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The Mortgage Office

by Applied Business Software

Applied Business Software, creator of The Mortgage Office, is a market leader and global provider of software systems and solutions to the lending industry. The Mortgage Office is a powerful suite of lending solutions. Using our comprehensive core loan servicing products and robust add-on modules, you can custom build the most powerful and personalized loan servicing software solution for your business. View Profile


by Consulting Plus

Loan Servicing Software for lenders large and small. For over 25 years lenders and loan servicers all over the world have experienced the Mortgage+Care way of doing business with our friendly, knowledgeable people and our comprehensive loan servicing software. Our loan origination software merges directly into MICROSOFT WORD for endless flexibility with doc prep and closing packages. Mortgage+Care automates all aspects of the lending process. View Profile

Mortgage Quest

by Market Focus

Mortgage Quest is a proven marketing and CRM system that increases your sales, keeps you organized, and helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Send e-cards, newsletters, video email and any customized email to stay in front of prospects, clients, and referral sources. Build customer loyalty and generate more referrals. Integrates with Exchange and Office 365 to give you mobile access to your customers, calendar and tasks anywhere. Integrated with Encompass, Point and others. View Profile


by Integrated Accounting Solutions

Automate accounting for and servicing of loans and various credit lines with this application. QuickBooks integration included. View Profile

Note Dashboard

by Note Dashboard

Cloud based note and loan management system for distressed debt industry. View Profile


by Interactive Ideas

Loan modification software with customer access to online status. View Profile

ProLoan Software

by Pro Loan Software

Customized Loan Software Solutions for lenders of all types and sizes worldwide. View Profile

The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System tracks commercial bank loans & deposits through the entire pipeline process, with Reg B reporting. View Profile


by Data Designs

Mortgage Loan Income and Amortization Management. Keeps track of monthly mortgage payments received. View Profile

Mortgage Lens

by Mortgage Lens

Interactive mortgage presentation software with 26 different financial modules. View Profile


by 3xms

Web based tracking tool used to maximize the companies return on investment in lead generation. View Profile



Web-based automated mortgage quality control, compliance, and evaluation system. View Profile

AdTrakker Call Capture

by Freedom Voice Systems

Comes with 100 unique extensions, each of which can be loaded with its own recording and fax-back document! View Profile



Manage everything from lead generation to the analysis of loan options to final proposal generation. View Profile


by MindBox

Software that rapidly automates processes that are common across the lending process - regardless of institution. View Profile



Mortgage processing loan origination software system. View Profile

Avista Accelerator

by Avista Solutions

Private labeled secure web solution for wholesale, retail, correspondent, and consumer direct lending. View Profile


by BNTouch

Provides loan originators with simple tools to build and farm a book of business that stays with them for life. View Profile

BrokerPro Software

by Lendingapps

Turnkey commercial mortgage loan origination software that pre-underwrites the loan first, then qualifies your loan results. View Profile


by Byte Software

Mortgage Loan Origination Software - for Banks, Brokers and Credit Unions - that is Flexible, Accurate, and Secure. View Profile

Calyx Point

by Calyx Software

Loan marketing, prequalification, origination and processing for mortgage brokers and direct lenders. View Profile

Software for managing any loan, lease or asset anywhere. Use one software system worldwide for leasing, lending, and asset management. View Profile


by Dorado

Internet applications designed to help lenders streamline and automate the loan origination processes. View Profile

Close It

by Display Systems

Generates a variety of HUD and other settlement statements, performs all calculations for you automatically. View Profile


by LBA Ware

Automatic compensation calculations & LO dashboard optimizes managing mortgage lending through automation, tracking, and reporting. View Profile


by ComplianceEase

Automated compliance auditing for the residential mortgage industry. View Profile


by Del Mar DataTrac

Helps you gain total control over your pipeline by centralizing data across entire operation. View Profile



Fully-integrated platform managing all aspects of mortgage loan production and all documentation necessary to process a loan. View Profile


by E-Closing

Web-based real estate title, escrow and closing software application, comprehensive and easy to use. View Profile

e-PACK 1003

by ProForce Software

Speeds closing by relieving mortgage loan agents/underwriters from the clerical burden of assembling, revising & faxing. View Profile

eDominate Suite

by iNet

Loan origination system serving consumer, consumer indirect, mortgage and commercial lending lines of business. View Profile


by Ellie Mae

Proven way of managing loan origination process that dramatically improves the way your business functions. View Profile

