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Halogen Performance Healthcare automates and simplifies all your performance management processes, including competency assessments. Align your workforce, improve on-time completion rates, and streamline accreditation reporting for The Joint Commission and others. Designed specifically for Healthcare facilities, and exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, it's part of a complete, fully integrated talent management suite. Take a free trial! View Profile

BMO is a full-featured medical practice management system that integrates scheduling, patient demographics, patient ledger, billing/collections, multimedia records, and powerful reporting. Scalable from a single-user office to a multi-provider/multi-location practice. The solution is designed to shelter your practice operations from the risks of failed "single vendor" EMR/PM implementations by giving your providers the ability to choose their EMR independently. Purchase, lease, or rent. View Profile

Insta HMS

by Insta Health Solutions

Web-based modular hospital management system which covers financial, operational and clinical aspects of healthcare providers. View Profile


by JVS Group

Best Hospital Management Software with all the features of EMR & HMS. View Profile


by Dharma Healthcare

Modular solution suitable for any healthcare organization from solo practices to corporations.EMR,Billing,DICOM,Medical Practice & more View Profile


by Suvarna Technosoft

Modular system that includes LIS, document management, inventory and nursing management. Diabetes, nephrology modules are available. View Profile


by OrcaSys

Helps you to manage your hospital, patients, billing, claims, EMR in an organized and easy manner. View Profile


by Promantra Synergy Solution

A complete Healthcare Information suite with applications to actualize Financial and Clinical needs of Long-term Care Facilities. View Profile

Patient centric Hospital Management Solution that can make your hospital completely paperless in no time. View Profile

An application that provides ward and patient management, reception, hospital records, and blood bank management features and modules. View Profile

21st Century HMS

by 21st Century Health Management Solutions

Hospital software with a complete set of frameworks encompassing patient and hospital administration. View Profile



4Pay HMS is a computer system used to raise hospital collections by making the work more transparent and safe against fraud. View Profile


by Dataman Computer Systems

Complete health care management system covering patient information, OPD, IPD, billing, medication and hospital management. View Profile


by Creative Strategies

More than eMAR. A proven solution that improves staff efficiency, resident care and saves money for both pharmacies and facilities. View Profile


by Acesis

Manages healthcare quality improvement and compliance documentation, workflow, and analytics. View Profile


by HealthWare Systems

Healthcare workflow and task management solution with pre-surgical workflow, pre-arrival and patient status management functionality. View Profile

Acuity Advanced Care Management

by TCS Healthcare Technologies

Patient-centric integrated care management platform to implement workflow processes. View Profile


by Source Medical Solutions

Application that addresses the administrative needs of health care practices, ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals. View Profile

Revenue cycle management suite designed for health systems of all sizes to manage receivables and billing. View Profile


by Shadi Systems

Windows-based software that handles medical, financial and managerial activities for hospitals. View Profile


by Shreay Technology Solutions

AllIzWell is an integrated hospital management system. View Profile


by Locohire Technologies

Modular hospital administration system with HRM, radiology management, pharmacy, appointment management, lab and ward management. View Profile


by Availity

Manage the revenue cycle with tools that allow you to collect more up front, while streamlining billing and reimbursement. View Profile


by Avedon Health Systems

Integrated Care Management, Disease Management & Utilization Review Software View Profile

B Care

by B Sharp Technologies

Suite of clinical and administrative applications designed for any healthcare environment. Optional modules available. View Profile

Candidate Direct Marketplace

by Candidate Direct

Hospital vendor management for healthcare staffing to streamline the staffing process. View Profile

Care Logistics

by Care Logistics

Workflow, communications and patient tracking system that manages patient flow activities, facilitating communication and hand-offs. View Profile


by Netsmart Technologies

An electronic health record that handles billing, scheduling and clinical workflow. View Profile


by Isprit Systems

Standalone care management tool that integrates disease management template, EMR, and decision support intelligence features. View Profile

Caxita HMS

by Caxita Tech Solutions

Provides bed management, EMR, medical equipment and infrastructure maintenance functionality. Available as web and windows application. View Profile


by Ciftech Solutions

Modular hospital management software that offers appointment scheduling, patient registration, labour ward management, accounting, etc. View Profile


by Civerex Systems

Healthcare management system for enterprise-wide management of patient records in hospitals and private practices. View Profile


by Concuity

Web-based applications designed to fit into a healthcare organization's revenue cycle management plan. View Profile


by Logibec

Hospital information system designed for clinical data management. Includes regional scheduling and bed management modules. View Profile

