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Grow sales. Save time. Get organized. 23,000 thriving small businesses use Infusionsoft. Discover how Infusionsoft, the only all-in-one automated sales & marketing software built exclusively for small businesses, has helped them grow sales, save time and stay on top of it all. Automate your marketing processes from lead capture to email marketing to CRM and beyond. Watch the software demo now! Learn More

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation is the only integrated marketing automation platform designed for both marketing & sales teams. Our easy-to-use, collaborative B2B platform creates one system for all of your marketing programs, with robust campaign automation & powerful lead management. Enable sales and marketing teams to work together: share superior lead insight and intelligence, drive a higher number of high quality leads, and close more deals with CallidusCloud Marketing Automation. Learn More


by Ambassador

Ambassador gives any company the tools to turbo-charge their referral program, turning their customers into brand Ambassadors. Use Ambassador to easily create, track & manage custom incentives that drive referrals and evangelize your users. It's as simple as pasting a javascript snippet or can be seamlessly integrated via API. Integrate Ambassador into the existing applications you already use, including Salesforce, Sendgrid and MailChimp. Learn More


by PTI Marketing Technologies

MarcomCentral empowers your sales team, partners, and other authorized individuals to produce custom marketing pieces using corporate approved templates. The portal keeps teams across your organization on-brand, on-budget and on-time. A single global portal can minimize redundant applications and reduce maintenance. The portal can be configured to match the corporate brand and asset structure while user permissions determine access rights, asset customization capabilities, and more. Learn More


by j2 Global

Campaigner enables you to create effective, successful, revenue-generating email marketing campaigns. Marketers choose Campaigner for its easy-to-use interface, great customer service, world-class deliverability and blend of features that makes email marketing easy for the beginner, powerful for the professional and scalable for the agency. Try Campaigner Email Marketing free for 30 days! Learn More

A platform for aggregating campaign and lead information that allows for customization of lead information delivery. Learn More

B2B Marketing Automation Software, with deep seamless integration to all, CRMs has the powerful ability to track all of your campaigns. Learn More


by Act-On Software

All the tools you need for your online marketing: email marketing, webinar management, create forms, manage lists, track leads & more. Learn More

The power to plan, execute, and evaluate, targeted marketing campaigns across different media, including direct mail and email and SMS. Learn More

Marketing Optimizer

by Active Internet Marketing

Generate and sell more Internet leads with the only marketing automation and digital agency software made for marketing experts. Learn More


by Deskgod

Deskgod is an innovative web-sales automation platform designed to cover and optimize the entirety of the web-sales process on websites Learn More

Powerful, easy to use marketing automation software that helps generate qualified leads and translate marketing spending into revenue. Learn More

Web-based SFA tool: optimizes selling efforts and drives a more efficient sales cycle. Learn More

Easy-to-use marketing automation software that helps you to manage your demand generation campaigns and drive sales. Learn More


by Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck is an easy-to-use marketing automation and lead management solution with built-in CRM for small businesses. Learn More


by Pardot

On-demand marketing automation suite with CRM integration, prospect tracking and automated nurturing. Learn More

Segments, schedules, triggers, and deploys email, voice, fax, text, and direct mail in single step - drip/nurture marketing campaigns. Learn More

HubSpot is an inbound Internet marketing system that helps businesses get found online and generate more leads. Learn More


by MindMatrix

A next-generation Marketing Automation Software from MindMatrix that brings about seamless sales-marketing alignment. Learn More

The Ensight eMarketing Suite is a holistic, multi-channel emarketing platform. Learn More

Net-Results offers affordable marketing automation and demand generation solutions to the SMB companies worldwide. Learn More


by ActiveConversion

Online lead generation and marketing automation software; online customer acquisition and sales force automation. Learn More


by NetMarketingSolution

Email campaigns, newsletters, dynamic content, surveys and more! Learn More


by Genoo

All-In-One web marketing system including marketing automation - lead capture, lead nurturing, email marketing, lead scoring, and more . Learn More

1to1Market Manager


Allows you to deliver branded and personalized messages for multiple campaigns in various forms of communication. Learn More


by Bremy

Improve speed of workflow and accuracy for critical functions such as communications, marketing, and document/image management. Learn More

AdTrak 360

by AdTrak 360

AdTrak 360 is the "hub" for critical data enabling the user to analyze and optimize their marketing like never before! Learn More

