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Orchard Harvest LIS

by Orchard Software

Orchard's information systems, used by hundreds of laboratories across the country, utilize process automation, rules-based decision-making, ICD screening, and robust instrument, billing, EHR, and reference lab interfaces to increase productivity. Orchard also offers Microbiology and Anatomic Pathology systems and various outreach solutions for remote order entry and results delivery through the Internet or directly to providers' EHRs. View Profile

Avalon Laboratory System

by Computer Service & Support

The Avalon Laboratory System is a highly sophisticated group of programs capable of managing all production needs of laboratories. CSS can automate all areas of the laboratory, including chemistry, hematology, microbiology, mycology, serology, cytology, parasitology and toxicology. Avalon provides the lab with high quality and a rapid turnaround of lab results at a profit. Integrated secured Web based reporting and EMR is available in latest version 8.0. View Profile

LabCollector is a all-in-one lab and notebook web software. Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector will manage a variety useful lab information and invetories. A unique and affordable, expandable and customizable collaborative interface. It also includes an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and many other addons (workflows, sensors monitoring, service management...). Hosted on the cloud or on premises. View Profile

Bioleen QMS

by Bioleen Solutions

Bioleen Solutions Inc. is a software supplier offering an on-line Quality Management Software exclusively for the Medical Laboratories. Our solution is a lot more than just a database compilation of your quality system, it is in fact a powerful communication tool for all the actors of your laboratory. The particularity of our software is the permanent interaction between all the modules. Already, more than 2000 Laboratories use our software, representing more than 25 000 users. View Profile


by American Soft Solutions

Prolis is a single module fits all system, for Chemistry/Hematology/Urinalysis, Toxicology, Microbiology, Pathology with synoptic reporting and other molecular testing. Its functionality and automation grows with your laboratory requirements of interfacing to analyzers, EMR systems and the Reference Lab systems. Offers integrated billing and the AR system. View Profile



LimitLIS is a modern laboratory information system with limitless possibilities designed to increase laboratory accuracy, efficiency and productivity. By not requiring installation, LimitLIS enables clients, patients and laboratory staff to securely access their data anywhere and on any device and removes costly IT staffing costs. LimitLIS is designed for use in regulated environments and is fully compliant with CLIA, HIPAA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. View Profile


by Tru-Solutions

A comprehensive medical diagnostic center and lab management software. Feature rich & easy to use & customize. View Profile


by Dataworks Development

Affordable Sample and data management for sites that want true configurability. Freezerworks empowers, putting the user in control. View Profile


by Abbott Informatics

STARLIMS is a powerful, unified, full-featured, highly extensible and scalable web-based laboratory information management system. View Profile

Take control of your laboratory's documents and procedure manuals. Help meet CAP, CLIA, Joint Commission, FDA, EPA, ISO 15189 regs. View Profile


by CloudLIMS

A user friendly, web based sample management solution, to track biosamples and storage locations in an economical and reliable manner. View Profile


by Dharma Healthcare

Powerful LIMS module integrated in the Health.NET suite. Available from 49/Month/Usr or lifetime license View Profile

Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS

by Novatek International

A complete and fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant Laboratory Information Managment System. View Profile


by CompuGroup Medical

Software for clinical laboratory environments including labs in hospitals, clinics, physician office labs and reference laboratories. View Profile


by Cosmonet Solutions

ePrognosis is an comprehensive web-based Laboratory Information View Profile

Turnkey Windows LIS solution to meet the needs of today's clinical laboratory market. View Profile

A tool for managing and analyzing medical lab results history. View Profile


by MedTrax

Web-based long term scheduling tool for labs servicing nursing homes and physician offices View Profile

Simple LIMS Software

by Simple LIMS Software

Configurable Microsoft Access based solution for small medical labs in a variety of industries. View Profile

Sample Master

by Accelerated Technology Laboratories

Complete Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). View Profile

Apex LIS

by Apex Healthware

Modular LIS that offers lab order generation, lab results storage, specimen barcode labels printing, and allergy management module. View Profile

Accutest LIMS

by Accutest

LIMS systems that allow to seamlessly produce deliverables and electronic data interchange through Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD). View Profile