Cloud Credentialing Software

by Newport Credentialing Solutions

Workflow, analytics, & business intelligence credentialing software to help clients "Take Control" over their credentialing life cycle View Profile


by Cognosys Technologies

Web-based modular hospital management software that offers patient management, business analytics, HR management, and store management. View Profile


by Connexall

Healthcare workflow solution for tight coupling of work processes across teams within hospitals. View Profile


by Datix

Customizable software solution for risk management analysis for healthcare organizations, including claims handling and safety alerts. View Profile

Digital Health Suite

by Leafsprout Technologies

Facilitates the exchange of health-related information between various members of a regional/national health system. View Profile

Discharge Referral System

by Patient Placement Systems

Enables healthcare providers to track patient referrals, eliminate faxed medical documents, and analyze referral activity. View Profile


by NextGen Management

Provides clinical-centric technology that enhance quality of patient care administrative efficiencies and staff satisfaction. View Profile


by Emerald Health Information Systems

Clinically driven workload decision support solution for for Nursing and Clinical Support Services. View Profile

Eazy HMS

by Finsol Consultancy

Web based hospital management software developed for different sizes of hospitals from 30 to 150 beds. View Profile

Echo Credentialing Software

by HealthLine Systems

EchoCredentialing: web-based credentialing, provider management software, physician recredentialing and primary source verification. View Profile


by HelixDNA Technologies

Web-based modular HIMS that provides EMR, payroll, HR, IP-billing, RIS, nursing care, ward and blood bank management functionality. View Profile

eHospital Systems

by Adroit Infosystems

ehospital systems is a Comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operation. View Profile


by eKlinik Healthcare Solutions

Providing mobile, real-time health care information management solutions to the care-provider in promoting quality information access. View Profile

Learning and performance management platform for healthcare. Provides competency evaluation, surveys, and event scheduling. View Profile


by Mushroom Softech

Hospital management system that provides, online integrated information of subscribers to healthCare organizations. View Profile


by Soleran

Healthcare applications designed to improve process efficiency, accreditation readiness, patient experience. View Profile


by Think Research

Complete patient order sets electronically on a workstation or laptop computer and view, analyze and compare the usage of order sets. View Profile


by Esh Software Design & Implementation

Hospital management solution that includes inventory, purchasing, statistics, patient follow up, nursing and anesthesia records, etc. View Profile


by Vistar Technologies

Provider Data Management Software - a powerful core system with comprehensive end-to end functionality to manage provider data. View Profile


by eVisit

eVisit is a telehealth software that enables providers to increase patient flow and revenue with online treatment. View Profile

Experian Healthcare

by Experian

Enables medical groups to evaluate contract performance, verify reimbursement and assess financial implications of new contracts. View Profile

Extension Engage

by Extension Healthcare

Alarm safety platform for acute care facilities and hospitals. Provides care team collaboration and secure text messaging. View Profile


by Forcare

A central document registry in which the availability of clinical information is registered. View Profile


by Fugen Software Solution

A complete hospital management ERP - ward management, claim processing, corporate billing, accounts. View Profile


by gMed

Advanced Digital Charting system integrates medical information at medical offices, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers. View Profile

Get Well

by Vrisini Infotech

Fully customizable web-based enterprise hospital management system. View Profile

Hampton Staff Planner

by Hampton Software

Designed to resolve problems associated with human resource management at health care facilities. View Profile


by Medical Information Technology

A complete and integrated Health Care Information System, with all components working together. View Profile

Health Care System

by Kott Software

A total health care management solution to provide for complete automation of the operations of Hospitals. View Profile

Health Data Archiver

by Harmony Healthcare IT

Legacy data management and archive tool for health systems, hospitals and ambulatory physician practices View Profile

Health Information Management

by Meta Health Technology

Health information management for hospitals, clinics, physician group practices and long-term care facilities across North America. View Profile

Health Portal Solutions

by Health Portal Solutions

Health Portal Solutions develops and supports fully integrated web portals for the healthcare and medical services industry View Profile

Healthcare solution that provides service line analytics, planning and budgeting, utilization analysis, and cost allocations data. View Profile


by Health Business Intelligence

Software tool for automating health care coordination, health care transition, and patient engagement. View Profile


by IdeaObject

Rich Internet Application for Clinics and Hospitals in SaaS model View Profile

HealthPoint 360 Collaborate

by Pitney Bowes

Healthcare solution that provides care coordination, payers and providers communication management, analysis, and improvement. View Profile


by Promedart

Hospital Information System which we have brought to life by 20 years professional experience, are at your service. View Profile


by VTech Services

Healthcare management system for hospital that help track patient information through dynamic graphical reporting. View Profile


by Globees Solutions

A software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management. View Profile


by CR2 Technologies

Integrated hospital management system e-governance software for administration, infrastructure & logistics management. View Profile

Hospital Management System

by ACG Infotech

An end-to-end hospital management solution that will automate all aspects of your facility, from pharmacy to ER and scheduling. View Profile

