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Kareo web-based practice management/medical billing software with integrated electronic claims processing is the most user-friendly, easy-to-buy, and easy set-up solution on the market. Kareo is popular with physician practices from 1-8 providers and medical billing companies with 1-100 providers. Users can schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, send electronic claims, receive electronic insurance payments, manage collections, store documents online, and print custom reports. View Profile

Medical Billing Services

by Medical Mastermind

Mastermind practice management software combined with our medical billing services enables us to identify the redundancies, the hemorrhaging, the inefficiencies and wheel spinning that reduce your practices profitability. We understand every facet of billing and have the professional management and resources to stay on top of issues ranging from updated provider errata sheets to changes in patient status, efficacy and efficiency are assured. The results is a more profitable practice. View Profile is a web-based insurance eligibility & coverage verification software, focused on streamlining the patient intake process. We've partnered with numerous sources to provide the most comprehensive insurance payer list. Our unique set of tools allow for real-time calculation of patients financial responsibility at the point-of-care. Our coverage reports are unremittingly designed to classify and deliver information rather than a text-based mainframe dump. View Profile

athenaCollector is the industry's leading billing and practice management solution- delivering faster payment, increased revenues and dramatically improved control over practice operations. athenaCollector helps you solve these challenges. athenahealth offers the industry's leading approach to billing and practice management, combining award winning software, the country's largest database of payer rules, and state-of-the-art billing and collection operations like no other. View Profile


by QS/1

SystemOne software provides easy-to-use tools to manage inventory & 3rd party billing for HME/DME businesses & pharmacies. SystemOne tracks maintenance schedules of rentals, automatically bills continuing rentals & provides access to 100,000 Medicare allowables & 15,000 ICD-10 codes. The simple, easy-to-use Windows-based system helps you complete many tasks quickly with a few mouse clicks or keystrokes. It provides all required Medicare Part B Compliance documentation - for possible CMS audits View Profile

NueMD is an easy-to-use, Internet-based medical billing system that will help you better serve your clients by shortening their reimbursement cycles and increasing efficiencies within their practices. Provide clients with detailed reports on revenue trends, collection aging, and payment status. NueMD boasts "super-user" capabilities, where you can access your clients' accounts simultaneously from one screen. Nuesoft has an established customer base of more than 24,000 users in 50 states. View Profile

Online behavioral health practice management software for scheduling, notes, electronic billing, EMR, and many more features. TherapyNotes saves you time by managing the entire workflow of a mental health professional from scheduling the patient to submitting their claim. It's so easy to use you can start using it in your practice today. Extensive security measures are in place to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what's most important: your clients. Try TherapyNotes Free for 30 Days! View Profile

Make your life easier with LeonardoMD's premier Web-based Practice Management Software, Medical Billing Software, and Electronic Health Record (EHR). Serving practices nationwide since 2000, LeonardoMD provides a proven web-based software suite supported by seasoned experts in every specialty. Our commitment to customer service has resulted in unrivaled customer satisfactions rates and training speed. View Profile

ChartLogic, Inc. offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing, patient portal and more. Although ChartLogic includes hundreds of distinct features, it's the overall charting experience that sets it apart: truly easy, incredibly flexible and super fast. You can produce a complete note in <90 seconds. Literally. In addition to primary care, we cater to surgical and other complex areas of medicine. View Profile

A secure Cloud/SaaS based Practice Management & Medical Billing Software. Features include Electronic Claims, Claim Scrubbing, Appt. Scheduler, Insurance Eligibility, Patient Demographics/Statements, EMR Integration, Auto Posting, Dashboard/Reports among other PMS features & support for ICD-10, 02/12 CMS-1500 Form, v5010. This solution is ideal for Practices, IPAs, Billing Services, Ambulance Billers & Public Health Clinics to submit claims & receive payments more efficiently at affordable cost. View Profile