Advanced Computer Technologies

by Advanced Computer Technologies

Advanced Computer Technologies (ACT) currently provides web-based drug court case management solutions View Profile

Agri-Labs Information Systems

by Desert Oasis Software

Agricultural, environmental LIMS with modules for soils, water, plant tissue, compost, waste and air. View Profile

Alfa21 LIMS


Comprehensive competitively priced modular solution for managing different types of laboratories in the public and private sector. View Profile


by Interfasys

Laboratory information system that automates the workflow of clinical lab. Can also act as a framework in large lab environment. View Profile

AP Easy

by Small Business Computers of NE

AP Easy is a highly scalable, customizable solution that will meet your labs every need, and more. Call today for a demo 1-800-647-2263 View Profile


by Common Cents Systems

Laboratory information management system designed to manage workflow from specimen accessioning through results reporting. View Profile

Atlas LabWorks

by Atlas Development

laboratory order entry and results reporting system with order/specimen routing to multiple labs. View Profile

Attune Lab Information System

by Attune Technologies

With solutions from Attune LIS you can Accelerate TAT, Reduce Costs, Increase Revenues, Scale your Business and do so much more View Profile


by NetLims

Complete Laboratory Management System that enables requisition entry from numerous sources using a multitude of methods. View Profile

Autoscribe Matrix Gemini LIMS

by Autoscribe LIMS

A wide portfolio of LIMS solutions to suit any laboratory and configurable to match user requirements. View Profile

BikaLIMS Ikosi

by Bika Lab Systems

Tool that shortens turnaround time, publishes results and attachments to the web immediately upon verification anywhere in the world. View Profile


by BioMed

LIMS which provides on-line, real time patient care enabling clinicians to make decisions based on complete, current information. View Profile



Modular software platform for research management and compliance oversight. View Profile


by Ocimum Biosolutions

Multi-platform, multi-user, cost-effective Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed to improve your lab performance. View Profile


by Blaze Systems

Comprehensive and configurable features to support a wide variety of laboratory functions to insure maximum benefits and minimum costs. View Profile


by Prog4biz

Shared labs and core facility management software that auto-documents actual work time and automates billing. View Profile



CACP is a managing software in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology dedicated to public and private laboratories. View Profile


by Caliber Infosolutions

Paperless automation solution for pharmaceutical laboratory workflow. Can integrate with your existing ERP. View Profile

Centricity TriWin Laboratory

by GE Healthcare

NT-based laboratory information system for back-end processing of a lab's specimen management, testing, validation, billing, and more. View Profile

Chemical Inventory

by CyroTrack

Tool to keep track of the chemical inventory at various locations including multi-users with specific access privileges. View Profile

Clarity LIMS

by GenoLogics

Provides an -omics centric LIMS for clinical and research organizations involved with genomics and proteomics. View Profile


by Clinical Software Solutions

Whether you accession 20 to 5000 samples per day, CLIN1 LIS can manage you laboratory information accurately and efficiently. View Profile

CloudDx Clinical

by Appistry

Cloud-based solution for genomic testing control, results interpretation, data storage and analysis. View Profile


by Codon Software

Web based solution for Quality Control/Research Labs of Manufacturing Sector to effectively manage Lab informatics. View Profile


by Core Informatics

A fully configurable and integrated system built to maximize the efficiencies of your research organization. View Profile


by DiagnosisOne

Designed to enable public and private laboratories to deploy state of the art Outreach and ELR solutions. View Profile

Delphic LIS

by Sysmex

Comprehensive end-to end LIS with 25 years proven success in labratory market. Ideal in multisite lab/shared service. View Profile

DentLab Manager

by Go On Software

A laboratory software solution for dental technicians. Saves time and money by always having the overview of the logistic of the lab. View Profile



