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Our made-for-mobile, cloud-based software was designed to handle the critical needs of oil and gas organizations including task management, safety protocol, scheduling, asset management and more. We combine our software with the industry's best implementation, on-boarding and support services. Learn More

VMS for PEI Contractors

by Vertical Market Software

A leader in PEI construction, service, and part sales software, VMS for PEI contractors has been providing solutions to the industry for over 25 years. Get access to real-time business intelligence with information stored in a relational SQL database, run through the easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and automate your service department with VMS for PEI contractors. Learn More


by FieldEZ Technologies

FieldEZ is an award-winning software that helps manage your Oil & Gas services operations in real-time. Over 23,000 people use FieldEZ for instant job scheduling, dispatch & tracking field crews, remote customer billing, feedback and more. It works on ANY tablet or phone plus has great configuration and integration support. FieldEZ is FREE for the first month and as low as $15 per month after that. Learn More


by AssetPoint

With roots in the Oil & Gas industry, TabWare CMMS / EAM solution helps customers maintain their vital assets that are crucial to production uptime and avoid complicated, costly and catastrophic equipment failures. TabWare was designed by maintenance professionals with extensive experience working with major Oil & Gas organizations and uniquely combines robust functionality specific to the industry with configurability, ease-of-use and advanced technology. Learn More

Canvas is a cloud-based software service that enables businesses to replace expensive and inefficient paper forms with powerful apps on their smartphones and tablets. Canvas enables users to collect information using mobile devices, share that information and easily integrate with existing backend systems. Canvas also offers the first business-only application store of its kind, with 13,000+ pre-built, fully customizable apps that work on all mobile platforms and serve 30+ vertical markets. Learn More


by Ignite-ETRM

Software suite for energy commodity trading (including natural gas, NGLs, and crude) and risk management (ETRM), with front, middle and back office capabilities. Functionality includes: Deal Capture, logistics, invoicing, credit and risk management, forecasting, position tracking, audit, reporting, system-integration and much, much more.. Learn More

OGsys provides user-friendly, intuitive oil and gas accounting software that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting your daily productivity and overall success. As the first company to develop an oil and gas accounting software application for the personal computer, OGsys has been a pioneer in the industry for nearly 30 years. We provide you vision, guidance and support by relentlessly delivering new product innovation, education and ongoing communication. Learn More

Pervidi Oil & Gas

by Techs4Biz

Pervidi significantly improves productivity and reduces operational costs, using the following components: software to automate all aspects of your maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections, PDAs to record results electronically, automatic alerts, reminders, emails and triggers, web portal to record data and view reports using any browser. Pervidi is scalable and can be used by any organization. Learn More


by Texas Computer Works

Production and evaluation software for management and economic analysis of producing assets. Learn More

Provides oil & gas, mining, land owners, and land service companies with the tools to record and manage land inventory and history. Learn More


by Resource Energy Solutions

Authorization and expenditure management solution with capital tracking and spending control functionality. Learn More

AFE Navigator

by Energy Navigator

Integrated capital cost tracking system with process documentation and user-security management for AFE workflow. Learn More

AFE Tracker

by Altius Consulting

Monitor and control your Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) business process, reducing bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Learn More



Fast and simple software system for precise UST fuel inventory control; can also handle your fuel dispatching Learn More



A web-based solution for data and documents contextualization, cross-reference, and visualization. Learn More


by mcaConnect

Software & service solution for the oil & gas industry. Works to improve their accounting, manufacturing & operational processes. Learn More


by P2 Energy Solutions

Provides financial management, land/lease management, production tracking, asset tracking, and SOX compliance for Oil and Gas. Learn More


by Petrosoft

Delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use time and attendance tools that can interface to several different time keeping systems. Learn More


by Plano Research

Well and reservoir management software with wells visualization, performance analysis, sweep optimization, and well interactions. Learn More

Contiki ECM

by CMA Contiki

Comprehensive contract lifecycle management tool for oil and gas industry. Includes advanced business logic. Learn More

CoViz 4D

by Dynamic Graphics

Quantitative visualization solution with reservoir monitoring, microseismic visualization, and analysis tools. Learn More


by TWI

Decision-support software for evaluation of fracture and fatigue assessment processes in pipelines. Learn More


by Skynet Labs

D.F.S is a compendium of well site and production calculation formulas used daily by drillers. Learn More


by Independent Data Services

A web-based reporting suite with AFE and cost reporting, phase and well-wide costing, etc. Learn More


by Petrosys

Modular mapping software for seismic, wells, spatial, and unstructured data management. Learn More

