by ThinkGeo

GPS tracking for fleets of any size; monitor routes, easily audit driver safety. View Profile


by Datalink Systems

Data routing hub and mapping interface for use with third party GPS and mobile data hardware devices. View Profile

DBSU2448 System

by Direct Business Solutions Universal

A web-based service provided Fleet Management ERP system with full data reporting - over 90% automation with flexible interfaces. View Profile

Debit Square - For Cars

by Auburn Software

Tracks information on cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, motorcycles, fleet vehicles. View Profile


by Decisive Systems

Gives information on the cost, use and condition of your fleet. View Profile

Director Series

by Karmak

Inventory and service shop management software for heavy-duty truck service shops, parts distributors, fleets with service operations. View Profile


by Ranger SST

All-In-One Solution: dispatching, GPS tracking/mapping, and mobile messaging - with storage lot management and link to QuickBooks View Profile

Dolphin Fleet Management

by Dolphin SoftSense

Fleet management software for school bus fleets, excluding unneeded trucking industry operations. View Profile

DP Fleet

by Orpak USA

Fleet management system with OBD data for fleet managers for a lower cost than online GPS systems. View Profile

DQ ODT System

by DQ Technologies

Follows production and manufacturing order lifecycle; allows for quick decisions on delivery scheduling and customer service. View Profile


by Drive Software Solutions

DRIVE is a complete Mobility, Leasing, Rental and Fleet Management solution relevant to all vehicle management operations. View Profile


by Lytx

DriveCam reduces collision-related expenses and fuel costs in hundreds of commercial fleets worldwide. View Profile


by AndSoft

e-FMS is a management and control tool used in fleet and workshop, it is 100% web integrated in the Andsys platform. View Profile



Commercial vehicle tracking system provides diverse mobile solutions to businesses with small, medium and large sized fleets. View Profile

Easy Trucking Software

by Omni Communications

Designed for the owner operator and small fleet owner; keeps track of all the information about your business. View Profile


by Education Logistics

Integrated group of linked modules for managing vehicles, parts inventory, work orders, and staff. View Profile

Electric Compass Tracker

by Electric Compass

GPS solution with geofencing capabilities that works on a variety of tracking devices including Window-based mobile computers. View Profile


by Elite EXTRA

All-in-one Fleet Tracking solution View Profile

Ellie Springer

by GPS Tracking Canada

Tracking software that compiles vehicle data to give you real-time, at-a-glance information and a suite of customizable reports. View Profile


by Perfit Computing Systems Group

Solutions for the mid-to-large trucking industry, including fleet maintenance, parts, inventory, purchasing, assets, leasing, dispatch. View Profile


by Armadillo Web Design and Technologies

Complete solution for fleet and emergency response vehicle maintenance tracking and service scheduling. View Profile

ENAiKOON fleet-control-web

by ENAiKOON Telematics

Online GPS-tracking fleet management, logbooks, positioning, invoicing, employee monitoring and scheduling for vehicle fleets and more. View Profile


by Enrich Software

Fleet management software with maintenance, asset, contract, fuel tax and financial management. View Profile


by Equip-Soft

Microsoft Dynamics based solution with parts, sales, rentals and fleet trucking capabilities for equipment distributors. View Profile

ERT Transportation Manager

by E.R.T. Software Systems

Transportation management software with dispatch, customer management, carrier management, reporting, fuel tax tracking and more. View Profile


by NEXIQ Technologies

Wireless web-based system that enables you to remotely monitor and diagnose your on-the-road trucks and fleet vehicles. View Profile


by Logistic Information Systems

Web-based tyre management software that tracks the location and longevity of truck and machinery tyres for your whole fleet. View Profile


by PCS Software

Trucking management software with full featured integrated accounting, compliance management systems, and much more. View Profile


by Current Software

Vehicle fleet maintenance management software; work orders, history, parts inventory and more. View Profile


by FASTER Asset Solutions

Fleet and asset management system; includes parts management, work order management, fuel management and operations cost tracking. View Profile


by FMS Fleet Management Solutions

A fleet management solution with full vehicle maintenance histories and stock control module. View Profile