by CureMD

Outsourcing your medical billing to CureMD means faster claim processing, accelerated revenue cycle, reduced denials and maximized earnings. Your patients deserve to get the best service and so do you. With our specialized medical billing, your success is guaranteed. Pricing: As low as 4% of collections. To top it all off , you will get our EMR, Practice Management and Patient Portal Free with the billing service. View Profile


by Advanced Data Systems

MedicsPremier medical billing software from ADS delivers unparalleled power, flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use while providing that increase in efficiency. Having evolved from over thirty years of development, MedicsPremier actually traces its roots to the origins of ADS itself. With that type of provenance, MedicsPremier is a system that is truly rich in technological advancements. View Profile

TheraNest is an easy to use mental health EMR software. It includes appointment management with reminders by text, voice and email (free email) to reduce cancellations and no shows. Upload and store documents, create invoices, accept payments including credit cards. Send electronic insurance claims. Enter case notes - progress notes, treatment plans, discharge summary, etc., searchable DSM database, CPT codes. Create custom forms. Tons of reports and dashboards, and much more. Free 30-day trial View Profile

PracticeStudioX16 is a certified complete Electronic Health Record system with a completely integrated Medical Billing system. Billing for your clinic has never been easier with centralized claims management, scrubbing tools, analysis and metric tools, remittance processing and optimized reporting. Our new reporting engine gives users control of their data with highly customizable options and features. View Profile

Flash Code

by Flash Code Solutions

Flash Code, featuring ICD-10 Smart Search provides 24/7 online access to the complete ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding systems. Search for ICD-9 and/or ICD-10 codes, see the relationships (mapping) between the two coding systems, determine sequencing, and drill down to specific billable diagnosis codes. Flash Code search results are "Code-Centric," meaning the user sees code numbers and descriptions with each search, which is the end point for their workflow. View Profile


by Medical Practice Software

Advanced Clinical Claim Scrubbing available to double check your codes. Electronic claims and electronic statements are available which speed up payments. Electronic Remits with automatic posting and secondary claim filing save time and money. DuxWare can work with any clearinghouse, giving you more choices. A powerful, integrated and scalable web-based practice management tool, DuxWare is the single solution to meet all of your medical office management needs. View Profile

CareVoyant Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable software solution is an integrated Healthcare billing engine capable of managing disparate payer requirements across multiple lines of business. With CareVoyant, you can bill on UB04, CMS-1500, or by statement. Customers include Billing Services, DME companies, and other health care/medical providers who may use a third-party EMR, CRM, or custom software to handle their workflow. CareVoyant can interface to receive demographics and charges. View Profile

Insta HMS

by Insta Health Solutions

Web-based modular hospital management system which covers financial, operational and clinical aspects of healthcare providers. View Profile


by Healthpac Computer Systems

HIPAA compliant medical billing software for Physicians, Radiologists, PACS, Laboratories & Imaging Centers. View Profile

Web-based EMR and medical practice management solution with patient communication, marketing, and revenue cycle management features. View Profile

At PracticeAdmin, we promise to provide affordable, easy-to-use tools that get healthcare professionals more money. View Profile


by AllegianceMD

Web-based medical billing, practice management and EMR software that uses artificial intelligence. View Profile

BMO is a powerful and efficient yet easy-to-use medical billing system built for demanding billing professionals. View Profile

SOS Office Manager

by Synergistic Office Solutions

Billing and accounts receivable software with additional modules for electronic claims, scheduling and behavioral health records. View Profile


by Accumedic Computer Systems

Electronic medical records (EMR) software that provides facilities with detailed demographic files including progress notes. View Profile

Therapy Partner

by Therapy Partner

Web based practice management software that includes, progress notes, scheduling/calendars, billing features, client statements, & more View Profile

Internet-based practice management and medical billing solution that is simple, efficient, and affordable. View Profile


by Fagerman Technologies

Medical billing and practice management software with appointment scheduling, insurance data management, patient labels, and reporting. View Profile


by CareCloud

Practice management solution with collections management module and rules-based intelligence to help you check and submit clean claims. View Profile


by DSoft Systems

Medical management software that handles patient record management, billing, electronic claims filing, patient alerts and scheduling. View Profile

