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by Themis Solutions

Clio makes legal practice management easy. Our cloud-based software is targeted to meet the needs of sole practitioners and small law firms. Stay organized with document management, time-tracking, billing and accounting features. Try Clio today for free! View Profile

Rocket Matter

by Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is the leading web-based law practice management software that handles legal billing, document management, trust accounting, client management, and task management. Integrates with Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. Includes iPhone, Droid, & iPad mobile editions. Rocket Matter caters to solo, small & mid-sized firms. Rocket Matter is available on a month to month subscription with no contract required. Unlimited support is included with all subscriptions. View Profile

MyCase is an affordable, intuitive and powerful legal practice management software designed for the modern law firm. Give your firm the advantage of a complete solution - get organized with contacts, calendars, cases, documents, time tracking, and billing. MyCase is the only software that also includes an integrated client portal so everyone stays informed and connected. View Profile

CosmoLex is cloud-based law practice management software that integrates time tracking, billing, trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, task & document management, all within one application. Only CosmoLex offers fully integrated trust (IOLTA) accounting that includes check printing, bank reconciliation and generation of 1-click three-way reconciliation statements. CosmoLex can be used anytime/anywhere and makes law practice more compliant, efficient, productive and profitable. View Profile

BillQuick Legal - Trusted by Attorneys and Legal Professionals Worldwide. Attorneys all over the world use BillQuick to handle their day-to-day time & expense tracking, billing and accounting tasks. BillQuick streamlines most common time and billing tasks to ensure that no billable time slips through the cracks. Significant industry-specific features allow you to make more informed decisions and efficiently manage your matters. View Profile

The only web based law practice management solution built by plaintiff's lawyers exclusively for plaintiff's lawyers. CoCounselor allows you to go where you want to go without missing a beat. Keep tabs and assign tasks from your phone, tablet, or computer. View Profile


by Abacus Data Systems

Through every phase of your cases, AbacusLaw dynamically captures and stores critical case and client data to keep your cases progressing and to prevent important details and deadlines from falling through the cracks. Features include: Rules-based calendaring, document and form automation, matter management, conflict checking, contact management, document management, email management, time tracking, billing, accounting, trust accounting and mobile access. View Profile

HoudiniEsq provides complete case/matter management, doc mgmt., doc and workflow automation, calendar/court rules integration and more. View Profile


by CasetrackerLaw

CasetrackerLaw was designed by and for collection law firms, agencies and corporations in order to streamline the collection process. View Profile


by Actionstep Software

The premium practice management solution. 100% Cloud. Includes CRM, matter management, document assembly, and full accounting. View Profile

PracticePanther Legal Software

by PracticePanther Legal Software

Mobile friendly and secure legal software that's surprisingly easy to use. Save time. Grow your firm. Go paperless. Work from anywhere. View Profile

Law Office Automation with an eye towad Bankruptcy Practice. An effortless transition to a paperless law office. View Profile


by AdvantageLaw

Time & cost tracking, billing, trust, accounting, management & financial reporting, budgeting, docket and case management. View Profile


by FactBox

FactBox is cloud-based software that makes it easy for busy litigators to organize all the facts, notes and ideas in their cases. View Profile

The leading practice mgmt software - Amicus integrates your information into a single system for improved efficiency and profitability. View Profile


by Knowify

Law firm software to manage client engagements, attorney time cards, purchasing & reimbursements, cases, invoicing and more. View Profile

Firm Central

by Thomson Reuters

Cloud-based legal practice management tool for solo law firms that integrates with legal research and other essential business tools. View Profile

Integrates Web and database technologies to address the specialized needs of the law firm engaged in mass and complex tort. View Profile


by Gavel Software

Legal Practice Management Software. Client Record and Case Management System. Create, Maintain and Find your client's files and cases. View Profile


by LegalXgen Software Solutions

LegalXGen, a Smarter Legal Practice Management Solution. View Profile

Cloud-based legal case management software for lawyers with multi-office support and calendar sync. View Profile


by CaseSync

Legal Practice Management System with client connection, practice connection, document management, document assembly. View Profile

The Plaintiff

by Data Development

Software for plaintiff attorneys; case management, document management, trust accounting, checkbook and more. View Profile

Case management, billing, date tracking, and calendaring from a single repository. View Profile


by PortalSoft

Provides one solution for managing case-related information; search, retrieve and store documents. View Profile

A fully-managed computer network solution for law firms and other professional services organizations. View Profile

Acuity Matter Management

by Acuity Management Solutions

Matter management that centralizes all your companies data and processes. Includes document, task, schedule management, and more. View Profile


by Dexco

A total practice management and accounting solution designed for the modern law firm. View Profile


by Aderant

Suite of integrated applications that helps law firms service their clients, manage their operations, and maximize their profitability. View Profile



Legal Practice Management PaaS Vendor. Core business management applications for law firms of all sizes. View Profile

Full-featured docketing software for small intellectual property management and patent attorney firms. View Profile


by doeLegal

eBilling and matter information management solution that offers collaboration, budget tracking, and project activity monitoring. View Profile