FLEET 2000

by BDR Systems

Provides monitoring and control of vehicle maintenance; suitable for small, medium and large companies. View Profile

Fleet Aide

by Comp Easy Software

Software that handles Vehicle Maintenance, Inventory, Scheduling, Computerized Fuel Import, Bar Code Scanning. View Profile

Fleet Commander System

by Summary Systems

Wireless onboard system for fleet performance management. Offers data collection and processing, compliance and safety automation. View Profile

Fleet Controller

by Fleet Computing International

Vehicle maintenance software for government, small to mid size cities, counties, utilities, law enforcement, transit. View Profile

Fleet Controller

by Paragon Software Systems

Fleet management made easy; save time and money, reduce administration, increase traceability and operate a greener fleet. View Profile

Fleet Director

by Trafficmaster

An application with tiled mapping and multiple vehicle playback, real-time fleet analytics, and reporting features. View Profile

Fleet Genius PRO

by Prova Systems

Manage fuel efficiency and analyse vehicle health, diagnostic trouble codes, driver behavior, mileage and more for no monthly fees View Profile

Fleet Management

by Chekhra

Enables you to have total control of your fleet and manage employee details. View Profile

EnGenX provides flexible and affordable fleet management solutions helping you overcome your fleet management challenges. View Profile

Fleet Management System

by Airwaves GPS

Real time vehicle tracking and reporting system with mapping, routing and alerts. View Profile

Fleet Manager

by Freeway

Fleet management software that includes all the management tools you need to identify rogue vehicle costs. View Profile

Fleet Manager GPS Software

by UniTrak Group

A GPS vehicle tracking product accessed through a secure, easy to use web browser interface. View Profile

Fleet Manager Professional

by Trans+Plus Systems

Powerful solution for trucking and logistics management; enables better workflow, increased efficiency and accurate reporting. View Profile

Fleet Plus

by CFC Solutions

Fleet management tool designed to streamline your fleet operation, saving you time and administrative headaches. View Profile

Fleet Professional

by Ctrl-pad

Tracks fuel usage, vehicle replacement, downtime, mechanic performance, equipment line sheets, MSDS pages, accident reports and more. View Profile

Fleet Robo

by Binary Semantics

End to end fleet management solutions for taxi management, car rental, trucking & logistics, employee commuting and schools. View Profile

Fleet Tracker AVL

by Tracker Systems

GPS Fleet Tracking software that makes it easy to get real time information about where cars, trucks and movable asset locations. View Profile

Fleet Trax Management

by FleetTrax

Optimize fuel usage with fuel tracking, monitor fleet behavior, manage vehicle maintenance, and reduce your insurance costs. View Profile


by Hiepler + Partner

Fleet management software with complete master data management and scheduling, maintenance and cost management. View Profile


by Wireless Links

Complete Solutions for Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Temperature Monitoring, RFLink Active RFID, and more. View Profile


by NorthgateArinso

Streamlines your operation with the following modules: fleet, sales force, rental and quote management. View Profile


by FleetBoss

Provides anytime, anywhere data access via any computer with an internet connection. View Profile


by FleetCheck

Online fleet management software; tools and services to help you manage a cost-effective, legally compliant, safe fleet of vehicles. View Profile


by AlertDriving

Fleet risk management solutions proven to significantly reduce collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure. View Profile


by AssetWorks

Fleet management software for tracking assets and managing fleet operations and maintenance. View Profile


by Fleetilla

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, asset tracking and fleet management. View Profile


by GPS Fleet Solutions

Provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking and passive GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleet managers, owners and dispatchers. View Profile


