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Appian DirectRoute

by TMW Systems

DirectRoute, designed for distribution and supply companies, is richly graphical routing and scheduling software that helps transportation organizations in all industries lower their costs, control field operations and service their customers better. Optimizing route planning, automating driver scheduling and consolidating shipments for efficient delivery with DirectRoute can produce full return on initial investment within a few short months. Learn More


by ASC Software

ASC Trac WMS is a modular software solution designed to support many functions within manufacturing, warehouse distribution, and 3rd party (3PL) operations. ASCTrac WMS is a true standalone application that can also be interfaced to any host system for a collaborative solution. ASCTrac's modular design allows it to work for small, medium, and large companies. From order entry, through pick, pack, ship operations, all the way to delivery - ASC Trac covers the whole Supply Chain cycle. Learn More

Roadnet Transportation Suite

by Roadnet Technologies

The Roadnet Transportation Suite allows you to do it all: plan (route, load), collect real-time data (dispatch, GPS) and analyze results through reporting. Each program is completely integrated providing users with a seamless all-in-one solution. This solution helps businesses in the transportation industry reduce distribution costs, decrease routing time, and improve customer service. Learn More

An affordable, enterprise-strength WMS, built specifically for logistics providers. Offer your customers global visibility, automated reporting, EDI, bar-code scanning, and more. Easy to implement and use, 3PL Central's Warehouse Manager can pay for itself by lowering your costs, capturing missed billing events and by allowing you to increase your service offerings. Sign up for a no-hassle, free trial today. Learn More

PackManager is an end-to-end system designed to meet the specific needs of contract packaging operations. Choose all or some or the different features available: Quoting, Planning, Warehouse Management (WMS), Production, Quality Control, Invoicing, Reporting, and Customer Portal. Main benefits include getting real-time visibility into ongoing operations on your shop floor, better traceability of lot codes and expiry dates, and seamless integration with your customers' core systems (like SAP). Learn More

Awery Airline Management Software

by Awery Aviation Management System

Web-enabled airline ERP solution with modules for managing flights, cargo, and services, as well as accounting and HR capabilities. Learn More


by 3PL Software

Fully integrated Warehouse Management, Service Billing and Accounting System for the third party logistics industry. Learn More


by Pantonium

Enabling order entry, dispatch, scheduling, routing, mobile and billing to be managed through a single platform for people transport. Learn More


by Jada Management Systems

Several optional yet fully integrated modules including Forecasting and Planning (DRP), Finite Scheduling, and more. Learn More


by 3Gtms

Software that allows 3PLs, brokers, shippers and carriers to streamline processes and increase profits. Learn More


by I Code Technologies

A complete ERP for the freight forwarding and CHA community. Learn More

Catapult QMS

by Catapult International

Rate and contract management software for shippers and forwarders; international air and ocean quotes within 9 seconds. Learn More

CMS WorldLink

by CMS GlobalSoft

Provides enterprise shipping capabilities; supports small package, LTL, truckload and local carriers. Learn More

Parcel Audit

by Direct-Recovery

SaaS solution offering total transparency into parcel logistics chain, business intelligence, and parcel audit. No up front costs. Learn More


by Varsity Logistics

IBM System and AS/400 shipping software automates the tasks of planning and execution including packing, loading, rating, tracking. Learn More

Provides complete daily planning, execution and settlement functions for the transportation industry. Learn More

da Vinci Supply Chain

by Wolin Design Group

Software that optimizes warehouse, transportation, yard, billing and order management processes. Learn More

Ceritar Suite

by Ceritar Technologies

Software for applied logistics: LTL/TL transportation and 3PL/private warehousing. Learn More

Shipping and logistics software for Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents and NVOCC Operators. Learn More

Facilitate real-time information flow within and beyond the four walls of your warehouse. Learn More

Agile TMS

by Agile-Network

Allows you to reduce transportation costs and make your warehouse more efficient. Learn More


by SpecTec Group

A modular solution that manages maintenance, staff, quality, cargo operations, etc. for shipping, oil and gas, and naval defence. Learn More