Hospital Software


Includes all the features such as patient reservation, admission, discharge and provides integrated report for all patients. View Profile


by MedSites

Network and multi-user hospital information system, EMR software and free hospital admission software for small-medium size hospitals. View Profile


by HospitalPortal.NET

Enables hospitals and other healthcare organizations to build Intranet sites for electronic sharing and publishing of information. View Profile


by Raygain Technologies

Complete hospital ERP that manages data for IPD, OPD, pharmacy, laboratory, administrative data , accounting, etc. View Profile


by Micropro Software Solutions

Healthcare management information system with registration, appointments, billing, pharmacy and inventory management. View Profile


by HealthDox

Policy and procedure management software for hospitals and healthcare facilities. View Profile


by Sajix

Health care software that manages patient, doctor lab, medication, billing and scheduling information. View Profile


by Idhasoft

Web-based hospital management solution to directly addresses the concerns of hospitals and physicians. View Profile

Impact Medical System

by Impact Medical Solutions

Complete hospital management solution to streamline all hospital operations from admission to discharge. View Profile

Ingenious Med

by Ingenious Med

Optimizes and aligns hospital and physician performance and revenue for users nationwide. View Profile


by Stockell Healthcare Systems

InsightCS® is a true end-to-end, fully integrated patient accounting/billing and patient scheduling/registration software solutions. View Profile

INX InHealth

by INX Software

Management of employee health across medical surveillance and hygiene for more accurate and efficient tracking and monitoring. View Profile


by Infocom

Improves delivery of health services by reducing administrative complexity and providing secure access to information. View Profile


by Iris Systems International

A comprehensive and fully integrated suite of EMR-based practice management systems that are inexpensive and easy to use. View Profile


by ZeOmega

An integrated care management solution that includes EHR enabled careplans, point of care tools, and decision support tools. View Profile

Healthcare organizations can minimize the challenges of maintaining regulatory compliance by automating IT tasks. View Profile

Kranium HIS

by Kranium Technology

3-tier web-based EMR & hospital management information system for the Indian / African / American market. View Profile

Lifeline Suite

by Manorama Infosolutions

ERP for hospital management - fully compliant with WHO norms, HL7, HIPPA and ICD-10. View Profile


by gingerCube

Brilliant solutions for the healthcare industry. Simple. Charge Capture. Anywhere. View Profile


by Morrisey Associates

Web-based care management information system that comes with HIPPA compliant security. View Profile


by ViPS

Medical management solution that integrates a data warehouse, analytic engine & suite of decision support applications. View Profile


by Applied Statistics & Management

Modular web-based credentialing system with drag-and-drop privileging capability for healthcare industry. View Profile


by Ofek Software Technologies

Hospital Automation Software can give staff the advantages you need with comprehensive features. View Profile


by MEDHOST Solutions

Emergency department information system that are simple to use and preferred by hospitals nationwide. View Profile

Medica IT

by Mindzone Tehnologies

Web based hospital management software developed in dot net technologies including international security standards. View Profile


by Chinar Softech

HMS solution that includes registration, inpatient/outpatient management, pharmacy, billing modules for medium-large size hospitals. View Profile

Medinous HMS

by MediNous

Hospital management system that enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced costs. View Profile


by BInary Mantra Systems

Hospital Management System with modules-OPD, IPD, Billing, Stores View Profile


by Datamate Infosolutions

Modular system that provides patient and casualty management, pharmacy, EMR, housekeeping, HR, MIS, lab and radiology capabilities. View Profile

Monitors patient stay, highlights care delays, assesses discharge readiness, provides consistency in the care process. View Profile

Midas+ Care Management

by MidasPlus

Quality control software for healthcare providers to manage risk, track cases, create compliance reports, and collect patient data. View Profile


by Apex Information Technologies

Cloud-based solution designed to manage patient revenue cycle through payment processing and patient-centric communication. View Profile

NaviNet Open

by NaviNet

Healthcare communications platform that allows to handle administrative and clinical data. View Profile

Nuvola Hub

by Iron Bridge Integration

Cloud-based healthcare management system with EHR and CCD capabilities. Can be purchased on a subscription basis. View Profile


by Catalyst Healthcare

An internet-based system that seamlessly integrates the information and care needs of pharmacies, healthcare facilities and physicians. View Profile


by Omega Technology Solutions

A comprehensive management solution for hospitals that ensures patient eligibility, chargemaster integrity and claims accuracy. View Profile

A software platform that provides an integrated single point of care for hospitals, clinicians and patients. View Profile


by Softek Solutions

Access and understand the clinical, business and technical data in your electronic record systems and use it to improve patient care. View Profile


by Agadia Systems

Web-based software with prior authorization management, clinical rules management, document management, and eprescribing functionality. View Profile

