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Professional Lawn Care Business Software. LawnPro makes keeping track of your lawn care business easy.

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February 04, 2013

DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Looks professional.... That's it!!!!!

Cons: FULL OF BUGS!!!!! They will not respond to any problems!!! once they have your money your f*****!!! I wasted my money so DON'T WASTE YOURS!!! The demo was ok but it doesn't allow you to demo the full version because its full of BUGS!!! If you schedule a job that is repeating and have to change or postpone it then you have to manually change it for the entire year!!!! Plus you can't delete it!!! The customers name will still be on the calender until you close the program and open it again, so if u had 10 jobs thats day and it rained u have to erase each job 1 by 1 for the entire year, every time a job is postponed!!!!! SUCKS!!!!! There r more but trust me SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Overall: DON'T BUY!!!

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L C, owner at lawn service

April 18, 2012


Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: NONE They only thing is that they took my payment right away.

Cons: Save your time and money. I bought software and was very unhappy with it. very simple and very sorry. also when i told them i was unhappy they did not return my calles in a number of occasions and are still avoiding me. Not professional at all!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!

Overall: NOT AT ALL

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cristal nunez, owner at nunez lawn care