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2,000+ businesses use Capterra each week to find the right software. is an online school management system for K-12 schools of any size that can improve the overall operations and internal and external communication. The system is made up of integrated components including a branded school website, school staff interface for school operations, activities, and classroom management, a student information system, a parent relationship management portal, services like email and web-hosting, and more. Learn More


by PraxiPower Software

PraxiSchool is a web-based application for private schools K-12. PraxiSchool is practical and powerful helping you manage your school from the front office to the classroom and to your parents mobile devices. This feature rich solution includes General Accounting including Accounts Receivable & Payroll. Classroom Management, Lunch Program, Discipline, Attendance, Custom Reports, Parent Portal and much more. Learn More

Cumulo Learning

by H51 Software

Web-based utility for public and private schools with communication, gradebook, reporting, attendance, and lunch program components. Learn More

TeacherPlus is our web-based teacher gradebook that integrates with the Administrator's Plus student information system. Learn More


by Blue Pegasus

Online gradebook & attendance program that also enables teachers, students & parents to interact in a secure online community. Learn More


by ClassBuilder Software

Class management system. Features: Grade Book, Create Tests, Reports, Lessons, and more. Learn More

1st Class GradeBook

by 1st Class Software

Teachers gradebook software. Features: Class, Student, Activity, Marks, QuickMarks, Reports, and more. Learn More

A2Z Gradebook

by A2ZWare

Calculate averages, assign grades, and generate reports with this full featured gradebook software. Learn More

aPlus+ Results

by Cobek Software

aPlus+ presents accurate and up-to-date student and enrollment information and provides additional specialist functionality. Learn More

Assessment Evaluation System

by All In Learning

All In Learning ives teachers, schools and district administrators real-time classroom data from a variety of assessment instruments. Learn More


by Sarmang Software

Report card software based on CCE guidelines of CBSE. Simplifies creation of report card by giving access to teachers and principals. Learn More

Class Action Gradebook

by CalEd Software

Gradebook software that allows you to import all student data, import assignments from Blackboard & maintain a journal. Learn More

Class Mate Gradebook

by Class Mate Software

A teacher grading and classroom management program intended for all levels of education. Learn More


Web-based, traditional or standards- based gradebook hosted on a central database for school/district implementation. Learn More

E-Z Grader

by E-Z Grader

Gradebook software that enables you to enter your own grading methodology and set up your classes. Learn More

eDistrict Unified for K-12

by eDistrict Internet Solutions

School Administration and Collaboration software for Parent, Student Teacher Administrator. Learn More


by eLearn

Helps schools of any size manage their students, teachers, and staff. Simplifies the daily tasks needed to efficiently run a school. Learn More

Web-based application for managing grades and attendance in K-12 schools & school districts. Learn More


by Media-X Systems

Media-X helps with curriculum planning, standards-based assessment, staff performance appraisals, data analysis & student management. Learn More

Fedena Pro

by Foradian Technologies

Hosted school ERP software with student information system, timetables, dashboards, user management, and school calendar. Learn More

Grade Busters

by Jay Klein Productions

Network ready gradebook software with attendance and seating chart. Learn More


by Archarina

Online gradebook designed with wide range of functions that helps teachers manage class room activities. Learn More


by Jupiter Grades

Web-based gradebook for teachers, schools, and districts, K-12 to college. Optionally integrate with your SIS or use Jupiter SIS Learn More

GradeBook for Windows

by Russ and Ryan EdWare

Windows based teacher's gradebook. Supports progress reports, attendance, import/export, seating charts and more. Learn More

