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by Abacus Data Systems

AbacusLaw is the leader in case management software. Founded in 1983, AbacusLaw includes everything you need to run a great practice. Features include rules-based calendaring, document and form automation, matter management, conflict checking, contact management, document and email management, time tracking, billing, balance, accounting, trust accounting and more. AbacusLaw is also available in our private cloud for a complete disaster-proof solution. View Profile

MyCase is affordable, intuitive and powerful legal case and practice management software designed for the modern law firm. Give your firm the advantage of a complete solution - get organized with contacts, calendars, cases and matters, documents, time tracking, billing, and more. Plus, with the secure client communication portal you can delight your clients by keeping them informed about important case information. With MyCase you will practice more and manage less. View Profile

Legal Files

by Legal Files Software

Legal Files helps you organize your contacts, documents, emails, deadlines and tasks within a proven and flexible set of windows and workflows that can be easily customized by non-technical users. Delivering the best solution for your unique and specific needs, Legal Files provides the flexibility to manage any type of matter or case. Offering both the cost advantage of a COTS application and the uniqueness of a custom-built solution, Legal Files is the choice of discerning legal professionals. View Profile

PracticePanther Legal Software

by PracticePanther Legal Software

The only legal software with a FREE plan for solo practitioners to manage your first 3 clients and cases. Thousands of solo practitioners, virtual, small, and mid-sized firms worldwide use PracticePanther to save time, work faster, and grow their firms. Work from anywhere using any smartphone, tablet, or computer with the responsive mobile site. Get world-class support by phone, email, or live chat. Simple, user-friendly and intuitive. No credit card needed. View Profile


by Themis Solutions

Clio is the worlds leading cloud-based legal practice management software. Proudly committed to assisting law firms, growing business, and simplifying operations. Clio is an invaluable tool for law firms of all sizes. From basic features such as matter and document management, time tracking, and billing, to helpful enhancements such as credit card processing, marketing analysis, and over 50 integration partners, Clio has everything you need to optimize your firm. View Profile

CosmoLex is the one solution that lets solo attorneys & small law firms manage their practice, billing, AND accounting, all in one login (No QuickBooks required). CosmoLex users can eliminate the need to maintain multiple programs because CosmoLex does it all -- including time & expense tracking, billing, business accounting, trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, task, email & document management, even secure client communications-- in one web-based application. Try CosmoLex free for 1-month! View Profile


by Actionstep Software

Seriously-good practice management software. Fully-integrated front and back office in one system. 100% cloud-based, 100% secure. Actionstep has everything you need to run your firm. Ideal for firms with 3-50 people. Actionstep's "secret sauce" is its workflow, allowing you to automate your practice resulting in lower costs and higher quality output. Integrates with Microsoft Office, Google, NetDocuments, and lots more. View Profile

Smokeball empowers small law firms to manage emails and documents easily, creating documents faster through clever automation, and gives you a digital filing system in the cloud so your staff can work together from anywhere. At the heart of Smokeball, it's an easy-to-use digital filing system. Every matter you work on is created as a digital file, with the important details saved as you go. View Profile

Government Suite

by LegalEdge Software

LegalEdge offers comprehensive Case Management products for all types of Government Attorneys; Prosecutors, Public Defenders, City and County Attorneys and Agency Attorneys. These products are offered in both client server and Web platforms. They are highly customizable, scalable and offer full integration capabilities through Web Services as well as an import/export database. View Profile


by Software Technology

Calendaring, conflicts and contact management - PracticeMaster helps you do the things you already have to do, only faster. Includes document assembly; firm-wide calendar (Microsoft Exchange Server not required); and tracking for online research, e-mail and phone calls. Easily converts appointments, phone calls and research into fees in Tabs3 Billing software so you can bill for your time. Integrates with QuickBooks, CompuLaw, Worldox and smartphones via Microsoft Outlook. Free trial available. View Profile

Unlike other case management software, CaseFleet is designed exclusively for litigators. CaseFleet includes powerful features for calendaring deadlines, tracking facts, recording settlement offers, listing witnesses, and managing evidence - all from the same platform you use to record your time, create invoices, and manage your trust account. Our flexible plans include a standalone version of Timelines. Experience first-rate customer service, and a beautiful, intuitive user interface. View Profile