Ajexa Suite

by Ajexa

Multi Channel Marketing Automation Software with Event Driven Campaign Workflow Capability. Learn More


by Allocadia Software

Allocadia provides one central place for all marketers to track their budgets, actuals, forecasts, scenarios, objectives, owners, & regions. Dashboards and reports summarize budget & plan status. Learn More


by Alsamarketing

Marketing automation platform that allows you to identify which leads are ready to purchase, nurture your less qualified leads and more Learn More

AMS Smart Suite

by Advanced Marketing Sciences

Delivers real-time insight that enables enterprises to optimize and continuously refine their marketing execution. Learn More


by Appcase

Analytics software for your mobile app marketing. Track app downloads, revenue, rates & reviews, meta-data changes, and mentions. Learn More


by Appforma

Generate leads and sales with ready-to-launch automated marketing campaigns and loyalty activities. Learn More

Aprix Marketing Manager

by Aprix Solutions

Marketing Resource Management solution Learn More


by Automize

Automated Teleseminar and Conference Call Platform Learn More



Lead & Sales Tracking Solutions help you improve your business by delivering relevant and actionable information in real time. Learn More


by Media Flint

Campaign tracking and inbound calls reporting software with voice recording and text transcription features. Learn More


by Base

Base is the only CRM built for people and the first post-PC CRM. Base is used by tens of thousands of businesses to manage sales. Learn More


by Bislr

Content management and real-time analytics tool for email marketing, social content, and lead nurturing campaign creation. Learn More


by Bizible

Bizible's technology allows companies to accurately track offline revenue back to the exact online marketing source. Learn More

BLI Messaging

by Alert Solutions

Fax broadcasting, opt in email marketing, voice, web faxing, survey, polling, campaign management. Learn More


by GX Software

Maximize customer value across all your online channels with customer-driven online engagement. Learn More

Effective software for the successful small business marketing strategy. Learn More


by Boingnet

Integrated landing pages, microsites, email, text and direct mail automation tools with personalization and drip marketing. Learn More


by BrandMuscle

A powerful online ad builder with total digital asset management software for customized local marketing. Learn More


by BrandMaker

Web based central marketing platform easily accessible for central and local marketing employees via web browser. Learn More


by Synage Software

Task management tool for marketing teams with an editorial calendar, ready-made workflows, and a Kanban style task view. Learn More

Brightspot Campaigner

by Brightspot Technology Solutions

Bringing power of enterprise tools to medium and large B2C companies with simplicity in usage at affordable cost. Learn More


by Buzz Builder

This isn't just Marketing Automation for salespeople, it's prospecting nirvana! Generate leads and appointments in new ways. Learn More

Call tracking and recording system for tracking ROI from your marketing campaigns. Learn More

CallView 360

by Dial 800

Proactive call tracking gives you real call volumes, buyer demographics, and recordings of every call you receive. Learn More


by PICA9

Creates a channel marketing automation system that combines marketing tools email,direct mailers,phone calls,& in-person visits. Learn More


by Campaign Runner

Analytic CRM, Date Warehousing, and Campaign Management tool based on intuitive data-flow GUI. Learn More

Online marketing solution that includes tools for campaign and lead management, email marketing, and web content management. Learn More


by TravelCarma

Web-based one-stop solution for e-CRM, direct marketing and relationship management. Learn More


by ClickDimensions

Marketing automation and email marketing software for Microsoft Dynamics users. Learn More


by be the brand experience

A quick and easy-to-use MRM solution that enables you to customize and alter current marketing communications. Learn More


by CommuniGator

Our software offering equips you with all you need to run marketing automation within your business Learn More


by MarketRuler

A tracking and reporting service which determines the effectiveness of your web site marketing. Learn More


by Streamline Metrics

Web-based marketing intelligence system with customizable contact form builder, data collection and analysis, and lead status tracking. Learn More

Helps marketers apply one-to-one marketing techniques across all communications channels by unifying profile data. Learn More

Identify and segment prospects & customers to assure maximum effectiveness for your outbound marketing. Learn More

Software for managing your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. Learn More


by Madar

Contact management, campaign management and customer service software solution for Microsoft Windows. Learn More


by CRMm

A system that combines CRM and marketing functionality into one tool for better client conversion and retention. Learn More

Marketing solution that allows auto dealers to communicate with their customers using phone, email, direct mail, and social media. Learn More