ARGUS Logistics Suite

by SLiCK Software Solutions

A web-based platform comprised of 5 modules that offer full integration throughout the entire supply chain. Learn More


by Pitney Bowes Distribution Solutions

Maintain low inventories, meet customer demand for quick delivery and manage detailed shipment information. Learn More


by AEB

The most complete Supply Chain Execution and Visibility Suite. Learn More


by Autoscan Technology

A suite of solutions that includes container yard management, transport management and warehouse management system. Available as SaaS. Learn More


by Sbntex

We provide end-to-end solutions for the key areas of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Learn More

BrokerWare by 3PL Systems

by 3PL Systems

Web-based application that manages all aspects of a freight broker's daily operations. Learn More


by Saturn Systemwares

Logistics software that works as a mini ERP solution for the haulage business entities with minimum investment and maintenance costs. Learn More


by Mettler Toledo

Automatically collects dimensions, weight and ID of all of objects, giving you full stock control at all stages of the supply chain. Learn More

CargoTel TMS

by CargoTel

Web-based TMS, wireless and EDI solutions for the freight transportation and logistics industries. Learn More


by Softtruck

3D load planning simulator tells you if your cargo will fit; for trucks and containers. Learn More

CDM WinFrt

by CDM Software Solutions

Forwarding solution that includes quotes, bookings, ocean and air export, imports, billing and job costing, reports, accounting. Learn More

Cheetah Delivery

by Cheetah Software

Real-time routing, delivery and dispatch system for distribution & delivery firms. Learn More


by Katlyn International

Manages cargo acceptance, build-up, break-down, storage, retrieval, advanced consolidation, flight staging, release. Learn More



Reliable and high-performance managed file transfer solution. Learn More

Continuous Move Planner

by Paradox Software Consulting

Truckload matching tool that can generate optimal matches of truckload movements to create continuous moves while minimizing deadhead. Learn More


by CSI

Integrated business management software system for trucking companies. Learn More


by CTSI-Global

Total solution that will allow a company to manage all aspects of its inbound and outbound transportation network. Learn More

Our affordable solution focuses on visibility and control and provides tools to increase productivity and decrease labor, time & errors Learn More


by Eclipse Systems

Distribution Center Management System that tracks activities performed in a distribution center. Learn More

De Facto ERP

by De Facto Software

We provide software and services for SMEs, in Accounting, Logistics & Distribution, BI, Document Management, CRM and Web and Apps. Learn More

dispatchOffice Logistics

by Penchant Software

Manage people, time, assets, shipments, routes and agents across multiple locations, timezones; effortlessly. Learn More


by Degama Systems

Integrated and flexible dispatch and accounting solution for truckload, LTL and brokerage environments. Learn More


by Seven Hills Business Solutions

Integrated set of products that manages storage, distribution and transportation functions. Learn More


by CargoWise

Freight Forwarder, Warehouse and Cargo Airline System created with the Microsoft Development Platform. Learn More


by E-Freight Technology

Complete solution for Freight Forwarding Companies Learn More


by Eka Software Solutions

Multi commodity trade and risk management solutions. Learn More

Enterprise Transportation

by TMW Systems

Transportation software for trucking organizations & private fleets that includes order entry, dispatch, etc. Learn More


by Axiom Software

Powerful, secure all-in-one enterprise software that integrates front- and back-office work seamlessly Learn More


by eRoutingGuide

Streamlines management of your company's Routing Guide. The result is better compliance, fewer headaches, and reduced shipping expense. Learn More

eTask Logisuite

by Technobay

Advanced and feature-rich logistics software for freight management companies. Learn More

EZ-Freight Air

by Venex Systems

For freight forwarding. ability to prepare export air and ocean forms, consolidated or direct cargo, web tracking, rating and billing. Learn More


by Oceanwide

Allows forwarders of any size to operate their business as a global real-time enterprise. Learn More


by Forward Computers

Fully integrated operational environment for all modes of international transportation and all types of shipments. Learn More

FreightCenter TMS


This software automatically checks and audits invoices. It also determines where you may be overpaying. Learn More