Nextech Practice

by NexTech Systems

Medical practice management, EMR and medical billing software ideal for plastic surgeons. Includes mass emailing and e-billing. View Profile


by BayViewSoft

Full Featured electronic medical billing & practice manager. View Profile


by MPN Software Systems

Complete practice management system handling patient and third party billing, scheduling, WYSIWYG daily notes, and more. View Profile


by DocComply

Scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR), billing and everything in between for private physician practices. View Profile


by Medical Data Technologies

Practice management system that includes billing and scheduling with carrier specific auditing system (CSAS). View Profile

Medical Necessity

by Intelligent Medical Objects

Technology that helps medical billers and clinicians correctly code for clinical orders and appropriate procedures for each diagnosis. View Profile


by PracticeSuite

Practice management, revenue lifecycle management, and medical billing software for healthcare businesses and medical offices. View Profile

Note writing software for medicaid waiver providers. Write a billable, person centered, well formatted, and detailed progress note. View Profile


by MyOnlinePractice

Integrated web-based practice management + EMR + billing solution at $150/mo/provider with no ads to distract your staff. View Profile

Small to mid-sized practices with 10 or fewer providers turn to this solution to manage self-pay accounts and eliminate mistakes. View Profile


by Beaver Creek Software

Billing and practice management software with open-item and balance-forward accounting principles at the core. View Profile


by Netsmart Technologies

An electronic health record that handles billing, scheduling and clinical workflow. View Profile


by Healthcare Excellence Institute

Web based collection & follow up application designed to maximize cash conversion from payers by 3-5% in a 90 day timeframe. View Profile


by MEDTranDirect

Software application for healthcare providers designed to bill and create HIPAA compliant medical claims. View Profile

ABN Assistant

by YEI Healthcare

Allows providers to minimize medical claim denials by getting a signed ABN form. View Profile

Advanced CMS-1500

by SmartForms

Complete and submit CMS-1500 claims, Save patient claims for easy editing and subsequent claims. View Profile

AdvancedMD Medical Billing

by ADP AdvancedMD Software

A full-featured billing and office system, designed by people who know medical billing. View Profile

AHI Eligibility

by AHI Software

Automated, real time verification of the critical fields of a patient's insurance eligibility data. View Profile

Amber Clinic Manager

by Gray Swan Software

Online practice management featuring secure scheduling, reporting and automated electronic claims and remittance. View Profile

Artsyl ClaimAction

by Artsyl Technologies

Software designed to capture, verify and route medical claim data to back-end systems without manual data entry. View Profile


by Billing Dynamix

bestPT enables staff teamwork, streamlines practice activities, improves billing performance and accelerates visit documentation. View Profile


by Procentive

BillCare is the most comprehensive and transparent billing service available to behavioral health practices View Profile

Billing Pro

by The Cvikota Company

A comprehensive medical billing/practice management software solution. View Profile


by BillingParadise

Don't Struggle with pending AR Collections & operational costs. Scale down with BillingParadise 24/7 Medical Billing & free EMR support View Profile

Billworx 6

by Billworx

Automated billing package to manage a single practice or a national billing service. View Profile

Brightree DME/HME

by Brightree

Provides Internet-based business management solutions to HME providers, DME providers, O&P practitioners, Sleep Labs, and Pharmacies. View Profile


by Clinical Support Systems

A flexible, feature-rich clinical billing system allowing for better claim management and money saving possiblities View Profile

Charge Capture

by PatientKeeper

Automates billing process by capturing professional service charges at the point of care. View Profile

Claim Agent

by EMCsoft

Software for editing and submission of medical claims, get payer reports, and rework rejected claims. View Profile

Claim Manager MT

by TripleTee Software

Medical Billing for massage therapists in BC, Canada. Save time and money on WorkSafeBC and MSP claims View Profile