A brandable Podcast Platform with a variety of easy to use audio & video publication, hosting, and wide distrubution tools. Learn More


by Demandforce

Automated marketing and communications solution helping you grow revenue, retain and engage your existing customers and track results. Learn More

Digital Marketing Center

by New Media Gateway

Eight of the most sought after capabilities into one integrated web based marketing application. Learn More

Digital Signage

by Abierto Networks

Delivers call-to-action messaging and promotes valued offers to entice your customers from the forecourt into your store. Learn More

Direct Mail Manager

by Postcard Services

Amazing tool that turns everyone into direct mail marketing experts. No minimums, affordable pricing and trackable reporting. Learn More

Distributed marketing solutions, marketing automation, digital asset management Learn More

Elateral MSP

by Elateral

Supports the creation, storage, optimization, distribution, production and measurement of marketing campaigns. Learn More


by Gold Lasso

Multi-channel marketing sofware that helps you get the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel. Learn More


by Agency On-Demand

On-Demand CRM solutions driving revenue generation, performance visibility and customer retention through improved Sales, Marketing and Customer Service & Support. Learn More

Bronto's intuitive design and easy navigation remove obstacles blocking the creativity of experienced and beginning marketers alike. Learn More



Completely customizable for a wide range of web-based initiatives from building an online presence to managing marketing programs. Learn More


by eMaximation

Sales and marketing automation solution. Drip-feed marketing campaigns, activity tracking, lead segmentation, and prospect tracking. Learn More


by eMerge

Deliver a consistent message through all major online marketing channels - email, social media, blog, mobile & landing pages. Learn More


by EnvisionPPC

EnvisionSearch downloads your campaign data from the AdWords and adCenter APIs into a MySQL database, ready for you to create reports, dashboards, and other types of online marketing tools. Learn More


by Envoke

Complete online lead generation solution with web forms, landing pages, email campaigns and an integrated marketing database. Learn More


by That's US Technologies

Online marketing and lead management application with call tracking, ads monitoring, social media control for real estate businesses. Learn More



Enterprise e-marketing and mobile solution that grows traffic and sales for multi-location companies. Learn More

Exel-lent Marketing Formulas

by InfoTech Marketing

Excel Add-in with 55 Functions and Macros that solve your sales and marketing problems. Learn More


by Experiture

Experiture lets marketer and others create, launch, measure, and optimize individualized customer experiences and multi-channel messaging -- with minimal ongoing involvement from engineering or IT. Learn More

FastStats Cascade

by Apteco

Campaign management module to co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions administered by different users. Learn More


by AXLR8

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your sales and marketing business processes. Learn More


by Fision

Save time and increase profits by optimizing your resources. Gain visibility into the effectiveness of campaigns to grow marketing ROI. Learn More



Marketing automation and email marketing software for all size organizations. Learn More


by Gravity Factor

Allows non-technical users to take control of their websites and focus on creating communications. Learn More

GoToBilling Marketing

by GoToBilling

Set up marketing campaigns easily, build and schedule newsletters, announcements, coupons and special offers. Learn More


by GreenRope

Sales and marketing solution that combines CRM, social network/email marketing, task/project management, ticketing, and survey tools. Learn More


by Levelsoft

Intergrated package incorporating survey, decision support, planning and control of all market activities. Learn More


by Fisher Vista

Marketing and media visibility software for companies selling to human resources and employee benefit brokers. Learn More


by Ifbyphone

Marketing automation software with call tracking, virtual receptionist, voice broadcasting, virtual call center, and call recording. Learn More


by interlinkONE

Manage multi-tiered marketing campaigns and collect data on preferences, response rates & customer behavior. Learn More


by Acxiom

The first digital marketing platform built specifically for collaboration amongst enterprise marketing teams. Learn More

Impact Engine

by Impact Engine

Online service that enables large organizations and small businesses to manage multimedia marketing campaigns. Learn More


by inBoundio

Research keywords, create landing pages, manage social media accounts and contacts through simplified inbound marketing software. Learn More

inClick Ad Server

by inClick

A scalable contextual advertising management platform for content publishers, vertical targets, and niche markets, designed to maximize revenue. Learn More

Information Platform

by Infinata

Analyze performance, trends, and success factors for an industry, organization or market segment. Learn More


by Sequentia Environics

Helps you measure, analyze, and compare the effectiveness of social media channels and content. Learn More