Jarvis Legal is a ludicrously simple legal practice management software for small and medium-sized law firms. 100% web-based, Jarvis is an all-in-one tool helping thousands of lawyers run their law practice smoothly from anywhere at anytime. Thanks to unique automated features, Jarvis allows you to save more than 30% of your time and bill 15% more. Jarvis is trusted by thousands of legal professionals across 35 countries. Sign up for a free account now and upgrade anytime. View Profile


by CloudNine Discovery

Simplify Your Electronic Discovery with our Easy-To-Use Processing and Review Tool. Easily Upload, Process, and Review eDiscovery Data. Process Your Data with CloudNine's Software to Dramatically Reduce the Overall Costs of eDiscovery Processing. Free 30 Day Trial. View Profile

Captorra is the go to intake solution for personal injury and mass tort firms in the marketplace. The system not only has logic based questionnaires, but offers a very comprehensive workflow solution for auto routing emails, automatically tracking activities and drip campaigns to potential clients. Captorra has a full blown referral management solution with a referral portal for external parties to easily access information. 17% is the average increase in conversion rate for Captorra clients. View Profile


by Synaptec Software

LawBase offers a highly intuitive user interface with customizable security settings, calendaring functionality, ad hoc report writing capabilities, integrations, and more. With the ability to custom design your own database screens, you can use your own vocabulary, organization and presentation style. Unlike other case management systems which claim customizability yet only offer a limited number of user-defined fields, LawBase is completely tailored to work the way you do. View Profile

The only law practice management solution created specifically for Plaintiff's Lawyers! CoCounselor is more than just a Case Manager it's a firm manager. Let CoCounselor manage your marketing, track case acquisition cost, run effortless reports, and much more. CoCounselor also allows you to go anywhere and still have access with our mobile app. If you're a Plaintiff's Lawyer let us show you why CoCounselor is the only software for you and your clients! View Profile

Web-accessible - Keep your data in house or in the Cloud. Provides matter, contact, email & doc management. Includes doc assembly, workflow automation, billing & trust, task scheduling, group calendaring, 1 click PDF generation, document & email templates, full-text search including documents, email & email attachments, collaboration tools, customizable fields forms & list. Integrates with Word, Excel, Outlook, Evernote, QuickBooks, Acrobat, Calendar/Court Rules, WordPerfect & Google. View Profile

Rocket Matter helps law firms increase their revenue by more than 20% and offer better client service. Founded in 2008 as the first cloud-based product on the market, it offers an all-in-one legal practice management platform with the most powerful, easy-to-use time and billing software in the industry. With award-winning customer service based in the United States, its no wonder thousands of law firms love Rocket Matter. View Profile



A cloud based software for legal time tracking, invoicing, trust fund management, case management, client management, payments, etc. View Profile

The leading practice mgmt software - Amicus integrates your information into a single system for improved efficiency and profitability. View Profile


by ExhibitView Solutions

Windows-based, PDF friendly presentation application. Organize, create, annotate, and present evidence. View Profile


by Filevine

Case management, project management designed specifically for plaintiff's firms. Ease-of-use makes Filevine perfect for agile firms. View Profile

Firm Central

by Thomson Reuters

Cloud-based legal practice management tool for solo law firms that integrates with legal research and other essential business tools. View Profile

Law Ruler Software

by Law Ruler Software

#1 Best Legal CRM + Marketing Automation "Set and Forget" Use SMS Texts, Calls, Emails to Sign More Cases. Convert More Leads/Referrals View Profile


by Lawcus

Modern cloud-based legal practice management software with integrated CRM. Lawcus allows you to visualize your matters & opportunities. View Profile

Integrated legal case management software designed to help you handle more cases in less time. View Profile

Zola Suite

by Zola Suite

Powerful practice management with built-in email and accounting. Beautiful, fun to use web interface and apps for iOS and Android. View Profile


by Needles Case Management

A case management program that manages a case from intake to resolution, through a customizable, case type specific checklist system. View Profile


by FactBox

FactBox is cloud-based software that makes it easy for busy litigators to organize all the facts, notes and ideas in their cases. View Profile

LEAP is a software solution that allows small law firms to manage and store client and matter information in one electronic file. View Profile


by SmartAdvocate

Plaintiff's case management application designed for personal injury attorneys & paralegals. View Profile


by AdvantageLaw

Time & cost tracking, billing, trust, accounting, management & financial reporting, budgeting, docket and case management. View Profile

Synergy Case Management System

by Synergy International Systems

Powerful case management software designed to streamline the work of justice sector institutions in civil and criminal domains. View Profile


by Infosysta

App4Legal is an intuitive, law practice management solution. It is a fully integrated solution with a user friendly interface. View Profile

Providing complete systems for law firm case management and debt collection, allowing for remote offices on one centralized database. View Profile


by Lawex Corporation

TrialWorks brings organization, automation & efficiency to Litigation Practices. Available on our Private Cloud or your Network. View Profile