Claritee Payment Audit

by Claritee Group

Preconfigured, customizable datawarehouse platform or healthcare utilizing Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Excel. View Profile

CLIN1 Web Portal

by Clinical Software Solutions

Makes patient healthcare information available in a flexible manner without tying up man-power for filing and retrieving. View Profile

Clinic Essentials

by Tri Tech Information Systems

A clinic management solution designed with a comprehensive menu of features so that you can manage every aspect of your clinic. View Profile



Billing software for Canadian health practitioners. Designed to automatically communicate with MSP, OHIP, and AHCIP in Canada. View Profile


by MedSites

Medical billing software with appointment scheduling, patient records, receivables tracking, expenses management, and custom reports. View Profile


by Affinity Billing

Every aspect of practice management integrated to improve productivity, control and predictability, for greater profitability. View Profile


by Clinix Medical Information Services

ClinixPM is proven, powerful cloud-based practice management software for physician practices and revenue cycle management companies. View Profile

CMS-1500 Software

by Med Claim Software

Our software is a great choice for submitting your paper or electronic claims. Create unlimited claims. View Profile

Coding system

by Alpha II

A single source for comprehensive, accurate front-end code selection and editing. View Profile


by Acadiana Computer Systems

Medical billing and office management system including insurance claims processing capabilities. View Profile


by PPM Information Solutions

Cloud-based medical billing platform that includes account management, real-time error checking, patient scheduling, claims processing. View Profile

Cortex EDI

by Cortex EDI

User-friendly and free software package that provides all the billing needs for Healthcare Providers View Profile


by Nierman Practice Management

Diagnostic report writing & medical billing software that provides reports generation, and claims processing for dentistry. View Profile

DocPay ACH

by Complete Systems

DOCPAY ACH offers a unique alternative for making extended patient payment arrangements. View Profile


by KBTS Technologies

A web based solution for generating medical claims complying with the HIPAA transaction and code set standards. View Profile

Easy Billing Professional

by Easy Billing

Medical billing software that includes integrated scheduling, automatic payment posting, electronic billing capabilities. View Profile


by Gaffey & Associates

Web based software for Electronic Remittance. View Profile


by Practice Insight

EDIinsight provides you with the tools to reduce rejections, speed payments, and increase total reimbursements for your practice. View Profile


by GalenMD Systems

Integrated billing software with appointments, workers compensation, comprehensive reporting, and marketing management. View Profile

Electronic Data Interchange

by Preferred Medical Claim Solutions

HIPAA compliant Preferred Data Interchange, which is customizable for the payer's claim operating systems. View Profile

Electronic Medical Records

by Binary Spectrum

Modular electronic medical records (EMR) software with integrated medical billing system for small and medium sized physician groups. View Profile

Essential RCM

by edgeMED Healthcare Solutions

Revenue cycle management solution that helps healthcare providers and practices manage medical billing and enhance patient care. View Profile

EZ Office

by EZ Healthcare

Medical practice management software solution that includes medical billing, EMR, patient scheduling, and claims tracking. View Profile

Medical Billing Software - makes your paper and electronic billing easier and more intuitive. View Profile


by Anesthesia Business Consultants

F1RSTAnesthesia offers a complete billing and accounts receivable solution for anesthesia practices. View Profile

Genesis Chiropractic Software

by Billing Precision

An ONC-certified scheduling, documentation and billing solution -- a complete chiropractic EHR and practice management system. View Profile


by Harmony Medical

Fully integrated HIPPA compliant practice management software with color-coded scheduling, comprehensive insurance and patient billing. View Profile


by Quadax

Accounts receivable software that offers ticket performance management, patient demographics, charge repository for medical practices. View Profile

