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The Mortgage Office

by Applied Business Software

Applied Business Software, creator of The Mortgage Office, is a market leader and global provider of software systems and solutions to the lending industry. The Mortgage Office is a powerful suite of lending solutions. Using our comprehensive core loan servicing products and robust add-on modules, you can custom build the most powerful and personalized loan servicing software solution for your business. View Profile

The Loan Office

by Applied Business Software

The Loan Office is an affordable, easy to use, powerful solution specifically designed for the small lender. Seamless QuickBooks integration, built-in document scanning, track loan charges and advances, recurring and event driven reminders, unearned discounts, email statements and notices, incremental funding, conversation log, track insurance and senior liens, unlimited user-defined fields, Microsoft Office integration, and much more. View Profile

AutoPal Software

by AutoPal Loan Servicing Software

#1 Rated Loan Servicing Software on the Market! Auto Loans, Title Loans, Consumer Financing, Hard Money and more. Features include: Unlimited location, work station, and employee access at no extra cost, multiple calculations, custom website, online payments, automatic withdrawal, automatic emails, automatic SMS messages, credit bureau pulling and reporting, QuickBooks integration, online document storage, and more! Because with AutoPal Software, "You're Not Alone When Giving a Loan." View Profile



The most advanced Loan Servicing Software on the market! Designed from the ground up to increase loan servicing efficiencies. We serve private money/hard money lenders, auto, consumer, credit unions, banks, and city/state governments. View Profile

LA Pro's loan servicing software provides traditional and alternative lenders with a flexible and scalable solution, empowering clients to manage a diverse group of portfolios with automated processes, user-friendly interfaces, and ongoing support. View Profile

The Loan Navigator

by The Loan Navigator

The Loan Navigator is a comprehensive solution for maximizing your teams proficiency in managing a financial institutions major asset. In addition to providing a highly effective tool for increasing processing efficiency in servicing loan portfolios, The Loan Navigator also provides valuable team collaboration platform which delivers improved accountability through loan comment review, reminder diary and document exception compliance tracking features. View Profile


by Consulting Plus

Loan Servicing Software for lenders large and small. For over 25 years lenders and loan servicers all over the world have experienced the Mortgage+Care way of doing business with our friendly, knowledgeable people and our comprehensive loan servicing software. Our loan origination software merges directly into MICROSOFT WORD for endless flexibility with doc prep and closing packages. Mortgage+Care automates all aspects of the lending process. View Profile

The industry's most user-friendly Interface & sophisticated mathematics. Affordable & easy to customize loan servicing software along with our legendary support. Service 10 to 20,000 loans: Consumer & Business, Inter-company, Employee, Construction, Litigation, Lines of credit. Amortization & regular, irregular, late, unpaid, interest-only, fixed principal or mixed payments, Fees, variable rates, APR, Alerts. Customize: fields, reports, dashboard, payment types. Export GL to QuickBooks, Sage... View Profile

Benedict Group, Inc. has been an industry leader in loan servicing, loan accounting, and investor tracking software since 1990. Using .Net and SQL Server, LOANS! For .Net is ideal for commercial lenders, multi-family housing authorities and agencies, and consumer loan providers. Our loan servicing software includes workflow, asset management, escrow, etc. And with "best in the business support", we offer the most flexible loan servicing software available today. View Profile



- Integrate with Your ARM / collection management system - Powerful Reporting and Scheduling Campaigns - Graphical Call Campaign Designer - Preview and Predictive Dialing - Recorded Calls View Profile


by Dynamic Interface Systems

LoanLedger is the #1 rated loan servicing software program servicing mortgages, simple interest, Rule of 78, revolving credit, bi-weekly, and other methods of interest calculation. Designed for mortgage companies, commercial lending, credit unions, municipalities, non-profit organizations, private and institutional lenders, auto loan servicing, student loans, real estate loans, and much more. Easy to use, affordable and professional loan servicing software. View Profile


by Shaw Systems Associates

Shaws fully integrated retail loan servicing software is your all-in-one solution for consumer lending. Think of it as one-stop shopping. Using our Service-Oriented Architecture and browser-based interface means that your institution no longer needs to have multiple software packages or manual processes in order to support your retail credit function. All aspects of your consumer loan servicing, including auto finance servicing, are safely and efficiently automated. View Profile


by Compass Technologies

Real-time software platform for the consumer finance industry, designed for companies with multiple offices. View Profile

Note Dashboard

by Note Dashboard

Cloud based note and loan management system for distressed debt industry. View Profile

AMFG Loan Servicer

by Asset Management Financial Group

Personalized software solutions for loan servicing, debt collection, asset management, community development, or similar institution. View Profile

