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Report Exec Enterprise

by Competitive Edge Software

The Report Exec Suite is a high powered, comprehensive incident reporting and security management solution. With the ability to customize virtually any field and dictate countless functions, it conforms to your organization's needs quickly and efficiently. We offer a vast assortment of modules that allow you to track and measure events electronically. Report Exec is the complete reporting solution. Learn More


by Agnovi

X-FIRE (pronounced "crossfire") is Agnovi's best-of-breed investigative case management software for law enforcement and police. Designed with the investigator in mind, X-FIRE is the top tool available to support major investigations - from initial incident to court disclosure. X-FIRE is easy-to-use, fully comprehensive, powerful and affordable. X-FIRE is being counted on by numerous law enforcement agencies throughout North America and abroad. Learn More


by PPM 2000

Perspective by PPM is an end-to-end Incident Management solution for responding to, reporting on and analyzing security events. Users manage dispatches, activities, incidents and investigations from beginning to end. Then, analyze and report across the entire database. Respond, report, investigate and prevent with Perspective. Featuring enterprise-level scalability and PSIM integration. Learn More

Probation Tracking System

by General Computer Services

Gives probation officers the ability to supervise and manage their caseload. Learn More


by PawnSafeBox

Law Enforcement Database for capturing pawn transactions at the source for pawn slip and pawn sales searches Nationally. Basic Free! Learn More

Manages incident response and forensic acquisition procedures in full compliance with digital investigation standards. Learn More


by Digital Design Group

Billing and tracking for enforcement of false alarm reduction ordinances; register alarm permits, invoice dispatches, track payments. Learn More


by GuideSTAR Technologies

Tool for national law enforcement to facilitate collaboration in detecting potential threats and investigating criminal events. Learn More

Integrated collection of GIS software products; provides a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping. Learn More



Based on witness description, the program automatically offers a choice of facial combinations while it shows complete portraits. Learn More

Total Enforcement

by Total Enforcement

Automates the entry of incident-based information, generates reports, allows for sharing data across multiple agencies and geographies. Learn More

3D SketchArtist

by Technest

3D morphing technology allows law enforcement professionals can now sketch a truly accurate composite with lifelike 3D features. Learn More


by Automated Police Systems

Police records management and police dispatch system designed for law enforcement agencies. Learn More


by ABM

Suite of modules to manage covert policing operations such as source management, witness protection and communications data requests. Learn More

Acadis Readiness Suite

by ENVISAGE Technologies

Automates the management of complex, high-risk training environments such as law enforcement, public safety and the military. Learn More

Aegis Public Safety

by New World Systems

Aegis public safety - for dispatch, mobile computing, field reporting, records management and corrections Learn More

AgencyWeb IWM

by Orion Communications

Web-based system that serves as command-central for workforce process management - from scheduling, to employee self-services Learn More


by Allstar Knowledge Systems

Provides automated tools to fully satisfy intelligence and case management requirements. Learn More

Leading software for mobile and handheld software products used by law enforcement, fire-rescue and other public safety agencies. Learn More

ARAS 360 Software

by ARAS 360 Technologies

Users can generate the most powerful animations, reconstructions, simulations, and illustrations within a 3D graphical environment. Learn More

Allows an agency to organize, maintain and access the large amount of information that a department gathers. Learn More

ATAC Workstation

by Bair Software

Provides crime pattern analysis, predictive analytics, crime mapping and reporting to crime investigations and intelligence analysis. Learn More

Attensity LEADS

by Attensity

Allows law enforcement agencies to analyze public and case information for use in analyzing and solving illicit/criminal activity. Learn More

Avenger RMS

by Nine Eleven Software

Affordable law enforcement software: police RMS with electronic report writing, case investigation, grants and property management. Learn More


by Cardinal Tracking

Complete police records management system with user-customizable help, and point-and-click reporting. Learn More


by Solution 2000

Law enforcement management suite with mapping, ENS, inmate records, witness tracking. Learn More

