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by Bloomfire

Bloomfire gives you the ability to facilitate open communication, improve employee engagement, and access information anywhere at anytime. Already trusted by thousands of teams at companies of any size, Bloomfire's easy-to-use collaboration software ignites innovation and provides an interface people actually WANT to use. View Profile

Flagpole Idea Management

by MindMatters Technologies

Specifically designed for internally-based innovation programs for engineers, researchers and scientists. Pre-configured with our Challenge methodology best practices for quick startup, easy use, and fast results. Capture, review, and implement ideas. Guaranteed to produce substantial ROI and real innovation. View Profile

eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It is full featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design. eXo helps companies connect their employees, customers and developers through social, collaborative and content-driven intranets, websites and dashboards. View Profile


by Crowdicity

The most flexible and results driven Idea Management platform on the market. Trusted by; LEGO, WWF, John Lewis, The UN, NHS, BBC, P&G View Profile


by AL Consulting Group

Device agnostic Ideas and Action Management system for gathering progress Ideas from all Employees. View Profile


by UserVoice

Support ticketing + knowledgebase + satisfaction surveys + product feedback. Embedded in your web or mobile app & built for scale. View Profile

Employee suggestion box - log-on and submit, rate and comment on ideas, while managers prioritize, sort and track contributions. View Profile

DataStation Innovation Cloud is web based tool for collaborative idea, project and product management. View Profile


by Betterific

White-label idea management platform that collects and analyzes employees ideas. View Profile


by Seavus Group

Mind mapping tool to stimulate brainstorming, enable visualizing of ideas and mind maps, conceptualization, and process modelling. View Profile



Idea & Innovation Management - We tell you exactly what goes into turning an idea into an innovation - and how you benefit. View Profile


by CommunityPeople

12 years of success in Idea Management software. Easy to use for participants and administrators. Used globally by companies and govts. View Profile



Develop ideas and get meaningful feedback with our software. See change happen. View Profile


by Comapping

Collaborative web-based mind mapping tool with instant updates, real-time collaboration, and auto-layout technology. View Profile

Corso enables you to capture new ideas from across the organization and quickly develop them into new solutions and innovations. View Profile

Idea Spotlight is a web-based idea management tool that helps businesses of all sizes to uncover, filter and prioritise the best ideas. View Profile


by SpadeWorx Software Services

Helps organizations implement structured innovation management initiatives with features that help them harness ideas. View Profile


by Idearium Technologies

Idearium is a business innovation software. Drive collaboration, find solutions to your business problems and get measurable outcomes. View Profile


by InnoCentive

SaaS platform for creating internal innovation communities and capturing the collective intelligence of partners & employees. View Profile


by DZone

A web platform for building online communities and fostering team collaboration, improving customer support and sharing knowledge. View Profile


by Brainstorm Software

Takes all of your random thoughts, ideas and jottings, and helps you organize them into a logical structure. View Profile


by Intuit

Software tool that enables employees with ideas to connect those ideas with the right coworkers who can act on them. View Profile

Brainstorming Room

by BrainReactions

Provides a private space online for you to brainstorm with a team you invite. View Profile


by Component Workshop

Idea management solution facilitating direct engagement from employees and customers. View Profile


by NCH Software

Affordable alternative to brainstorming, diagram, and flowchart software. View Profile

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

by Computer Systems Odessa

Manage your ideas effectively; use this application for process construction, mind mapping and brainstorming. View Profile


by CrowdLogic

Generate, evaluate, and prioritize ideas. Find out which ideas are the best and understand the reasons why. View Profile

This Dutch software aids in the creation and organization of idea forms. View Profile


by e-tipi

Web-based collaborative thinking platform; a complete solution from which to share and improve ideas. View Profile


by e-Zassi

eZassi is SaaS suite of ideation tools that digitizes open innovation and protects both parties freedom to operate. View Profile



Innovation management tool that helps capture employees ideas, collaborate, follow, choose the best ideas, and share the knowledge. View Profile


by JustLogin

An automated online tool to manage your corporate suggestion program. View Profile

Exago Innovation

by Exago

From cost reduction and customer engagement to behavioural change, Exago helps companies worldwide unleash people's hidden potential View Profile


by Salience

Multilingual web collaboration tool that allows teams to map out their project related idea and tasks on a visualized storyboard. View Profile

Forms on the Fly

by Forms on the Fly

Software used to create and publish quizzes, tests and diagnostics. View Profile


by OffiServ

FoxyTasks is an intuitive application that engages your team and customers, smoothing the way for get your projects done. View Profile

Glint Innovation

by Glint Innovation

Harvest the power of collaborative innovation. Align your stakeholders with your goals. View Profile


by HunchBuzz

Innovation software product that helps manage ideas and feedback from your staff, employees, external stakeholders and customers. View Profile

HYPE Innovation

by Hype

HYPE Innovation provides innovation management software and a vast range of services to ensure our clients' programs become a success. View Profile



id-Force is the modern idea management solution for every size - from the small business to the multinational corporation. View Profile

ID8 Enterprise

by ID8 Systems

Ideation software where employees publish ideas as stock and employees buy/sell shares resulting in the value ranking of ideas. View Profile

Idea Central Software

by Imaginatik

Provides unique enterprise software, processes and insights to tap into the Collective Genius for collaborative innovation. View Profile

Idea Jam

by Elguji

People post their ideas, and others vote either up or down on it, or they can add to or edit the idea. View Profile