Creditonline system has a complete set of tools for any aspect of loan business , 24/7 support and End-to-End lending process. View Profile

HES Lending Platform automates and streamlines complex business processes within the evolving online lending environment. View Profile


by Integrated Accounting Solutions

Automate accounting for and servicing of loans and various credit lines with this application. QuickBooks integration included. View Profile

Turnkey Lender

by Turnkey Lender

Cloud bases system covering all cycles of the lending process. View Profile



Deals with the most complex of issues relating to the servicing of loans and fully automates loan collections. View Profile

NBFC Software - Our Company Provide High Facility Loan Management Software For Managing Loan Schedule in Easy & Very Short Time View Profile



A cloud based solution designed for automating loan approval processes of banks or companies and offers cash/non-cash loans. View Profile


by eCash

Comprehensive software suite with push technology to manage payday and title loans, check cashing, loan servicing and consumer finance. View Profile


by Lacoda

Lacoda is a flexible WEB-BASED loan management tool, that allows you to manage anywhere from a single loan to a portfolio of hundreds. View Profile

Land Gorilla

by Land Gorilla

Offers scalable, cloud-based construction loan management solutions for lenders to easily manage construction loans. View Profile

Lending Pro Software

by Lending Pro Software

The necessary tools requred to manage and track loan payments from borrowers. All of the necessary reports are built into the software. View Profile

Loan Performer

by Crystal Clear Software

Loan Performer is the No 1 software for microfinance organisations with 300 clients and 700 installed sites. View Profile

The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System tracks commercial bank loans & deposits through the entire pipeline process, with Reg B reporting. View Profile

Moneylender Professional handles everything you need to service your loans, whether it's one loan or one thousand. View Profile

The Nortridge Loan System

by Nortridge Software

The most robust and flexible lending platform in the industry. Do heavy customization without coding. View Profile

Loan servicing and economic development tracking software for government and nonprofit lenders. View Profile

Third Eye

by Third Eye Solutions

Software to manage proof of compliance to financial regulations, loan origination, manage a loan portfolio and generate client letters. View Profile


by Data Designs

Mortgage Loan Income and Amortization Management. Keeps track of monthly mortgage payments received. View Profile


by MeharSoft Technologies

Loan management and recovery automation software for agriculture development banks. View Profile

Automates entire bank loan management process from start to finish View Profile


by Automated Financial Services

Software system to process all types of loans that also has multicurrency, multi-location, and multi-lingual features in real time. View Profile

ALFA Systems

by CHP Consulting

For the asset finance industry - full administration throughout agreement lifecycle from proposal capture right through to disposal. View Profile


by Payment Components

Easy and instant Online Preparation, Formatting and Validation of SWIFT Messages for Trade Financing. View Profile


by MindBox

Software that rapidly automates processes that are common across the lending process - regardless of institution. View Profile


by Advantage Software

Standalone loan system, designed to process high activity secured dealer floorplan loans. View Profile


by Constellation Financing Systems

Manage fixed and floating rate leases and loans, create syndicated agreements, and manage multiple third party investments, View Profile


by CashTrax

Payday loan and cash advance software specifically for internet businesses to manage their compliance and operations. View Profile


by Softwise

An all-in-one solution that will handle any cash advance and check cashing need. View Profile

Software for managing any loan, lease or asset anywhere. Use one software system worldwide for leasing, lending, and asset management. View Profile

Charge-off Loan Tracker

by Lowenstein and Associates

Computer based charge of loan tracking system that allows bankers to pursue loan collections. View Profile


by Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Customizable software to manage compliance documentation, loan data, membership information, electronic signatures, and more. View Profile

An easy-to-use construction loan tracking & fund control system designed to meet the needs of most construction lenders. View Profile

Contract Collection System

by Lincoln Data

It is a PC loan-servicing software designed specifically for companies who service seller-financed loans. View Profile

Contract Collector

by Graveco

Loan calculation software for APR, per diems, interest rate conversations, and amortization rates and schedules for various loan types. View Profile


by CoreCard Software

Flexible loan management system for various types of loans including invoice discounting and payday loans. View Profile

Covarity Solution

by Covarity

Commercial loan monitoring solution that provides centralized visibility and control across the loans that make up the portfolio. View Profile

CRIF Lending Solutions

by CRIF Lending Solutions

Solutions that help lending and credit companies make smarter, real-time business process management and risk decisions. View Profile


by Delter IT Complete Software Solutions

Handles all computer-related functions in your office, from managing clients and loans, right through to your daily and monthly tasks. View Profile

