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The push to boost profits begins with the medical scheduling application inside of CareCloud Central, our cloud-based practice management solution. Central makes workdays more productive with an intuitive, point-and-click scheduling calendar the entire staff can use, featuring color-coded slots that change to reflect patient status, and appointment confirmations that use the Google Maps API to send patients precise driving directions. Learn More

Practice Fusion provides a 100% free, certified, web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to physicians. With charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, lab integrations, Meaningful Use certification, unlimited support and a Personal Health Record for patients, Practice Fusion addresses the complex needs of healthcare providers and disrupts the health IT status quo. Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EMR community in the country with more than 100,000 users serving 25 million patients. Learn More


by Runzheimer

If you struggle with scheduling field staff schedules on paper, spreadsheets, or over the phone, CareViz can help. This web-based healthcare scheduling solution increases productivity of home health caregivers and in turn, increases bottom-line profits. This territory assignment, route optimization, and mobile app features reduce scheduling time 50%, increases staff time with patients, and ensures the most qualified worker is scheduled with the right patient. Learn More


by Nuesoft Technologies

NueMD's easy-to-use and customizable Appointments Module can handle multi-physician, multi-day, or multi-office schedules. Create new patients, schedule recurring appointments and manage co-pays in just a few clicks. Track patient flow with a time-stamped record of arrival, check-in, visit and departure time. The automated telephone appointment reminder service helps reduce no-shows by up to 30 percent. Nuesoft has an established customer base of more than 15,000 users in 50 states. Learn More



Full-featured FREE online appointment management service for group practices and solo healthcare providers. Select features: group calendar for 1-50 providers, color-coded appointments with adjustable color scheme, patient portal with intelligent appointment scheduling, multi-channel appointment reminders (email -- free; phone/voice and SMS/text message -- $0.10/each), continuing care reminders, recurring visits, patient messaging and much more. Learn More

Make your life easier with LeonardoMD's premier Web-based Practice Management Software, Medical Billing Software, and Electronic Health Record (EHR). Serving practices nationwide since 2000, LeonardoMD provides a proven web-based software suite supported by seasoned experts in every specialty. Our commitment to customer service has resulted in unrivaled customer satisfactions rates and training speed. Learn More


by Advanced Data Systems

MedicsPremier medical billing software from ADS delivers unparalleled power, flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use while providing that increase in efficiency. Having evolved from over thirty years of development, MedicsPremier actually traces its roots to the origins of ADS itself. With that type of provenance, MedicsPremier is a system that is truly rich in technological advancements. Learn More

Patient Appointment Manager

by Atlas Business Solutions

Patient Appointment Manager appointment scheduling software is the fastest way to book appointments! Using Patient Appointment Manager, you can schedule patients in seconds, view appointments by day, week or month, find open times quickly, fill cancellations using the wait list, avoid no-shows by emailing appointment reminders to patients, and create personalized letters. It's PC-based and starts at only $295. No monthly fees. 90-day money-back guarantee. Download the free demo today! Learn More

Kareo web-based practice management/medical billing software with integrated electronic claims processing is the most user-friendly, easy-to-buy, and easy set-up solution on the market. Kareo is popular with physician practices from 1-8 providers and medical billing companies with 1-100 providers. Users can schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, send electronic claims, receive electronic insurance payments, manage collections, store documents online, print custom reports, and more. Learn More

TheraNest is an easy to use mental health EMR software. It includes appointment management with reminders by text, voice and email (free email) to reduce cancellations and no shows. Upload and store documents, create invoices, accept payments including credit cards. Send electronic insurance claims. Enter case notes - progress notes, treatment plans, discharge summary, etc., searchable DSM database, CPT codes. Create custom forms. Tons of reports and dashboards, and much more. Free 30-day trial Learn More

Fresh Appointments

by Fresh Appointments

All-in-one appointment scheduling and point-of-sale software designed for service businesses. Accept appointments online in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an easy to use customer appointment page. Reduce no-shows and charge customers straight from your account. Fresh Appointments makes your calendar life easier and your business grow faster. Sign up today! Learn More