All-in-one marketing and e-PR automation software. Integrates into one platform most effective e-PR, marketing and sales services. Learn More


by JangoMail

Ready to make your email marketing the stuff of legends? Create unique, personalized email campaigns and enjoy advanced reporting. Learn More


by Kapost

Content marketing solution that serves as a centralised hub for all types of content and content related campaigns. Learn More


by KARMA Software

Web-hosted marketing automation and sales lead management system. Learn More

KeyMetric Campaign Analytics - the first marketing analytics tool to effectively track online conversions and offline phone calls back Learn More

Control your brand with an automated graphics execution process that streamlines graphics development with an integrated workflow. Learn More



CRM solution enhanced with marketing automation capabilities, such as hierarchical campaigns. Learn More

Launch Pad

by NextBee

Software solution for Referral marketing, Buzz Marketing, Reward Systems, Viral Marketing, and more. Learn More

Lead Follow-Up

by MacMicro

Marketing automation - Automates email-based drip marketing campaigns to help you nurture your leads. Learn More

Lead Liaison

by Lead Liaison

Provides easy to use, web-based, revenue generation software for B2B marketing and sales. Learn More

LeadGenesys Platform

by LeadGenesys

LeadGenesys offers affordable marketing automation to companies that need to improve their lead-gen results - $195/Month. Learn More


by LeadLander

Helps analyze and respond to the companies and people that are researching information on your website. Learn More


by LeadLife Solutions

Powerful and intuitive software, helping marketing professionals increase the value of lead generation and maximize sales resources. Learn More


by Engago Technologies

Hosted solution, tracks information about website visitors, and converts visitors to leads using the built-in B2B CRM tool. Learn More


by Leadsius

Marketing automation platform that simplifies campaign creation and tracking through the use of easy to set up landing pages. Learn More



Marketing solution that includes software and hardware components and helps retailers create loyalty programs, email campaigns, etc. Learn More


by Betacities

Customer engagement and lead generation platform that links buyers to products through dynamic QR Codes, NFC Chips,and iBeacons. Learn More


by Logaholic Web Analytics

Improve your marketing ROI, analyze visitors and track conversion rates Learn More

Logical Office

by Logical Office

Logical Office is a SAGE compatible or stand-alone CRM - a low cost alternative to MS-Dynamics Learn More

Call tracking and phone performance management SaaS. Marketers can measure phone calls and sales can measure phone performance. Learn More

LoopFuse OneView

by LoopFuse

Marketing Automation SaaS Platform Learn More

Lyris HQ

by Lyris Technologies

All-in-one marketing tool for email, search marketing, web analytics and web CMS. Learn More


by M-Factor

Hosted marketing planning application that boosts ROMI with forward looking analytics, simulation, and optimization. Learn More

MAILman Not-for-profit

by Direct Marketing Software

MAILman is the ultimate marketing system for both Internet and traditional marketing campaigns. Learn More


by MakesBridge

Marketing automation software starting at $500/Month. Covers email marketing, direct mail and landing pages. Learn More


by Manticore Technology

Run powerful online marketing campaigns and generate golden sales leads. Learn More


by Interactive Marketing Group

Suite of online marketing tools that enables channel marketers, dealers and resellers to promote their brand, products and services. Learn More

Marketing data management platform with precision targeting capabilities and advanced analytic tools. Learn More


by Profitics

Marketics is a tactical planning tool designed to anticipate and optimize demand response to marketing initiatives. Learn More

Marketing Asset Manager

by Saepio Technologies

Combines digital asset management, collateral customization and marketing automation into one, easy-to-use marketing interface. Learn More

Marketing Automation

by Digital

Solution that leverages corporate activities to collect key information through natural interaction with customers. Learn More

Solution for developing marketing datamarts and managing direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Learn More

Marketing CRM


Helps you understand customer behaviour, run precisely targeted campaigns and follow-up with interested customers. Learn More

Marketing View

by TreeHouse Interactive

Marketing automation software that helps to increase demand across multiple marketing channels. Learn More


by Marquis Software Solutions

Marketing software for banks, thrifts and credit unions. Learn More

MarketZone Platinum

by infoUSA

Web-based solution for customer and market segmentation and analysis, campaign planning and execution, and record updating. Learn More

Merge inSite

by Merge

Integrated platform that empowers marketers with the management of marketing content, information and campaigns. Learn More

