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VanillaSoft is the most productive Lead Management Software for sales by phone. VanillaSoft gives you the ability to receive web leads into your campaign in real time, automate lead routing, perform lead scoring, and see your activities easily with dashboard and dynamic web reporting. These capabilities plus progressive dialing, on-board scripting, automated emailing, and call recording for training make VanillaSoft the perfect lead management solution teams performing sales by phone. View Profile

Grow sales. Save time. Get organized. 23,000 thriving small businesses use Infusionsoft. Discover how Infusionsoft, the only all-in-one automated sales & marketing software built exclusively for small businesses, has helped them grow sales, save time and stay on top of it all. Organize all customers and prospects with CRM. Get notified when prospective customers are ready to buy with lead scoring. Watch the software demo now! View Profile


by ClickPoint Software

Simplified Lead Management that helps improve lead flow, lead follow up, lead routing, and ensures every lead is nurtured and closed. With ClickPoint your not just buying software, you are getting solutions to improve the value of your leads while ensuring your sales team is working each lead to its full potential. Turn up the dials and watch your call center or sales team improve their pipeline of closed deals, in 30 days or less with a 30 day money back guarantee. View Profile


by LeadsPedia

LeadsPedia is a SaaS performance marketing platform bringing Affiliate Management, Lead Distribution, Call Tracking & Routing all into one unified platform. Unifying these business functions under one platform connects normally siloed data, simplifies business process and provides easily scalable solutions for business to grow. Even though all of these functions are wrapped into one platform they're still available la carte based on your business needs. View Profile

ProsperWorks CRM

by ProsperWorks

ProsperWorks is a smart & simple CRM for Google Apps. Close more deals faster without spending time filling in records. ProsperWorks CRM helps you identify, track, and optimize sales contacts and opportunities. Easily manage your entire sales pipeline with our simple and highly visual tool. With a 5 minute setup, no training required, and automatic systems that eliminate most data entry, ProsperWorks CRM allows you to focus on what you do best closing more deals. View Profile

Pipedrive is a lead management tool for small teams with big ambitions. It visualises ones sales pipeline and helps to make sure important activities and conversations won't get dropped. Salespeople really like it because its easy to use and intuitive. And managers like it because they don't need to nag their team to use their CRM and it's great at sales forecasting. It also sports integrations with other software such as Google Apps, MailChimp and Zapier. View Profile

LeadMaster is an affordable web-based marketing solution that enables companies to close the loop between marketing and sales and provide top-notch Customer Relationship Management. It offers not only web-based lead and campaign management but also powerful tools for data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement. Sales leads can be passed via the web to all members of your sales and marketing team, including predefined channel partners, sales representatives & field sales managers. View Profile


by Ambassador

Ambassador gives any company the tools to turbo-charge their referral program, turning their customers into brand Ambassadors. Use Ambassador to easily create, track & manage custom incentives that drive referrals and evangelize your users. It's as simple as pasting a javascript snippet or can be seamlessly integrated via API. Integrate Ambassador into the existing applications you already use, including Salesforce, Sendgrid and MailChimp. View Profile

Simple CRM application that supplies sales teams with location-based customer data, including weather conditions. Supports team collaboration through activity invitations and targeted notifications, as well as team goal progress reports. Integrates with a variety of third party software such as Google Apps, MailChimp, Wufoo, and Zendesk. View Profile

A platform for aggregating campaign and lead information that allows for customization of lead information delivery. View Profile

Brilliant Directories

by Brilliant Directories

A tool for online portal or directory creation with a build-in CRM option for managing contacts and processing orders. View Profile



World's #1 CRM. Web-based Sales Force Automation application that enables you to forecast revenues and track leads. View Profile