by GPS Police

Affordable GPS fleet vehicle system. View Profile


by JAIX Software

Provides easy monitoring of trips, costs and profitability. View Profile


by Vecima Networks

Fully EOBR compliant fleet management solution that is designed to improve safety and productivity, reducing overall running costs. View Profile


by SCB Consulting

Track vehicle and equipment maintenance history, fuel usage and total costs. View Profile


by FleetMax

Software application designed to help you manage the maintenance of your valuable vehicles and other equipment. View Profile


by MEX

Fleet Maintenance Management system that monitors and improves vehicle performance and increases vehicle availability. View Profile


by Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Real time GPS fleet management with Microsoft MapPoint; 10 second updates, email reports, text notifications, geofencing, landmarks. View Profile


by Fleet Office

Inventory management, expense tracking, and fuel accountability for fleet management companies. View Profile


by Wireless Matrix

FleetOutlook is an award-winning GPS fleet tracking SaaS application that provides complete visibility of your fleet. View Profile


by FleetPro

Fleet and asset management; long and short vehicle and asset rental software. View Profile


by Fleetronix

Real time asset tracking and monitoring. Route optimization and dispatching integration with Garmin PND. View Profile


by ZoomSafer

FleetSafer is a simple way to ensure that employee drivers use their mobile phones in a safe, legal and responsible way. View Profile


by Transpoco

Web-based GPS application for fleet tracking. View Profile

FleetWise VB

by All About Computers

Fleet management system includes PM schedule, repair orders, inventory tracking and fuel tracking. View Profile


by Coencorp

Integrated suite of automated fleet management products for management of fleet related assets across the enterprise. View Profile


by Kantronics

Integrates automatic vehicle location (AVL) with logging database and real-time communications capabilities. View Profile


by Artronix Computer Solutions

Full-featured, multi-modal fleet management system for small to mid-size carriers. View Profile

G.E.T. Motor Pool

by GreenEcoTrack

Motor pool management solution with web-based and IVR scheduling, dispatching, fleet utilization reports, and vehicle tracking tools. View Profile

Gentrifi GPS Tracking

by Gentrifi

Tracking, managing, and protecting mobile and fixed assets to increase service revenue, improve asset utilization and reduce expenses. View Profile

Integrates GPS, wireless and your standard web browser into a mobile solution that helps you manage your drivers and field technicians. View Profile


by Geomoto

A web-based fleet tracking system with software and hardware components for real time vehicle locating, reporting, and dispatching. View Profile

Established in 2009, Geooco.'s mission is to provide the telematics industry with the highest-value GPS fleet tracking solution. View Profile

GEOTAB Checkmate

by FleetScan Solutions

GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking systems solutions for fleet vehicle location, providing cost savings and better driver safety. View Profile

All in one, simple yet powerful web system helping your company to fully exploit the economic benefit of a fleet management solution. View Profile

Go Fleet GPS Tracker

by Go Fleet

Real-time GPS tracking systems with plug&play technology, audible driver alerts, vehicle diagnostics, Garmin integration & more! View Profile

GPRS Tracking Software 800D

by Ascend Group

Web-based tracking, mapping, history trace display, and address searching support. View Profile

GPS Commander

by GPS Commander

GPS tracking solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy to use. Track your people, vehicles, assets or trailers from anywhere! View Profile

GPS Fleet Management

by Telematics GPS

Effectively manage your fleet. Improve productivity, substantially lower operating costs and increase profits. View Profile

GPS Fleet Software

by Software-Management

GPS real-time vehicle tracking, fleet management and control of mobile objects the easy way View Profile

GPS Fleet Tracking

by GPS TrackZone

Use digital GPS fleet tracking to see where your vehicles are every minute. GPS Fleet Tracking Hardware and Web-based Software View Profile

GPS Fleet Tracking

by Intouch MVC

InTouch Fleet Management solution gives you the answers you need to increase productivity. View Profile