Delivery Scheduler

by DM2 Software

Tools to set up automated schedules to fulfill regular deliveries efficiently, saving time and effort while increasing profit margin. Learn More

Diamant Master


Dynamic data analysis platform with production data gathering, storage, and anomalous events detection. Learn More

Discovery Management Software

by Discovery Solutions International

A hosted ERP solution for oilfield service and supply companies with build-in disaster recovery tool for business transactions. Learn More


by Petris Technology

A drilling engineering and completion suite with wellbore stability tracking, trajectory management, hydraulics modules, etc. Learn More

DSF Oil & Gas Distribution

by Dynamic Software Factory

Covers IT processes in storage, transport and distribution from the oil terminal to the petrol tank. Learn More


by Techdrill International

An integrated suite of applications with well engineering calculations for well planning and drilling operations. Learn More

Cloud-based platform for aggregating data from all sources (systems/sensors) & graphically displaying as useful actionable information. Learn More

Energy E3

by ADD Systems

Automates the search and retrieval function of information gathering for your employees and customers. Learn More


by Entero

A comprehensive application for engineering, reserves, budgeting, capital planning, and A&D groups. Learn More

Enterprise Operations Platform

by CygNet Software

An integrated system for operations data collection, management and distribution. Learn More


by Benzol Group

Compliance management solution for Oil and Gas industry. Tracks training of employees and contractors, stores documents online. Learn More


by Paradigm

A modular data management system with cross-platform functionality and interoperability capacity for different data integration. Learn More

Exaquantum PIMS

by Yokogawa

One of the most comprehensive Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) available for process industries. Learn More


by Spirit Innovative Technologies

Software integration platform for HMI solutions. Offers integrated flow equations, synchronized redundancy, fiscal reporting, etc. Learn More

Explorer Shafers

by Explorer Software

Service management and mobile office solution with dispatching, job costing, equipment tracking, GPS and mapping for contractors. Learn More

Fast Piper

by Fekete Associates

Gas gathering systems analysis solution with bottlenecks identification and scenarios deliverability predicting. Learn More

FB Manager

by Squarelynx

An automated solution for managing contractors' nonconformities and failure. Learn More


by Fielding Systems

Provides innovative, cloud-based SaaS solutions for midstream and upstream companies in the Oil and Gas industry. Learn More

FieldVu Software

by VistaVu Solutions

See everything that matters -- from field tickets to costing to rentals - fully integrated with your invoicing and payroll. Learn More

Fuel Books

by CMIsolutions

Application designed to tie together all aspects of fuel distribution from the single bulk plant operator to direct store delivery. Learn More

Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager

by Envirosoft

Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager: management of unmetered fuel, and unmetered flared and vented volumes from routine and non-routine sources. Learn More


by Progressive International Electronics

Powerful controller that includes the ability to connect to car wash systems and tank monitoring systems. Learn More

Gas Plant Information System

by Exigent Information Solutions

Windows based system that automates the plant settlement and accounting functions for gas gathering and processing companies. Learn More


by Starling Associates

Excel spreadsheet format software for natural gas properties culculations including critical flow coefficient, density, etc. Learn More


by ENSYTE Energy Software

A modular solution for gas business transactions and revenue accounting management for pipeline operators, retail gas marketing, etc. Learn More


by Bradley B. Bean

A network modeling solution with gas properties culculations, graphical data and reporting tools, etc. Learn More


by Micotan Software Company

Well lifecycle management tool with data planning, gathering, sharing, scheduling and reporting. Learn More

Genesis Drilling

by Genesis Petroleum Technologies

Modular software with analysing, designing, and data entry systems for drilling operations. Learn More


by geoLOGIC

Decision support software ecosystem featuring superior data, advanced software tools and customer support for your upstream needs. Learn More


by GeoKnowledge

Suite of tools for systematic evaluation of exploration opportunities and rapid assessment of leads modeled as single segments. Learn More


by Ramboll Oil & Gas

A pipeline design analysis tool with loading history, seabed topography analysing, and other features for design cost optimization. Learn More


by Greasebook

Mobile oil and gas gauge sheet and oil field management solution for iPhone and iPad. Learn More


by Pegasus Vertex

A drilling hydraulics software with mud rheology modelling, nozzle selection, flow rate calculaion and analisys, surge and swab, etc. Learn More


by IBS Software Services

A comprehensive logistics solution, especially tailor-made for the upstream oil and gas industry. Learn More