Capita CASE

by Capita Technologies

Capita case is the Leading Unified Offender & Case Management Solution for Criminal Justice Agencies. Learn More


by CISCO Software

Law enforcement records management application; produces comprehensive histories of criminal involvement. Learn More

Case Closed

by Case Closed Software

Case Closed is a case management software for criminal investigators. Learn More

CIS Records Management System

by Computer Information Systems

Automates the records management functions of an agency and provides simultaneous online use in records, dispatch and investigations. Learn More


by Civerex Systems

Link analysis software for the collection and analysis of information relating to major crimes investigations. Learn More


by Defense Group

Decision support software for large-scale and all hazard incidents; critical tools, guides, forms, checklists and incident reporting. Learn More

Column Case Management

by Column Technologies

Helps enterprise organizations capture, investigate, and manage cases. Includes relationship mapping to license plates, people, etc. Learn More

Command Central

by CrimeReports

Web-based analytics tool that allows you to track trends and get an early warning when crime is on the rise. Learn More

Covert Track

by GPS Intelligence

GPS tracking for law enforcement agencies; includes mapping software and allows assets to be tracked for extended periods of time. Learn More

Crime Fighter BEAST

by Porter Lee

Bar coded evidence analysis statistics and tracking for crime labs and police agencies. Learn More


by Civica Software

Secure web-based tactical crime information sharing system that enables multiple agencies to share information. Learn More


by Precision Computing Intelligence

Compiles large amounts of data into orderly, understandable, and comprehensible graphical formats. Learn More


by CSE

Criminal and incidental relational database complemented by an easy to use intuitive interface. Learn More

Critical Incident Command

by Advanced Police Software

Allows you to effectively manage an incident as it happens with instant feedback and reporting. Learn More


by Geoff Smith Associates

A software tool for case and investigation management for economic crime departments. Learn More


by CourtView Justice Solutions

Allows users to efficiently store and retrieve all information related to a crime and the individuals involved. Learn More


by HTCI Labs

A vendor neutral middleware program used for performing data analysis and reporting on cell phone extractions from multiple vendors. Learn More


by DCS

Records management system that allows for unlimited persons, vehicles, property, narrative, supplements. Learn More


by Truth & Deception Technologies

Voice stress analysis software capable of real-time display of both processed and unprocessed waveforms Learn More

Digital Cop Software

by Digital Cop

Mugshot, booking, photo evidence, property tracking, barcoding. Learn More

Digital Evidence Locker

by Justice Data Group

Solve the problems of processing, storage and access for digital files of probative value to your agency and its justice partners. Learn More

Digital Forensics

by SpheronVR

Allows crime scene documentation as well as 3D reconstruction of crime scenes, traffic accidents and fires Learn More

Digital Information Gateway

by Visual Analytics

Securely connect information among organizations; handle databases, intranet content, websites, documents, and other files. Learn More

Digital Photo Manager

by Dataworks Plus Photo Management

DataWorks Plus provides law enforcement and criminal justice technology. Single user or Multi-User photo management software. Learn More


by LexisNexis

A free service to law enforcement agencies that offers an online accident/crash report management solution. Learn More


by New England Press

Computer based facial composition system, enables officers to produce an accurate "type-likeness" based upon a witness's description. Learn More


by IntelliChoice

Provides your agency an easy to use, state of the art, robust solution. Learn More

EJustice Online JMS

by EJustice Solutions

A web-based system that records and tracks inmate data from booking through release. Learn More

Evidence Recorder

by MicroSurvey Software

Evidence collection software built specifically for the professional reconstructionist. Learn More

Evidence TraQ

by QueTel

Uses barcodes to help make property records more secure and easier to organize and maintain. Learn More


by ASAP Systems

Specifically for Police Departments who want to automate their evidence and property rooms. Learn More


by Custom Design Software

Field report management system that makes your information is concise, accurate and immediately available. Learn More


by IQ Biometrix

Makes it easy for any police officer to create accurate composites with a click of a mouse. Learn More

Designed for municipalities, Police and Fire departments that count and assess fees for multiple instances of false alarm runs. Learn More

