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Turn speech into text by dictating into Windows-based applications at speeds up to 160 words per minute. Learn More


by BayScribe

A complete fault-tolerant, patient reporting solution featuring voice capture, ADT capture, routing and transcription. Learn More


by LCD Solutions

Web-based document management, storage and retrieval system to easily and inexpensively generate medical office progress notes. Learn More

CLIN1 Transcription

by Clinical Software Solutions

A fully integrated Transcription System tied direclty to your Patient Clinical Database. Learn More

Medical transcription service that utilizes high speed networks, digital voice recorders and secure phone and servers. Learn More

Dragon Medical

by Acentec

Inside EMR dictation software with medical vocabulary for almost 80 medical specialties. Learn More

Independent platform easily integrating high quality clinical notes into EMRs. Learn More

Enterprise Platform

by ScribeCare

Meets your needs related to dictation capture, routing, workflow management, transcription, document delivery, and reimbursement. Learn More

Express Scribe

by NCH Software

Express Scribe is professional audio player software for PC or Mac designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. Learn More

ezVoice Intelligence

by Mediscribes

Provides quality and cost-effective solutions including, comprehensive medical transcription services and document management systems. Learn More

InfraWare 360

by InfraWare

Medical Transcription Software Learn More


by MedNOTZ

iPad based system for oncology practices. Point-and-click menus instantly create data into a complete, full-text clinical record. Learn More

Allows physicians to produce more accurate reports using dictation and speech recognition technology. Learn More

Medical Transcription Service

by Cybernation Infotech

Medical Transcription Services for health care providers like Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians and HMOs. Learn More


by Healthcare Technologies

Includes mobile voice-to-computer dictation, an enriched medical transcription processor and expanded communications. Learn More


by NLP

tAllows a computer to read, process, understand and extract unstructured clinical information as a clinician would. Learn More

Medworxx PDMS

by Medworxx

Enables hospitals to post and organize documents in a web-based environment, to create, store, retrieve and transform knowledge. Learn More

NuScribe SMR

by NuScribe

Simplified Medical Record eliminates transcription costs with voice recognition. Learn More


by Webahn

Digitally records your dictations, routes files for transcription and delivers the completed transcripts electronically. Learn More



Web-based practice management and EMR solution that optimizes the flow of clinical information. Specialty modules available. Learn More

Scribe Transcription Network

by Scribe Healthcare Technologies

Maintain physician productivity while delivering the narrative note directly to your EHR. Learn More

Integrated appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, and medical billing software for small to mid-sized physician practices. Learn More


by Narratek

Word completion software for medical transcriptionists that allows them to save 70% of keystrokes, while ensuring correct spelling. Learn More


by vChart

Voice capture, speech recognition, editing, distribution and e-signature application platform for healthcare documentation. Learn More


by ZyDoc

A web-based solution for access to audio and transcribed documents. Learn More


by Spantel

ASP web-based dictation and transcription workflow solution for hospitals, MTSOs, clinics, physicians, of any size. Learn More


by VoiceFactor

We are a small software organization offering voice-recognition technology, support and training to the healthcare industry. Learn More

WaveScribe TSP

by WaveScribe

Transcription/Dictation/Workflow Management Platform Learn More

Web Dictation Genie

by The Dictation Source

Web-based application that allows providers universal access to their work, as well as e-signature and report management capabilities. Learn More


by WebChartMD

Unique routing and QA features let you route work to team members, monitor their progress, and QA completed documents. Learn More



Billing, transcription, electronic medical records and practice management solution all in one cohesive package. Learn More


by Bytescribe Development

Multi-line telephone dictation and transcription system. Stores on a computer hard drive as compact voice files. Learn More


by Infrahealth

Contract medical transcription service that acts as an alternative to in-house medical transcription production. Learn More

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