DownHome Loan Manager

by DownHome Solutions

Software to manage several loan types in one database, automate client history and record keeping, generate bills for customers. View Profile


by DrawTrak

A system for lenders of residential & commercial construction loans with tracking of each stage of the loan. View Profile

e-PACK 1003

by ProForce Software

Speeds closing by relieving mortgage loan agents/underwriters from the clerical burden of assembling, revising & faxing. View Profile


by eCheckTrac

Web based software system to manage small loans (payday, title, installment, internet) from any online location. View Profile


by SB Technologies

A complete end to end white label lending solution. From Loan origination, Decisioning, Collection, Loan servicing. Lend it in your way View Profile

Engaged CRM

by Engaged

CRM solution for multiple products, office locations, call centers, lead gen, underwriting and processing functions. View Profile

Fast & easy loan amortization reports, calculate mortgage payments, ARM, Balloons, Equity Draws, future value, etc. View Profile


An online in-house financing software with instant credit & fraud verification as well as collection tracking for small businesses. View Profile

Finance Master

by WebCuits IT & Media Solutions

Finance & NBFC solution for Two wheeler finance & NBFC of any size. View Profile

Finance Solutions

by Sigma Data & Computers

Designed to help you organize and manage your Banking, Accounting and Micro finance solutions. View Profile

FinnOne LOS

by Nucleus Software

Automates and manages the complete application processing flow of any retail finance instrument. View Profile

finPOWER Connect

by Intersoft Systems

Software designed for the hire purchase, finance and lending and investment industries. View Profile


by GCC Servicing Systems

Mortgage and consumer loan servicing platform. View Profile

A comprehensive loan servicing system with powerful portfolio management tools and complete reporting capabilities. View Profile

HDS Loan Servicing System

by Housing and Development Software

Loan servicing solution for housing finance and community development agencies; single-family and multifamily loans. View Profile

Hosted Loan Servicing

by Nelnet Diversified Solutions

An enterprise student loan servicing program on a hosted platform with core servicing system, branded web presence, image management. View Profile


by QuikDraw

Loan lifecycle management software for payday, title, and installment loans. Check cashing, POS, and bill pay. View Profile

Intro XL

by Intro Online Systems

Payday loan software. Payday and installment loans, robust reporting, advanced cash tracking, unlimited users, and more. View Profile

Land Contract


An Excel calculator for tracking and administering loan payments. Full version starts at USD 99.00. View Profile



Modular, web-based software to process loan applications, payment scheduling, fraud prevention, and loan book data. View Profile

Lease Complete

by Dominion Leasing Software

Complete Lease and Loan Portfolio Management and Equipment Finance Accounting System. View Profile


by LendingQB

A web-based, end-to-end mortgage loan origination system that does it all, from loan origination to funding. View Profile

Calculates lien and bond claim deadlines in all 50 states and generates preliminary notices. View Profile


by Technicost

ASP web-based loan servicing system with no acquisition cost and availablility on multiple platforms. View Profile

LMS Servicer

by SS&C Technologies

Complete loan servicing system for a wide range of product types and complex loan structures. View Profile

Load Accounting System

by Advanced Lease Systems

In house loan portfolio management solution with insurance and title tracking and over 40 management reports. View Profile

Loan And Mortgage

by Felitec

It is an amortization schedule calculation software that handles virtually any loan type. View Profile

Loan Manager Plus

by Trackitsoft

Affordable loan servicing solution for both public and private lending entities. View Profile

Loan Servicing System

by Twenty-First Century

Loan servicing software for Windows XP graphical point and click system. View Profile


by ConsultCommerce

Loan amortization management and amortizations schedule visualization and presentation. View Profile



Loan servicing software focused on streamlining loan service process and mitigating compliance risk for companies. View Profile


by LoanLogics

The mortgage industry's First Enterprise Loan Quality Management and Portfolio Monitoring Platform. View Profile

LoanPlus CMS

by LoanPlus

Collateral management system for auto lenders comprised of reporting and tracking software and a GPS reminder device for borrowers. View Profile


by The LoanPost

Web-based software for asset management, non-performing notes, loss mitigation, REO Connecting your team & vendors with 360 degree view View Profile


by LoanSifter

Product and pricing engine, with database of investors, real-time pipeline monitoring, custom pricing. View Profile


by Sydel Corporation

Manages loan covenants and required documentation throughout the life of the loan using workflow. View Profile

Total software solution for front-end credit evaluation, loan origination, payment processing, collections and more. View Profile