Lead Capsule

by Interactive Lion

Software solution for lead management, lead generation, lead distribution, and lead commerce. View Profile


by LeadByte

Real-Time Lead Trading and Auto Responder Platform. Capture, Validate, Verify, Distribute and squeeze more profit out of every lead! View Profile


by Arca Solutions

Directory software that includes SEO Center, search functionality, web-based account maintenance, and online payment processing. View Profile


by EASY Software Solutions

ContactChamp will help you be more organized and productive by automating the creation of daily call lists. View Profile


by Pardot

Pardot, a Company, is an easy-to-use B2B marketing automation suite that helps sales & marketing maximize efficiency. View Profile

This app is the quickest way to add leads in your Salesforce database. Never copy-paste contact details again. 30 day FREE TRIAL! View Profile


by Instant Leads

Complete software solution that handles all aspects of live sales leads including capture, analysis, filtering, etc. View Profile

Marketing Optimizer

by Active Internet Marketing

Generate and sell more Internet leads with the only lead management and agency software made for experienced digital marketing experts. View Profile


by myphoner

Tailored to freelancers and small teams doing B2B cold calling. Clean, comprehensible call log with easy access for updating leads. View Profile


by KiteDesk

Streamline the way you research leads, uncover thousands of new connections, and automate the task of updating salesforce. View Profile

HubSpot is an inbound Internet marketing system that helps businesses get found online and generate more leads. View Profile

Full-featured CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses, free for up to 10,000 emails. View Profile

You Don't Need a CRM!

by You Don't Need a CRM!

Lead management SaaS software built for sales people. View Profile


by SugarCRM

Open Source Sales Force Automation. Manage accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads and more. View Profile


by boberdoo

Track, route and bill for all of your marketing activity in's lead management software. View Profile


by Clinchpad Technologies

A modern CRM application which unlike traditional CRMs focuses on deals rather than contacts. View Profile

Powerful, easy to use marketing automation software that helps generate qualified leads and translate marketing spending into revenue. View Profile


by Leads2Me

Lead distribution and brokering for entrepreneurs and new ventures. We understand technology and can help bring your ideas to market. View Profile


by Decisive Analytical Systems

Online Marketing, Content Measurement, Web Analytics and Personalization, Offline/Online Integration, Lead Generation, Social Engageme View Profile

Web-based SFA tool: optimizes selling efforts and drives a more efficient sales cycle. View Profile

Zoho CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution. View Profile


by Contactability

Cloud based technology platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. View Profile

Lead Wrench

by Lead Wrench

Web-based lead distribution platform for lead marketers & resellers w/ integrated email/phone validation, data append & rule filtering. View Profile


by Leads Lite

A CRM that help keep track of customers in a simple and affordable way. Easy to Setup, Simple to Manage, Easy Reporting View Profile

Waypoint Software

by Waypoint Software - Website Buddy

Real Time lead delivery & data aggregation technology. We offer a fully web based aggregation / delivery solution for all size company View Profile

Affordable easy to use CRM / sales automation software designed for the corporate marketing or sales department. View Profile

amoCRM is easy-2-use CRM. However, very functional and powerful. Sales pipeline, lead tracking, analytics and website integration. View Profile


by Almond Data Consulting

Simple online Invoicing, leads management, expense tracking software View Profile


by AeroLeads

A powerful prospect and lead generation software which searches hundreds of sources and millions of websites to find relevant leads. View Profile

Web-based lead management and dialing solution with automatic follow-up calls, calendaring, leads organization and prioritization. View Profile

Lead Liaison

by Lead Liaison

Provides easy to use, web-based, revenue generation software for B2B and B2C marketing and sales. View Profile

LeadPro is an Email Marketing and Lead Management Solution suitable for small, medium and large businesses. View Profile


by MarketXpander Services

LeadSquared is the only customer acquisition software your business needs to "Land More Leads & Close More Deals". View Profile

Web-based CRM and sales force automation solution that includes billing & invoicing automation and IM. View Profile


by PipelineDeals

We designed PipelineDeals to make you and your team more productive. Our features deliver plenty of power to manage your sales process. View Profile

ProspectStream 3

by ProspectStream

Your CRM software is failing you. Our breakthrough technology organizes and optimizes your sales process and prompts your next move View Profile