Computer-based management of medico-biological analysis laboratories that is user friendliness. View Profile


by eKlinik Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare information platforms that clinics and hospitals use to manage internal information requirements. View Profile


by eBioSys

Laboratory Information Management System that improves sample throughput and reduces IT costs in a single industry compliant solution. View Profile


by BEC Systems

Pathology test process management software with easy to operate, native touchscreen user interface. View Profile


by Enable IT Solutions

Laboratory Management System covering all the aspects of a fully functional laboratory. View Profile


by Pardus

Lab information management system to streamline processes and data flows in analytical, research or quality assurance laboratories. View Profile


by Intelligent Business Solutions

Cloud-based solution for touch screen devices that helps improve workflows of cardiology labs, radiology departments, nursing, etc. View Profile

Exemplar LIMS

by Sapio Sciences

Solutions for management laboratory workflows from sample receiving and storage to sample pre-processing and experiments. View Profile

Finch Suite

by Geospiza

Web based LIS platform enabling automated sequencing genotyping in a molecular diagnostic, clinical research environment. View Profile

Made for forensic genomics providing file management, data visualization, samples and casework analysis and interpretation. View Profile


by Sysmex

Paperless LIS that can be used in a variety of industries such as urinalysis, immunology, microbiology, etc. View Profile


by ChemWare

For automating environmental, public health, clinical/toxicology, utility, process control and related laboratories. View Profile


by 4medica

Cloud-based EHR that provides seamless integration between inpatient and ambulatory patient data from a single web application. View Profile


by Margy Tech

Cloud-based medical laboratory solution fro the Indian market. Comes in a variety of options starting with 1 user. View Profile

Image Central

by Advanced Imaging Concepts

Specialized image database/archive system for hospital pathology and clinical pathology labs. View Profile


by Elekta

Provides order management, barcode label production, instrument interfaces, and quality control and reporting tools. View Profile

INX InHealth

by INX Software

Management of employee health across medical surveillance and hygiene for more accurate and efficient tracking and monitoring. View Profile

LAB Asistan

by Tenay Medical Software

An information system managing the cycle beginning with the entrance of the sample to the laboratory to the conveyance. View Profile

Lab Connections

by ConnectionI

Automate all areas of the laboratory, including chemistry, hematology, microbiology, mycology, serology, cytology, and parasitology. View Profile

Lab Inventory

by ATGC Labs

Lab Inventory enables organizations to perform effective inventory monitoring, setting and assessing stock levels, and forecasting. View Profile

Lab Management System

by Computer Frameworks

A medical business management software designed to support Laboratory and Clinic processes as well as administration. View Profile

Tool to effectively control the billing and collection processes whether the lab functions as a single or multi-entity company. View Profile

Lab Reservations

by EMS Interactive

Lab Reservation System. View Profile

Lab United

by Lab United

Lab Report generation SAAS to make scaling seamless. View Profile


by Biomed Systems

LABA will help you to organise and most efficiently manage your lab's reagents, biobanking samples, storage facilities and suppliers. View Profile


by TeleVox

Automate lab results for quicker delivery and timely diagnoses in order to improve medical care View Profile

Labcore SDMS

by Labcore

Web-based database management tool used in the life sciences field addressing particular requirements of quality driven laboratories View Profile

Accelerate your research: labfolder is an electronic lab notebook that helps to document, organize and share your research data. View Profile

Labgen LIS

by Comtron

Complete Laboratory Information System for Commercial Labs, Hospital Labs and Physician Labs. View Profile


by Lifepoint Informatics

Lifepoint offers a balanced approach to laboratory and hospital outreach connectivity along with EMR/EHR integration. View Profile


by LabLite

Tool to support testing operations with features like scheduling, results tracking and flagging, QC charting, reporting and billing. View Profile

LabNet LIS

by LabSoft

Windows NT client server system that includes remote connectivity, EMR compatibility, Medical Necessity Checking, etc. View Profile



Omnilab supplies software solutions providing universal connectivity from any instrument to any laboratory information system. View Profile

Billing and accounts receivable system for laboratory environments. Supports intra-departmental data integration. View Profile

Laboratory Connector

by Lab Portal Company

Software as a Service platform; reporting engine, delivering results in HTML view; customizable and configurable; enhance lab LIMS. View Profile

Laboratory Sample Tracking

by Item Tracker Software

Complete Laboratory Sample Tracking and Storage Area Management. View Profile


by Analytical Information Systems

A web based portal application designed for contract laboratories to automate sample registration and result publishing workflow. View Profile