Industrial Status Viewer

by Toadfly Technologies

Software to manage all aspects of industrial businesses including maintenance requests, equipment status, and employee records. Learn More

Integra Energy

by Avatar Systems

Provides financial accounting, land management, production reporting and imaging applications for domestic oil & gas operators. Learn More

Intelligent Wellhead

by GE Fanuc

Delivers a single unit controller or a distributed control solution, to combine multiple wells, suitable for the harsh environments. Learn More

InterLink Web

by Accupoint Software Development

Accupoint Software is a global provider of innovative API compliance management solutions Learn More


by Designio

iWell is a paperless way for pumpers and producers to easily and quickly track, capture and review production and field data. Learn More


by Baker Hughes

A geological modelling and reservour simulation system with seismic and geologic integration, flow simulation, geomechanic models. Learn More

KSS Fuels

by KSS Fuels

Tools to help meet volume objectives by achieving financial goals, improving operational efficiencies and advancing market intelligence Learn More


by GeoAMPS

Simplify management of oil and gas projects Learn More


by Landboss Software

Blends together your land and lease management needs as well as your office needs, such as invoicing and payroll. Learn More

LinkMate Net

by Data Technology Services

Web-based software application that enables users to remotely monitor and manage wells from any computer with an Internet connection. Learn More

LMKR GeoGraphix


Integrated geological and geophysical interpretation system designed by geoscientists for geoscientists. Learn More


by Agelio Networks

A web-based system for minerals and royalities managing, royality income tracking, and land reporting. Learn More


by MyDataIQ

Online work order management software solution for the oil and gas industry. Includes project management and regulatory compliance. Learn More


by evoleap

Users can schedule OLGA simulations without worrying if OLGA licenses are available. obot launches sims when licenses are available Learn More


by Bayside Computer Systems

Accounting software for oil and gas sector. Integrates with Oildex, comes with virtual filing cabinet space for document storage. Learn More

Oil Country OS

by Arecon Data

Oil & Gas OCTG and Oilfield Equipment Inventory Management Software for Steel Pipe Distribution, Oil & Gas Production and Services Co Learn More

Oilfield Data Manager (ODM)

by Senergy Energy Services

An oilfield data management program with integration and interpretation tools for geological well data storage and visualization. Learn More



Designed to assess the core thermophysical properties of oil and its derivatives necessary to solve transportation and processing. Learn More


by SPT Group

A modular solution with dynamic simulation, blowout control and online-based tools for flow assurance simulation. Learn More


by C-SAM

Specialist Enterprise Asset Management Software for Oil and Gas industry companies Learn More


by GL Noble Denton

A software tool used in facility design and operation for oil and gas assets production analysis. Learn More


by N-LAB Software

An application package wih data management, log drawing, and reporting system for mud logging and drilling control. Learn More


by Optimization Petroleum Technologies

Provides petroleum engineering software and field studies for independent oil & gas companies. Learn More

Helps increase reservoir performance by improving asset team productivity. Develop collaborative workflows and integrate operations. Learn More


by PetroBase

An oilfield management system with data integration, reporting tools, data control and analysis, etc. Learn More

Petroleum Supply Chain Planner

by Aspen Technology

Economic planning tool that solves multi-commodity, multi-period transport optimization problems related to allocating resources. Learn More


by Deloitte

An upstream solution for fiscal modelling and oil and gas asset valuation. Learn More


by Caesar Systems

Equips geoscientists, engineers & project managers with a consistent approach to evaluating development concepts through E&P projects. Learn More

PIDX b2box

by Amalto Technologies

A connectivity solution for billing and direct exchange of business documents with trading partners via B2B integration server. Learn More