False Alarm Reduction System

by Purvis Gray Technology Group

For local governments who are committed to reducing false alarm incidents in their law enforcement jurisdictions. Learn More


by FATPOT Technologies

Quickly links different records management systems together and arms you with real time information from neighboring agencies. Learn More


by Albanese Consulting

Software for fire and bomb investigation case management; manage, share, search and report on cases. Learn More

Forensic Utility Suite

by LC Technology

Allows forensic and computer crime professionals to effectively recover data on all Microsoft operating systems. Learn More


by FormDocs

Manage your case files including incident reports, arrest reports and follow-up reports. Learn More

FTR Interrogator

by ForTheRecord

Interview room digital recording and content management solution. Learn More

FTR Software

by FTR Software

Designed to provide digital recording of any proceeding, either audio or video; useful for law enforcement agencies and courts. Learn More


by VS Visual Statement

Solution for accident reconstruction and crime diagramming. Learn More


by GEOCommand

Integrates mobile geographic information system (GIS) software with GPS with computer-aided dispatch (CAD). Learn More

GeoLynx 9-1-1

by GeoComm

Full-featured, professional-level desktop mapping package specifically tailored for 9-1-1 emergencies. Learn More


by Global Software

Streamlines information management and reduces complexity of agency-wide communication; exchange data efficiently and respond quickly. Learn More


by Government Outreach

Transforms the code enforcement process by automating tedious tasks and giving staff the tools they need to be more productive. Learn More

Golden Eagle RMS

by Eagle Law Enforcement Systems

System for managing police/sheriff's Office records with comprehensive incident/offense information tracking. Learn More

Handheld Citation-Writing

by Crossroads Software

Versatile, feature-rich electronic solution to traffic citation, collision report, and DUI arrest report writing. Learn More


by Azavea

Web-based geographic crime visualization, early warning and risk forecasting software. Learn More

Hunter SmartShot

by Hunter Systems Group

Advanced biometric, budget friendly application that takes the guess work and complexity out of taking mugshots. Learn More


by Intergraph

Law enforcement automated data systems software that provides records creation and management for public safety and security agencies. Learn More

i2 Suite

by i2

Enables investigative information to be represented as visual elements that can be easily analyzed and interpreted. Learn More


by DaProSystems

Software management suite for law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue services, and jails. Learn More


by Identi-Kit Solutions

Creates accurate photo realistic facial composite sketches based on verbal descriptions provided by a witness or victim. Learn More


by iView Systems

Provides an easy to use software tool designed to improve security officer dispatch management and workflow. Learn More

Impact RMS

by Impact

Impact RMS is a database tool that includes: data sharing, NCIC, live scan, photo technologies, pin mapping, and alarm billing. Learn More

Incident Lifecycle Management

by InterAct Public Safety Systems

Connects agencies, emergency responders, and citizens with E911, CAD, GIS, mobile data, and records management systems. Learn More

Incident Solutions

by PTS Solutions

Provides a method to record all pertinent information relating to police incidents. Learn More

Provides powerful insight into suspects, witnesses, assets and other vital information. Learn More


by K&K Management Solutions

Software for law enforcement agencies; jail management, mug shot imaging, evidence management, records management, dispatch. Learn More

Intelligence Hub

by Distillery Software

Intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination for for agencies in law enforcement, national security, border control and defense. Learn More


by EmergiTech

Helps law enforcement professionals report and analyze incident and investigational data. Learn More

Investigative Software

by L.E.A. Data Technologies

Investigation management software specialized for tracking different types of crimes. Learn More

Investigator Report

by MDansby

Full range of case and client management functionality, ideal for investigators, detectives and law enforcement. Learn More


by InTime Solutions

Designed from the ground up to make patrol scheduling easy, capable of covering different scheduling periods for different departments. Learn More

IWS Law Enforcement

by ImageWare Systems

Enables officers to capture, store and search booking data and images including mug shots, fingerprints & SMTs. Learn More