View and create schedules from your computer, cell phone, or tablet PC, and immediately see them on each device. ScheduFlow Online in Internet-based appointment scheduling software for managing schedules, calendars, contacts, and booking appointments for small and mid size businesses. Schedules can be viewed in Day, Week, Month, Timeline, 3D Carousel Card View. Users can share schedules on multiple computers on a local network or through the Internet. Free 30 day trial. Learn More

Integrated Scheduling, Billing & EMR for small to medium-size Medical Practices. Learn More


by Amobius Group

Online scheduling and appointment booking website that displays your real-time availability. Learn More

A fully customizable online appointment scheduling system perfect for any business type; free 30 day trial. Learn More

Dr Chrono

by Dr.Chrono

Handles a providers scheduling and marketing system, sending patient updates and reminders about appointments vie text message and more Learn More


by Hanford Bay Associates

Web-based comprehensive, affordable staff planning/scheduling for HR intensive 24/7 environments. Learn More


by Daw Systems

EMR software, Gold Certified E-Prescribing & medical scheduling; Meaningful Use certified & compliant with CMS requirements. Rated #1. Learn More

Integrated Billing, EMR & Appointment Scheduling software that automates the input for patient chart notes. Learn More

DOCS Scheduler

by Acme Express

Staff scheduling system that combines an accounting framework with a proven optimization technique to produce staff schedules. Learn More


by MPN Software Systems

Complete practice management system handling patient & third party billing, scheduling, WYSIWYG daily notes, and more. Learn More


by Medical Data Technologies

Practice mangement system including billing and scheduling with CSAS (carrier specific auditing system). Learn More

HealthTec Trilogy

by HealthTec Software

HealthTec Trilogy is an ONC-ATBC Certified system that elegantly integrates practice management and Electronic Medical Records. Learn More


by Practice Perfect

Practice management and EMR software for psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, pathologists, and occupational therapists. Learn More


by DSoft Systems

Medical management software that helps with patient record management, billing, electronic claims filing, patient alerts & scheduling. Learn More


by MyOnlinePractice

Complete web-based practice management + EMR solution starting at $150/mo/provider Learn More

Advanced scheduling system for any kind of medical practice. Learn More

Online appointment scheduling software for medical, dental, accounting, home repair and other professional practices. Learn More

AdvancedMD Medical Scheduling

by ADP AdvancedMD Software

A full-featured billing and office system, designed by people who know medical billing. Learn More

Anesthesia Call Accountant

by Productive Scheduling Solutions

Productive Scheduling Solutions is a software company specializing in web based scheduling systems for anesthesiologists. Learn More


by AngelSpeech

Maintenance-free virtual appointment bookkeeper taking patient calls 24/7. Auto-reminders. Free trial. Learn More


by Delta Health Technologies

Contains the tools that will free your hands and mind, allowing you to deliver the care your clients need. Learn More

Appointment Reminder

by Voicent Communications

Confirm, reschedule, leave a personal message or even be transferred to your office simply by pressing a number on their phone keypad. Learn More

Appointment Scheduler

by Appointment Scheduler

Online scheduling & booking software for small businesses and professional practices. Learn More


by StormSource Software

Appointment software providing a simple, non-threatening way for your customers to make appointments on-line. Learn More

by AppointmentCity

Medical Scheduling Software that enables patients to book appointments 24/7 and service providers to market their open hours. Learn More


by AppointmentPlease

Simple online appointment scheduling for small service businesses (doctors, lawyers, accountants, barbers, etc.). Learn More

Appointments Online Scheduler

by Appointments Online

Web-based appointment scheduling for healthcare service providers as well as any business that books appointments. Learn More

Provides comprehensive practice and revenue management services for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Learn More

Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler

by Biosoftworld Medical Software

A Medical Scheduling Software improving medical practice management and patient appointment scheduling for physicians. Learn More

BrickMed Scheduler

by BrickMed

Medical practice management system. Billing, Scheduling, Patient Records, Collections & Practice Management. Learn More

Call Scheduler

by Adjuvant Technologies

Scheduling productivity tool for on-call scheduling of doctors and other medical practitioners. Learn More

Chart Links

by Chart Links

Discipline-specific medical rehabilitation software integrated with a standardized, distributed electronic medical records (EMR). Learn More

CLIN1 Scheduling

by Clinical Software Solutions

A flexible easy to use, easy to maintain system for managing patient, physician, staff and resource schedules. Learn More


by Clinix Medical Information Services

Patient scheduling software for physician offices and practice management companies. Learn More