FreightMaster TMS

by Next Generation Logistics

Optimization, routing guide, rating, online billing, web tendering, claims, track & trace, export documentation; on premise or hosted. Learn More


by CT Logistics

Full function freight bill audit, payment and management reporting system. Learn More


by Efrontier Solutions

Total logistics application including air, sea, accounting and warehousing nvocc, SOC and COC applications. Learn More

Logistics solution for the 3rd party logistics service provider with the unique operating and services requirements from their clients. Learn More


by Goodservice Information

Complete solution for logistics e-commerce that integrates company information from around the world with its partners in real time. Learn More

Provides a complete, on-demand, enterprise-class solution for managing all facets of a global supply chain operation. Learn More

Global Logistics Solutions

by Descartes Systems Group

Logistics Solutions for Ocean and Air Carriers, LTL and Truckload and Private Fleets. Learn More

Global Shipper

by M-Logic

Multi-carrier shipping system to control your logistics costs with our comprehensive 3PL supply chain and logistics solutions. Learn More

Global Tracker

by G.B. Solutions

Courier and logistics software; electronic orders, bar code scanning, electronic PODs, inventory module, financial management module. Learn More


by GlobalTech

Includes a set of scalable modules which are useful for warehouse management and transport management. Learn More

HD Platform

by HD Trade Services

Automated warehouse receipt, release and inventory management from the tablet and smartphone. Learn More

I/E Logistics

by LanKin Business Technologies

Automation of import/export logistics, enables minimal personnel to handle large orders volume. Learn More

Inconso WMS

by Inconso

Covers all solution requirements from modest manual warehouses up to complex distribution centers with high throughput levels. Learn More

INDIGO Logistics Software

by Neil Porter Associates

Bookings, PDA intergration, Built in Routing software, also Warehouse Management and Customer Invoicings. Learn More

Info-X Web Application

by Info-X Software Technology

Modular solution that includes rate management, tariff publishing, air freight management, accounting, ocean cargo management features. Learn More


by Creative Logistics Solutions

Automated, multi-carrier front-end shipping application. Learn More


by Horizon Services Group

Intermodal logistics management; integrate with truckers and railroads, control costs; route shipments. Learn More

InMotion Global TMS

by InMotion Global

Streamline and simplify your entire transportation operation. Reduce your costs and dramatically improve your customer service. Learn More


by Insite Software

Makes SyteLine and VISUAL shipping easy through shipment planning tools, pick and pack options, tracking notifications, and more. Learn More


by Kingsway Computing Solutions

Complete cross docking LTL / FL solution from order entry to final delivery. Web, handheld, GPS and imaging technologies. Learn More


by NeoSystems

Logistics Information System that includes Warehouse Management and Inventory Management. Learn More


by TSi Software

Web based logistics management software that enables you to manage all transportation aspects of your supply chain. Learn More

JADE Master Terminal

by Jade Software

Logistics, general cargo and container terminal operating system; runs multi-terminal, multi-discipline ports and depot operations. Learn More

JAIX Logistics

by JAIX Software

Provides warehouses with the means to keep track of all storage and freight details from a main desktop. Learn More

JDA Logistics Procurement

by JDA Software Group

Software that helps carriers and transportation service providers better manage the complexities of a multi-modal logistics network. Learn More

Kewill Logistics

by Kewill

Multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-warehouse, multi-hub and spoke, multi-company system. Learn More


by Menlo Worldwide

Provides in one application all the functionality required to manage orders and transportation. Learn More

LMX Systems

by Aeon Development Group

Software with dispatch, rating/billing, and equipment tracking capabilities for the logistics industry. Learn More


by Optimum Logistics

Comprehensive Load Planning and Optimization Solution for Advanced Logistics Management. Learn More

LoadPlanner TMS

by Radical Logistics

Complete transportation management solution built for third-party transportation providers. Learn More

LOG-NET System


Order management, transportation management, warehouse management, landed cost engine, customs management, reporting. Learn More


by Softlink Global

Logi-Sys is a web based, modular, enterprise level application that combines all operations of logistics into one integrated system. Learn More


by Logimax

Flexible and powerful suite of warehouse management solutions (WMS) used by leading third-party logistics (3PL) firms. Learn More