GPS Fleet Tracking System

by Fleet Management Solutions

Global positioning system that delivers real time GPS, mobile asset tracking, GPS vehicle tracking and wireless vehicle tracking. View Profile

GPS Tracking

by ETA Systems

GPS Fleet Management Systems to track your vehicles and keep tabs on your investments. View Profile

GPS Tracking

by Nero Global Tracking

Comprehensive GPS tracking solutions for assets, fleets, vehicles and trailers. View Profile

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

by Trinetra Wireless

Web-based vehicle tracking platform with real-time traffic updates and vehicle location features. View Profile

A GPS fleet tracking system with a online driver education module on reducing fuel consumption. View Profile


by GreenRoad

Provides real-time reports and analysis on the driving events captured by an in-vehicle system. View Profile

Ground Traffic Control

by Zonar Systems

Predict vehicle arrival, track idle emissions, manage driver productivity, and track your fleet. View Profile


by Cogep

Enterprise asset maintenance management software that includes maintenance, purchasing, and inventory functionality. View Profile

High Point GPS

by High Point GPS

Live web-based GPS fleet tracking software, reporting all activity a and driver behavior 24/7. View Profile

i360 Drive

by Imarda

i360 Drive is cloud based, easy to implement and supports the collection of information from a wide range of devices. View Profile

Hosted modules designed for field service organizations to manage customer relationship, sales orders, operations, warehouse and stock. View Profile

infoTRAK Fleet

by Infospectrum

Web-based fleet tracking and management software. View Profile


by InTouchGPS

More Features. Better User Interface. No Gimmicks. No Hassle. We just do it better! View Profile


by OnScene Solutions

Track driver speeds, truck idle times, PTO engagements, engine on/off and exact locates on all your service vehicles. View Profile


by Inen Solutions

Fleet Management System. A GPS fleet tracking system to track your vehicles. View Profile


by iTrackGPS

Your complete source for GPS Tracking! View Profile

ITS Dispatch

by Internet Truckstop

Web-based, inexpensive, and easy trucking or freight broker software that meets the needs of small and medium sized companies. View Profile

JDA Fleet Management

by JDA Software Group

Solution that provides constraint-based delivery scheduling and route planning optimization for fleet management companies. View Profile

Manages all aspects of acquiring, operating, maintaining and disposing of vehicles. View Profile

LeaseWave Fleet

by Odessa Technologies

Internet-based system to cover the entire gamut of fleet operations, managing the entire life cycle of a fleet contract. View Profile


by Bofan

Customizable web-base GPS trucking solution with access permissions levels for various users. View Profile


by LiveViewGPS

AVL SAAS System View Profile


by Creative Microsystems

Manage and account for your loads and their delivery with GPS position tracking and customized reporting. Integrates with Google Maps. View Profile


by McLeod Software

Fully integrated dispatch and accounting fleet management software system. View Profile


by Agilis Systems

GPS tracking software for assets and vehicles with preventive maintenance management capability. View Profile

Logistic Management Software

by Kanfo Technology

Covers all logistic features like Booking, Loading, Unloading, Delivery, Fleet Management, and more. View Profile

Powered by TomTom and is a GPS-based telematics system designed for tracking and managing fleets ranging from 5 to 5,000 vehicles. View Profile

Manage an unlimited number of tractors, trailers, refrigeration equipment, etc. and forecast workload and parts usage. View Profile

Master Route GPS Tracking

by Master Route

When your business uses vehicles, you need a way to keep track of them. Master Route for hard working GPS tracking systems. View Profile

MH Fleet

by MH Fleet

Fleet maintenance solution for lift trucks, forklifts and material handling equipment. View Profile

Manages all types of vehicle fleet; holds details of every vehicle, category, use and drivers, and maintenance and running costs. View Profile


by Data Dis

Schedule, manage, and monitor every maintenance task. Easily capture, share, and analyze all resulting data in one centralized system. View Profile


by mobi

GPS tracking software to locate vehicles in real-time, monitor vehicle compliance, and protect against unauthorized use and theft. View Profile