Community-Wide Scheduling

by Medical Information Technology

Simplifies the process of scheduling patient appointments in any department across the organization. Learn More


by Adtel International

Multi-channel appointment reminder system that integrates with your existing EMR or practice management software. Learn More


by DoctorsPartner

Medical practice management system with integrated appointment scheduling, electronic medical record (emr software), and more. Learn More

Duty Schedule Assistant

by Calendrica

Software to organise medical staff who participate in regular duty sessions outside normal office hours. Learn More


by TriMed Technologies

Practice management and EHR software that includes patient registration, scheduling, charge and credit posting, and collections. Learn More


by Covivitas

Allows your clinic to check MediCal, FPACT/HAP and HMO eligibility easily, accurately and automatically. Learn More


by DocComply

Provides services like scheduling, electronic medical record (emr software), billing and everything in between. Learn More


by GalenMD Systems

Integrated billing software with appointments, workers compensation, comprehensive reporting, and marketing management. Learn More

Electronic Chart System

by American Data

Clinical and Financial Software that includes accounting, charting, physician orders, time clock, patient scheduling and therapy. Learn More


by Elexity Systems

Web based solution for medical offices that includes business contact management, scheduling, appointment reminders, and more. Learn More


by eMedischedule

Online clinic appointment scheduling system with automated patient communication, patient forms management, and multilingual support. Learn More

HIPAA ready, web-based healthcare solution for medical offices to assist with billing, patient data, scheduling. Learn More

EMR Software

by 1st Providers Choice

EHR & practice management designed to help practices improve the quality of care, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenues. Learn More

Enterprise Health

by Medical Informatics Engineering

Advanced clinical EMR/EHR, Occupational Medicine modules (50+), clinical and employee portals and a full, portable PHR. Learn More


by Eppointments

Online appointment scheduling program for large medical facilities. Offers patient tracking, email confirmations, data import/export. Learn More


by ByteBloc Software

Web-based scheduling solution designed to create, review, modify and print schedules for emergency physicians. Learn More


by Kaleida Systems

Employee scheduling software that manages sales, tasks, provides electronic filing, invoicing, payroll, employee profiles, reporting. Learn More


by The Sigmark Company

HIPAA compliant signature capture program that replaces the paper patient sign in sheet and Rx signature log. Learn More

Experior Practice Management

by Experior Healthcare Systems

Effortlessly Register, Schedule, Post Payments, File Claims, and work Collections real time, online. Learn More

EZ Office

by EZ Healthcare

Medical practice management software solution that includes medical billing, EMR, patient scheduling, and claims tracking. Learn More

Health Highway

by Health Highway

Automates the workflow of health care providers, patients and hospitals. Learn More


by American Medical Systems of Ohio

Medical billing and practice management software. Maximize the financial success of your practice. Learn More



Online appointment scheduling software. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use. Learn More

IatroChart EMR

by Iatroware

Easy to learn electronic medical records system that enables detailed health-care office management. Learn More


by IRange

Enables scheduling for practice-partners and produces patients' record-tracking. Learn More


by Sajix

Health care software that manages patient, doctor lab, medication, billing and scheduling information. Learn More

Impact Medical System

by Impact Medical Solutions

Complete hospital management solution to streamline all hospital operations from admission to discharge. Learn More

InfoCare Appointment Scheduler

by InfoQuest Systems

Practice management and billing solution that enables you to improve your cash flow and office efficiency. Learn More


by IngagePatient

Patient engagement solution that provides scheduling, record tracking, billing, and more to doctors and patients via mobile devices. Learn More


by edgeMED Healthcare Solutions

Comprehensive practice management and electronic medical record (emr software) to effectively manage your business. Learn More

Intrigma Scheduler

by Intrigma

Workforce scheduling solution that includes iPad practice management dashboard, patient flow toolset, assignment tracking capabilities. Learn More


by Jituzu

Web-based solution that helps small medical practices connect with their clients through client portal and appointment reminders. Learn More

JustInTime Scheduler

by Lightning Bolt Solutions

Web-based software which automatically schedules medical staff. Learn More

Login RIS

by LoginClinic

Complete clinical automation suite including practice management, EMR, billing, scheduling, lab management, and more. Learn More