Logistic Management Software

by Kanfo Technology

Covers all logistic features like Booking, Loading, Unloading, Delivery, Fleet Management, and more. Learn More

Specifically designed to aid companies that rely on overseas vendors or need to keep a tight handle on product in transit. Learn More

Simplifies daily processing tasks, provides greater control and visibility into your global logistics operations. Learn More

Logistics Manager Professional

by Trans+Plus Systems

Freight brokerage, dispatch and logistics management; increase efficiency, gain better control, lower overhead costs. Learn More

Logistics Suite

by TransCore

Trucking logistics software, dispatch software and dispatch accounting software in one transportation management system. Learn More


by Logisuite

Logistics solution for airlines, freight forwarders, N.V.O.C.C, CFS/deconsolidators, couriers, trucking and customs house brokers. Learn More


by Cadre Technologies

A hosted suite of products and applications designed to collect information from multiple locations and sources. Learn More


by Logistix Solutions

Supply chain optimization and distribution. Save fuel, driver and vehicle and supply chain expenses with superior customer service. Learn More


by Ryte Byte

Advanced passenger transportation management and bus scheduling solution that streamlines route planning and information management. Learn More

Manhattan TMS

by Manhattan Associates

Formulate a strategic transportation plan to optimize efficiency and productivity of your transportation network. Learn More


by Digital Applications International

Flexible and fully scaleable, component based logistics execution and warehouse management software solution. Learn More

Merlins Vision

by Knighted Computer Systems

Warehouse Management System to handle all warehousing and distribution operational processes. Learn More

Mobile Fusion

by AppLocation Systems

Wireless tracking of mobile assets via fast, seamless integration of hardware & software. Learn More

by TranSolutions

Web based solution used by shippers to manage recovery of freight loss & damage and freight overcharge claims. Learn More


by exaact

Cloud based logistics software geared towards freight management. Learn More


by ePortation

Feature rich system that provides total cargo flow management for seaports, inland depots, warehouses and container storage yards. Learn More


by Solvere Logistics

Enterprise-level software that will efficiently run your entire logistics operation and yield tangible freight cost savings. Learn More

PLTX Suite

by Freightgate

Solution for global shippers, forwarders and carriers to effectively manage the information flow in the supply chain. Learn More


by Xantus

A powerful PC software for production planning with production simulation capabilities. Learn More


by Precision Software

Helping to reduce your shipping costs, improve your global visibility or simply focus your logistics team on more valuable activities. Learn More


by ProdigyNet Solutions

Browser-based logistics system for the sea and air freight industry. Learn More


by Professional Data Systems

Sensibly priced distribution software with all the modern features (4 -50 users) ( 1 to 10 branches) - Server or Cloud based Learn More


by PULSE Logistics Systems

Warehouse management system handling raw materials, WIP & finished goods in the manufacturing environment. Learn More


by Robocom

R-TMS offers transportation management software and load planning that delivers reduced freight costs and improved load utilization. Learn More

Rapid Inventory

by AccuCode

A comprehensive web-based inventory management system designed to operate in an on-demand environment. I Learn More

Real Time Freight

by Real Time Freight Services

Connects large shippers, distributors, and brokers, and lets them share time sensitive freight information. Learn More


by Expertek Systems

Automates routing and scheduling processes using customer data directly from your business system and work rules. Learn More

by TransportGistics

Electronic routing guides promise timely information, easy distribution, and widespread access. Learn More


by Minidata

Scheduling/planning software for warehousing and manufacturing to schedule the operation of conveyor systems. Learn More


by Riege Software International

Smart Software for Freigth Forwarders Learn More


by Advanced Distribution Solutions

Multi-carrier shipping solution that supports rule-based scenarios, real-time tracking, and data sharing between all relevant parties. Learn More


by Prophesy Transportation Solutions

Transportation Management Solution designed for manufacturers and shippers. Learn More

Silver Bullet Suite

by Silver Bullet Technologies

Solution with modules for import, export, warehouse, 3PL, load planning, rate management and more. Learn More

End-to-end supply chain management with origin bar-coding, en route allocations, cross-dock shipping & online visibility. Learn More