Mobile Control

by SageQuest

Fleet GPS tracking and management with mapping, reporting and alerts. View Profile


by Hale Solutions

Provides an overview of all your vehicles plus access to vehicle details, fuel, distance, service, service plan and other information. View Profile


by Meitrack Group

Server-based GPS tracking system for fleet management and real-time tracking. View Profile



Windows-based fleet vehicle tracking system that will help create accurate reports of driver and vehicle activity. View Profile


by Locatient

Allows fleet operators to view the positions of all tracked vehicles in near-real-time. View Profile


by Track Your Truck

Simple, easy-to-use mapping and reporting features; digital and satellite mapping. View Profile


by Fleet Target

GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management, remote diagnostics, preventive maintenance and reporting. View Profile

NexGen Fleet Management

by Fleet Cost & Care

Fleet management software with dispatch, scheduling and maintenance for the equipment rental, construction, crane and rigging industry. View Profile


by Malo Pero

Find out exactly how much money you have spend on a fuel, services and repairs. View Profile


by Omnitracs

Manage fuel costs, safety, and assets with Omnitracs' fleet management software View Profile


by Navman Wireless

A GPS vehicle tracking application built on .NET platform that could be accessed through laptop, desktop, iPhone, or iPad. View Profile


by Geothentic

Complete solution to help you optimize the performance and geolocalization of your vehicle fleet. View Profile

Ownersite for Fleets

by Ownersite

Track service history including details about fuel usage, oil changes, tire rotations, maintenance, payments and parts purchase. View Profile


by ALK Technologies

Solution for routing, mileage, mapping, rating, GPS navigation, fuel tax reporting and more. View Profile

Picasso Fleet Management

by Resource Enterprises

Comprehensive fleet management for large fleets; inventory, maintenance schedule, fuel mgmt, reporting. View Profile


by PinLogic

PinLogic allows you to locate your customers via location request sms and get directions to their exact location. View Profile


by Position Logic

Enables customers to use GPS track and monitor fleets and assets in real time, anywhere in the world. View Profile


by Lingo Systems

Motor pool management software - bookings, utilization reporting, maintenance scheduling, GPS tracking and fleet management. View Profile


by CES Wireless Technologies

Software system with real time vehicle tracking, real time alerts, historical data, command scheduler, maintenance management, etc. View Profile


by Cadec Global

SaaS software, communications & onboard technologies that track drivers, trucks to collect data on productivity, efficiency and safety. View Profile

PPW Lite

by Tectonics Business System

Manage entire haulage fleet and raise invoices directly from jobs entered on the electronic traffic sheet. View Profile

Prophesy DispatchSeries

by Prophesy Transportation Solutions

Fleet management software, designed & priced for small to mid-sized for-hire trucking fleets. View Profile


by psi-fleet

Fully integrated software developed specifically for use in the vehicle rental industry. View Profile

PubWorks Fleet Maintenance

by Tracker Software

Designed to track all parts and labor activities for vehicle maintenance. View Profile

Q7 Trucking Business Software

by Frontline Software Technology

Dispatching, freight billing and revenue settlement, fuel taxes, fleet maintenance, load tracking, payroll. View Profile


by WebTech Wireless

Internet-based tracking and reporting software with complete location-based services and telematics information. View Profile


by Quartix

Using the Quartix vehicle tracking system you can track your vehicles in real-time, anytime, using any internet-connected device. View Profile

RFID Fleet

by Aeon Software

RFID-based fleet management software for transport companies. View Profile


by Blue Crystal Solutions

RFM Live is a web based fleet management system that is both easy to use and completely free of charge. View Profile

RMT Rover

by Rocky Mountain Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking device and software. View Profile

