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Centerprise Data Integrator provides a powerful, scalable, high-performance, and affordable integration platform designed for ease of use by your business information experts, yet robust enough to overcome even the biggest and most complex data integration challenges. View Profile

MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform is the next generation integration platform that allows you to connect and transform your business into a New Enterprise, by easily connecting disparate SaaS, mobile and on-premise systems. The Anypoint Platform is a complete set of products that lets you get started no matter where you are along the continuum toward the cloud. View Profile

Chiapas EDI 2014

by Chiapas EDI Technologies

Chiapas EDI is a middleware solution for small to medium sized businesses needing an immediate answer to their 5010 healthcare EDI challenges. Quickly import 5010 EDI files into automatically generated SQL data tables; export compliant 5010 files using built-in export logic and mock healthcare data; then create Workflow Foundation 4 workflows for 'hands-free' automation. Rock solid Next Business Day support ensures your stumbling blocks will be addressed directly by the developers. View Profile

XML-based and configuration-driven real-time transactional enterprise application integration solution. View Profile


by Babelway

Want to manage B2B integration and data flows yourself? Try Babelway, a cloud-based integration platform built for the business user. View Profile


by DBSync

Integration for connecting on-demand and on-premise applications like CRM, Accounting and Healthcare View Profile


by Progress Software

Solution for interconnected application management that helps assure the successful outcome of business transactions. View Profile


by Nimaya

CustomerGrid empowers companies to maximize their revenue by harnessing customer data assets. View Profile


by Cougaar Software

An intelligent agent-based middleware platform for building complex, distributed, intelligent applications. View Profile


by TIBCO Software

Lets you automate your business by creating an integrated network of applications, databases and information. View Profile

Adeptia BPM Server

by Adeptia

Business process management product that delivers service-oriented architecture and has real-time, event-driven capabilities. View Profile

Open source data integration software designed to help business users and developers move data in and out of a variety of data sources. View Profile


by appStrategy

Business processes automation, application development, and data migration suite based on Windows Workflow Foundation. View Profile

Application Integration Solution

by Network Automation

AutoMate is a business process automation software platform that integrates and automates disparate applications without writing code. View Profile


by Summa Technology Group

B2B eCommerce solution that simplifies integration, automates business processes & enhances collaboration among global trading partners View Profile


by IONA Technologies

A family of service-oriented integration products which provide enterprise & mainframe Web services. View Profile


by Azuqua

Create business processes spanning multiple cloud services in minutes View Profile

BizTalk Server

by Microsoft

Connects systems both inside and across organizations, exchange data and orchestrate business processes across multiple systems. View Profile

B2B integration platform that eliminates the need for custom programming & supports all data standards. View Profile


by BridgeGate

Integration solution that collects, manipulates/transforms, and disseminates electronic information. View Profile

Business Gateway

by Iomotion

Powerfull integration platform for enterprise applications. The only EAI platform with native SAP communication. View Profile

SEEBURGER is a leader in business integration and secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions. B2B/MFT/BPM/ESB/EAI View Profile


by Vitria Technology

Manage information among enterprise systems and extend that information to partners, suppliers and customers. View Profile

Cicero XM

by Cicero

Delivers a unified desktop solution for enterprise contact center and back office employees. View Profile


by Javlin

Rapid, end-to-end data integration solution, designed to transform, cleanse, and distribute data into applications, databases, and DWs. View Profile


by Hilltops IT

A suite of applications providing integration for QuoteWerks, Sage 50, Sage 200, Swiftpage ACT!, Outlook, Opera, and ecommerce sites. View Profile

Contivo VMS

by Contivo

Capture, manage and leverage the semantics of data across integration projects. View Profile

Data Backbone

by Data Backbone Software

Integration between a considerable range of business systems and applications, with replication of data between them. View Profile

Data Integration

by Talend

This software is used to change and move data to different systems while saving time, money, and labor. View Profile


by DataSync

Consolodates your open-source applications so you can access them all with a single sign-on. View Profile


by BluePhoenix Solutions

Database and application migrations from non-relational databases to relational databases. View Profile

DNBi Professional

by Dun & Bradstreet

Comprehensive credit evaluation and risk management software solution View Profile

Powers fast, easy to build, full GUI applications, while maintaining application code on your servers. View Profile

Maintain applications and automate services to manage lifecycles, and streamline business processes View Profile


by InterSystems

Integration platform that includes an enterprise service bus along with business process management, event processing & data analytics. View Profile

Enterpise Mashups

by SGC Software

Provides bi-directional exchange of data between your systems. Offers access to SAP and databases. Mobile app available. View Profile

Enterprise Enabler

by Stone Bond Technologies

Game changer for the creation and management of integrations across applications, data, processes and people View Profile

Designed to help alleviate the backlog of corporate application development requests found in every IT department. View Profile


by Software AG

Simplifies enterprise integration by integrating Web applications with packaged, custom-developed or legacy systems. View Profile

ERP Integration

by eBridge Connections

The leading accounting integration platform for eCommerce, EDI & CRM, supporting MS Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite, and SAP Business One. View Profile


by MachenSoft

Multi-Protocol Enterprise Service Bus with out-of-the-box connectivity to virtually anything. View Profile

Easily facilitate and automate B2B integrations to quickly connect with new trading partners, and respond faster to customer requests. View Profile


by OpenConnect Systems

Captures business logic in mainframe applications, applies a graphical front-end and extends to Web-based users. View Profile


by Data Protection Solutions by Arco

The no-hassle way to move to a new or larger boot drive or data drive. View Profile

