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Calling all Grantmakers! FluidReview is a web-based application management solution that allows non-profits, foundations, and organizations to easily set up and streamline their grantmaking programs. Collect applications online, build interactive forms & questionnaires, collect file uploads, manage and track applicants, set up a secure review and selection portal, automate life-cycle communications, and more. FluidReview is the perfect solution for grantmakers. View Profile


by StreamLink Software

AmpliFund is a web-based grant management solution that is specifically designed to manage each stage of the grant lifecycle. From competitive award management, to pre-award research and planning, to post-award performance and reporting, AmpliFund drives capacity and compliance for nonprofit and public sector organizations. With unlimited users and document storage, AmpliFund streamlines workflows and processes in a secure centralized location in the cloud. View Profile

No other system makes the full life-cycle process this easy and powerful with customization and integration. 750+ organizations simplify their paper-intensive programs (grants management, scholarships management, and other online applications). Coupled with our online database management platform, configurable protocols improve workflows and communication with built-in collaboration/decision tools. Do even more with custom add-ons, CRM tools and extensible functionality. View Profile

For grant-awarding organizations, Valid Eval provides an easy-to-use online evaluation system that makes decision-making visible, outcomes defensible and feedback actionable. Unlike other feedback mechanisms, only Valid Eval reduces subjectivity through the use of rigorous, purpose-built rubrics and a novel process that facilitates transparent deliberation. See how your stakeholders can benefit when you provide them Evidence of the Right Outcome! View Profile

eCivis Grants Network is the most trusted and widely used grant management software by state, local and tribal governments. eCivis is the leading SaaS grant management system, offering an innovative suite of applications to address every stage of the grants life cycle. Our work ranges from statewide solutions in Arizona to supporting Detroit's comeback to helping small towns, townships, villages and tribes win grant funding. Visit our website to see why thousands of organizations choose us. View Profile

Grants United

by CommunityForce

CommunityForce provides online grant management solutions for organizations of any size. We offer solutions for universities, foundations, and philanthropic organizations to manage their grant applications, simplify experience and improve collaboration. We enable organizations to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative burdens and focus on what matters: increasing their impact View Profile

Results Scorecard

by Results Scorecard

Powerful and simple performance data collection, management, and reporting tool. Based on the principles of Results-Based Accountability. Live performance data can be easily embedded on your website. View Profile

Apricot for Funders

by Social Solutions

Apricot for Funders is powerful online grant making software with web-based online application, evaluation and outcome reporting tools. Regardless of your funding model, Apricot for Funders has the tools and functionality to help you track what matters, collaborate with ease, and prove every impact. View Profile

Award Force is award-winning cloud software for grant organisations to manage application, assessment and award of grants online. Designed for performance and function, its fast, secure and a great experience for applicants, assessors, and managers. Upgrade to Award Force to: save time and money with less admin effort; discard stress; gain visibility and control; distinguish your organisation with good design; and make your grant process the best it can be. View Profile

Regpacks is an online grant applications tool that includes file uploads, recommendations and acceptance process automation. Used by hundreds including Goodwill, Habitat, NFL, and Stanford University. Regpack is special in that it works according to YOUR process and does not demand you to alter based on it. Includes data sharing, statistics, amazing reports, extensive pricing structures including discounts, quotas and payment plans. View Profile

An easy-to-use Grant Management & CRM solution with outstanding support included! Prices start at just $20/month! View Profile


by Seabrooks

Comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based software to effectively and efficiently manage application, reporting and allocation processes. View Profile

Grant Lifecycle Manager

by Foundant Technologies

Foundant GLM is a powerful online grantmaking solution, with an intuitive platform, and guaranteed dedication to clients success. View Profile


by Optimy

Optimy is a modular software that enables you to efficiently manage your sponsorship, grant, community support and CSR activities. View Profile

This accounting and financial management solution helps improve business processes, allowing nonprofits to focus on their missions. View Profile



Online grant management with SQL backend data structure for automating gift aid, grants processing, beneficiary management, and more. View Profile

The leading grants management system for organizations who are standardized on Microsoft. View Profile


by NonProfitPlus

Business management software engineered with nonprofits in mind. Features include fund accounting, budget checking, grant management. View Profile


by Quest Computing

AIMS is an enterprise-wide system specifically designed for the needs of Funding and Grant making organisations. View Profile


by Fluxx

Fluxx allows grantmakers and grantseekers to shorten the grant lifecycle, measure impact, and streamline critical processes. View Profile

Grant Manager

by Team Solutionz

A tool for the completion, submission, and processing of grant applications. View Profile

Web-based grant-receiving solution combines development, contact and financial data to improve grant pipeline oversight. View Profile


by Serenic

Grant management software enabling you to successfully compete for grants and awards to support your mission. View Profile

CC Grant Tracker

by CC Technology

CC Grant Tracker is a practice-proven, state-of-the-art application and grants management solution View Profile

Common Grant Application

by Common Grant Application

Online grant management system for grantmakers. Receive, track, review, evaluate and manage applications. View Profile


by JK Group

Leading Global Provider of Corporate Social Responsibility & Employee Charitable Giving Programs View Profile


by CyberGrants

CyberGrants is the leading provider of software-as-a-service solutions for corporate social responsibility. View Profile