HCS Interactant

by Health Care Software

Hello Health

by Hello Health

Software that includes practice management system, EHR, patient portal, billing tools, communication and task management features. View Profile


by dotnet network

Medical billing program that simplifies the filing of claims based on the industry standard Health Insurance Claim Form. View Profile


by American Medical Systems of Ohio

Medical billing and practice management software designed to maximize the financial success of your practice. View Profile


by MedCodePIX

ICD lookup in three clicks using an anatomical image driven interface instead of the old text method for diagnosis code search View Profile


by iCentral

A billing system that provides attendance & visits tracking, rate calculations, unit deductions, rebilling and error resolution. View Profile


by Technology Partners

IMAGINE improves cash flow, streamlines processes and provides real-time productivity management for medical practices, and hospitals. View Profile

Impact Medical System

by Impact Medical Solutions

Complete hospital management solution to streamline all hospital operations from admission to discharge. View Profile

Intelligent Medical Software

by Meditab Software

Practice management solution that includes EMR, billing, scheduling, check in/check out, prescription, and fax management capabilities. View Profile

Iridium Suite

by Medical Business Systems

Cloud-based medical billing system with integrated tools that reduce denials, increase claim reimbursement and improves cash flow. View Profile

iSALUS Billing Services

by iSALUS Healthcare

iSALUS' Medical Billing Service is designed for small to medium sized practices seeking a complete and feature-rich software solution. View Profile


by gingerCube

Brilliant solutions for the healthcare industry. Simple. Charge Capture. Anywhere. View Profile

MD Synergy

by MD Synergy Solutions

Easy-to-use EMR and document management system to increase practice efficiency, improve operational control and increase revenue. View Profile


by MD Perfect

Windows based EMR software solution to manage a medical practice including patient scheduling, patient encounters, billing, etc. View Profile


by CPU Medical Management Systems

Practice Management software designed to meet the needs of physicians, billing services and practice management organizations. View Profile


by Avisena

Software platform that provides comprehensive practice and revenue management services for healthcare organizations of all sizes. View Profile


by MedEZ

Office automation software for the healthcare community to track patient information, schedule appointments, and manage billing. View Profile

Medical Billing

by Advantedge Healthcare Solutions

We offer a complete medical billing solution: no add-ons, no extra fees, no maintenance charges. View Profile

Medical Billing

by Clinical Info Solutions

Offers innovative solutions which are far more efficient and cost-effective than what is standard in the billing industry. View Profile

Medical Billing Assistant

by Medford Medical Systems

Windows based medical billing and practice management software that includes scheduling, accounting, and real time reporting. View Profile

Medical Office One

by Biosoftworld Medical Software

All-in-one electronic medical records (EMR), appointment scheduling, and medical billing software package for Vista and XP. View Profile

Medical Practice Solutions

by Innovative Medical Practice Solutions

A full suite of EMR, scheduling, and billing software solutions that provide e-prescribing, imaging, and automatic referral letters. View Profile

Medicall Billing Software

by Quest National Services

Web-based software that provides financial analysis and billing reporting, scheduling, patient ID cards scanning and storage. View Profile


by ClaimTek Systems

Modern and versatile medical billing software for professional billing companies. View Profile

Mercury Medical

by CrisSoft

Modular medical solution that offers credential management, patient record management, claims processing, and appointment scheduling View Profile


by MICA Information Systems

Electronic medical records provider, practice management software (PMS) developer and billing service. View Profile

MPM Office

by MPMsoft

Practice management and medical billing software that integrates patient records, scheduling, billing and reporting. View Profile

MTBC Medical Billing Service will accelerate your medical billing collections and streamline your workflow. View Profile


by Navicure

Internet-based medical claims clearinghouse that helps physician practices increase profitability through improved claims reimbursement View Profile


by Nightingale

Full suite of products and services designed to meet the needs of providers, provider groups and regional health organizations. View Profile


by NovoPath

Billing and claims management system with accounts receivables management and payment processing for anatomic pathology laboratories. View Profile


by Inborne Technology

Software for medical offices and healthcare practices with one or more providers. Functionality includes specialized claim submissions. View Profile


by Omega Technology Solutions

A comprehensive claims management solution that helps hospitals increase their claims accuracy. View Profile


by Avid Anesthesiology Solutions

Billing, reporting and document management for anesthesiologists. View Profile

Orbograph P2Post

by Orbograph

Converts paper forms into an electronic file, matching the output with billing files, then generating a post ready payment file. View Profile