MessageMaker Social

by One to One

Lets you publish and manage targeted content across a large number of social interaction points while generating actionable intelligence. Learn More


by Blue Chip Consulting

Enterprise Marketing Management Software - maximise marketing return, mitigate marketing risk and improve marketing efficiency. Learn More

Mobile Flow

by Mobile Flow

Technology platform that incorporates a variety of templates and tools that simplify the creation of mobile solutions. Learn More

Manage marketing campaigns for your network of stores or locations - direct mail, email, mobile, microsites, and digital assets. Learn More

MyAP Enterprise

by Inuvo

Full-featured affiliate tracking & management solution that is custom-tailored to work with your SKU-based ordering system. Learn More


by InstantSurvey

Our market research software is the complete, integrated solution that simplifies global market research management. Learn More


by SEP Networks

Front office marketing suite for Franchise and Direct Selling. Empowers companies to optimize all aspects of digital marketing. Learn More


by Teleportd

Social media marketing platform with analytics capabilities for Instagram. Learn More

NuEdge Suite

by NuEdge Systems

Marketing campaign management solution; plan campaigns annually, yet implement events "on the fly". Learn More


by MoonRay

Automate the delivery of email, tasks, direct mail, voice broadcast, fulfillment lists, and more. Learn More

Omega Marketing Broadcaster

by CCR Software Shop

All in one Marketing tool, upload your database and Mass Broad Cast via Email, SMS & FAX from any location to any location Learn More


by OnDialog

On-Demand Landing Page, Microsite and Personalized URL Management Learn More

ONE System

by Ad Giants

Marketing Brand Management. Control brand standards, empower your field. Improve your ROI. All in one easy to use system. Learn More


by 1io

Manage, edit, translate marketing collateral online in a browser. Native InDesign support. Easy integration into brand collateral. Learn More

OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management

by OpenBox Technologies

Helps plan, schedule, and monitor multi-stage, multi-channel campaigns spanning email, direct mail, fax, Web & telemarketing. Learn More


by PageInvasion

A plugin for creating optimized landing pages for local SEO purposes. Learn More


by EarthIntegrate

SaaS relationship marketing platform geared towards distributed user base in an enterprise setting. Learn More

Poindexter POE

by X Plus One

Uses statistical modeling technology to determine determine the right audience and right message for campaigns. Learn More

Portrait Campaign Manager

by Portrait Software

Portrait's Customer Analytics is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, predictive analytics solution. Learn More

PPC BidMax

by Apex Pacific

The ultimate Online Advertising Campaign and PPC bid management software for the agency and the advertiser Learn More

Pricing Engine

by Pricing Engine

An application that helps smaller businesses benchmark, optimize, and expand the leads and sales they get from their digital ad campaigns. Learn More

Enables you to build and link online channels - web and e-mail - together with the offline world. Learn More


by Prommodity

Web-based software used for streamlining Online Marketing. Learn More


by The WebMart Network

Marketing solution that provides data collection, survey tools, email & web messaging, reporting with graphs & tables, and analytics. Learn More


by Publipage

Manage leads and track their online activities. See what your leads are doing on your website and how they interact with it. Learn More


by RatePoint

Web-based communication tools - email marketing and surveys that allow businesses to collect, manage and promote customer feedback. Learn More

RedPoint Interaction

by RedPoint Global

Marketing automation solution that includes digital asset management, financial planning, and social media integration. Learn More


by Morton Marketing

Resultrak is an easy to use, online marketing tracking and web analytics portal. Learn More


by ReTargeter

It is a full-service display advertising platform specializing in audience targeting and retargeting solutions for brands of all sizes. Learn More


by RevenueAutomation

Encompasses everything you need to streamline your sales and marketing machine. Learn More

Saber Blast

by Saber Blast

Attract new customer & amplify your reach. Saber Blast helps you to turn contacts into marketing allies that help grow your business. Learn More


by RTI Software

Sales and marketing automation software with contact management, marketing campaigns, laptop synchronization, and more. Learn More


by Lattice Engines

Enables companies to sell smarter and achieve an increase in sales. Learn More

SAS Customer Intelligence

by SAS Institute

Integrated platform for enterprise marketing management with campaign management and optimization. Learn More


by SAVO Group

Sales Enablement SaaS technology. Learn More

SDL Quatron

by SDL International

a Robust Marketing Automation solution Learn More

SEO PowerSuite

by LInk-Assistant.Com

Automante link building, on-page SEO, rank tracking, competition research, etc. Learn More


by Sideqik

Partnership platform for marketers - grow your customers and revenue by working with partners Learn More

by Sign-Up Technologies

Automate your permission based marketing through the use of email, SMS, and social media integration tools. Learn More


by Signal

Captures details of your audience which can inform more relevant and targeted offers. Learn More


by Silverpop

Marketing automation software that allows you to manage your customer data, execute targeted campaigns, and track results. Learn More