Time Matters

by LexisNexis

Real-time calendars, task management and work delegation system, client management, project/matter management. View Profile


by ClickNotices

ClickNotices software automates the late rent collection process. We reduce legal spend, control delinquencies and automate operations. View Profile

Suite of integrated applications that helps law firms service their clients, manage their operations, and maximize their profitability. View Profile


by LexRex

A smart, efficient and secure business solution for legal professionals to manage and grow their practice. View Profile


by MyLegalNet

Cloud based online case management system for Lawyers and for their Clients View Profile


by Justice Systems

Case management for criminal, civil, family, probate, juvenile, traffic, appellate courts, and probation services. View Profile

Integrates Web and database technologies to address the specialized needs of the law firm engaged in mass and complex tort. View Profile


by CaseSoft

Makes it easy to organize, evaluate, and explore the facts, the cast of characters, and the issues in a case. View Profile

Docket Alarm

by Docket Alarm

Docket Alarm runs full-text searches across millions of law-suits and can deliver real-time alerts to your inbox or mobile device. View Profile


by Archevos

Experdocs is the complete solution for litigation. Collaborate, review, organize and present case files from one secure platform. View Profile


by Gavel Software

Legal Practice Management Software. Client Record and Case Management System. Create, Maintain and Find your client's files and cases. View Profile


by National Data Systems

Web-based CRM for managing leads, clients, enrollment agreements, electronic documents, sales reps, program quotes, reporting, etc. View Profile


by BEC Legal Systems

Searching for a way to connect the people, notes, documents, schedule and other details related to your matters? You found it! View Profile


by Hyland Software

ECM solution that combines integrated document management, business process management and records management. View Profile

Web based solution designed for law offices and legal departments. Features include accounting, document management, and time tracking. View Profile


by MatterMojo

MatterMojo is targeted at law firms looking for an affordable cloud-based client and matter management solution. View Profile

The Plaintiff

by Data Development

Software for plaintiff attorneys; case management, document management, trust accounting, checkbook and more. View Profile

Case management, billing, date tracking, and calendaring from a single repository. View Profile


by KMC Information Systems

Software that includes built-in fee and cost forecasting, audit tracking, messaging system, document management functionality. View Profile


by Crocodile Solutions

Legal Software Solutions: Mobile, Tablet, Mac & PC - We've got you covered! View Profile


by ESI Software

Legal billing, practice management, general and trust accounting, productivity and financial reporting and local or cloud data hosting. View Profile


by Tyler Technologies

Web-based courts and justice system, which delivers integrated management of civil, criminal, other court cases. View Profile


by Aalbun

IP Management system for docketing deadlines, automatic reminders, client status tracking and much more. View Profile


by Ways Software

Application for advocates to handle their routine work smartly. Case Register, Client Register, Doc. Management, Accounting, Billing... View Profile


by AgileCase

Bring your offline process online, implement task automation, time & billing, client portal, store all customer details in one place. View Profile


by Ideyatech

Attache legal case management system made for law firms to easily manage cases, assign tasks, view digital records via mobile, + more! View Profile

Best Authority

by Levit & James

Create a Table of Authorities that automatically marks citations, corrects citation errors, and produces a table quickly and easily View Profile


by Walter Oney Software

Bankruptcy petition and case management software that allows to track the claims register, mail documents, locate previous filings. View Profile

Provides all counsel - in-house to coordinating to local - with a gateway to a single electronic case file. View Profile

Capita CASE

by Capita Technologies

Capita case is the Leading Unified Offender & Case Management Solution for Criminal Justice Agencies. View Profile

Case Management System

by Software Unlimited

Full-service case management package for prosecutors that keeps track of your data in the most efficient and easy-to-use manner. View Profile

Case Managment Systems

by Spartan Technology Solutions

Case management solutions for courts and legal professionals; client or web solution available. Call today for a demo! View Profile

Case Pacer

by Case Pacer

Legal case management software solution built by Attorneys, for Attorneys. View Profile


by Corporate Legal Solutions

Allows corporate attorneys to manage all types of matters, outside counsel, and increase efficiency and productivity. View Profile



Open source legal case and document management software that could be customized to any litigation area. View Profile


by Xerdict Group

Web-based extranet collaboration system designed for legal matter management and collaboration. View Profile


by CaseloadPRO

Provides effective SaaS and Telephony Products for the Court and Probation Industry. View Profile


by CaseLode

Integrates all of the major office functions of a typical law firm into a single, efficient system. View Profile


by Anacomp

Provides a complete, end-to-end litigation support solution as desktop software or highly secure and scalable online hosting service. View Profile


by Economic Analysis Group

Comprehensive matter management and e-billing for corporate legal departments. View Profile


by Xogent

Case management solution. Features: Automation, Document Assembly, Case Information, and more. View Profile


by WorthMORE Software

Provides a fill in the blank method to enter personal injury case information; settlement calculator shows firm & client net. View Profile

