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by Customer Expressions

i-Sight case management software is a web based solution to manage investigations. Dashboard reporting and a custom report writing wizard give you real time data on case status and trends. Our customers use i-Sight to manage investigations of Fraud, Employee Relations, Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Security, and Health & Safety. With i-Sight, you and your staff will be better equipped to collaborate on cases and maintain complete case histories with instant access to all related information. Learn More

Report Exec Enterprise

by Competitive Edge Software

The Report Exec Suite is a high powered, comprehensive incident reporting and security management solution. With the ability to customize virtually any field and dictate countless functions, it conforms to your organization's needs quickly and efficiently. We offer a vast assortment of modules that allow you to track and measure events electronically. Report Exec is the complete reporting solution. Learn More


by PPM 2000

Perspective by PPM is an end-to-end Incident Management solution for responding to, reporting on and analyzing security events. Users manage dispatches, activities, incidents and investigations from beginning to end. Then, analyze and report across the entire database. Respond, report, investigate and prevent with Perspective. Featuring enterprise-level scalability and PSIM integration. Learn More


by Xanalys

A complete investigative and intelligence platform that supports your investigation management from the capture of the initial incident report, through to the presentation of evidence in court. XIM provides a collaborative and secure environment in which to conduct a range of different investigation types. With its streamlined interface, collaborative functionality and integrated intelligence capabilities, XIM is highly suited to a variety of organisation genres and investigative situations. Learn More


by Agnovi

X-FIRE (pronounced "crossfire") is Agnovi's best-of-breed investigative case management software for law enforcement and police. Designed with the investigator in mind, X-FIRE is the top tool available to support major investigations - from initial incident to court disclosure. X-FIRE is easy-to-use, fully comprehensive, powerful and affordable. X-FIRE is being counted on by numerous law enforcement agencies throughout North America and abroad. Learn More

Manages incident response and forensic acquisition procedures in full compliance with digital investigation standards. Learn More


by GuideSTAR Technologies

Tool for national law enforcement to facilitate collaboration in detecting potential threats and investigating criminal events. Learn More

Investigative incident management software Learn More


by ARAS 360 Technologies

Recon Case Management system with photos, field reports, measurements, and crash data. Generates powerful reports in 30 seconds. Learn More

Case Point Pro

by Case Point

Investigative case management software for the private detectives and process servers. Learn More

Column Case Management

by Column Technologies

Helps enterprise level organizations capture, investigate, & manage cases. Includes relationship mapping to license plates, people, etc Learn More

EnCase Enterprise

by Guidance Software

Enables analysis to respond to security incidents, perform investigations and conduct audits. Learn More


by Albanese Consulting

Software for fire and bomb investigation case management; manage, share, search and report on cases. Learn More


by FormDocs

Manage your case files including incident reports, arrest reports and follow-up reports. Learn More


by InfoStrat

The Investigative Case Management System (ICMS) covers all the phases of an investigation and is used by several U.S. Federal agencies. Learn More

Investigative Software

by L.E.A. Data Technologies

Investigation management software specialized for tracking different types of crimes. Learn More

Investigative Tracking System

by Ship-to-Shore Computing

Case management system that a criminal investigation agency needs to track narcotic related activity. Learn More

Investigator Report

by MDansby

Full range of case and client management functionality, ideal for investigators, detectives and law enforcement. Learn More


by iView Systems

Highly secure, multi property, multi departmental solution for security, surveillance and risk management departments. Learn More


by Polonious

Powerful investigation management software for investigation companies and investigation units. Improve your outcomes for your clients. Learn More

Keeps track of all records relating to everything involved in a law enforcement investigation. Learn More

Residence Life

by Incident Tracker

Track and investigate inquiries and see the outcome with the click of a button. Learn More


by Trancite

Full-featured crime scene, domestic abuse, floor plan and vehicle accident drawing application. Learn More


by Virtual Advantage

Secure, web-based case management software built for conducting and managing investigations. Learn More


by Trackops

Web-based case management application helps investigative companies become more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort. Learn More


by Virtual Case Management

Paperless database case management solution for investigators, process servers, intelligence analysis and the security industry. Learn More


by Microception

Online video monitoring, recording, archiving and case management tool for law enforcement agencies. Learn More


by Visual Analytics

Graphical analysis tool; discover patterns, trends, associations and networks in any number and type of data sources. Learn More


by D3 Security Management Systems

Web-based solution for incident reporting, investigations management, guard tour, dispatch, and post orders. Learn More

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