MIC Manager

by Dolphin Enterprises

Manages data for MICs by integrating corporate data of all relevant contact information, mortgage details and calculations. View Profile


by Butler & Associates

Provides many features that are required by interim or long-term mortgage loan servicing organizations. View Profile


by Back To Basics

A PC/LAN/WAN/web based GUI application for the mortgage loan servicer. Support up to 20 active loans for $50.00 per month. View Profile

Mortgage Minder 4.0 PRO

by CW Technical Services

Features include support for variable interest rates, Canadian mortgage calculations, an enhanced payment/rate matrix. View Profile

Automates all loan servicing functions: escrow admin, collections, investor accounting, payment processing, loss mitigation, reporting. View Profile


by Elysys

For any entity that has lending or borrowing activities, and/or places money on deposit. View Profile

Nomis Solutions

by Nomis Solutions

Pricing and profitability management through advanced analytics, innovative technology, and tailored business processes. View Profile


by Selas Technologies

Debt settlement sales and operations software build as an extension to Salesforce platform for student loan consolidation companies. View Profile

by Business Information and Technology Systems

Web-based software tool for structured or open payment loans tracking and management. View Profile

Web-based mortgage software with tools for creating, uploading, and managing digital loans. View Profile

PitchPoint Helix

by PitchPoint Solutions

Access a full suite of loan process automation capabilities and leverage your current loan origination platform. View Profile

Portfolio Plus

by Strategic Information Technology

Offers the flexibility to implement your own business practices for loan and mortgage origination as well as underwriting. View Profile


by Piracle

Loan management system for a borrower or lender that automates loan transactions. View Profile


by Answers etc

Payday advance software that allows for grace periods, rebates, online lending, customer loan histories, and sliding scale repayments. View Profile

Precurra Amortization

by Precurra

Amortization software & cloud computing tools for the financial professional. View Profile

Proloan Worldwide

by Compuscan Information Technologies

Loan administration program for the micro finance industry. View Profile

Quickcheck Canada

by Quickcheck Canada

Payday loan verification software that assists the industry in regulating and protecting the consumer from multiple payday loans. View Profile


by Altisource Portfolio Solutions

Loan servicing software with contact management, call tracking and task management. View Profile


by Blueberry Systems

The next generation of loan origination that provides you with the peace of mind from seamless production and strict loan quality. View Profile


by Moody's Analytics

Software to standardize loan forms and application processes for underwriting commercial loans and keep track of regulation compliance. View Profile

Ryznware Asset Finance Software

by Ryzn Enterprise Systems

Designed for asset-based finance, addresses the complete lending life cycle from credit to contract termination. View Profile

Savings Plus

by Future Link Technologies

Software with ability to manage hundreds of savings and loans products simultaneously. It has SMS and internet banking modules. View Profile

SBA Loan Manager

by PCFS Solutions

SBA Loan Manager is the only Loan Servicing Software designed specifically for SBA Lenders. View Profile


by Capital Services Technologies

Servicing Company Operating and Reporting Engine - designed to drive loan servicing performance. View Profile

Employ precise evaluation and risk management while automating application and re-evaluation processes and decision flows. View Profile

Smart Micro Credit Business Suite

by Generix Solutions

An end-to-end cutting edge software solution for Micro Financial Institutes working in multiple segments of Social Development Sector. View Profile

SMART System

by Advanced Financial Technologies

All-in-one underwriting and pricing software solution for mortgage bankers, banks and lenders. View Profile

Sopra Banking Suite

by Sopra Group

Sopra Group provides banks and specialised lenders with an unrivaled solution for loan servicing. View Profile

Student Loan Servicing System

by 5280 Solutions

Extremely flexible, includes set-up of loan types, special allowance codes, interest rate changes, and deferment rules. View Profile

SYNDi Loan Manager

by IndusFlow Systems

Full loan cycle from funding to discharge for interest-only and blended mortgages funded by single lenders or syndicates. View Profile


by Multi-Financial Services

Affordable loan servicing solution offering a wide range of features and able to handle numerous types of loans. View Profile

TranDotCom LMS

by TranDotCom

Complete loan management software for companies offering payday loans, lines of credit, title loans, and installment loans. View Profile


by TimeValue Software

Software for loan and lease structuring, calculating variable amortization payments and making payment schedules. View Profile

Unity Loan System

by Credex Systems

Loan Processing System. Features: Application Processing; Calculation of interest, insurance and fees; and more. View Profile


by Oyster Bay Systems

Lending system that manages complete process from proposal to end of term. Supports: multiple languages, currencies and products. View Profile


by Math Corporation

Loan calculation software component designed to be used on a company website or larger business system. View Profile

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