Capitalize on customer insight, improve front-line efficiency and effectiveness, streamline critical business processes. View Profile

SEO Web Analyst

by SEO Web Analyst

Online marketing platform that combines SEO, Social, PPC, Social CRM, SMS, Email and blogging into one control panel. View Profile

Sextant CRM

by North American Software

Sextant provides a centralized hub for managing client and prospect data. See snapshots of client data, schedules, lists, and projects. View Profile


by Velocify

Up to 400% increase in Lead Close Rates. Try our Lead Management Software. Increases revenue, boost sales team productivity. Free Demo! View Profile


by Silverpop

Marketing automation software that allows you to manage your customer data, execute targeted campaigns, and track results. View Profile


by LeadPrime

Online system that provides automatic lead distribution, product features customization, sms scheduling, lead scoring and analysis. View Profile

Adobe Campaign

by Adobe

Solution for developing marketing datamarts and managing direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels. View Profile

AdTrakker Call Capture

by Freedom Voice Systems

Comes with 100 unique extensions, each of which can be loaded with its own recording and fax-back document! View Profile

Auric Prospector

by Auric Technology

Web based CRM that includes opportunity management, customer service and reporting. View Profile

AutoRaptor CRM

by Auto Raptor CRM

A Customer Relationship Management solution tailored for auto dealerships, that is web based. View Profile



Lead & Sales Tracking Solutions help you improve your business by delivering relevant and actionable information in real time. View Profile


by B12Leads

Enables companies to Manage their Sales Process by Capturing, Distributing, and Tracking Sales Leads - then Analyzing the results. View Profile

Blitz Lead Manager

by Double A Solutions

Track your leads and deals. Monitor the process of your leads through the sales process. Free 30-day trial account! View Profile


by BlueRoads

Channel management software that increases sales conversion rates and improves partner loyalty. View Profile

Effective software for the successful small business marketing strategy. View Profile


by Bounce Exchange

Patented "Exit-Intent" technology helps turn bounce traffic into leads and immediate revenue. View Profile

bpm'online sales

by bpm'online

Bpm'online sales is a cloud CRM that drives efficient sales processes and enables to take control over a complete customer journey View Profile

Bullseye Lead Manager

by Bullseye Solutions Group

Collect and route leads to dealers and track response throughout the distribution network. View Profile


by Clear C2

Cloud-based/On-Premise CRM software with sales & marketing automation, customer service and business intelligence functionality. View Profile

Cameleon CPQ

by Cameleon Software

Automate product & pricing configuration, lead management, proposal & quote generation and partner relationship management. View Profile


by j2 Global

Combines strategic selling software, collaboration channel and a live VIP assistant to support individual salespeople. View Profile


by Centerbase

Centerbase provides comprehensive, web-based contact management/CRM solutions to the SMB market at an affordable price. View Profile

Channel Sales Reporter

by Computer Market Research

Channel Sales and Inventory collection and standardization for comprehensive analysis. View Profile


by ChannelNet

ChannelNet delivers digital customer acquisition, retention and conquest services that can integrate your online channels. View Profile


by Purplewire

Establish online partner program processes, automate partner programs, and facilitate collaboration. View Profile

Cloud9 Sales Performance Suite

by Cloud9 Analytics

Gives sales organizations the ability to go beyond simply reporting sales activity to actively managing performance. View Profile


by Streamline Metrics

Web-based marketing intelligence system with customizable contact form builder, data collection and analysis, and lead status tracking. View Profile


by Buglerock

Advanced browser based sales lead management software. Convex helps you manage your enterprise sales leads and documents. View Profile