CYMA Not-For-Profit Edition

by CYMA Systems

FASB 117 Accounting Software track funds, track grants, and generate the necessary reporting nonprofits require. View Profile


by Altum

A highly configurable E-Grants solution that facilitates the automation of the full grants lifecycle. View Profile


by HTC Global Services

A secure, scalable solution with an efficient method of grant planning, publishing, solicitation, application entry, review, and more. View Profile


by Mais Software

Grant management software for municipalities that enables home owner grant applicants to process their applications from your website. View Profile

Ekualiti KC

by Vivantech

Streamline your grant management with Ekualiti KC, comprehensive research admin software designed to save you time and reduce expenses. View Profile


by Tactiv

Full lifecycle grant project and program management software with contract and project management capability. View Profile

Enterprise Grant Tracking

by Data Support

Sort, categorize, and access grant information from anywhere through your browser. View Profile


by eInternet Design

Easy-to-use software for schools, parents, committee members and donors that improves communication and eliminates cumbersome tasks. View Profile


by Moderas

Combine everything you need to get your grant management (eRA) system up and running quickly at a reasonable price. View Profile

A 100% online database solution built on the CRM platform and developed to streamline the entire grant making lifecycle. View Profile

Foundation Source Back-Office

by Foundation Source

Services for the administration of private foundations, including compliance monitoring, tax filings, grantmaking and grants. View Profile


by Grantium

A complete COTS enterprise grants management software solution that consolidates and automates the life cycle processes. View Profile


by MicroEdge

Powerful and complete grants management software streamlines and simplifies every aspect of grant award and administration. View Profile


by Praxis Computing

Full function grant management system with online applications, reporting and dashboards. Available hosted or on-site. View Profile

Accounting software for not-for-profit organizations. Comprehensive financial reporting, general ledger, payroll, timesheet and more. View Profile


by SmartSimple Software

Manage, track & report on your entire granting lifecycle from application to post-award monitoring in one central, cloud-based system. View Profile



A powerful, highly configurable web-based grant lifecycle management system, that provides grantmakers with extensive features. View Profile

Grant Administrator

by Dyna-Quest Technologies

Grants management and accounting software for non-profits. View Profile

Grant Manager

by Northern Lights Software

Accounting and budgeting software for research laboratories, college and university departments and private non-profit agencies. View Profile

Grant Maximizer Solution (GMS)

by Capital Management Group

Streamlines the accounting for grant funds and matching (cost-share) contributions for instant access to real-time information. View Profile


by CSDC Systems

Enables grant professionals to respond to the increasing demands of grant program management and performance accountability. View Profile


by Agate Software

Worldwide, secure access to your grants database via standard web browsers, both for program staff and applicants. View Profile

Grants Management System

by GMS For Non-Profit

Free Web Based Grants Management System (GMS) is the leading end-to-end online grants management solution for nonprofit organizations. View Profile


by GrantVantage

Cloud-based solution for grant life-cycle management for governments, tribes, foundations, edu, and nonprofits. View Profile

HDS Funds Management System

by Housing and Development Software

Provides a comprehensive set of affordable housing management functionalities. View Profile

InfoReady Review

by InfoReady

InfoReady Review streamlines and manages your application and competition process with grant funding, scholarships, and admissions. View Profile

IT Works Grant Management Software

by Information Technology Works

Grant management software designed to meet the unique needs within higher education and research institutes. View Profile

MatchMaker Fundraising Software

by Heritage Designs

Comprehensive donor management software with easy-to-use screens and flexibility to manage all fundraising activities. View Profile


by OMNI Solutions Group

Offers a powerful, proven solution for managing your grant program based on three portals: administrator, applicant and review panel. View Profile


by F1 Solutions

Built to manage the entire grant life cycle online, from conception to application through to evaluation. View Profile

Open Sky Grant Management

by Open Sky Software

Robust features such as on-line access, program management, grant & proposal processing, author & referee tracking, and more. View Profile

Pearl &

by Bromelkamp

Fully integrated solutions for CRM, Grant and Scholarship Management, Fundraising, Fund Accounting, Reporting and Merge Documents. View Profile

PowerOFFICE for Grantmakers

by PowerOFFICE Software Systems

Philanthropic management for all sizes of foundations, corporate community giving programs and nonprofit granting organizations. View Profile

Accounting software for Non-Profits including donor & grant tracking, donation process & fundraising, and tax preperation. View Profile


by Milletech Systems

Powerful Oracle BI based plug-n-play tool specifically designed for enterprise wide Grants Management, Compliance and Auditing. View Profile

Delivers grant, finance, and reviewer tracking capabilities in a powerful client-server, web-capable package. View Profile

Provides an adaptive grant management platform that enables sponsoring organizations to take a portfolio management approach. View Profile

Versaic Grants

by Versaic

The only online solution that works precisely the way you want, saving you time, providing deep insights, and increasing your impact. View Profile


by Dulles Technology Partners

WebGrants is a full lifecycle complete grants management solution for the grant GIVING organization. View Profile



ZoomGrants' robust, intuitive, and affordable online application management system makes it easy to administer grants and scholarships. View Profile

{g} grants

by Good Done Great

Cloud-based solution that offers portals for reviewers and applicants, custom reports, application grouping and scoring. View Profile

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