MacPractice MD

by MacPractice

Mac Os X based medical software that features patient and insurance billing and reports and eclaims with Electronic Remittance Advice. Learn More


by Maxipage

Web-based appointment scheduling for healthcare service providers as well as any business that books appointments. Learn More


by La Jolla Digital

Web-based software to let you run and expand your practice without investing in expensive hardware or additional staff. Learn More


by MD Perfect

Windows based EMR software solution to manage a medical practice including patient scheduling, patient encounters, billing, etc. Learn More


by MobileKnowledge

Streamlines physician On-Call scheduling and provides hospital management with tools to communicate physician documents and agendas. Learn More

Medical Billing Assistant

by Medford Medical Systems

Windows based medical billing and practice management software that includes scheduling, accounting and reporting. Learn More

Medical Calendar

by OrgBusiness Software

Medical scheduling software that allows to view multiple profiles, create personal schedules. Provides iCal format support. Learn More

Medical OfficeAdmin

by Tirex Consulting

Medical Office Management web application to manage all aspects of medical office - customers and practitioners, billing and schedule. Learn More


by TelTech Systems

Automated Patient contact system ideal for appointment confirmation, recall, debt collection. Learn More


by MedInformatix

EMR and practice management solution that allows patient records to be accessed at the actual point-of-care. Learn More

by H2-O2

Medical Resident computer-assisted scheduling system and online schedule publishing. Learn More


by Boon Resources

Desktop application that allows you to track scheduled procedures for all of your operating and clinic rooms. Learn More


by miOnCall

Secure cloud-based OnCall scheduling application used to assign schedule coverage. Learn More


by Bio-Optronics

The most intelligent, automated physician and staff scheduling software for all hospital departments and specialty practices. Learn More

MPS Remedy

by MPS Remedy

Practice management solution to enable you to manage your practice and revenue effectively and seamlessly. Learn More


by Zodiac Infotech

Electronic medical record and practice management solution for physician groups and practices. Learn More


by Network Logic Health Systems

An integrated solution that is designed to work as a unified tool that addresses front office, clinical treatment and finances. Learn More

NextGen PM

by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

Enterprise Practice Management. Registration system, appointment scheduling, referral tracking, and more. Learn More


by iSALUS Healthcare

iSALUS Healthcare provides OfficeEMR - fully unified, cloud-based Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management solution. Learn More


by OmniMD

Suite of EMR and Practice Management products that automate the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process. Learn More

On-Call Calendars

by Amcom Software

On-call scheduling with integration to hospital directory and paging systems. Learn More

Allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to access up to the minute on-call personnel information remotely over the web. Learn More


by Spiral Software

Physician scheduling for hospitals, VAs, and HMOs. Organize any number of schedules into a single online display. Learn More

Online Appointment Scheduler

by NetWave Solutions

Eliminates urgent time-wasting calls to schedule appointments, freeing you up to tackle important tasks that make your company money. Learn More

Enterprise online scheduling software solution for corporate, government, education, and healthcare. Learn More

OnTime! Scheduler

by Chyma System

Scheduling and online communication tool designed to meet the needs of health care providers. Learn More


by OpenTempo

Workforce scheduling tool that provides resident daily scheduling, timetracking, payroll management, mobile access. Learn More

Patient Portal

by Care Converge

Secure web-based pre-registration, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, info on accepted insurance plans, etc. Learn More


by Phreesia

Patient check-in and flow management solution with automated insurance verification and co-payment collection prior to the appointment. Learn More

Physical Therapy Suite

by Pearle Computer Services

Windows based practice management system with integration to clinical information, collections module & Microsoft Office products. Learn More

Physician Scheduler

by Clairvia

A comprehensive, rule-based system that utilizes advanced-generation scheduling technology. Learn More


by Plan Grafik

Web-based software for managing doctors' shifts and patient schedules, as well as patient profiles. Comes with automatic reminders. Learn More

Platinum Scheduling System

by Automation Development Group

Patient scheduling system that includes insurance tracking, document imaging, customer alerts capabilities. Learn More

