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We serve small associations with a staff size between 1 and 10. We provide unlimited technical support and an experience tailored to meet the needs of small staffs.

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MemberClicks provides powerful, affordable membership management solutions for small-staff organizations (1-15 staffers). Our easy solutions automate and streamline each part of the membership experience: membership management, dues renewal, event registration, email communications, members-only communities and more. With our quick setup, unlimited support from real people, and no long-term contracts, we are the refreshing technology choice for more than 1,500 organizations.

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  • MemberClicks
  • www.memberclicks.com
  • Founded 1998

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  • Accounting
  • Application Management
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Committee Management
  • Communication Management
  • Community / Social Networking
  • Content / Website Management
  • eCommerce
  • Event Management
  • Jobs Board
  • Member Database
  • Member Directory
  • Member Portal
  • Member Type / Dues Configuration
  • Payment Processing

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March 19, 2014

Excellent customer service, but interface is sometimes counter-intuitive

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: Pros:
-Very helpful customer service reps who can help with nearly any situation that may arise.
-Relatively painless roll out of new website and member database.
-Offers forms with advanced features like recognizing members upon login and adjusting pricing of conference attendance accordingly.
-Member list-serv option offers easy way to reach all members.
-Online training and FAQs are available on a variety of topics. This means we don't have to train our successors on how to use MemberClicks- the support is built in.
-The price was definitely right. We're a non-profit and couldn't afford a lot of other products on the market.
-Can link forms to Paypal or Moolah to easily process payments.

-Website pages have several layers of permissions required (on page itself and on navigation menu), which means you could create a page, and without closer review of the permission settings it may not be visible to everyone.
-Sometimes emails sent through the website platform (versus the list-serv address) don't go through at all.
-Form creation is VERY counter-intuitive. It's necessary to watch a webinar and be on a service call with customer service in order to figure out the process initially. If the interface were more like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey it would be much easier.
-Only ASAs (authorized users) can be in touch with customer service reps directly by phone, and you have to pay extra for additional ASAs past the allowed 2 within your organization.

Overall I would still recommend MemberClicks over its competitors because it is a good product, at its core. I would describe myself and my organization as satisfied at this point, and would add that the customer service and information (via email newsletters and MC website) provided are top notch. We would look to MC in the future for possible improvements in the form creation experience and messaging options within the system, but those are small issues in the grand scheme of things.

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Chandra Lane at Virginia Association of Colleges & Employers

March 19, 2014

Works well for our association!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: We were researching solutions for overhauling our very outdated membership database, website, etc. when we came across MC among some other solutions. We did a sales tutorial, got a cost estimate and chose MC because it seemed like the best bang for our buck and it offered just enough hand-holding for us (another solution we looked into was double the price and the smaller one was 100% DIY). While we have had some hiccups along the way, overall we are so glad we chose MC, and our database, website and member relations are +150% improved. My coworker and I made the commitment to learn the product by taking the tutorials, one-on-one trainings, webinars, talking with Customer Service, etc. For about 3 months of implementation, we really only focused on learning/using MC. That has paid off. We use MC every day, and when we don't know how to do something, we can usually figure it out based on our level of training with the product. If we still need help, CS is good. In most cases, if we can't figure it out, it's because MC can't do what we are trying to do. That is probably the only frustrating thing - MC does have limitations. It seems like they try to listen to the client pool and make changes based on our recommendations; however, these updates can take a long time, and our suggestions aren't always included in the list of implemented ideas. Pros: tiered subscriptions, good customer service, fully implemented database that can be incorporated into website, email messages, forms, etc., highly searchable database (can create lots of different saved searches based on very specific search criteria), user-friendly layout of the web portal, many tasks follow the same basic steps (i.e. creating a web page, creating a menu, laying out an email); transaction fees are capped as a way to control costs. Cons: there is a learning curve to the software, rates have gone up, some tasks are clunky/take several steps to accomplish, some of the organization doesn't allow for customization (i.e. the message report center doesn't allow for deletions or customized filing, which results in MANY pages of reports to sort through), sometimes the system feels slow. Like I said, we are happy with MemberClicks, and even though we get frustrated sometimes, we would choose them again.

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Kristin Milam, Communications Coordinator at NC Psychiatric Association

February 25, 2014

We love MemberClicks

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: Excellent customer service, friendly and professional folks, and a great product are what I have come to expect from MemberClicks. And they deliver every time. Problems are resolved quickly and efficiently, questions are answered, and concerns are addressed. We area small nonprofit with an even smaller budget. Having MemberClicks behind the scenes of our website gives up peace of mind that all the technical details will be handled and our website will meet our needs. All products have room for improvement and this company welcomes, and even implements when appropriate, customer feedback and suggestions. I would recommend MemberClicks to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, affordable website and database solution.