Catalyst Insight

by Catalyst Repository Systems

Catalyst Insight is a secure, integrated discovery platform that provides a smarter way to manage cases, investigations and regulatory View Profile

Class Act

by Advanced Technologies

Case management software for courts, probation and other case tracking agencies. View Profile

Clawd Technologies

by Clawd Technologies

Authenticate, Collaborate, Email and Archive. Give probative value to everything you do. View Profile

A cloud based solution for the conveyancing process. Case management software for solicitors. View Profile

Application for managing legal information and corporate housekeeping information View Profile


by Justice Works

Case management software for public defenders; deployed in many configurations with a pay as you go model. View Profile


by ProCAT

Realtime transcription browser used to preview a testimony as it is being given. View Profile


by TrialPrep

Innovative direct / cross examination preparation software; summarize depositions, save time, improve your productivity, easy to learn. View Profile


by Micro Craft

Calendaring and time management software system written specifically to address the needs of a law office. View Profile


by IST Management Services

Enterprise EDMS specifically designed to improve business, legal and HR process efficiency by converting paper processes to digital. View Profile

DPS Software

by DPS Software

Practice management solution for medium to large law firms that includes case management, legal accounting software, digital dictation View Profile

eFIRST Process

by BancTec

Enables the rapid development, deployment and administration of scalable business process management solutions. View Profile


by Syntapa Technologies

Relationship and Engagement Management solution for Associations, Not-For-Profits, Regulators, and Unions. View Profile


by eLawSystems

Web-based legal practice management and case management software designed for criminal defense lawyers. View Profile


by MicroPact

Business process and case management platform that provides pre-configured business templates, rules and content management systems. View Profile

eXpd8 Legal

by eXpd8

File tracking application that creates electronic copies of all hard files and facilitates easy access to information. View Profile


by BlumbergExcelsior

FLIP is a Case Management and Intake System. Includes Labels. View Profile


by GoMatters

Scalable matter management system for legal professionals; web-based access to law practice management tools from anywhere, anytime. View Profile

Horatio Law

by Notae Systems

Complete timekeeping, billing, case management and document generation for attorneys. View Profile


by iCONECT Development

Upload, review, scan, and protect valuable documents for collaboration or data extraction to create reports View Profile


by Integrated Software Specialists

Web-based, integrated court case management for clerks, courts, judges, law enforcement, prosecutors and public defenders. View Profile


by Canyon Solutions

Automated case management solutions for state and national justice organizations. View Profile

JWorks Case Management

by CourtView Justice Solutions

Modifiable-COTS CMS for courts and public attorneys;handles all types of cases/matters in limited and general jurisdictions. View Profile


by LawAlign

Personal Injury Case Management software that will improve your law firm's bottom line. View Profile


by Select Legal Systems

Integrated software product that combines accounts, case management, crime. View Profile

Lawlogix Edge

by LawLogix

Immigration case management software that provides organizations with an efficient and accurate way to manage caseloads. View Profile


by PowerSoft Innovations

Law firm management with integrated timekeeping, accounting and matter management. View Profile

Legal Case Management

by RnR DataLex

Legal case management solution to automate your processes from initial briefing to final billing. View Profile

Legal Track

by Legal Track

Case management solution with integrated SharePoint document management built inside Microsoft Outlook. View Profile


by nSynergy

Legal practice management, peer to peer collaboration, .net technology, time recording, precedents, reporting, MyDocsDMS. View Profile

LegalOffice LA

by Peapod LegalOffice

Intuitive case management and accounts software for the small to medium sized high street solicitors practice. View Profile

Legis Synergy

by Legis Solutions

Legis Solutions combines many years of experience creating innovative case management solutions for the legal profession. View Profile


by Legal Labs

A case management and legal document generation program specifically designed for New York Personal Injury firms. View Profile


by Linetime

Supports all aspects of practice management; full client management, practice diary and relationship marketing. View Profile

Lima Case Management

by IntaForensics

Digital Forensic Case Management solution covering evidence management, notes, asset tracking and ISO compliance. View Profile

LMS Cloud

by Rippe & Kingston Systems

Provides the tools to easily manage clients, matters, prospects, billing, financial reporting, profitability, cases, documents. View Profile