Infrastructure Construction Projects run better with Pims HSE Management. Learn More


by Fugro-Jason

A multi-well and multi-user application for petrophysics and rock physics analysis capabilities for well log interpretation. Learn More


by Mi4 Corporation

Oil production software with data collection, reports, charts and graph creation features for petroleum engineers, technicians, etc. Learn More


by Petroleum Experts

A well configurations modelling program with artificial lift system analysis and design, and production system analysis. Learn More


by Peloton Computer Enterprises

Designed to improve the way the oil and gas industry records, verifies, visualizes and reports production. Learn More


by Calsep

A modular PVT simulation program for reservoir and process engineers, flow assurance specialists, and PVT labs. Learn More


by M-Tech Software

A solution with boring log and well construction diagram creation for geologists or data entry staff members. Learn More


by OGRE Systems

Reserve estimating solution with probabilistic analysis, reserves tracking and classification, and other features. Learn More


by Logicom

Tool for helping the explorationist, production geologist and engineer to calculate reserves with an estimation of uncertainty. Learn More


by Stochastic Simulation

Evaluate impact of uncertain parameters enabling engineers to generate more accurate estimates of hydrocarbon reserves. Learn More


by Infostat Systems

A drilling information system with reporting and business analysis tools for drilling contractors. Learn More


by Merrick Systems

Technical corporate data warehouse for production, geophysical and geological information on well completion and reservoir information. Learn More


by RockWare

Provides geologists and engineers indispensable tools for visualizing their surface and sub-surface data. Learn More


by Oil and Gas Business Solutions

Oil and gas accounting software and services are 100 percent internet enabled - you select the right level of involvement and control. Learn More

Roxar Tempest

by Emerson Electric

Reservoir simulation suite with post processing tools, PVT analysis, parallel processor option, etc. Learn More

SAS for Oil & Gas

by SAS Institute

Enables the O&G industry to transform data from operations, reservoirs, risks, costs and profitability into business intelligence. Learn More


by Aqua Technology Group

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for water, wastewater, oil, gas and industrial process. Learn More


by SeisWare International

Modular seismic interpretation software with seismic data management, mapping, 3D visualization and other integrated utilities. Learn More


by EMK3

A modular marketing application solution with pipeline, plant operations management, and risk management tools. Learn More

SLAM Change Management Control

by SLAM Solutions

Affordable web based solution for environments that need complete change auditing with flexible workflow. Learn More


by MetroSoft

Competitive pricing; only buy the oil & gas accounting modules you need. Learn More


by Oildex

An electronic invoice processing system designed specifically for energy companies. Learn More


by E.B. Archbald & Assoc.

Oil & gas accounting software. A highly reliable, robust and integrated series of applications developed for energy related enterprises Learn More


by Application Universe

Specifically designed to accommodate projects and plant turnaround (major scheduled shutdown) planning process. Learn More


by Golden Software

For well log and bore hole plotting--Import depth data and display the data using twelve fully customizable log types. Learn More


by TECHBASE International

Drill-hole data plotting, modelling and storage, graphics and statistics tools for data management. Learn More

Terrastation II


A modular system with borehole imaging and petrophysical analysis for geologists, petrophysicists, and other technical scientists. Learn More

Track your oil and gas distributions while paying bills and tracking your accounting in your own QuickBooks company. Learn More

The Derek

by Roughneck Systems

An accounting system for oil and gas industry with accounts receivable, general ledger, accounts payable, and other modules. Learn More

Total Asset Manager

by Upstream Professionals

Petroleum exploration tool with pre-drilling information management and geoscience, operations, land and reservoir data organization. Learn More

Upstream Solutions

by Waterfield Energy

Oil and gas software with contract management, revenue accounting, and land management capabilities for upstream sector. Learn More


by TouchStar

Eliminate paper processes by managing driver workflow through a mobile device that communicates directly with your back office system. Learn More


by Enersight

A business simulation solution with risk and sensitivity analysis, scenarios and reserves planning, and economic modeling. Learn More


by WennSoft

Dispatch, scheduling, invoicing, and maintenance contract solution available for client/server or Internet platforms. Learn More


by SLAM Energy Software

Workflow management and change tracking for almost any operation - equipment changes, work processes, safety procedures and so on. Learn More


by Intac International

Service management, scheduling, dispatch, billing and accounting software for specialty contractors. Learn More

WolfePak Financial Software

by WolfePak Software

Customizable modular accounting system for oil and gas operators. Learn More


by RungePincockMinarco

Mine planning software solutions from mine design to scheduling and costing. Suitable for budgeting to life of mine planning. Learn More


by Halliburton

Drilling analytics software for well construction projects. Allows you to store historical data, analyze and visualize data. Learn More

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