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Accounting Suite

by AccuFund

The AccuFund Accounting Suite for Government, available either licensed or as a cloud solution, provides powerful and affordable financial reporting and accounting software for municipalities and other government districts/agencies. Government managers appreciate the reporting functionality and comprehensiveness of the application, including specialized modules such as Utility Billing; Fees, Taxes and Licenses; Court Fines Property Tax and Building Inspections. Learn More


by WebDPW

webDPWtm is an all embracing Integrated Asset and Maintenance system. It tracks the details including location (GIS), and costs of acquiring and maintaining the assets. The software includes asset inventory depreciation, and maintenance history. It creates, schedules, service requests, work orders, programmed maintenance, and parts inventory including invoicing and receivables. webDPWtm has powerful reporting including include job costing, payroll hourly and FEMA reporting. Learn More


by Justice Works

defenderData is case management software tailor made for the needs of the public defender and are focused on the challenges specific to those found in indigent criminal defense. The solution can be deployed in many configurations, the most common of which entails server hosting by defenderData. defenderData uses a pay as you go model where all of the server and technology infrastructure is managed and supported by our professionals. Learn More

Comcate is the leading provider of web customer relationship management software for Government Public Agencies with over 250 agreements signed nation-wide. Comcate improves efficiency and customer service with affordable and easy-to-use software for citizen request management and communication, code enforcement, building and safety, rental inspections and animal control. Objective reports yield data for measuring ROI, benchmarking and better decision-making. Learn More


by PropertyPilot

PropertyPilot is a municipal management platform that combines powerful cloud-based data management with workflow automation and a user-friendly GIS. The platform removes communication bottlenecks, enabling departments to easily edit and share data in real-time. In addition, PropertyPilot will digitize your internal and public-facing paper forms, capturing license requests, e-commerce transactions and more with the ability to streamline task completion with a dynamic workflow engine. Learn More

The most innovative All-in-One Budgeting and Performance Management software. Our versatile Budgeting solution provides an integrated resource for operating, personnel, capital and performance-based budgeting, forecast planning, cost allocations, reports and dashboards. Also available to federal, state, local government on GSA Schedule 70. Learn More

SicommNet provides an enterprise eProcurement software suite. Our eProcurement suite offers end-to-end eProcurement processes. Our full suite features our: -Extended Bid Notifcations-sign up & you'll never miss an opportunity - The iCatalog- making purchase orders easier than ever before - The MarketPlace B2B eProcurement system- Simplifying your buying and selling processes and so much more! Call visit SicommNet today for a free demo - Start Saving Money & Time with SicommNet! Learn More


by Tracker Software

Activity based costing maintenance management system that manages projects, work orders, roads, bridges, facilities, etc. Learn More


by Utilibill

Cloud based utility billing, provisioning, payments, customer portal, B2B, XML, print. FACEBOOK, TWITTER & LINKED IN integration Learn More


by WAGsys Technology

Designed by active municipal inspectors - BICEs manages the entire permitting, inspection, violation & code enforcement process. Learn More


by Admit Computer Services

A suite of modules for municipalities. Payroll, Purchasing, Utility Billing, Property Tax, more. Learn More

Accela Automation

by Accela

Enterprise application to help government agencies automate workflow, forms management, activity tracking, and more. Learn More


by AdminiTrack

Online issue and defect tracking application for software development teams - help desk, support software for application development. Learn More

AgencyWeb IWM

by Orion Communications

Web-based system that serves as command-central for workforce process management - from scheduling, to employee self-services Learn More

Agent Community

by Connotate

Intelligent agent software for data mining, monitoring, and extraction from web, desktop and enterprise sources. Learn More

Alliance Software Suite

by United Systems & Software

Utility management, financial, inventory and property tax management, and other municipal applications. Learn More


by CSDC Systems

Manages enterprise transactions for office staff, mobile inspectors, third-party agencies and government services on the web. Learn More


by eCity Transactions

Website blending and consolidation of all online payment and non-payment transactions. We offer all payment types including ACH. Learn More