CRM Express

by Airframe Business Software

Automate your CRM processes and track your prospects, customers and other information for the long term. View Profile


by HydraNet

Web-based CRM solution that is simple, powerful, and customizable. Remarkable set of reporting tools included. View Profile


by Callippus Solutions

A flexible solution for building a contact network and managing sales and the entire lifecycle of a customer. View Profile


by CynergyCRM

Sales and Lead Management Software View Profile


by LeadLog

Lead and sales management. Never think twice about where your leads are or what their status is, just look it up. View Profile


by Datanyze

Lead generation and sales intelligence app for web technology companies that allows them to prioritize lead outreach. View Profile

DOTS Lead Validation

by Service Objects

Validate and enhance the quality of leads by constantly cross-checking names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. to confirm reliability. View Profile

E-lead Manager

by Weblers

Web-based leads tracking and distribution software with performance analysis, built-in calendaring, account and contact management. View Profile

Easy Lead Manager

by Easy Lead Manager

Manage Your Leads The Easy Way! Get notifications instantly, follow-up reminders, lead scoring, lead status, notes and more. View Profile


by LeadLifter

Self-service SaaS tool that encourages prospects to request a quote directly from your website. View Profile

eMail Lead Grabber

by eGrabber

Grabs information directly from emails or web forms and transfers it directly into your database. View Profile


by MVS

Lead management dashboard enhanced with free email campaigns. View Profile


by Enterprise Lead

Web-based platform with ping posting system, lead statistics, integrated call center tools, email marketing, sales & billing tracking. View Profile


by Envoke

Arm your sales team with in-depth lead histories. Track visitors and automatically identify sales-ready leads. View Profile


by Spectrum Info Solutions

Sales CRM system that manages enquiries and quotations; provides follow-up reminders, customer emailing/messaging, and access control. View Profile

Fat Free CRM

by Fat Free CRM

Open source Ruby on Rails-based customer relationship management platform. View Profile

FLG 360

by FLG Business Technology

Software that provides automatic nurturing, leads status tracking, realtime team activity monitoring, and email marketing tools. View Profile


by Flowlens

Manage your leads, sales, projects and reports in a single application. View Profile


by Kaleidico

Improving lead conversion by prioritizing your lead queues and allocating the right leads to the right people. View Profile


by Bartizan Connects

Mobile lead retrieval application for tradeshow industry. Provides leads collection with badge ID/QR code, leads analysis & reporting. View Profile

In-The-Lead and Lead Exchange

by In-the-Lead Software

Enterprise-class lead management. Combines core components for effective lead distribution, lead management, reporting and marketing. View Profile

incommand Lead Management Platform

by MarketNet Services

Every business wants to get better leads and increase business. Incommand has been helps organizations achieve both of these goals. View Profile


Online CRM solution that automates tasks related to marketing, sales, and customer support. View Profile

Instant Leads Generator

by The Corporate Services Group

Filter-enabled lead distribution software that ensures instant and appropriate lead delivery and gives you an overview of your sources. View Profile

Interactive Dialogue Manager

by Tactum Technologies

Allow an organization to solicit, collect, respond to, manage and analyze (all in real-time) feedback from its customers. View Profile

Intuit QuickBase

by Intuit

Online database can help you manage your sales pipelines and agents more effectively, leading to increased productivity. View Profile

IQ Sales Pro

by Inquiry Intelligence Systems

Web-based sales lead management system; sales leads instantly sent to your sales force. View Profile

Jase Marketing Manager

by JASE Group

Web-based inbound marketing system designed to manage leads, contacts and communications with clients and prospects. View Profile


by Jumplead

Convert more visitors to customers with prospect identification, chat, landing pages, email marketing and automations. View Profile


by KARMA Software

Web-hosted marketing automation and sales lead management system. View Profile

Lead Connection

by Lead Connection

Designed to facilitate the management, collection, and delivery of your leads in real-time or batched delivery. View Profile

Lead Control Center


Web-based system with access control, sales activities tracking & scheduling, and real-time alerts for home improvement companies. View Profile

Lead Management


Marketing automation tool that offers email drip campaigns, survey design tools, lead classification, and CRM data integration. View Profile

Lead Management System

by Pursuit Vision

A solution designed to automate lead processing and contact management, provide lead status reports, leads distribution and analysis. View Profile