JADE Investigator

by Jade Software

Investigation management system; enables leads and cases to be proactively managed. Learn More

K9 Activity Tracking System

by Eden Consulting Group

Canine management record keeping system designed to protect agencies and officers from liability related to K9 training and deployment. Learn More


by Kiboga Systems

Software solutions including real-time integration, data integration, computer imaging, and mobile interface for law enforcement. Learn More

Kinesense LE

by Kinesense

Video evidence search and reporting solutions enabling time-efficient video investigations for actionable intelligence. Learn More

Law Enforcement RMS

by Larimore Associates

Includes incident reporting, accident reporting, booking management, jail management, case management, evidence tracking and more. Learn More


by Select Legal Systems

Integrated software product that combines accounts, case management, crime. Learn More


by Zuercher Technologies

ledsSuite is a fully featured, truly integrated public safety software system, with modules for CAD, Mapping, RMS, JMS and more. Learn More


by L.E.F.T.A. Systems

Web-based comprehensive computer software program that monitors the field performance of law enforcement employees. Learn More

Lessons Learned Database

by Secutor Solutions

A database for storing and searching for lessons learned and best practices. Learn More

LETG Public Safety Solutions

by Law Enforcement Technology Group

Innovative public safety software incluing a full CAD and Mobile, web-based RMS, Jail, Civil and Warrant system. Learn More


by Lockworks

Flexible reporting for accurate, current and detailed information about offenders and inmates. Learn More


by Letix

Allows law enforcement agencies to share information and collaborate on investigations. Learn More

Lynx Sentinel

by Ryte Byte

Automatically plots, on a map or satellite image, locations of sex offenders, protected areas, crimes and minor incidents. Learn More

MapScenes Pro

by CSI Mapping

Accident reconstruction forensic mapping solution. Learn More


by Matrix Pointe Software

Enables law enforcement agencies, prosecutors' offices, defense attorneys, jails and the courts to be more efficient and productive. Learn More


by In-Synch Systems

Records management solution suitable for use in all phases of local or regional law enforcement in fixed or mobile environments. Learn More

Moble Reporting

by Infokall

Provides quick and accurate field reporting in a mobile and disconnected environment. Learn More

Enable organizations to effectively gather, deliver and analyze key performance information. Learn More

Municipal Wire

by Nixle

Standardized, secure communication platform for police departments, municipalities, agencies to communicate information to communities. Learn More

Offender Management System

by Digital Solutions

Total automation solution that allows users to manage their inmates and facility from remote locations. Learn More

On Duty

by Jivasoft

Full featured, customizable police scheduling solution. Learn More

OSSI Public Safety Solution

by SunGard Public Sector

Provides rapid access to information; helps agencies stay connected with other departments, cities, and counties. Learn More

Phoenix Police RMS

by ProPhoenix

Records management system that can be scaled to fit your agency's needs now and in the future. Learn More

PMI Evidence Tracker

by Progressive Microtechnology

Computer program that can track and locate every piece of evidence and your physical property with just the click of a mouse. Learn More

Police Central

by Police Central

Integrates all of an agency's data gathering, searching and reporting functions into a single environment. Learn More

Police Report Writers

by Kodiak Software Systems

Allows law enforcement officers to fill out incident reports on a computer. Learn More


by Enforsys Systems

Browser-based software solution that includes Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management System (RMS), and full mobile computing. Learn More


by Visual Computer Solutions

Enables easily accessible reports, the ability to change schedule quickly and management of manpower requirements. Learn More

Precinct Connection

by Blue Crystal Software

A complete, affordable, yet powerful law enforcement information management software product for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Learn More

Presynct Report Network

by PreSynct Technologies

Forms-based incident report writing; native forms are automated then utilized from report creation through distribution and archiving. Learn More


by Executive Information Services

High performance records management system designed for the specific needs of law enforcement agencies. Learn More

Public Safety Suite

by VisionAIR

Core functionality for public safety industry; CAD, RMS, mobile data, FBR, fire management, inmate management, GIS, LMS, data sharing. Learn More