Roadnet Transportation Suite

by Roadnet Technologies

Helps businesses in the transportation industry reduce distribution costs, decreasing routing time, and improving customer service. View Profile


by Robosoft Technologies

Includes resource management, revenue tracking, tyre management, updates monitoring, and support request management. View Profile


by Geode Technology

Fleet tracking and vehicle telemetry via smart devices such as iPhones and iPads as well as custom telemetry hardware. View Profile

Securysat Fleet


Designed to assist your enterprise to monitor and control your fleet and field personnel. View Profile


Web based, easy to use, and inexpensive truck dispatch software catered to owner operators, small and medium sized trucking companies. View Profile


by BSM Wireless

Fleet management solution that provides security, location, reporting and messaging capabilities. View Profile

Shop Controller

by Alliance Automotive Software

Automotive/ Truck repair & Fleet Management Software. The most "functional, easy to learn and user friendly" software in the industry. View Profile


by Skypatrol

GPS tracking software that allows you to effectively monitor your entire fleet in real time. View Profile


by Blue Sky Network

Tracking solutions provide true global coverage to track your mobile resources everywhere they go. View Profile

Smart Instrument

by Reltronics

A radio frequency and wireless based GPS Tracker; can automatically track vehicles and track the vehicle contents View Profile

SmartDrive Operations

by SmartDrive Systems

Software that helps improve driver productivity and reduces fuel costs by monitoring speeding idling, off-route or off-hour usage. View Profile

SmartFleet Manager

by Autovision Wireless

Maximize the productivity, safety and security of your trucks, heavy equipment, trailers and other vehicles. View Profile


by Simply Compliance

Fleet management software that ensures compliance with government regulations. View Profile


by BOX telematics

Complete asset and fleet management system that uses mobile phone networks and satellite technology. View Profile


by Squarerigger

Fleet management and vehicle maintenance software that provides a wide range of reporting and recording options. View Profile


by Unicomp USA

Customizable software management system for school transportation operations. View Profile

Transport management software that provides decision support to your planners, and operators. Proactive streamlined management. View Profile

StreetEagle Mobile

by InSight Mobile Data

An advanced GPS tracking solution that connects your operations, mobile workers, and customers. View Profile


by FTI Groups

Provides system alerts for preventative maintenance services enabling fleet managers to streamline fleet maintenance. View Profile


by Starry Associates

Fleet management and maintenance system, which provides for fuel data entry, labor, parts, commercial repairs, and usage reporting. View Profile


by PCHelp

Truck and trailer equipment maintenance and fleet maintenance software. View Profile


by Telargo

Comprehensive mobile asset management service that improves business processes and fleet operations. View Profile

Manage preventive maintenance schedules, parts inventory, fuel and tire usage, and maximum warranty recovery. View Profile

TowIT GPS Tracking

by TowIT GPS Systems

TowITsystems allows you to track PTO, door open/close, lights on/off or connect to any switch or sensor that you want to monitor. View Profile

Track Star AVLS

by Track Star International

Enhances the effective management of vehicle fleets; uses GPS, wireless technology and digital mapping for a complete AVL system. View Profile


by Solutions Into Motion

GPS solution that enables you to eliminate misuse of vehicles and labor, reduce fuel and insurance costs and track stolen vehicles. View Profile

by Simbiotecha

Web-based fleet tracking with administrative tools, possibility to create users with levels, billing system, SMPP SMS server. View Profile

TrackME! USA

by TrackME! USA

Provides a variety of end-to-end fleet management solutions to improve efficiency, accountability, and overall company profitability. View Profile

TrackMyTruck Online

by Track My Truck Online

A web smart phone GPS tracking system with integrated web based fleet and staff management software designed to increase efficiencies. View Profile


by Trackwell ADS

Cost effective, full-featured, versatile, Internet-based fleet and driver management system. View Profile