Modular contact and lead management system with automated lead processing, marketing reporting, and transaction history maintenance. View Profile

Lead Nurturing system


Lead nurturing software for automating lead to sale conversions. View Profile

Lead Simplified

by Quads IT Solutions

Online easy to use tool for all your sales opportunities. View Profile


by LeanData

Helps locate more revenue in current customer account, accelerate the sales pipeline, and help produce marketing campaigns. View Profile


by LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a Sales Leads Generation App, enabling your B2B sales-team to act on enriched data as it becomes available, in real-time. View Profile


by LeadCloud

The LeadCloud Platform is a transparent lead marketplace for lead buyers to diversify, optimize, and manage leads. View Profile


by ActiveProspect

Helps marketers automatically qualify internet leads in real time. View Profile


by CallidusCloud

Web based B2B marketing automation system that helps identify sales opportunities by measuring visitor intent. View Profile


by LeadLander

Helps analyze and respond to the companies and people that are researching information on your website. View Profile


by LeadLife Solutions

Powerful and intuitive software, helping marketing professionals increase the value of lead generation and maximize sales resources. View Profile

by LenderSource

Web-based platform that provides targeted email marketing, calls management, lead status tracking, VOIP dialing, and reporting tools. View Profile


by Blue Inkt

Lead generation, qualification, nurturing, distribution, and closing. Available in 12 languages, used in 40 countries. View Profile



Lead Generation Software with ping tree / ping post functions for all leadgen verticals. View Profile


by LeaDNA

All-in-one marketing solution that streamlines email marketing, social media management, content marketing, and direct mail marketing. View Profile


by LeadPages

Publish a high-converting landing page online, and use it to start capturing leads in less than five minutes! View Profile


by LeadROI

Web-based solution for managing your leads and sales force, resulting in better conversions from lead to loan application. View Profile


by Engago Technologies

Hosted solution, tracks information about website visitors, and converts visitors to leads using the built-in B2B CRM tool. View Profile


by National Data Systems

Web-based CRM for managing leads, clients, enrollment agreements, electronic documents, sales reps, program quotes, reporting, etc. View Profile


by Capture Technologies

Powerful, customizable software for surveys, list management and measurement, based around the event and meeting industry. View Profile


by LinkTrust Systems

Performance marketing tracking software with lead generation, pixel tracking, fraud prevention, and real-time reporting. View Profile


by Goallover

Lead Capture Validation and Verification Platform View Profile


by Mailflo

Great for doing Customer Support and Managing Sales Leads from your Gmail. View Profile

Manheim Lead Management

by Manheim Retail Services

Web-based system that allows auto dealers to manage tasks and follow-ups, record calls, analyse staff performance and sales activity. View Profile

Market Smart 360

by Market Smart 360

Market Smart 360 is the "hub" for critical data enabling the user to analyze and optimize their marketing like never before! View Profile


by Advanced Marketing Concepts

Web-based program that helps remodelers to manage leads, track sales opprtunities, automate workflow, and manage production. View Profile


by Mintigo

Having trouble engaging your prospects? Look no further than this all-in-one lead management solution. View Profile


by MyMedLeads

Lead tracking solution for doctors and medical practices. Track for inquiries, referring URLS, keywords, directory sites, and calls. View Profile

Network Leads LMS

by PM Marketing

Software that offers prospects tracking and emailing, follow-ups and call-backs scheduling features for network marketers. View Profile


by Optilead

Convert abandoned web checkouts, carts or quotes by integrating outbound calling, email & SMS into your comms strategy. View Profile


by Optymyze

Execute sales & channel strategies with responsiveness & agility. Drive desired selling behaviors through clear direction & motivation. View Profile

Oracle CRM

by Oracle

Integrated CRM solution that includes a set of applications that give you information-driven sales, service, and marketing. View Profile