Hospital software that provides electronic forms and workflow automation solutions to hundreds of healthcare organizations worldwide. View Profile

Patient Flow System

by Intelligent InSites

Wireless patient locating system sends and receive alerts and notifications, locates patients/staff/equipment, controls access. View Profile

Patient Portal

by Care Converge

Secure web-based solution that provides pre-registration, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and accepted insurance plans. View Profile


by PatientClick

A system with an easy to navigate interface, customizable dashboards, integrated patient portal, and multiprovider communication tools. View Profile


by simplicityDB

Hospital-wide management information system for staff scheduling, group administration, and patient care coordination. View Profile

PatientWay Suite

by PatientWay

Software that streamlines patient access through web, kiosk, and mobile applications. View Profile

Policy Manager Software

by PolicyStat

Web-based application for managing policies, procedures and other healthcare documents. View Profile

Post Discharge Software

by SironaHealth

Patient follow up care management solution that helps you connect with recently discharged patients. View Profile


by PracticeCompass

Practice management, appt. confirmations, recalls, marketing, auto dialer, reduce no shows, staff management, increase productivity. View Profile

ProPM Standalone

by Prodata Systems

Subscription-based patient relationship management solution with accounting management, offloaded claim and statement processing. View Profile

PulsePro Practice Management

by Pulse Systems

Medical billing and office management system for the management of complex financial, clinical, and patient data. View Profile

Quanta WebHIMS

by Birlamedisoft

Web based Hospital Information Management System is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospital. View Profile

Capture, aggregate, and manage quality and performance data for submission to state and national healthcare quality initiatives. View Profile


by netBIOS Technologies

Modular hospital management system that includes admission and drug management, housekeeping, and business management functionality. View Profile

Renaissance Healthsoft

by Sobha Renaissance Information Technology

A completely integrated, enterprise, modular, feature rich, user friendly Hospital Information Management System. View Profile

Salient Suite 5.0 for Healthcare

by Salient Healthcare

Comprehensive suite for healthcare organizations with data analysis functionality, dashboard creation, and storyboard capabilities. View Profile


by Stay Staffed

Web-based staffing management software. SmartShift is utilized for open shift nurse staffing management and more. View Profile

SOBA Fabric for Healthcare

by Webify Solutions

Helps address and simplify business, technology, security, governance, and process interoperability issues. View Profile

Sonifi Health

by Sonifi Health

Sonifi Health creates software for hospitals with the patient in mind. Keep patients entertained and informed during their stay. View Profile

Patient medical and billing records, automated registration, admission, transfer, and discharge. View Profile


by Strata Decision Technology

A healthcare management solution that combines features such as budgeting, reporting, and financial forecasting on one platform. View Profile


by Experior Healthcare Systems

Software that handles the unique requirements of the surgery center; includes Case Costing, Accreditation, Variance. View Profile


by Svxus

Electronic Health Records and Medical Practice Management Application that delivers a better clinical experience to Doctors & Clinics. View Profile

Time Study RN

by Rapid Modeling Corporation

Simple and easy to use time measurement system for Nurses and Hospitalists. View Profile

TIMS Medical

by Computers Unlimited

Delivers an all-in-one software solution for HME/DME providers from initial patient intake, claims processing, doc management and more. View Profile

TKG Healthcare Technologies

by The Kramer Group

Healthcare software and services specializing in revenue cycle solutions. View Profile

TransMed Suite

by TransMed Systems

Information collection and analytics platform that allows healthcare companies develop better insights into their patient's treatments. View Profile


by Orthocrat

Enables surgeons to plan operations onscreen, execute complex measurements in a click, and facilitate film-less orthopedic practices. View Profile


by HDI Technologies

The TruCode Encoder is ICD-10 ready and offers many capablities for hospitals small and large. "Code Quick, with few clicks" View Profile

Unified Operations

by Edifecs

Drive down administrative costs and achieve regulatory compliance. View Profile


by VersaSuite

EPM/EHR/HIS software that supports the administrative needs of the healthcare professional in a clinic, hospital, or FQHC. View Profile


by Waterfall FMS

Web-based platform that provides CRM, content management, built-in SEO, and business intelligence analytics functionality. View Profile

WellCentive Advance

by WellCentive

A modular solution with patient outreach, EHR, online prescription writing and reporting capabilities. View Profile

Wellsoft EDIS

by Wellsoft

Emergency department information system that offers patient tracking, discharge planning, order management, auto-faxing, and more. View Profile

Xceedia HCMS

by Xceedia

Healthcare management system that includes medical billing (including EDI billing), EMR, and prescription writing applications. View Profile


by Kameda Infologics

Healthcare Information System (HIS) designed for all types of healthcare facilities. View Profile

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