Provides governments with preventive maintenance, inventory, contract management, client billing and project management. Learn More


by BasicGov Systems

For small to mid-size local governments who need to streamline permitting & inspections, code enforcement & planning. Learn More

BMSI Fund Accounting

by Business Management Systems

Manage financial strategies with on demand, system compiled budget information, including current to budget position comparisons. Learn More

Budget Information System

by Fletcher & Fletcher

Public Sector Budgeting, 5-10 yr salary expense and revenue projections. CPM, CIP, Full analysis and reporting tools. Learn More

CAD/CAM Services

by CAD/CAM Services

Specific solutions for needs related to CAD for larger organizations and specializing in the Department of Defense. Learn More

CapEx Manager

by CapitalSoft

Capital project management software to track planning to design and throughout construction of the entire project. Learn More


by CIPPlanner

Web-based software application for municipalities and government agency management of Capital Improvement Programs. Learn More

CitizenServe e-Government

by Online Solutions

e-Government software for building permits, code enforcement, planning and zoning, business licensing and request tracking. Learn More

City Booster

by CompleteMember

Boast about your community: your website will act as a hub for visitors and businesses to learn all that your community has to offer. Learn More


by Noratek Solutions

Local government mobile digital inspection tools designed to inspect parks, sports fields, roads, new construction, pools, and more. Learn More


by Azteca Systems

Issue and track requests for service and work orders for everything you manage. Learn More

CMP is the ABCS's formatted message processor of choice, used across the Services. Joint Interoperability Test Center (JITC) certified. Learn More

CompuTrain Fund Accounting

by CompuTrain Enterprises

Fund accounting software for municipalities and public libraries. Learn More

Maximizes direct connections with the public through digital communications. Learn More

DS Premier

by Digisoft Solutions

Business management software for government contractors - time accounting, employee admin, contract admin, expense management. Learn More


by EarthChannel Communications

Cloud-based, mobile-friendly solutions for live and on-demand video streaming of hearings and meetings. Learn More

eGovernment Solutions

by The Digital Group

Suite of eGovernment Citizen applications for Electronic Registry, Government Statistical Reporting, Human Capital Systems. Learn More


by Software Solutions

Enables you to exercise sound financial management and meet regulatory reporting requirements with less clerical effort. Learn More

Fabasoft eGov-Suite

by Fabasoft

Consists of a core product designed to match European Public Sector requirements. Learn More


by FastTrackGov

Provides leading edge capabilities in data sharing, process automation, business intelligence, and desktop integration. Learn More

Offers an automation in accounts receivable management that redefines "superior ROI." Requires little or no customization. Learn More


by Mirasoft

Complete suite of financial accounting modules to fit the needs of municipalities and ordinance driven organizations. Learn More


by FormDocs

Meeting the forms needs of city, town, and county government in their procurement, Purchase Requisitions, reporting, recording, etc. Learn More

Government performance management solution that helps link desired outcomes and risk factors with budgets and activities. Learn More

FSC Local Government Software

by Freedom Systems

Enterprise local government software including general ledger, utility billing, codes, document management and more. Learn More


by Fund Accounting Solution Technologies

Cloud solutions to power your local government. Better software.... lower costs....FundView! Learn More

Comprehensive online travel management solution designed specifically for government agencies. Learn More


by Government Outreach

Transforms the code enforcement process by automating tedious tasks and giving staff the tools they need to be more productive. Learn More


by ROK Technologies

Powerful GIS analysis, including complex queries, redlining, save projects, export excel files, and create spatial buffers. Learn More


by REI Systems

Web-based business development tool that allows government contractors to track opportunity, plan resources, and track task orders. Learn More

Govern for Windows

by Govern Software

Modular software solution for Permitting, Inspections, Workflow, Property Tax, CAMA, Utility Billing, AR/CC, Web and more. Learn More