Attorney's Back Office

by Attorney's Back

Online law firm practice, case, financial & marketing management software, calendar, document management, time & billing, accounting. View Profile

Significantly reduce the collection, processing, culling and review costs associated with the eDiscovery process. View Profile

BHL Insight

by BHL Software

Legal practice management system designed for mid-tier law firms based on a single relational database. View Profile

Digital dictation workflow and document creation software for law firms. View Profile


by BigTime Software

Cloud-based software featuring time tracking, expense management, invoicing, project reporting, and seamless QuickBooks integration. View Profile


by BlueDot

Modular software that includes document tracking, billing, e-filing system, case management functionality for immigration law firms. View Profile


by CaseLode

Integrates all of the major office functions of a typical law firm into a single, efficient system. View Profile


by CompleteDATA

Integrates lawyers time billing, calendaring, and tasks, document and practice management systems. View Profile

Corporate Focus

by Corporate Focus

Comprehensive corporate governance and entity management solution for law firms and corporate legal departments. View Profile

Credenza Pro

by Credenza Software

Credenza turns Microsoft Outlook into a Professional Practice Management tool. View Profile


by AdvanTec Information Systems

Legal Services: Practice, program and Engagement Management. Optional Integration with UA/ATec Accounting Solutions. View Profile


by Deskspace Systems

Law office software designed to manage correspondence and documents, record actions. Available for Mac, iPad and PC. View Profile


by DirectLaw

Virtual law firm platform that provides legal invoicing, online collaboration, calendaring, document automation tools. View Profile


by Crocodile Solutions

Streamlines firm and case management process; increases the overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your law firm. View Profile


by Bridgeway Software

Total law practice software system designed exclusively for today's corporate legal department. View Profile


by Effacts

Effacts helps legal departments streamline their work related to contracts, governance, compliance and disputes. View Profile


by Syntapa Technologies

Relationship and Engagement Management solution for Associations, Not-For-Profits, Regulators, and Unions. View Profile


by eLawSystems

Web-based legal practice management and case management software designed for criminal defense lawyers. View Profile


by ESI Software

Complete legal billing, legal accounting, trust, reports, integration with MSWord and Outlook. View Profile

EveryClient (Legal)

by EveryClient

EveryClient (Legal) is a comprehensive Legal Practice Management Software software solution for your law practice. View Profile


by Capital Legal Solutions

Manage contacts, schedules, new and existing projects, case data and other important information necessary for a Project Manager. View Profile


by FilePro

Legal software that includes electronic filing, conflict checking, time management and recording, office accounting capabilities. View Profile

Forensic Toolkit

by AccessData Group

This scalable software is court-approved. It includes a decryption and a password cracking program. Customizable interface. View Profile


by Infonic

Helps companies in multiple geographic locations to communicate quickly and easily with little bandwidth. View Profile


by GoMatters

Scalable matter management system for legal professionals; web-based access to law practice management tools from anywhere, anytime. View Profile

Horatio Law

by Notae Systems

Complete timekeeping, billing, case management and document generation for attorneys. View Profile


by Juris

Includes time & billing, management reporting, trust accounting, accounts payable, check writing, and more. View Profile

Law Node

by Tech For Lawyers

Online practice management and automation software for solo and small firm attorneys. Free trial. View Profile

Law Practice Cloud

by Uberall Practice League

Software with time and activity recording, calendaring, expense recording, client management, conflict search features. View Profile


by Timeslice

Fully integrated practice and case management software solution with time recording, billing, and more. View Profile


by LawMaster

Legal practice management software solutions fully integrated into one system. View Profile


by muchBeta

A web application for the better management of law firms; get instant reports on demand and pro-fit your practice, anytime anywhere. View Profile


by DeskTop Business Solutions

Internet-based legal practice management featuring calendar, check writing, general ledger, document repository and more. View Profile


by WFish Technology

Cost effective cloud firm management starting at only $14.99/month that manages Clients, Cases, Billing, Calendar, Files and Hours. View Profile


by PowerSoft Innovations

Law firm management with integrated timekeeping, accounting and matter management. View Profile


by Nelson & Quillin

Law firm software for time and billing; handles legal accounting and legal practice management. View Profile

Legal Assistant Software Suite

by The Legal Assistant

Manages billing, document generation, document scanning, faxing, e-mail and transcriptions. View Profile

Legal Files

by Legal Files Software

Legal Files is a true off-the-shelf solution that your non-technical users can customize to your own unique requirements. View Profile

Legal Sale Pro

by Legal Soft

Sale your legal services online with our Legal Sale Pro software. View Profile

Legal Suite

by Legal Suite

Provides corporate legal departments with flexible case and matter management software designed by and for corporate counsel. View Profile

Legal Workspace

by Legal Workspace

This software is web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere. Easy and fast set up. 24/7 support. View Profile


by Computer Software for Professionals

Integrate your back office financial record-keeping requirements with your front office case management needs. View Profile


by nSynergy

Legal practice management, peer to peer collaboration, .net technology, time recording, precedents, reporting, MyDocsDMS. View Profile


by LegalTrek

LegalTrek makes it easier for lawyers to manage their practices by providing them with one easy-to-use cloud software solution. View Profile


by Linetime

Supports all aspects of practice management; full client management, practice diary and relationship marketing. View Profile