Gradebook Power

by WISCO Computing

Teacher developed gradebook. Creates over 40 teacher, student, and administrative reports. Learn More


by GradeCam

Reads bubble forms directly from a camera allowing you to grade multiple-choice tests and instantly upload results to your gradebook. Learn More


by GradeSense

Online student report card application that teachers can use from any where in the world. 24 Hour Help and Customer Support. Learn More


by CampusWare

Computer based grading system. Features: setup wizard, calendar generated attendance module, and more. Learn More


by Gradeweb

Powerful web-based grade book that helps teachers track, manage, and calculate grades. Learn More


by SunGard K-12 Education

A Web-based special education software solution for K-12 school districts that are looking to meet their IEP goals. Learn More


by iGradeForTeachers

One and only iPhone gradebook. Learn More


by Corvus Engineering

Wide array of features for individual teachers, entire schools, school administrators, students, and parents. Learn More


by LearnBoost

Use the free, intuitive gradebook software to track student progress and generate beautiful reports and analytics in real time. Learn More


by Asylum Software

Class management software for teachers, schools & districts with attendance and grade analysis, text tracking, seating and more. Learn More

Master Grade

by Maxium Developments

Customizable letter grade & special scores, flexible & simplified reporting periods, unlimited classes & students, etc. Learn More


by Chariot Software

Grade management solution that allows grade calculations, assignment entry and grading standards definition. Learn More

My BackPack

by Senior Systems

Community modules which provides database access & additional functionality to specific groups associated with your school. Learn More

Enables students, parents, and educators to collaborate online by automating many classroom activities. Learn More

OnCourse Grade Book

by OnCourse Systems

A web-based tool that automates the capture, calculation, and communication of student grades. Learn More



Elementary gradebook software. A Grade Keeping Solution for the Self-Contained Classroom. Learn More


by Excelsior Software

Collection of products designed to manage, collect and distribute information to and from teachers. Learn More



Electronic lesson plans allows users to access information from anywhere, share plans, create calendars, and integrate plans to website Learn More

ProgressBook Suite

by Software-Answers

Web-based software for K-12 educators online grade books, SIS, state reporting, IEP, online learning (LMS), lesson plans, and more. Learn More

Rolling Gradebook is an Excel-based, teacher-in-a-hurry, practical system, using paper & computer in tandem. Learn More


by Discovery Software

Makes it easy for anyone to perform and manage complex evaluations. It can be used to assess people, processes and status. Learn More


by RXinsider

Student competency management system with curricular gap analysis and outcomes assignment. Learn More

School Beam Gradebook

by School Beam

Fully web-based gradebook software that teachers and school district faculty can access from anywhere. Learn More

School Grading System

by HDL Software

Web based software for printing student report cards for elementary and middle schools. Learn More

School-wide Management System

by Edvance Software

Designed by educators for educators. User-friendly online school management software that helps efficiently manage school life. Learn More

Schoolremote Studio Gradebook

by Brightsparc Technologies

Customizable web based grade book for individual teachers or whole schools. Spreadsheet-style client also available offline. Learn More


by SmarterGrade

All-in-one teacher gradebook solution that lets you manage every class and student that you teach, in one place. Learn More


by SmartGrading

100% customizable web based grade book to be used by an individual teacher, a school, or even an entire district. Learn More


by Common Goal Systems

Web-based solution that allows teachers to manage their standards-based k-12 classroom - lesson plans, gradebook, report cards, etc. Learn More

Teachers Personal Markbook

by Scott McDonald PC Services

Gradebook and markbook for Windows available in International language versions with mathematical, printing and graphing functions. Learn More


by Harts Systems

Main components are Enrollment, Attendance, Scheduling, Grade Reporting and Transcripts. Learn More

The Mac and PC GradeBook

by Schoolhouse Software

Print student report cards, create semester grade reports, daily attendance recording & reporting, attach comments, etc. Learn More

ThinkWave Educator

by ThinkWave

Gradebook software for teachers to manage the most important elements of teaching. Learn More

Topnotch Gradebook

by Topnotch Applications

Gradebook software designed to run inside a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Learn More


by TopSchool

Build, administer and deliver online testing, lessons, course materials, interactive lessons and much more. Learn More


For teachers, professors & instructors at any academic level.Easy to use,accessible from anywhere,customizable & secure. Learn More


by Collaborative Learning

A web-based grade book that simplifies traditional or standards-based grading, assessment, and report cards. Learn More

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