PAR Medical Billing

by Medinet

Medical billing program that enables mobile access to MSP and Private billing with accurate clinical, statistical and financial reporti View Profile

Patient Manager Advanced

by Vertikal Systems

A complete billing solution with comprehensive medical records implementation, contact management, scheduling and report functions. View Profile

PDS Cortex

by PDS Cortex

Medical practice management and billing solution with optional automated bad debts / collection agency tracking functionality. View Profile


by Doctor Office Management

Electronic health records and revenue cycle management system designed specifically for pediatrics. View Profile

PitchStone Health

by PitchStone Technology

Medical coding software scientifically designed to optimize usability, code-valuation and code-lookup. View Profile

PowerMed Billing

by PowerMed

Numerous reporting options and electronic claims processing to meet the needs of any practice. View Profile

Practice Management Ultra

by American Medical Software

Integrated medical office software that includes ONC/CCHIT certified EMR, medical billing, and appointment scheduling. View Profile

Practice Manager X3

by Synergy Medical Information Systems

Practice management application designed for healthcare providers and billing services. View Profile


by Curtis Software

A solution that includes accounting reports, audit trail, electronic CMN transmission, clearinghouse capabilities. View Profile

Pro Health Billing

by Pro Health Billing

Patient scheduling, medical billing and claims processing solution for all medical specialities. View Profile

ProPM Standalone

by Prodata Systems

Subscription-based patient relationship management solution with accounting management, offloaded claim and statement processing. View Profile


by ProtoMED Medical Management

Medical practice management software with integrated document imaging, e-prescriptions, claims management and worked status reporting. View Profile

PulsePro Practice Management

by Pulse Systems

Medical billing and office management system for the management of complex financial, clinical, and patient data. View Profile


by QuickPractice

Practice management software that provides patient records/charting, patient statements, insurance billing, scheduling, and more. View Profile

Realtime Patient Payments

by CheckVantage

Medical Adjudication, E-Check & Data Center Services. Processing checks. View Profile


by Practice Alternatives

Practice Management and billing software that includes electronic claims processing and electronic payment reconciliation. View Profile

Medical office billing and scheduling software designed to fill insurance claims electronically, produce patient statements, and more. View Profile


by The Echo Group

Client management and billing with all the functionality you would expect from state-of-the-art browser based billing software. View Profile


by SilverTree Health

Web-based medical practice billing software that provides patient scoring, claims re-submission, payroll cost reductions, etc. View Profile

Integrated appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, and medical billing software for small to mid-sized physician practices. View Profile


by EBS Medical Chart Solutions

Management solution that integrates all the major processes like charting, billing, prescribing, scheduling, scanning, and imaging. View Profile

Patient medical and billing records, automated registration, admission, transfer, and discharge. View Profile


by Sydasoft

Medical billing and practice management software that comes with accounting system, document scanning, and appointment scheduling. View Profile


by TotalMD

Easy-to-use, full-featured medical billing software that completely integrates your financial, reporting and scheduling needs View Profile


by Practice Velocity

Coding software that reads SOAP-note template documentation and analyzes the coding algorythms. View Profile


by Vericle

Tracks payer performance from a single point of control and shares Medicare compliance rules globally. View Profile


by InfoQuest Systems

Practice management and billing solution that enables you to improve your cash flow and office efficiency. View Profile

Visual Private Office

by Practice Management Technologies

Software that provides accounting integration, client billing, clinical records, scheduling, medication, and claims management tools. View Profile


by Alton Healthcare

EMR module designed to handle practice scheduling, billing, prescription management, medical transcription, and data migration. View Profile

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