Engaged CRM

by Engaged

CRM solution for multiple products, office locations, call centers, lead gen, underwriting and processing functions. View Profile


by eOriginations

Optimizes the borrower experience, providing easy-to-use tools and an unlimited level of customization to keep borrowers fully engaged. View Profile


by Cyberlink Software Solutions

eRAMP simplifies all MERS functions; Registration, Transfers, Deactivations and more. View Profile

Fast & easy loan amortization reports, calculate mortgage payments, ARM, Balloons, Equity Draws, future value, etc. View Profile


by EyeOnMyLoan

Allows Mortgage Consultants to save time and money by automating the loan status communication process. View Profile

FinnOne LOS

by Nucleus Software

Automates and manages the complete application processing flow of any retail finance instrument. View Profile


by Floify

Automate the process of collecting loan documents from borrowers and emailing loan status updates to real estate agents and borrowers. View Profile

Full-circle Web-Pro

by QC Solutions

Web-based quality control software for mortgage banks that fund loans with pre-funding and post-closing reviews. View Profile

Funding Suite

by Cogent Road

Solution for mortgage lenders that provides tri-merge mortgage credit reports and a built-in credit score analyzer. View Profile


by LegalLogix

Processing suite for law firms specializing in loan modifications and foreclosure defense. View Profile

HDS Loan Servicing System

by Housing and Development Software

Loan servicing solution for housing finance and community development agencies; single-family and multifamily loans. View Profile


by Alta Star Software

Prepare and print Hud-1 Settlement Statement for purchases, new loans and refinances. View Profile



Trust fund handling software program for mortgage and real estate brokers; offers full automation and flexibility. View Profile

InHouse Mortgage


Provides over 1000 print forms, access to vendor interfaces, status sheets, loan summaries and data checks. View Profile

An enterprise application you can install on site or use as an SaaS application, built to scale to the size of your company. View Profile

A web based application to manage potential customer leads for Mortgage financing, Direct sales agents (DSA), etc. View Profile


by LeadROI

Web-based solution for managing your leads and sales force, resulting in better conversions from lead to loan application. View Profile


by Leadsconnection

Web-based solution with custom contract creation, financial reporting, leads organization and tracking tools for mortgage brokers. View Profile

Lending Pro Software

by Lending Pro Software

The necessary tools requred to manage and track loan payments from borrowers. All of the necessary reports are built into the software. View Profile


by LendingQB

A web-based, end-to-end mortgage loan origination system that does it all, from loan origination to funding. View Profile

Loan And Mortgage

by Felitec

It is an amortization schedule calculation software that handles virtually any loan type. View Profile

Loan Magic

by Document Systems

All-inclusive, completely accurate, incredibly easy, and totally reliable loan presentation program. View Profile

Loan Management System

by Epic Loan Systems

A loan management solution with intelligent lead routing, portfolio analysis capability, and marketing module. View Profile

Loan Modification Manager

by Cimmaron Software

CRM system for loan modification industry. Includes marketing automation and lender negotiation functionality. View Profile

Loan Modification Solutions

by Direct Capital Software

Leading company in Loan Software and Loan Modification Software Solutions. View Profile


by LoanAlert

Mortgage software for commercial loan businesses with automatic creation of loan payments & mortgage statements. View Profile


by ConsultCommerce

Loan amortization management and amortizations schedule visualization and presentation. View Profile

by Western Mortgage Technologies

Web-based set of tools for the mortgage industry that allows you to track your loans in real time. View Profile


by EC Data Systems

Document management platform designed specifically for the mortgage industry. View Profile


by Dynamic Interface Systems

Mortgage, Simple interest, Rule of 78, Revolving credit, Bi-Weekly, and other methods of interest calculation. View Profile


by LoanLogics

The mortgage industry's First Enterprise Loan Quality Management and Portfolio Monitoring Platform. View Profile


by The LoanPost

Web-based software for asset management, non-performing notes, loss mitigation, REO Connecting your team & vendors with 360 degree view View Profile


by MortgageFlex Systems

MortgageFlex Systems provides innovative loan origination and servicing software solutions to the mortgage industry. View Profile

LOANS! for .Net

by Benedict Group

Loan servicing report writers, multiple loan types, workflow and document management, collections support, and more. View Profile


by LoanSifter

Product and pricing engine, with database of investors, real-time pipeline monitoring, custom pricing. View Profile


by LOXpress

Web-based software for mortgage professionals. This soft are allows you to customize your leads, routing, emails and reports. View Profile


by AFT Solutions

All-in-one underwriting and pricing software solution for mortgage bankers, banks and lenders. View Profile