Manages vehicles/plant, drivers, accidents, maintenance, hire and costs of your fleet. View Profile


by Emsteq Systems

Comprehensive fleet maintenance system designed for small to medium trucking companies. View Profile


by Aanshi Solutions

Manages booking, dispatch, accounting, inventory, repair and maintenance, employees, reporting. View Profile


by StarTran Software

Fleet maintenance, inventory, and purchasing software for small and medium sized transit systems View Profile


by Business Management Software

Fleet management combining all aspects of dispatching, load tracking, driver and pay, fuel tax calculations and trip settlement. View Profile


by TransportPRO

Car transport management software that provides customer invoicing, auto job pricing, expenses, VOSA driver hours and regulations. View Profile


by Universal TranWare

Designed for taxi, paratransit, shuttle and other ground transportation fleets; automate scheduling, dispatching, billing, maintenance. View Profile


by troo

Web-optimized solution for managing a fleet of 5 or a fleet of 5000. View Profile


by Paradox Software Consulting

A resource-scheduling tool that can generate optimal tractor, trailer, and driver schedules for a given dispatch scenario. View Profile

Truck Tracker Software

by FleetSoft

Regulates maintenance, repairs, tires, fuel, logs, licensing, parts inventory and personnel and vehicle information. View Profile


by Truckcom Systems

PDA- based haulage management system that connects your vehicles and your offices together. View Profile


by TruckingOffice

Gives you the tools to always know what loads are making money and which ones lose you money. View Profile


by DesertMicro

Takes the guesswork out of locating your vehicles allowing you to respond to your customers more quickly and effectively. View Profile

TruckMaster 2000

by TruckMaster Logistics Systems

Software for dispatching, billing, accounting, payroll, settlements, maintenance,safety, brokerage, satellite tracking. View Profile


by Varipro Systems

Software for the trucking industry; comprehensive, user-friendly and easily interfaces with most accounting systems. View Profile


by Ultramain Systems

Integrated maintenance and engineering software for maintenance and logistics operations. View Profile


by US Fleet Tracking

Live turn-by-turn vehicle tracking for large or small fleets, 10-second updates. View Profile

Vehicle Fleet Manager

by Vinity Soft

Affordable fleet management program to track expenses, manage maintenance schedules and so much more... View Profile

Vehicle Maintenance

by Qualcomm

Fleet maintenance software that enables engine fault codes monitoring, vehicle diagnostic information reporting and capturing. View Profile

Vehicle Management Software

by Vehicle Management Software

A complete fleet management package includes accounting, maintenance, accident records and much more View Profile

Vehicle PerformanceLogic

by SeeControl

Vehicle tracking, prognostics and maintenance automation. View Profile

Vehicle Pro

by KaZ Solutions

Vehicle management software with fuel consumption tracking and analysis, extensive reporting, and asset management tools. View Profile

Vehicle Tracking Software SaaS

by Fleet Tracking Consultancy

Track unlimited vehicles using our online fleet tracking portal which is used by businesses all over the globe. View Profile


by VehicleManagerOnline

An online system for tracking performance and fuel usage of your vehicles by driver and vehicle. View Profile


by Vepamon

Fuel consumption monitoring system, digital fuel level sensor, analyzes and displays each step of the driver on the route. View Profile

Web Fleet Assistant

by Cetaris

Mobile asset management with work order, parts, purchase order and warranty management. View Profile

Wialon Pro

by Gurtam

A GPS tracking server software with fleet management capabilities. View Profile

WinCC Fuel Management Software

by Trak Engineering

Manages storing of transactions, inventory, vehicle, and personnel information. View Profile

Winflotte Enterprise

by Winflotte

Cloud solution for all your fleet management, vehicles, and equipment needs that helps you reduce your TCO and carbon footprint. View Profile


by E-Drive Technology

A web-based system for asset management, driver monitoring, vehicle and fuel usage tracking. View Profile


by XRS

Onboard computing, wireless communications and GPS provides fleets with the opportunity to lower costs. View Profile

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