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by Themis Solutions

Clio makes legal practice management easy. Our cloud-based software is targeted to meet the needs of sole practitioners and small law firms. Stay organized with document management, time-tracking, billing and accounting features. Try Clio today for free! View Profile

Stay organized and on top of your documents with MyCase's robust and easy-to-use legal document management and foldering features. There are no storage limitations - you can upload all of your firm's files. In addition, you can view your law firm's documents in MyCase no matter where you are, day or night. View Profile

CosmoLex is cloud-based law practice management software that integrates time tracking, billing, trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, task & document management, all within one application. Only CosmoLex offers fully integrated trust (IOLTA) accounting that includes check printing, bank reconciliation and generation of 1-click three-way reconciliation statements. CosmoLex can be used anytime/anywhere and makes law practice more compliant, efficient, productive and profitable. View Profile


by Synaptec Software

LawBase offers a highly intuitive user interface with customizable security settings, calendaring functionality, ad hoc report writing capabilities, integrations, and more. With the ability to custom design your own database screens, you can use your own vocabulary, organization and presentation style. Unlike other case management systems which claim customizability yet only offer a limited number of user-defined fields, LawBase is completely tailored to work the way you do. View Profile


by Xait

XaitPorter is a cloud based document collaboration software that allows several contributors to work on the same document, at the same time. Create legal documents that are complete and consistent, in less time, so that you can reduce operational costs. Formatting, layout and numbering are automatically taken care of. With XaitPorter you are able to maintain the integrity of your legal documentation, through an integrated approval process that gives you full control. View Profile

Closing Table

by iClosings

Online document and transaction management system for lawyers, real estate professionals and broker-dealers that allows you to share, negotiate, digitally sign, track and archive documents online. The Closing Table enables the automated removal of contingencies with digital signatures using patented technology. It is platform independent and may be accessed from any Internet connected device. View Profile

PracticePanther Legal Software

by PracticePanther Legal Software

PracticePanther is a simple, easy to use, and secure law practice management software. Thousands of solo practitioners, virtual, small, and mid-sized firms worldwide use PracticePanther to save time, work faster, and grow their firms. Work from anywhere using any smartphone, tablet, or computer with the responsive mobile site. Reduce clutter and become a paperless firm. Get world-class support by phone, email, or live chat. Start your 7-day free trial today. No credit card needed. View Profile

HoudiniEsq provides complete case/matter management, doc mgmt., doc and workflow automation, calendar/court rules integration and more. View Profile


by Actionstep Software

The premium practice management solution. 100% Cloud. Includes CRM, matter management, document assembly, and full accounting. View Profile


by FactBox

FactBox is cloud-based software that makes it easy for busy litigators to organize all the facts, notes and ideas in their cases. View Profile

The leading practice mgmt software - Amicus integrates your information into a single system for improved efficiency and profitability. View Profile

Parses legal type (RFPs) documents for creating Compliance Matrices, Proposal Outlines, and Determine a Bid/No Bid, or Review Contract View Profile


by DocuXplorer Software

DocuXplorer is the ideal solution for organizations looking to replace their current document management software or start fresh! View Profile

Firm Central

by Thomson Reuters

Cloud-based legal practice management tool for solo law firms that integrates with legal research and other essential business tools. View Profile



A cloud based software for legal time tracking, invoicing, trust fund management, case management, client management, payments, etc. View Profile


by Gavel Software

Legal Practice Management Software. Client Record and Case Management System. Create, Maintain and Find your client's files and cases. View Profile

Manages filing of data, document assembly, image/scanning, and calendaring and docketing functions via Outlook. View Profile

The Plaintiff

by Data Development

Software for plaintiff attorneys; case management, document management, trust accounting, checkbook and more. View Profile


by PortalSoft

Provides one solution for managing case-related information; search, retrieve and store documents. View Profile

Archive Studio

by DocuLex

Servicing everything from basic content management needs to enterprise-wide document management, workflow, records management. View Profile

Attorneys Assistant

by Legal Easy Technologies

Document assembly software with state specific forms; cost only $24.95 per case. View Profile