Fiorano SOA 2006 Platform

by Fiorano Software

Integrates enterprise applications through an Enterprise Service Bus and Messaging Middleware. View Profile

Flow Software

by Flow Software

Configurable Integration and EDI software. View Profile


by Frends Technology

Expands and enhances Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006R2/2009 capabilities by introducing flexible scheduling and metadata management. View Profile

IBM WebSphere

by IBM

Enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers effective application infrastructures for all business situations. View Profile


by Itrios

Software to help non-technical users synchronize data between software applications in the cloud. 200 transactions for $14/month. View Profile

Ivory Web Services

by GT Software

Enables development of a Web services architecture that allows legacy mainframe apps to communicate with open systems. View Profile

Java-based solution for real-time integration of virtually anything using XML to replace costly custom coding. View Profile


by Jitterbit

Designed to handle the most complex integration challenges between legacy, enterprise and On-Demand applications. View Profile

Kapow Katalyst

by Kapow Software

Platform for Rapid Integration of Business application, APIs, Documents, Emails, Databases and File systems. View Profile


by Seagull Software

Connecting legacy applications to service-oriented architectures including XML, J2EE, .NET, HTML and Web services. View Profile

LOF Enterprise

by Yrrid Software

Host access, integration and extension for legacy systems using screen scraping and a terminal emulator for application screens. View Profile

MD Docs

by MDI Solutions

A web-based on-line HL7 documentation software system of the complete interface environment. View Profile



Enables real-time application integration without requiring changes or additions to existing systems. View Profile



A free lightweight system management software for inventory, monitoring, software deployment and remote command execution. View Profile

mtx ERI Platform

by Metatomix

Integrates and correlates data from heterogeneous systems. View Profile

Neuron ESB

by Neuron ESB

Preferred application integration and SOA platform for the Microsoft stack View Profile


by CypressLogic Systems

Easy-to-use graphical programming environment for integrating Web services in less time, and with fewer resources. View Profile


by OneSaas

Get your business apps working happily together - including accounting, ecommerce, CRM, billing, fulfillment and email marketing. View Profile


by Opal Software Solutions

A simple and efficient means to easily access and download SAP data directly to your PC or server in a number of file formats. View Profile

Desktop automation streamlines worker activity, simplifies service processes and removes technology barriers to transform the business. View Profile

Extract Load and Transform technology that improves performance and reduces data integration costs across heterogeneous systems. View Profile


by Objective Interface Systems

Has the industry standard Common Object Request Broker Architecture technology in high-performance, real-time and embedded applications View Profile


by Zephyr Software

Offers programmatic enterprise application integration for IBM 3270 and 5250 host applications. View Profile


by Informatica

Enterprise data integration platform to help organizations access, transform, and integrate data from a variety of systems. View Profile

PowerTerm Host Publisher

by Ericom Software

Enables organizations to web and wireless enable their legacy applications for transaction processing. View Profile


by RatchetSoft

XML-based desktop integration solution that allows you to expand and enhance information access to existing applications. View Profile

RTI Data Distribution Service

by Real-Time Innovations

Data Distribution Service software that offers a decentralized integration platform that increases performance View Profile

Scribe Insight

by Scribe Software

Quickly and seamlessly integrate data from mission critical applications with other applications and data stores in the enterprise. View Profile


by Gravic

Data replication software for integrating many popular databases on a variety of platforms without ODBC. View Profile


by Apps Associates

Comprehensive shipping management software solution that monitors: tracking, shipping costs, labels, international documentation View Profile

Sirvisetti AppTalk

by Sirvisetti

Web services and integration platform that simplifies and automates application integration. View Profile

SmartDB Workbench

by SmartDB

Integrated set of tools for performing a variety of data integration tasks. View Profile


by SnapLogic

An open source, web-based solution for quickly integrating Saas, Platform as a Service, and in-house applications. View Profile


by The Social Foundry

Enables organizations to expose their database operations as web services. View Profile


by Sonic Software

Enterprise Service Bus delivering standards-based integration through Web services and JCA. View Profile


by Syncfrog

Syncfrog provides intelligent data-loading into CRM that allows its users to control how, where and when information is placed. View Profile

TFS Manager for Dynamics CRM

by Quantum Whisper

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM cases (CRM 2011 and CRM Online) and Team Foundation Server (2010 & 2012). View Profile


by TmaxSoft

Legacy system software for service oriented architecture, mainframe rehosting and legacy modernization. View Profile


by Trace Financial

Streamlines the administration and maintenance of the transformation process. Enables compliance with messaging standards. View Profile

TravelCarma is a global travel technology company with experience of over 150 product implementations across 46 countries. View Profile


by V2Systems

Automation and upgrading of existing systems, a smooth transition between hardware/software solutions. View Profile

Virtual DataPort

by Denodo Technologies

Multi-source, real-time Enterpise Information Integration and web automation software. View Profile


by OpenLink Software

Hybrid data management and integration server, delivering secure, high-performance, and native data management. View Profile

Warewolf ESB

by Warewolf

Service bus that can be deployed by anyone, into any system, anywhere, anytime. It is 100% open source and free. View Profile


by DataTrans Solutions

Web based EDI where all transactions can be made on one simple easy to use interface. View Profile

For business-rule-based integration of front & back office applications, of enterprise solutions & of standard, packaged solutions. View Profile

XML Gateway

by Layer 7 Technologies

Cloud platform to monitor and evaluate service interactions and product quality testing View Profile

Your Silver Bullet

by Your Silver Bullet

Designed to make integrating data in separate programs easy. Makes applications work well together. View Profile


by Zapier

Zapier gives you internet superpowers. View Profile

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