LSS Law Office Management

by Legal Software Systems

Law office software for time and billing, accounting, contact management, calendar, and more. View Profile


by Matrix Pointe Software

Enables law enforcement agencies, prosecutors' offices, defense attorneys, jails and the courts to be more efficient and productive. View Profile


by Connectrex

Client case management suite of integrated products available for criminal justice and human services agencies. View Profile

by ForensiS Technologies

Web-based solution that allows litigation teams to scan, sort, search, and review files. Offers calendaring, tasks and appointment log. View Profile


by MyLegalSoftware

myLegalSoftware is an efficient practice management tool designed to satisfy all needs of your law firm. View Profile

Olivia Prime

by Disability Associates

Case management software to manage social security and veteran disability claims. With automated billing, argument composer features. View Profile

Perfect Case Manager

by Perfect Software

Case management that can be integrated with accounts, time recording and billing packages for extra convenience. View Profile

Perfect Practice

by ADC Legal Systems

Case management, project management, calendar/docketing, imaging, document merging & management, legal billing and accounting. View Profile


by PerfectLaw Software

All-In-One software for Front Office, Back Office, mobile devices, and the web. View Profile

Pika CMS

by Pika Software

Case management technology for your legal services program. View Profile

Law office case and document management solution. View Profile


by Thomson Reuters Elite

Fully integrated solutions to automate the practice and manage the business of law. View Profile

Prosecutor II

by Microfirm Software

Criminal case management system for prosecutors. View Profile

PushLegal Law Library

by PUSH Legal

PUSHlegal offers attorneys access to statutes & case law through a user-friendly interface on iPhone/iPad, Android, & Blackberry. View Profile

RealLegal iBinder

by RealLegal

Discovery management software for managing multiple transcripts and exhibits; delivers tools for transcript intensive cases. View Profile


by Sanction Solutions

Gives attorneys the tools to create powerful presentation pieces for trial. View Profile

Searchlight eCASE

by Triumph Case Management

Empowers legal teams to review, organize and analyze evidentiary material into compelling arguments. View Profile

Selah Central

by Selah Legal Technology

Law Practice Management platform for law firms of all sizes that can be easily tailored for your practice areas. View Profile

ServiceSky Legal CRM

by ServiceSky

Service Sky Legal CRM software and set of services for Document Management, Business Intelligence, Marketing & Lead Generation. View Profile


by slicedbread

A combined legal case and matter management software platform that improves efficiency & reduces costs. View Profile

SOS Connect

by Solicitors Own Software

Integrated case management and legal accounting system for the legal industry. View Profile


by AccessData Group

An electronic data and transcript review platform for managing cases of various size. View Profile

SUSTAIN Justice Edition

by SUSTAIN Technologies

Manages data including party information, milestones and calendaring as well as case minutes, notes and pleadings. View Profile


by NewWave Technologies

Legal case management and invoicing system; interactive statute of limitations feature. View Profile

Text Merger

by Text Merger

Software for client management, invoicing, and document creation that automates the creation of legal documents. View Profile

The Attorney Case File

by InfoQuest

Case management software for today's law offices; case/client workbook, investigation workbook, trial notebook. View Profile

The Lawyer's Assistant

by Rimus Technologies

Case management software for lawyers that is easy to use & affordable. android & iOS available. View Profile

The Ombudsman

by Avondale Software

Manage clients and their cases, contacts, scheduling of work, time records, document generation, and electronic document management. View Profile

The REDI Office

by REDI Analysis

Solution that supports organizing cases/projects, time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing and contact management. View Profile


by Direct Hit Systems

Advanced analysis and case management software. View Profile

TimeNet Law

by AppleSource Software

ONLY AVAILABLE ON MAC. Comprehensive legal time and expense tracking, billing, accounting, and case management solution. View Profile


by TopDogLegal

Criminal law software; includes scheduling, billing, rolodex, case management, and practice management. View Profile

Compile forensic evidence, save money and resources, store large amounts of data and generate reports to understand information. View Profile


by Solution Specialties

Comprehensive case management for criminal and juvenile justice agencies. View Profile

Tritek Case Management

by Tritek Case Management

Software for personal injury, workers' compensation, civil & social security firms. Outlook integration, scheduling, letter forms. View Profile


by UniCourt

Legal case manageme, docket tracking, and analytics platform that integrates court data from federal and state courts. View Profile

Vakil Diary

by Knoxsys Solutions

Mobile friendly software for lawyers with features such as offline work mode, data backup, and report generation. View Profile


by Virtual Case Management

Virtual Case Management is an online case management software, used by investigators, analysis, attorneys, claims adjusters... etc. View Profile


by YouWin-Law

Specialized solution for lawyers, legal departments and law firms, will help you in the organization and administration of your office. View Profile

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