Oracle Sales Cloud

by Oracle

Equip your team with the proper processes, tools, resources and intelligence to increase revenues. View Profile


by PadiAct

Helps businesses collect highly targeted email leads using behavioral targeting. View Profile

Infer offers predictive lead scoring models which have achieved significant lifts in win and conversion rates across all customers. View Profile


by Datasentials

Software delivering the best real-time dynamic information available from corporate websites, news groups, and press releases. View Profile


by Avidian Technologies

Track sales opportunities, manage contacts, share and export - all within Outlook. View Profile

ProspectConverter CRM

by Adigida Solutions

Lead management for real estate teams and brokers, large or small. Aggregates, filters, distributes, and insures proper agent follow up View Profile


by Publipage

Manage leads and track their online activities. See what your leads are doing on your website and how they interact with it. View Profile

Push IT

by Push IT

Cloud CRM that supports voice commands and distributes leads on a demographics basis. View Profile

RainLeads Lite

by RainLeads

Web-based software with calendaring, lead milestones tracking, virtual business card, and contact form integration into facebook page. View Profile


by RelateIQ

Cloud relationship management software that eliminates manual data entry and uses data science to help users make better decisions View Profile


by AMG Teleran

SalesInSync offers web-based sales lead management software and contact management system software View Profile


by SalesIntelligent

SalesIntelligent is sales prospecting automation software that enables sales teams to build prospecting lists from social profiles. View Profile


by SalesMetric

A full-featured web-based SFA and CRM subscription service keeping your staff securely connected to your customers 24/7. View Profile


by Interchange Solutions

Mobile CRM and sales force automation solution that enables lead management, sales reporting, as well as case and deal management. View Profile


by Selltis

Designed for industrial sales organizations; includes automatic forecasting capabilities, lead management features. View Profile


by ZoirosIT

An alternative for heavy and expensive CRM solutions by focusing on stages of customer relationships that are process driven. View Profile

Sparkroom integrates marketing data, automates marketing processes and provides marketing analytics that drive smarter decisions. View Profile

Speed Lead

by Speed-Lead

Data capture, lead assignment, lead distribution - beat your competition to every sales prospect. Speed Kills! The Competition. View Profile

Talisma CRM

by Campus Management

Customer relationship management across sales, service, and marketing functions. View Profile


by Tenacioussales

Tenacious sales online sales lead tracking software and lead management software. View Profile

The Lead Tree

by The Lead Tree

Free web-based CRM that offers built-in lead auction, leads management and tracking, status assignment, and appointment scheduling. View Profile

The Leads Engine

by The Leads Engine

The Leads Engine is a full featured, cloud based lead management platform. Collect, enrich, distribute and invoice your leads. View Profile

Trace My Lead

by webWAH!

A cloud-based sales scheduling software designed to enhance the per-sales process of any business and track all business leads. View Profile


by TrackMyLeads

Call tracking & intake management system with optimized intake forms, appointment scheduling, lead tracking, and conversion analytics. View Profile


by Goldhawk

Simple deal management tool that supports drag and drop scheduling and deal tracking email updates. Can integrate with Highrise CRM. View Profile

TrackStar Prospect Tracker

by Internal Systems

Comprehensive and affordable sales force automation tool for managing and tracking prospective customers and related communications. View Profile

TSL Ping Tree

by Tech Savvy Leads

Ping/post software for real-time online lead generation, validation, and distribution. View Profile


by Ultimate Lead Systems

Web-based software that offers categorized sales conversion rates, lead activity notifications, query building tools, and ROI tracking. View Profile

Validar Full Measure Suite includes Lead Capture, Lead Manager, Lead Import for AppExchange. View Profile


by netFactor

Like Caller ID for a Website. Automatically Capture and Convert Clicks into B2B Leads - Without any Registration. View Profile

WambaTech Lead Server

by WambaTech

Turn-key lead generation, lead management and lead distribution software. View Profile

WebCollage Syndicator

by WebCollage

Software solution for packaging Web applications and integrating them into the right context at a partner website. View Profile

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