Government Accounting Software

by Black Mountain Software

Accounting and billing software for municipalities, counties, schools, utility districts and other special governmental districts. Learn More

The easy-to-use software helps you balance accounts, control your assets and integrates with other QS/1 modules. Learn More

GovPartner | Connect

by GovPartner

.NET web-based suite of e-Government software solutions for CRM, online permitting, parks and recreation and more. Learn More

HdL Prime

by The HdL Companies

Business license, animal license, code enforcement, permit tracking, and false alarm software. Learn More


by Imex Systems

Comprehensive and integrated suite of modular applications that help build e-Government systems for local/municipal governments. Learn More

iCity Software

by Vadim Software

Integrated financial, municipal, asset and utility management software for municipalities, local governments, and utility companies. Learn More


by Extract Systems

Accurate, convenient and cost-effective way to create and maintain an accurate parcel layer in GIS. Learn More

ICONI Employability Manager

by ICONI Software

Ensures performance is maximized by tracking and reporting on all aspects of a client's journey to work. Learn More

Keep updated files and immigration forms, automate billing, and create secure client profiles Learn More

Includes enterprise asset management, a comprehensive corporate performance management solution, a flexible CRM solution, and more. Learn More

Innoprise Suite

by Harris Enterprise Resource Planning

Financial, human resource and community management solutions for government. Learn More


by System Innovators

A payment collection and management system designed specifically for utilities, counties, and municipalities. Learn More


by Intelligov Software

Citizen relationship management software with call center, citizen portal, asset utilization, and knowledge management modules. Learn More


by MMI

Innovative Citizen Relationship Management, Code Enforcement, and Municipal Court solutions for government. Learn More


by Applied GeoLogics

Web-based 311 System, with centralized response to incoming Inquiries, complaints and service requests for local governments. Learn More

ITWorx Citizen1st

by ITWorx

Multilingual, scalable platform that accelerates the e-transformation of local, regional, and national governments in the EMEA region. Learn More


by Kiboga Systems

Software solutions including real-time integration, data integration, computer imaging, and mobile interface for law enforcement. Learn More

KVS Financial Management

by KVS Information Systems

Covers financials, receivables and records management for all of your municipal needs. Learn More


by Zuercher Technologies

ledsSuite is a fully featured, truly integrated public safety software system, with modules for CAD, Mapping, RMS, JMS and more. Learn More


by MSF&W Software

Eliminate the labor intensive and time-consuming method of manually processing FOIA requests. Learn More

Browser-based, comprehensive enterprise financial management and utility billing solutions for local governments private organizations. Learn More

Logos Public Administration

by New World Systems

Financial Management: General Ledger, Budgetary Reporting, Annual Budget Processing, and more. Learn More

A fully integrated suite of software for fund accounting and payroll designed for local governments. Learn More

MCSJ Finance SuperSuite

by Edmunds and Associates

Full Encumbrance Fund accounting, Utility Billing, Inventory Control, Payroll HR, Escrow, Animal Licensing, Work Orders. Learn More

Municipal Finance Systems

by Dallas Data Systems

Financial management software for Municipalities that General Ledger, Account Payable & Receivable, Cash Receipting and much more. Learn More

Municipal Software

by Bellamy Software

Provides municipalities with financial, services, and operations software solutions each with multiple modules. Learn More

Enable organizations to effectively gather, deliver and analyze key performance information. Learn More

Municipal Wire

by Nixle

Standardized, secure communication platform for police departments, municipalities, agencies to communicate information to communities. Learn More


by Carroll Engineering

Robust Municipal Management Software used by every user, every day. Facilitates critical business processes and asset management. Learn More

National Geomatica

by Jungle Lasers

Internet based software for municipal government. Learn More

NEOGOV Insight


Complete solution for public sector workforce management; automates the entire process from requisition to hire. Learn More

Facilitates communication across your entire municipality, providing assurance that issues are resolved quickly and easily. Learn More

Onvia provides business intelligence into doing business with the U.S. government. Learn More