Bee Docs Discover

by Bee Documents

Litigation document management service for managing scanned discovery documents. View Profile

Breeze eDiscovery Suite

by Breeze Legal Solutions

Create load files, Bates number, OCR and batch-process documents at your desktop. View Profile


by Brightleaf

Legal document mgmt solution that includes: document assembly, document interpreter, document templates, clause libraries. View Profile

Case Managment Systems

by Spartan Technology Solutions

Case management solutions for courts and legal professionals; client or web solution available. Call today for a demo! View Profile

Enables repeatable, defensible and measurable business processes that significantly reduce eDiscovery risk, cost and time. View Profile

Catalyst Insight

by Catalyst Repository Systems

Image and document repositories for litigation, e-discovery, due diligence and matters involving large volumes of documents. View Profile


by Collavate

Document workflow, security and archiving application for Google Drive. It's compatible with Google Apps and Gmail. View Profile


by CompleteDATA

Integrates lawyers time billing, calendaring, and tasks, document and practice management systems. View Profile


by LexisNexis

Identify, organize and analyze case-critical information so that you can collaborate and share across your firm or around the world. View Profile


by DATAssimilate Systems

Component based document management solution that enables organizations to acquire only the functionalities they require. View Profile


by Skyhatch

Secure Document Sharing For Law Firms - features such as branded client rooms, role/permission based document'. Simple, Easy, Secure. View Profile


by One Way Clear

Document management solution with centralized storage, categorization, version control, and full-text searching features for law firms. View Profile


by IST Management Services

Enterprise EDMS specifically designed to improve business, legal and HR process efficiency by converting paper processes to digital. View Profile


by Microsystems

Document creation, productivity, and quality control software for the legal, life sciences and other document-intensive organizations. View Profile


by Blue Burro Software

Document Assembly for Law Firms and General Counsel View Profile


by Crocodile Solutions

Streamlines firm and case management process; increases the overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your law firm. View Profile


by Syntapa Technologies

Relationship and Engagement Management solution for Associations, Not-For-Profits, Regulators, and Unions. View Profile


by Archevos

Cloud -based software for controlled reviewing, organizing, analyzing, and presenting electronically stored documents and images. View Profile


by Fision

A centralized, cloud-based library gives complete control over how legal documents are stored, accessed and used. View Profile

Horatio Law

by Notae Systems

Complete timekeeping, billing, case management and document generation for attorneys. View Profile


by Peachtek Legal Solutions

Document assembly program that allows lawyers to generate legal documents, create forms and templates. Works with Word and WordPerfect. View Profile

Store, share and collaborate on files online. Version control, permissions, desktop web folders, notifications and more. View Profile


by Trial Solutions

Provides an alternative to the expensive and inefficient process of working with filed paper and client-server stored documents. View Profile


by RBRO Solutions

DMS, ECM and user enhancements for law firms, corporate legal departments, and professional services firms. View Profile


by Infoware

Court form production tool that allows law clerks, law assistants, and lawyers to create MS Word documents and court forms. View Profile

iOffice System

by Esquire Innovations

Templates and formatting tools for MS Word, metadata management and document comparison. View Profile

Juris DOC Pro

by Juris DOC Pro

Document preparation tool for lawyers and paralegals. automate your law office forms; save time; increase your billable hours View Profile


by DeskTop Business Solutions

Internet-based legal practice management featuring calendar, check writing, general ledger, document repository and more. View Profile


by INX Software

Know what legislation affects you in your role and be automatically notified when any change is made. View Profile

Legal Assistant Software Suite

by The Legal Assistant

Manages billing, document generation, document scanning, faxing, e-mail and transcriptions. View Profile

Legal Document Server

by Legal Document Server

Legal Document Server (LDS) is a legal E-Service and online case management provider. The easiest way to manage and exchange documents. View Profile


by Legal Depot

A library of customizable legal forms designed to create, download, and print legal documents. View Profile

Web-based case analysis and litigation document management. View Profile


by Linetime

Supports all aspects of practice management; full client management, practice diary and relationship marketing. View Profile