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Sharon Smith, webmaster at Environmental Education alliance of Georgia

January 22, 2014

Great Product - Great Company!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: I recently read a review regarding MemberClicks (MC) that in my opinion was completely the opposite of my experience. My company has been doing business with MC for approximately 6 years now. We currently run 7 associations on it and are in the process of migrating another from Yourmembership to MC. I have used several other AMS products and we absolutely love MC. It like using a Mac compared to a Windows based machine. MC is intuitive, easy to use, reliable and a great value. What I like most about MC is the company and the people. They are responsive, accountable, and always working to improve their products. Let's be honest, every company runs into roadblocks at times. MC has had its share BUT they are accessible when problems occur and they work quickly to resolve the issue. I want to stress accessible because that is not the experience I have had with other companies. I always get a live person when I call the Help Desk. They even extended their hours at our request to accommodate those of us based on the West coast. I would recommend MC to anyone looking to use their product!

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Jerry Packer, Owner at Sterling Strategic Management

January 15, 2014

Looks Good, but Works Bad

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Comments: As a consultant to a small association, I was tasked with sourcing an affordable AMS. I am shocked that I wasn't fired for recommending Memberclicks. The general functionality and features aligned well with our needs. However, the actual implementation fell far short of filling our most basic needs. The system is not capable of generating revenue or attendance reports. There is a button for REPORTS, it doesn't actually generate any. We were not able to generate a basic attendance report for our events. The email campaign manager is tedious and difficult to manage. The opt-out feature is an "all or nothing" proposition that can result in an immediate reduction in community engagement and communication. They have created a vibrant user community through their online forum. Unfortunately, most of the discussions focus on the products shortcomings. On the bright side, they have an excellent and highly responsive customer support team. Unfortunately, there software development team does nothing more than digital triage as most feature improvements have been "in development" for years. You can actually see the timeline in their forums. Needless to say, we started looking for another solution within 6 months of our installation.

Vendor Response

by MemberClicks on January 20, 2014

At MemberClicks we appreciate any and all feedback. We take our customers' experience to heart. To that end, we've structured our relationships with our customers on a month-to-month basis to ensure that our clients do not feel trapped if they ever feel their needs are not being met. In this particular case, we agree that the MemberClicks software is not a good fit for the customer's operational requirements. In our correspondence about the situation, we offered a full refund of their fees. Unfortunately, that solution was refused and the group decided to remain dissatisfied with the product. Despite the refusal, we credited six months of our service fees moving forward while they searched for a new provider and refunded the monthly fees they had incurred to that point. We deeply regret that we were not able to meet this customer's needs and we will continue to support them until they can find a partner to meet their expectations.

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Derek Vincent, Consultant at Utility Business Media

April 09, 2012

Not a bad solution for a small association

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: It has a lot of features although most we will never use.

Cons: Can be complicated to use and needs a lot of training. There transaction fee makes the solution very expensive in the end.

Overall: Ok for a small Association but expensive.

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Sue Dicker, Committee at American Association for Applied Linguistics

July 29, 2010

HCAPA Review

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Custome Services is top notch.

Cons: Security is a bit confusing at first.

Overall: Great product

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Robert Swingler, Web Admin & 2010 President at Houston Chapter of theAmerican Payroll Association

July 23, 2010

I don't know what this means

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Effective system for us to manage the communications and membership management needs of our associations.

Cons: Can't think of any at this time

Overall: Jade Parker is a wonderful Product Specialist. She was incredibly helpful and patient. My recommendation: give that girl a raise! :)

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Cherie Fields, President at Projects Unlimited

July 22, 2010

Membership Coordinator/Admin Assistant

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Overall, the Help Team is very responsive, gracious and patient. I would like to make special mention of Ms. Jade Parker.

Cons: It is not totally user friendly but having a run to group in the Help Team makes it easier.

Overall: in between 4 and 5 stars

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Pudy Punsalan, Admin Assistant/Membership Coordinator at International Neuromodulation Society

July 20, 2010

Volunteer run non-profit solution

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Process for set-up and launch is straight forward, even for a volunteer unfamiliar with HTML & web development.
Customer service for ongoing support is outstanding. Working with the MemberClicks staff for website updates and event posts is very easy.
Our members have enjoyed the event registration options and the ability to control their profile information beyond the organizations privacy policy.
The website has become a great tool to provide information to our members in the form of downloads.
The receipt system has made handling event registrations much easier for our volunteers which takes less of their time and better utilizes our volunteer resources.
The products are updated frequently with meaningful upgrades that result directly from customer feedback. Our comments and suggestions are taken seriously and I have actually had a representative from MemberClicks contact me for clarification and to offer assistance based upon a comment made.