LabRight enables efficient lab certification and accreditation management. View Profile


by Topos Technologies

Laboratory instrument results management application, including charting, trend analysis, table building and LIMS connectivity. View Profile


by JRB Medical Associates

Laboratory Information System designed for the POL and Pain Clinics. Affordable and easy to use. Interfaces for most analyzers and EMR. View Profile

LabVantage Sapphire

by LabVantage

A zero-footprint laboratory information management suite tailored to manage an organization's critical laboratory information. View Profile

LabWare LIMS

by LabWare

Seamlessly integrated LIMS and (electronic lab notebook) ELN that enables clinical labs to improve efficiency and control costs. View Profile


by Xybion

Labwise is a modular, integrated, end-to-end business process management (BPM) platform, designed to support laboratory operations View Profile


by PerkinElmer

LIMS technology for every laboratory setting, from Environmental to Process Control. View Profile


by LAQC Systems

Automated quality control system that builds Levey-Jennings charts and prints summary and detail reports for medical laboratories. View Profile

LigoLab Station

by LigoLab

A dynamic, comprehensive and scalable laboratory information system designed to accommodate a wide array of laboratory environments. View Profile


by Kritisoft

LIMS suitable for process workflow automation solution for quality control testing laboratory and process management practices. View Profile


by Justice Trax

Case management tool that integrates analytical results, lab information, and evidence tracking for clear understanding of overall case View Profile

by Loc@soft

A powerful, web-based information management system for labs. View Profile


by Dynamic Databases

Access based program designed for fields such as analytical, environmental, petrochemical and municipal. View Profile

Medical Courier Elite

by Taylor Data Systems

Medical courier management, logistics management, and specimen tracking system with a web-based and Pocket PC devices components. View Profile


by MediSolution

Laboratory Information System that automates the constant stream of test requests and results handled on a daily basis. View Profile


by Emergys

User friendly, GUI based lab software that encompasses Bio-Chemistry, Pathology, Micro biology and Genetics. View Profile


by Aspyra

Medical imaging software solution for healthcare facilities of all sizes - LIS, PACS, Pathology & more. View Profile

Merge RIS

by Merge Healthcare

A scalable clinical laboratory information system with optional modules for inquiries, orders, reporting, and quality control. View Profile


by Multidata Computer Systems

Controls the full range of laboratory accessioning, testing, reporting and billing. View Profile


by Bytewize

Makes it possible to get assemble data fast and easy: creating and sending reports to the customer with only a few clicks. View Profile


by Oasis Infotech

Configurable client / server solution for pharma sector. Functionality includes automatic cross verification with standards. View Profile


by Forte Research Systems

OnCoreĀ® Enterprise Research is a comprehensive clinical research management system. View Profile

Optivision LMS

by Optivision

LIMS tool that is fully menu- driven, guiding you through each section with instructions written in ophthalmic laboratory terminology. View Profile


by Birlamedisoft

Pathology, Cytology, Serology, HIV, Antibody test reports as well as reports on all types of pathological investigations. View Profile

This is a web based platform designed for pathology labs. Features include multi-user capabilities and MIS reporting. View Profile

Polytech LIS

by CompProMed

Easiest to use LIS featuring powerful rules based system and seamless integration with billing, EMR, HIS, PMS and reference labs. View Profile

PowerMed eLab

by PowerMed

Provides access to lab and clinical information in concert, where and when it is needed. View Profile


by Nextrials

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution streamlines the initiation and management of clinical trials. View Profile

Progeny LIMS

by Progeny Software

Complete LIMS software with custom workflows, user-based security, customizable database, reporting, and integration of Clinical data. View Profile

Laboratory Information System for public health laboratories testing TB, syphilis, rabies, chlamydia, HIV, and/or water. View Profile



Laboratory Information System that allows full process workflow automation and provides better data manageability. View Profile


by Agaram Technologies

Laboratory information management, electronic lab notebook, scientific data management system, clinical trial management. View Profile