Idea Manager


Collaborative idea generating tool that aggregates and facilitates discussion of ideas from within and from outside the company. View Profile


by BrainBank

Capture and transform ideas into measurable financial results, with multi-lingual/multi-currency Idea Management solutions. View Profile


by Applied Marketing Science

IDEALYST is an online brainstorming tool that lets you use the power of group problem-solving to generate new product or service ideas, View Profile


by IdeaMatic

Select worthwhile ideas for you to include in your operations through the platform that not only gathers, but also prioritizes ideas. View Profile


by IdeaScale

Transform your product, process, market, organization, and more. View Profile


by IdeasCount

Suggestion & idea management system to capture the creativity of every employee without big cash prizes or review committees. View Profile

Ideation 2.0

by Qmarkets

Allows companies to build an idea marketplace in which employees and customers can suggest new ideas and others can comment on them. View Profile

iDS Idea Development System

by INCENT Idea Development Solutions

Web-based employee suggestion system based on the Toyota Production System; reward engine, report engine and email alerts. View Profile


by Induct Software

Increasing the innovation capacity and capability of organizations world-wide and creating the global innovation eco-system. View Profile


by InnoEngines

InnoEngines is an easy-to use, low-cost innovation management tool for professional innovation organizations. View Profile

Innovation Management

by Brightidea

Hosted modular solution designed to assist in all areas of innovation with templates and workflows. View Profile

Innovation Portal

by CogniStreamer

Open innovation and collaboration platform to create, enrich and assess innovative ideas within strategically selected areas. View Profile


by Innovbook

Innovbook is an online service for idea management built to assist your company during its innovation process. View Profile

Enables users to track, evaluate and adopt the best innovation ideas from internal and external sources View Profile


by Kindling

Kindling is innovation software that people enjoy using. Companies all around the world use Kindling to transform ideas into reality. View Profile

Lean Starter

by Lean Starter

Provides hypothesis tracking, ideas sharing and discussing, and interactive canvas for ideas planning. View Profile


by RoomManager

Mazzum for SharePoint is an Ideation or Idea Management Solution for SharePoint Online, Office 365 View Profile


by Kirei

Helps organizations capture and prioritize ideas, helping them to better understand what to work on first. View Profile


by Varatek Software

Helps you create elegant mind maps quickly and easily; provides complete support for all mind mapping techniques. View Profile

Minder Platform

by The Innovation Minder

Customer innovation management platform manages the voice of your customers; valuable for product and service development. View Profile


by MindGenius

Idea management software to help with planning, brainstorming, problem solving, mind mapping. View Profile

MindManager X5 Pro

by Mindjet

Transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking and business information into blueprints for action. View Profile


by MindMapper USA

A visual mind mapping software tool for organizing thoughts and ideas, decision making, presentations, planning, and more. View Profile


by MeisterLabs

MindMeister is considered the best online mind mapping app currently on the market. View Profile


by Expert Software Applications

Web-based mind mapping tool; create, edit and share mind maps. View Profile

MindView 4

by MatchWare

A tool to help you visualize and save what your thinking, it also improves thinking effectiveness and memory. View Profile


by Nosco

Web-based idea generation and management software with collaborative voting, commenting and adding as well as analytics and reporting. View Profile


by NovaMind

Produce unique, information rich, vivid solutions for enhanced creative thinking and compelling presentations. View Profile

OVO Tools

by OVO

Increases your ability to include everyone in the innovation process, reducing innovation cycle time. View Profile

ParaMind Brainstorming Software

by ParaMind Software

ParaMind Brainstorming Software offers you an automated way to develop ideas. View Profile


by Innovation Factory

Suite of software solutions ensures successful implementation of idea management in your organization. View Profile



Helps employees contribute novel ideas, improving their involvement. View Profile


by CreateSHIFT

Product management solution that helps collect product ideas in one place and track their execution throughout the life of a product. View Profile


by Cogentus Consulting

A full end-to-end innovative decision support tool combining problem definition and ideas generation with MCDA View Profile


by SoapBox Innovations

SoapBox is an Innovation Management Platform that allows organizations to tap into the collective wisdom of their employees. View Profile


by Edistorm

Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime sticky note whiteboard. View Profile


by TalkFreely

TalkFreely's a cloud-based platform where your employees & customers can collaborate and create ideas that can transform your business View Profile


by 14falcons

An app that mirrors face-to-face sticky-note brainstorming with side by side canvases for brainwriting and collaboration. View Profile


by muchBeta

Teepin is an idea management and channeling system that allows to engage and listen to everyone working at your organization. View Profile

TemboSocial Ideas

by TemboSocial

Collaboration software for generating, sharing, and discovering great ideas. Built for companies with an intranet and 200+ employees. View Profile

Thatva Innovator

by Thatva

Innovation enabler software platform that catalyses the ideation and launching of innovative new or incremental products or services. View Profile


by Thinkube

Engage your employees and stakeholders in business improvement tailored to your organisation's priorities and challenges. View Profile


by Aikon Labs

Helping Realize Ideas View Profile


by Vocoli

Digital suggestion & innovation platform that engages employees, customers and stakeholders in an easy-to-use interface View Profile

We Achieve

by Fort Hill Company

An engaging new crowd-sourcing tool designed to harness a group's collective intelligence on your most important questions. View Profile


by XMind

Professional and powerful mind mapping software, used for brainstorming, project management, collaboration, and meeting. View Profile

Zoho Projects

by Zoho

Track projects, milestones and tasks along with document sharing, calendar, forums, and time tracking capabilities. View Profile

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