Liquid Lit Manager

by Liquid Litigation Management

Web-based database application that effectively manages and organizes all types of case documents in a single location. View Profile


by ManaSyst

A web browser based legal review platform that is designed for legal teams who need to review large volumes of documents. View Profile

LS Contract Management

by Legal Suite USA

An Intuitive, Full-Featured Contract Management System That is Ready To Go, Right Out of the Box View Profile

LSS Law Office Management

by Legal Software Systems

Law office software for time and billing, accounting, contact management, calendar, and more. View Profile

Mapsoft PDF Workflow Server

by Mapsoft Computer Services

Markup, annotate and standardize PDF documents for internal use or publishing. View Profile

Matter Management

by Corporation Service Company

Web-based platform that provides corporate legal data and document management. View Profile


by Novabrain Technologies

Cost effective information management solutions to better organize, manage, and retrieve electronic content. View Profile

OpenText ECM

by OpenText

Enterprise and hosted DAM solutions for optimizing the way organizations collect, find, use, and distribute digital media. View Profile


by Pagemap

An easy tool for understanding contracts and other legal docs by putting all information in context + searching for multiple keywords. View Profile


by DataCert

Legal operations management solution for corporate legal departments that unites matter management and legal spend management. View Profile


by Pathagoras

An add-in to Word that uses plain keyboard text to create variables and optional text blocks for document automation. View Profile

PatPend Intellectual Property Management

by MindMatters Technologies

PatPend allows you to easily create, review, and manage your organizations invention disclosure and intellectual property process View Profile

Perfect Practice

by ADC Legal Systems

Case management, project management, calendar/docketing, imaging, document merging & management, legal billing and accounting. View Profile


by PerfectLaw Software

All-in-one software for back office financial management and front office case management. View Profile

Prosecutor II

by Microfirm Software

Criminal case management system for prosecutors. View Profile

Questys Capture

by Questys Solutions

A forms processing software tool that will let you automate nearly any data entry process and output the data to your system. View Profile


by Epoq

Software publishing solution that follows a question and answer "advice" session leading to the creation of tailored documents. View Profile

RealLegal iBinder

by RealLegal

Discovery management software for managing multiple transcripts and exhibits; delivers tools for transcript intensive cases. View Profile


by Informative Graphics

Remove privacy information like names, social security numbers and account information from documents before sharing with others. View Profile


by ScerIS

ScerIS CM is used to organize, acquire, catalog, and access documents and files of all types. View Profile

Second Chair Mobile

by Second Chair Mobile

Organize and share files, complete depositions, create exhibit lists, annotate documents and research before trial or in proceedings! View Profile


by Smokeball

Manage emails and documents easily, create documents faster through clever automation, and gives you a digital filing system. View Profile

Spellex Legal

by Spellex

A complete legal document spell checker, this software can recognize and correct spelling in normal, legal, and Latin terms. View Profile


by RSI

Litigation software that stores accurate data to be presented in trials, and save money by automating data storage View Profile


by AccessData Group

An electronic data and transcript review platform for managing cases of various size. View Profile


by CaseSoft

Create a database of electronic transcript files from depositions, examinations and other proceedings. View Profile

The Ombudsman

by Avondale Software

Manage clients and their cases, contacts, scheduling of work, time records, document generation, and electronic document management. View Profile

TurboLaw Document Software

by Promethean Software

Easy to use software that generates legal documents and court forms for solo and small legal practices. View Profile


by Sanction Solutions

Document and case management including creating, organizing and managing production sets. View Profile


by Visionary Legal Technologies

Software tool used by the legal industry for organizing and managing volumes of transcripts, exhibits and video connected with a case. View Profile


by Digital WarRoom

Process technical documents, analyze information, group related data and create reports to review information View Profile

Workshare Professional

by Workshare

Provides accurate PDF and document comparison, document control for easy and secure management of multi-person document reviews. View Profile


by WinYou-Law

Specialized solution for lawyers, legal departments and law firms, will help you in the organization and administration of your office. View Profile

ZL Unified Archive

by ZL Technologies

Detailed litigation support for every part of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model in proactive and reactive e-discovery. View Profile

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