LMS V-Enterprise Edition

by Rippe & Kingston Systems

Provides the tools to easily manage clients, matters, prospects, billing, financial reporting, profitability, cases, documents. View Profile

LSS Law Office Management

by Legal Software Systems

Law office software for time and billing, accounting, contact management, calendar, and more. View Profile


by Matrix Pointe Software

Enables law enforcement agencies, prosecutors' offices, defense attorneys, jails and the courts to be more efficient and productive. View Profile

Matter Management System

by Legal Cost Control

Customizable matter management system that supports document storage, event calendaring, role-based access control, and more. View Profile


by Needles Case Management

Features: client relashionship management, data storage, case status, insurance adjuster information, messaging. View Profile

One Office

by DPS Software

Law office and case management software. View Profile


by Orion Law Management Systems

Centralize time management, case/records management, accounting, docketing, contacts and financial management. View Profile


by DataCert

Legal operations management solution for corporate legal departments that unites matter management and legal spend management. View Profile

Perfect Books Online

by Perfect Software

Simple to use legal accounting, timekeeping and database management software package. View Profile

Perfect Practice

by ADC Legal Systems

Case management, project management, calendar/docketing, imaging, document merging & management, legal billing and accounting. View Profile


by PerfectLaw Software

All-in-one software for back office financial management and front office case management. View Profile


by Plainlegal

Plainlegal's software streamlines and supports IP practices by handling client intake, document assembly, and deadline docketing. View Profile


by AdvisorPool

Web-based solution that allows legal professionals to automate client development activities and manage contacts. View Profile

Practice Evolve

by Practice Evolve

A solution that includes accounting reports, invoicing, document management, and automatic time recording functionality. View Profile

Practice Manager

by Practice Manager Group

Combines case and matter management with budgeting, forecasting, professional cost auditing and realtime reports. View Profile

Practice Manager Pro

by LegalSoft

Manage your law firm with our software including contact management, matter management, invoicing, client portal and more. View Profile

Practice ManagerPro

by AVANTedge Group

Software that offers mandate and FICA documentation generation, contact records maintenance, document management, barcodes generation. View Profile


by Software Technology

Calendaring, conflicts and contact management - helps you do the things you already have to do, faster. View Profile

Prima Facie Office

by Potente Software

Software for attorneys to manage cases, calendars, billing, accounting and tasks. View Profile


by Thomson Reuters Elite

Fully integrated solutions to automate the practice and manage the business of law. View Profile

ProVantage Suite

by ProVantage Software

Time & billing and practice management system that helps your firm meet the most demanding client requirements. View Profile


by Q-Soft

Practice management software for law offices - includes special functions that automate retail, medical and commercial collection. View Profile

Quill Interactive

by Quill Pinpoint

SaaS legal accounts and practice management application for law firms and in-house cashiers. View Profile


by RevaWare

Simple but powerful trademark tracking & docketing system for IP attorneys. View Profile


by BoomerX Software

Legal docketing software with invoicing, time planning, task management and document storage. View Profile

SOS Connect

by Solicitors Own Software

Integrated case management and legal accounting system for the legal industry. View Profile


by Mitratech

Allows corporate legal departments and government entities manage litigation and compliance and asset. View Profile

The Ombudsman

by Avondale Software

Manage clients and their cases, contacts, scheduling of work, time records, document generation, and electronic document management. View Profile

The REDI Office

by REDI Analysis

Solution that supports organizing cases/projects, time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing and contact management. View Profile

Designed specifically to address the case and information needs of a prosecuting attorney's office. View Profile

Time Matters

by LexisNexis

Real-time calendars, task management and work delegation system, client management, project/matter management. View Profile

Topaz Filer

by AMX Software

An efficient and powerful e-mail filing solution for lawyers. View Profile


by TopDogLegal

Criminal law software; includes scheduling, billing, rolodex, case management, and practice management. View Profile

TurboLaw Time and Billing

by Promethean Software

Easy to use time and billing software for solo and small law firms. 30 day money back guarantee. View Profile

Uberall Law

by Uberall Solutions

Comprehensive legal practice management software with integrated accounting, timesheet, billing, HR, and knowledge management. View Profile

Virtual Receptionist

by Total Attorneys

This software takes phone calls 24/7, schedules appointments, sets up new customers, sends you messages and alerts, and more. View Profile


by Virtual Law Office Technology

A web-based law practice management software as a service product that allows attorneys to operate virtual law offices. View Profile

Will & Trust Kit

by Suze Orman Media

Created under the watch and instruction of attorneys, this software is for Larger estates looking to manage wills and trusts. View Profile

Winscribe Dictation

by Winscribe

Enterprise digital dictation workflow management system that supports mobile dictation, speech recognition, and centralized management. View Profile


by WinYou-Law

Specialized solution for lawyers, legal departments and law firms, will help you in the organization and administration of your office. View Profile

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