MIC Manager

by Dolphin Enterprises

Manages data for MICs by integrating corporate data of all relevant contact information, mortgage details and calculations. View Profile

MIRACLE DocPrep Systems

by MRG Document Technologies

Browser based program for mortgage loan document creation and management for small and mid-size lenders. View Profile


by Butler & Associates

Provides many features that are required by interim or long-term mortgage loan servicing organizations. View Profile

Mortgage Advisors

by Summit Presentations Systems

Client relationship management system on the web designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of loan originators. View Profile

Mortgage Builder

by Mortgage Builder Software

Allows for processing, closing and underwriting of all loan types. View Profile

Mortgage Loan Calculator

by Pine Grove Software

This calculator evaluates six numeric inputs and solves for two unknown values such as loan amount and monthly payments. View Profile

Mortgage Minder 4.0 PRO

by CW Technical Services

Features include support for variable interest rates, Canadian mortgage calculations, an enhanced payment/rate matrix. View Profile

Automates all loan servicing functions: escrow admin, collections, investor accounting, payment processing, loss mitigation, reporting. View Profile


by MortgageDashboard

Web based loan origination system with pipeline tracking, bundled settlement services and electronic fulfillment. View Profile


by Elysys

For any entity that has lending or borrowing activities, and/or places money on deposit. View Profile

Nomis Solutions

by Nomis Solutions

Pricing and profitability management through advanced analytics, innovative technology, and tailored business processes. View Profile

Web-based mortgage software with tools for creating, uploading, and managing digital loans. View Profile


by Piracle

Loan management system for a borrower or lender that automates loan transactions. View Profile


by Associated Software Consultants

End-to-end processing; prequalification and pricing, underwriting and processing, closing and funding. View Profile

ProClose Classic

by ProClose

Web-based mortgage and loan closing document management software designed for mortgage lenders and commercial banks. View Profile


by Cogent QC Systems

Loan compliance auditing and quality control application with sampling, analysis, and reporting from a common database. View Profile


by SoftPro

Offers improved speed, accuracy, and control over every phase of the closing and title process. View Profile

Pulse Mortgage

by focusIT

Web-based CRM with task management, automatic alerts, and communication tools for mortgage companies. View Profile


by Aklero Risk Analytics

Mortgage quality control platform that validates that pre-close and post-close processing requirements have been fulfilled. View Profile

QuikClose Pro

by Savant Software

HUD-1 and HUD-1A settlement statements , 1099 subsitute, automated document duplication. View Profile

Real Estate Closing Software

by Escrow Publishing

Automates preparation and printing of settlement statements, escrow disclosure, truth in lending. View Profile


by RealControl

Transaction management software program that is adaptable to any real estate company, anywhere in the country. View Profile


by Altisource Portfolio Solutions

Electronic B2B exchange that automates and simplifies ordering, tracking and fulfilling mortgage information products and services. View Profile


by Rekon Technologies

Lien release and assignment processing system. View Profile


by Blueberry Systems

The next generation of loan origination that provides you with the peace of mind from seamless production and strict loan quality. View Profile

Collaboration dashboard that helps optimize work of mortgage teams. View Profile

SharperLending Platform

by SharperLending

Technology to facilitate lender relations with local vendors; process requests through vendors or use internal staff. View Profile


by Stewart Realty Solutions

Delivers every listing, sale, closing, loan file and every document online and on CD-ROM at closing. View Profile

The Perfect HUD

by Dee Vanover & Associates

Affordable, online real estate closing software. View Profile


by TSS Software

Suite of software products and services for the real estate title and settlement agent. View Profile


by TrueClose

Loan management software that allows you to close more loans, faster, with the resources, people, and systems you already have. View Profile

VCO Desk

by MortgageVCO

Allow MortgageVCO to help you virtualize your office with VCO Desk - Exclusively made for the mortgage industry. View Profile

Vendor Management System

by ARG InterActive

Designed to help mortgage companies, realtors, banks and credit unions acquire and retain customers. View Profile


by SMS

Integrates title production, escrow, closing and trust accounting system for the title industry. View Profile


by Visionet Systems

Helps mortgage companies manage post closing, loan boarding, lien release, escrow setup, new loan setup and related activities. View Profile


by Xetus

Loan processing system for mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers. View Profile

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