Cons: Although sending mass emails using the website is a feature, the lack of a simple interface like some other online mass email software makes it difficult for volunteers that do not know HTML. I am looking forward to improvements in this area as new releases come out.
At times receipt retrieval results in an "Oops" screen but can be worked around by logging in immediately from the address bar...it's strange but I know they are working on it.

Overall: As a volunteer for a non-profit organization tasked with researching vendors to provide a website with online member directory, event calendar and event registration that would bring our member services to the next level, I have found MemberClicks to be a fantastic solution. They offer a great value in both the immediate set-up and the ongoing maintenance for our site.

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Katrina Laflin, Immediate Past President at Women in Management

July 19, 2010

ASA for AAACE. Also past president of AAACE

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Four major "pros": The program/system in general is very robust, with a lot of features, some of which I am still learning about. Second, the customer service has been very helpful and supportive, with prompt responses to the written questions, and helpful guidance with phone questions. Third, the membership system is very good and also robust. I have yet to find something that the membership system cannot do. Finally, the membership application and event registration forms are very good. In the membership application form the membership renewal notifications are very good. In the event registration forms I am able to provide a membership renewal option to the members by using the group selection feature where I can exclude nonmembers from seeing this option.

Cons: While the designing of the form are getting easier, entering the content requires html expertise. Why can't the content of the forms have a comparable system to the page editor program in the page management system?
Regarding the page editor, the new program is less user friendly than the previous program. Also, the html coding is more complex. I believe it makes greater use of CSS, which I am less familiar with.

Overall: 1. Could you provide some guidance on understanding and using the new page editor, and the html programming now being used.
2. An index to the printed support documents is greatly needed. Presently it is more a hodge podge collection of guides and technical steps than it is a useful reference manual that is indexed with clear headings that you can click on and go to.
3. Conduct a survey of the ASAs, asking what we need training in. And repeat the survey a minimum of once a year, and preferably every six months.

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Douglas Smith, ASA for AAACE at Am. Assoc. for Adult & Cont. Ed. (AAACE)

July 19, 2010

Upgraded to Memberclicks

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: We had an AMS that was extremely inflexible and going with Memberclicks has allowed all users to have access to the software allowing anyone in the office to answer questions regarding membership. Real time processing has allowed us greater flexibility with external vendors and capturing information for their needs. We are able to slice and dice our information as it suits our needs instead of going with specified reports.

Cons: I only have minor cons which have to do with the specifics of certain functions or forms.

Overall: We are very happy to give members access to their accounts to update their information as they see fit. We are now able to capture additional information about our membership giving us the capability to direct communication to members which are specific to their work etc. It will allow us to do additional marketing efforts to existing members as well as new members in ways we would never have been able to with our old system.

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Kathie Cleary, Director of Finance & Administration at The Obesity Society

July 19, 2010

Memberclicks Review

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Ease of use
Promptness of help team
Implementation process easy
Website design
Content management tool

Cons: No easy group registration

Overall: Memberclicks has been great to work with since day one. Any time we need an answer from the help team they area always available. Our experience with the Memberclicks team has been excellent. Their support, development, and implementation teams have been there for us every step of the way. I would recommend the Memberclicks team to any association looking for membership software and web solutions.

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Sarah Luczyk, Association Executive/Manager of Information Servi at SBI Management Services, Inc.

May 06, 2009

I'd recommend this product to other small to medium associations.

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Lots of great features, very responsive customer support (implementing user suggestions, training webinars, good technical phone help. After the learning curve it's easy to update content and do routing maintenance.

Cons: Editor is slightly klunky, but this is the same on almost all user-modifiable products I've seen. Forms module is a bit confusing and labor-intensive.

Overall: I'd recommend this product to other small to medium associations.

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Susan Culligan, Director of Communications &Technology at NAPO-LA

May 05, 2009

I would ABSOULUTELY recommend this product to other organizations without hesitation!

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: This system makes me look good as web master.
Our database is now cleaner than it has been in years
Forms integrate so well we do all business online
Helped us automate Most membership functions which was
critical for an all volunteer association. (We really have NO paid
assistance and have turned the organization completely around!
Memberclicks staff show strong and regular evidence of
Paying close attention to what users are asking and what
we need to do our jobs better. In short, the product has
done nothing but get better and better each month!
Our website is so easy to update that the members have been
amazed at the fact that our website is now alive.
We finally have a members only section!!!! (something our
former Exec, Director said could not be done)

Cons: While the forms are great, the functionality of all the fields available and how the forms will interact are often not immediately apparent to the non-web geek webmaster! (like me)

The forms require a good deal of time and attention to learn but once you have it, not so bad. AND MemberClicks staff are always ready to help both via email and on the phone. Thanks!

Overall: I would ABSOULUTELY recommend this product to other organizations without hesitation!

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Barbara Ingram-Rice, Web Master, Government Affairs Chair at Florida Occupational Therapy Association