Practice Management Ultra

by American Medical Software

Integrated medical office software that includes ONC/CCHIT certified EMR, medical billing, and appointment scheduling. Learn More


by PracticeSuite

Ssoftware including physical therapy billing software, Mental Health Billing Software, Occupational Therapy billing software, etc. Learn More


by PolyOptimum

Medical staff scheduling and rostering software that allows to monitor time and productivity, offer web employee timesheets. Learn More

ProPM Standalone

by Prodata Systems

Subscription-based, Internet patient relationship management solution for healthcare providers. Learn More


by Programming Resources

Rules-based patient scheduling software for hospitals. Learn More


by ProtoMED Medical Management

Medical Practice Management Software using both PC and Internet technologies. Learn More

PulsePro Practice Management

by Pulse Systems

Medical billing & office management system for the management of complex financial, clinical, and patient data. Learn More


by Precision Software

Automated Web Based Physician Scheduling Software Learn More

Res-Q Labor Resource Management

by Res-Q Healthcare Systems

RES-Q Healthcare Systems' Employee Staffing, Scheduling and Personnel Management System. Learn More


by Reservio

Reservio makes accepting appointments online and scheduling time easy. Used by thousands of doctors, beauty salons and many others. Learn More


by RxVantage

*Truly free* cloud-based platform helps medical practices to better manage, coordinate & control their interactions with reps. Learn More

Schedule Ace

by Ryte Byte

An advanced scheduling solution for your business to handle scheduling customer appointments, employees and equipment. Learn More


by Maplewood Software

Cloud-based medical staff scheduling software that automates schedules based on competency and varying shift rotations. Learn More


by Selent and Associates

Appointment scheduler ideal for medical, dental, tax, accounting and other professional practices. Learn More

Medical office billing, inventory and scheduling software. Learn More


by D&P Software

Real-time, enterprise-wide, web-based scheduling for any industry. Learn More

Smart Square

by Avantas

A software suite of web-based and fully hosted nurse scheduling and staffing tools developed by healthcare professionals. Learn More

Integrated appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, and medical billing software for small to mid-sized physician practices. Learn More


by Stay Staffed

Web-based staffing management software. SmartShift is utilized for open shift nurse staffing management and more. Learn More

SmartTask Health

by Skillweb

SmartTask Health manages community based care teams to optimise efficiency and productivity while capturing patient notes in the field Learn More


by EBS Medical Chart Solutions

Practice management, billing and Electronic medical record (emr software) to manage all sizes and types of medical practices. Learn More

A comprehensive multi-location or central scheduling system. Schedules all resources and patients. Learn More

SSIMED Scheduler

by Origin Healthcare Solutions

Configures to your procedures, allowing you to customize your templates, link appointments, and manage your workflow. Learn More

Staff Time Tracker

by ShiftWise

The ability to leverage the flexibility of the internet for internal and external employee time keeping. Learn More

Staffing Angel RN

by HNS Software

Web-based nurse self scheduling software that includes shift productivity measurement, census-based cost controls functionality. Learn More


by Takeshifts

Highly customizable web-based scheduling and member management application for emergency medical service organizations. Learn More

Tangier EPS

by Peake Software Labs

Workforce management application for small and large emergency departments. With staffing and cost accounting reporting features. Learn More


by Tempus Software

Allows patients to receive care more efficiently without costly delays, errors or conflicts commonly found in healthcare settings. Learn More


by Hands On Technology

A fully integrated physical therapy practice management suite designed to make clinical management fast and simple. Learn More


by International Expert Systems

Appointment scheduling software that is perfect for a medical environment and service industries. Learn More


by TimeTrade Systems

Rules based appointment scheduling system that enables self service scheduling via the Web and voice response (IVR). Learn More


by TotalMD

Easy-to-use, full-featured medical billing software that completely integrates your financial, reporting and scheduling needs Learn More

Accepts appointment requests through different channels (web, phone) and send appointment reminders. Learn More


by Alton Healthcare

Practice scheduling, billing, prescription management, electronic medical records, medical transcription, and practice management. Learn More

Web-based staff scheduling software and employee retention resources. Learn More

WriteMD Appointment

by WriteMD

User defined, color coded appointment scheduler that allows you to find available slots for providers and facilities quickly. Learn More


by Zipline

An online waiting line system that allows you to harness the power of the internet to control your waiting line. Learn More

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