Qualoupe LIMS

by Two Fold Software

User configurable LIMS system with multi-platform support for different industry sectors and laboratory types. View Profile


by quattro research

A sample management tool for chemical substances and biological samples, e.g. bacterial strains, cell lines, proteins or antibodies. View Profile


by Radar Medical Systems

Essential tools for communication and documentation of all critical test results reporting, made by physicians for physicians. View Profile


by Heritage Digital

Browser-based digital medical transcripts and lab reports system. View Profile


by Schuyler House

Easy-to-use icon based program that interfaces with your instruments and prints consolidated patient reports. View Profile


by InterSCInet

Online database designed to facilitate the ordering of laboratory supplies and equipment. View Profile


by TainoSystems

This LIMS system helps organizations to comply with Law 59 that requires laboratories to send results electronically. View Profile

Sleep WorkFlow

by Sleep WorkFlow

An electronic medical record (EMR) software for the sleep industry, enables sleep centers to schedule and track patient history. View Profile


by Infomed

A fully functional client server/Internet server LIS/LIMS for small to large analytical laboratories. View Profile


by SCC Soft Computer

Provides healthcare facilities with full multisite consolidation, flexible patient and management reporting, specimen tracking, more. View Profile


by Hudson Robotics

Multitasking application for the running lab automation workcells, designed to make lab automation workcells easy for lab personnel. View Profile

SoftTrace LIMS

by SoftTrace

Designed to analyze a wide variety of industries such as Pharmaceutical and health care laboratories. View Profile


by StemSoft Software

Supports the collection, processing, storage and distribution or administration of high-quality cellular therapy products. View Profile

Keep track of strains, cell-lines, plasmids, oligos, antibodies, inventories, chemicals and more with StrainControl Laboratory Manager. View Profile

Sunquest Laboratory

by Sunquest Information Systems

Enables you to generate those results with confidence, and manage the processes that keep your lab running smoothly and efficiently. View Profile


by Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems

A complete suite of features including high throughput order entry, customizable results reporting and client connectivity. View Profile


by SyMetric Sciences

A comprehensive clinical data management system for clinical trial data collection. View Profile


by TCR Engineering Services

Multi-user software that helps modern labs track and manage samples and provide up to the minute information to customers. View Profile

TD-Synergy suite


Software solutions for clinical, anatomic-pathology laboratories and biobanks. View Profile


by Vedant

Improve testing capacity while simultaneously freeing personnel to realize the benefits resulting from a comprehensive testing program. View Profile

The Clone Database

by Lucare Systems

Web based system for organizing a lab's collection of plasmids and bacterial strains. View Profile

Thermo Scientific LIMS

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

LIMS Explorer, Workflows, Sample Login, Result Entry, Worksheets, Electronic Data Capture, Notes, and more. View Profile

Timeless LIMS

by Timeless Medical Systems

Laboratory Information Management System for hospital and reference laboratories. View Profile


by TrueLogic

Windows-based chemical management and statistical process control software package for laboratories and wet-process operations. View Profile


by UNIConnect

Laboratory process management software to track & manage any level of process complexity, and enables user customized applications. View Profile


by ValGenesis

An enterprise validation life-cycle management system that manages an entire validation life-cycle process. View Profile

Validation Manager

by Finbiosoft

Manage IVD performance evaluation data effectively. For CE-IVD clinical validations and in clinical labs for test verifications. View Profile


by FOSS NIRSystems

Protect important information with extensive security, manage data and analyze documents to create reports View Profile


by Aurora Systems

Client/server database system for maintaining patient information and tracking lab results. View Profile

by LabLynx

An LIMS that integrates with handheld and tablet devices, supports multiple locations, and keeps audit trails for all types of labs. View Profile


by Psyche Systems

Laboratory information system (LIS) with rules-based analysis, a database for in-depth analysis & quality assurance capabilities. View Profile


by Quality Systems

Laboratory Information Management system available on a rental basis. View Profile


by iMs

Designed for the toxicology laboratory, with client demographics and reports tailored for the drugs of abuse market. View Profile


by Ethosoft

Web-based LIMS application that exceeds traditional client based servers with speed, functionality and rich interfaces. View Profile



Tools to improve cash collections, better manage medical claims filing and reduce the risks associated with regulatory compliance. View Profile

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