Police software for managing evidence, reporting writing, training, logs and personnel. Learn More

RangeMaster Pro

by CornerStone Applications

Records all information regarding firearm training.; makes it easy for law enforcement agencies to store information. Learn More


by Total Immersion Software

Provides a fully interactive, immersive experience where individuals and teams can train, plan and even rehearse their missions. Learn More

Record Management System

by DigitalFTO

In field report writing / record management system. Learn More

Records Management Software

by Sundance Systems

Records Management software (RMS) for police, fire and ems departments integrates with CAD systems. Learn More

Records Management System

by Southern Software

Records management system designed for Police Departments and Sheriff Offices of all sizes. Learn More

Records Management System

by Delphi Enterprises

Organizes and stores information so that accurate, timely and comprehensive reports and analyses can be easily and quickly produced. Learn More

Multi-user, network ready system that automates all of the common record keeping functions of law enforcement agencies. Learn More

Revolution Law Enforcement

by Wayne Enterprises

Police, Sheriff and Law Enforcement software with records and evidence management. Learn More

RIMS Records Management System

by Sun Ridge Systems

Effective way to organize, track and access the vast amount of information that flows through your police department every day. Learn More


by Versaterm

Comprehensive police records management system with workflow and case management. Learn More

RMS Anywhere


Browser-based records management system with case management, custom forms and reporting. Learn More


by Relativity

A fully integrated suite of Public Safety/Police records management applications. Learn More


by Trancite

Full-featured crime scene, domestic abuse, floor plan and vehicle accident drawing application. Learn More


by SketchCop Solutions

A facial composite software for law enforcement, military and government organizations. Learn More

Skills Manager

by Crown Pointe Technologies

Tracks all aspects of Public Safety employee development from date of hire to termination. Learn More


by Sleuth Systems

Software that offers quick and easy access to critical information, allowing agencies to quickly extract and share information. Learn More

SmartDraw Legal Edition delivers specialized features to meet the specific needs of legal and law enforcement professionals. Learn More

Smeadsoft Case File Management

by Smead Manufacturing Company

Ensures that files and records - paper and electronic - are accurate, easy to locate immediately and accessible to all who need them. Learn More

Spillman Records Management

by Spillman Technologies

Reduces the cost and complexity of entering, managing, and extracting critical data that public safety agencies use every day. Learn More

Staff Wizard

by Corona Solutions

Put the right number of patrol officers in the right place at the right times to maximize effectiveness. Learn More

Statement Analyzer

by Advanced Interviewing Concepts

Software that analyzes any statement and assists you in determining if the person is being truthful or deceptive. Learn More


by Technology Consultants

Complete integrated law enforcement record management system including jail management and mobile ticket writer software. Learn More

The Interviewer

by Interrogation Software

Software to track interviews and integrate into case files. Learn More


by Direct Hit Systems

Advanced analysis and case management software. Learn More

Provides fully integrated command and control, information management and analysis solutions; dispatching, records, reporting. Learn More


by Epic Data

Wireless solution that improves efficiency of ticketing for on-street and off-street parking. Learn More


by Progressive Solutions

Easily issue and track parking citations, digitally; maximize revenue, minimize costs. Offers accurate tracking and reporting. Learn More

Tyler Law Enforcement

by Tyler Technologies

Provides law enforcement offices with a complete records management system to handle their growing day-to-day workload. Learn More

Valor IMS

by Valor Systems

A suite of Incident Management System tools, incorporating computer aided dispatch, records management, and mobile data modules. Learn More


by Virtual Case Management

Paperless database case management solution for investigators, process servers, intelligence analysis and the security industry. Learn More

Video Investigator

by Cognitech

Video enhancement and processing software package for forensic enhancements. Learn More


by D3 Security Management Systems

Web-based solution for incident reporting, investigations management, guard tour, dispatch, and post orders. Learn More

Streamlines the process of completing field reports and improves overall report quality. Learn More


by Xanalys

Transform large-scale investigations into a systematic process from start to finish. Learn More

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