PDF Library

by Big Faceless Organization

Java class library for creating, editing, displaying and printing PDF documents. Fast, flexible and easy to use. Learn More


by TrakSoft

Project funding and management application for transportation related projects conducted by states and/or municipalities. Learn More

Piryx Government

by Piryx

Automate compliance and ethics report filing for your elections. Receive complete and accurate reports directly from the candidates. Learn More

Plan-It CIP Software

by Strategic Insights

Designed to help government organizations either produce their first plan or take their capital plans to a higher level. Learn More


by Computronix

A platform for streamlining regulatory work management for state, provincial, and metro governments. Learn More


by PSTek

Integrated, modular civil service and HR management software designed to emulate your office procedures for the public sector. Learn More

Public Safety Suite

by VisionAIR

Core functionality for public safety industry; CAD, RMS, mobile data, FBR, fire management, inmate management, GIS, LMS, data sharing. Learn More


by AQ2 Technologies

Any agency that accepts checks as a form of payment can streamline labor and reduce expenses with AQ2 Remittance. Learn More

Revenue Management

by Diamond Municipal Solutions

Revenue management solution for local governments and utilities. Learn More


by Progressive Solutions

Designed to maximize revenue in these areas: Business License Tax, Transient Occupancy Tax, Sales / Use Tax, Property Tax, Utility Tax. Learn More

SAS for e-Government

by SAS Institute

Transform state governments by streamlining operations and providing superior customer service beyond simple Web enablement. Learn More


by Harris School Solutions

Family of products including financial management, payroll and human resources, billing and revenue management. Learn More

Smeadsoft Case File Management

by Smead Manufacturing Company

Ensures that files and records - paper and electronic - are accurate, easy to locate immediately and accessible to all who need them. Learn More


by Softworks

Project management, fleet maintenance, road costing, etc for the Government sector. Learn More

Springbrook Suite

by Springbrook Software

Customer Information Systems, Financial and Payroll/HR applications. Learn More

General ledger & budgetary accounting, accounts payable & encumbrance accounting, budget preparation & budget forecasting, and more. Learn More


by Questica

Web-based forecasting and capital budgeting solution specifically designed for the public sector. Learn More

Tempest Revenue Suite

by Tempest Development Group

Windows-based property and revenue systems in Western Canada and Washington State for the local Government sector. Learn More

An integrated suite of Windows based financial management software designed for governmental users. Learn More


by Visual Computer Solutions

TIMES is a solution for municipal scheduling needs that automates the management of employee time and attendance. Learn More

Toplevel Computing

by Toplevel Computing

A case management engine with structured data collection and multi-channel communication capabilities for government organisations. Learn More


by CRW Systems

Integrated software solution for local government agencies to help reduce duplication of work and increase efficiency. Learn More



Tax billing, cash receipting, personal property, real estate, and business license software for government organizations. Learn More

Tyler Finance and Accounting

by Tyler Technologies

Set of financial applications that automate all aspects of local government financial management. Learn More

UNIT4 Agresso

by UNIT4 Business Software

Financial Management, HR and Payroll, Project Management, Procurement, Field Service Management, Asset Management and Reporting. Learn More

Velocity Payment System

by Govolution

A modular COTS payment solution. Integrates with an organization's Website, IVR and legacy backend systems. Learn More


by Selectron Technologies

Agency-specific and enterprise-wide interactive Voice, Web, and Mobile solutions for city and county governments. Learn More


by Waterfall FMS

Web-based platform that provides CRM, content management, built-in SEO, and business intelligence analytics functionality. Learn More

Secure E-Government software platform delivering enterprise collaboration and user communities. Learn More


by Cascade Software Systems

Cost Accounting Management System. Public Works Financial Cost Accounting System. Learn More


by Tele-Works

Multi-channel electronic communication solutions that connect citizens to government services. Learn More

Zada Suite

by Zada Partners

Wide array of solutions for various industries, ranging from Waste & Recycling to Government and Defense to Health Care & Life Sciences Learn More

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