SmartChain Platform

by Savi Technology

Provides data collection and aggregation of all real-time logistics information; includes workflow and process flow. Learn More


by SMARTLogix

Logistics solution for petroleum distributors that automates order processing, dispatching, and product GPS tracking. Learn More


by LogisticsID

Yard and site management system that tracks events, equipment, dock status, and personnel with detailed reporting capabilities. Learn More

Streamline Shipping

by Streamline

A cloud Logistics product for NVOCC and vehicle op-carriers, analytics, quote to payment, automation, incident mgmt, and more Learn More

Supply Vision

by Supply Vision

Enter and manage quotes and shipments, configurable shipment management lists, access anytime/anywhere. Learn More

Symphony Logistics Suites

by Boon Software Consulting

An online warehouse management, transport management, order management and container management system. Learn More


by Zethcon

Automated warehouse management system (WMS) designed to drive superior performance in supply chain execution. Learn More



Optimized planning and real-time dispatch of truck fleets, container transportation and intermodal operations. Learn More

TDPS 2000

by Dispatching Solutions

Logistics solution that combines quoting, dispatch, billing, payroll, mapping and routing, and automation tools. Learn More

Terminal Light

by InPort Intelligent Port Systems

A container terminal operation software for the management and control of information. Learn More


by Logistics Management Solutions

Web-enabled transportation management system with optimization, execution, and data management modules. Learn More

Trade Advantage

by Adesso Solutions

Account Planning & Forecasting, Trade Promotion spending, Deduction Resolution and Customer Profitability. Learn More

Integrated software suite that provides Logistics Services Providers the infrastructure to deliver execution services. Learn More


by Aanshi Solutions

Manages booking, dispatch, accounting, inventory, repair and maintenance, employees, reporting. Learn More


by TouchStar

Touch screen computers connected to onboard GPS, wireless communication and vehicle monitoring for optimized routing and scheduling. Learn More

Transport Perform

by Airclic

Tracking and reporting solution for third party logistics that works with any any carrier and any device. Learn More

Designed to optimally plan the best way to move high volumes of inbound and outbound shipments. Learn More


by Trax Technologies

Streamlines and manages complex shipping environments. Learn More

Trinnos Edge

by Trinnos Technology

Web Based Freight Management System, built to be used on a web browser. Constantly revised based on feedback by freight brokers. Learn More

TruckMaster 2000

by TruckMaster Logistics Systems

Software for dispatching, billing, accounting, payroll, settlements, maintenance,safety, brokerage, satellite tracking. Learn More


by Trans-Soft

Logistics software for freight forwarding industry; includes valuable logistics, tracking, and accounting tools. Learn More


by EM Data Consultants

A complete freight management solution to accurately track shipments from origin to destination with visual tracker functionality. Learn More


by Ultramain Systems

Integrated maintenance and engineering software for maintenance and logistics operations. Learn More

VIntermodal Manager

by Compcare Services

Intermodal trucking software: dispatch, settlements, invoicing, document imaging, EDI, GPS, website development. Learn More


by AGI Worldwide

Web-based logistics application providing real-time visibility across the extended supply chain. Learn More

Helps you gain greater visibility and control of inbound logistics and supplier shipments. Learn More

Wahoo Suite

by Code Revolt Systems

Offers online tracking, easy group security and authorization, document verification, and reporting. Learn More

Wahoo Suite

by Code Revolt Software

Logistics management system intended for international freight forwarders, their agents and clients. Learn More

Warehouse Explorer

by Logistics Software

Provides you with up-to-the-second information about your processes, equipment, employees, and material. Learn More

WDX Freight Connect

by WDX Freight Systems

Motor carrier freight e-marketplace; more accurate and efficient rating and quoting. Learn More



Web-based ERP application for the shipping and logistics industry; covers all aspects of operations management. Learn More


by Chuck Schubert & Associates

Freight Management Software designed for Domestic and International Freight Forwarders, and Logistics organizations, and more. Learn More


by CMS Consultants

Manages information between host and carrier compliance applications, enabling companies to maximize shipping efficiency. Learn More


by Key Software Systems

Logistics, trucking, courier software designed to maximize productivity of today's logistics company. Learn More

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