A suite of marketing tools built upon a CMS that enable a company to deliver a consistent message. Learn More


by SimplyCast

Inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication combined into one powerful platform of online tools & apps. Learn More


by Smart-wares

Send e-mail, fax and SMS based marketing messages to your customers and prospects from intuitive web-based screens. Learn More


by The AdTrack Corporation

A web-based lead management system that nurtures cold leads to become sales-ready. Learn More


by Emailvision

Marketing automation and campaign management software that helps businesses convert online actions into business opportunities. Learn More


by Smartbridge

Cost-effective marketing intelligence for real-time performance analysis of integrated campaigns. Learn More

SmartTouch CRM

by SmartTouch Interactive

A solution that includes tools for sales & marketing performance reporting, sales automation, contact record management, and more. Learn More


by Snap Lab Media

SaaS solution for developing mobile apps and building mobile websites. Learn More

Social Marketing Suite

by WildFire Interactive

Powerful, easy-to-use social marketing platform to grow, engage and monetize your audience across social networks. Learn More

Social Syndication Hub

by SimpleFeed

RSS Feed creation, management and measurement for Marketing, Publishing & eCommerce. Learn More


by SoftVu

Lead optimization and marketing automation software that provides leads scoring, campaign management, and marketing analytics. Learn More


by Sokrati

Digital Marketing Platform Learn More


by Splitter

Enables companies to effectively manage, track, and split their links & QR codes simplifying targeted contextual marketing. Learn More


by SproutLoud

Marketing resource management system gives distributed marketing channels access to customizable marketing materials in the media. Learn More

Strategic Voice Messaging

by Global Connect

Global Connect's Strategic Voice Messaging System is a fast, easy, cost-effective way to increase portfolio penetration and collector efficiency. Learn More

Sun Bear

by Sun Bear Software

Web based marketing automation software that enables your marketing and sales teams to automate campaign and lead management. Learn More


by Swyzzle

An online platform that lets B2B and B2C marketers use media with built-in calls-to-action for marketing and lead generation. Learn More


by Longwood Software

Solution for marketing materials management and distribution. Used by Marketing and Sales departments. Learn More


by TechValidate

The TechValidate SaaS platform creates credible content, sourced directly from your satisfied customers. Learn More


by Totango

Offers a customer engagement, database and solutions for trial conversion, onboarding and lifecycle marketing. Learn More


by Vanick Digital

Enables you to manage your documents, marketing efforts, control your expenditures, and generate reports that provide total visibility. Learn More


by Touchpoint Technologies

Software for businesses to streamline their marketing campaigns with email automation, mobile marketing, and social media marketing features. Learn More

Trumpia 2.0

by Trumpia

All-in-one Marketing solution including mobile sms, email, chat, voice, and social media. Learn More


by Uberflip

Lets you super-charge your PDFs, creating customizable web-apps instantly available on today's most popular tablets and other devices. Learn More


by update software

Provides marketing staff with information and support tools for planning and delivering sales support measures. Learn More

Validar Full Measure Suite includes Lead Capture, Lead Manager, Lead Import for AppExchange. Learn More


by netFactor

Like Caller ID for a Website. Automatically Capture and Convert Clicks into B2B Leads - Without any Registration. Learn More


by Whatsnexx

A customer state marketing automation platform that requires little IT implication and no centralized data. Learn More

Windsor Circle

by Windsor Circle

Retention automation platform for online retailers that provides analytics tools, ecommerce and email marketing platforms integration. Learn More

WinningWare QuickLaunch

by WinningWare

Product launch software automation to empower small and medium businesses that are launching a new product, website, service or event . Learn More

Wintouch eCRM

by Touchtone

Web-based CRM for AS/400, built-in 5250 emulation, integrates to back-end ERP & data, PDA & laptop remote access. Learn More

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