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A CRM software package that focuses on speeding up the sales cycle, increasing targeted traffic, and decreasing cost-per-lead. Marketing Optimizer empowers digital marketers with the tools and reporting to continually improve their lead generation campaigns. Marketing Optimizer integrates with all popular website testing, web analytics, and landing page optimization software.

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  • Active Internet Marketing
  • Founded 2001

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  • Customer Service Analytics
  • Customer Service Integration
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May 22, 2012

Marketing and Sales Managers Best Friend

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: All sales reps view data differently, what information one finds important might not be important to the the other.

The user interface on this system is great! Our sales reps really like the way it allows them the ability to place the fields they find most important right where they want them. They also like how they are able to select criteria that allows them to capture important information on each lead. This helps them get a good feel for what the contact is looking for or experiencing at the moment.

From a sales managers view point, this system is all I need to be able to effectively run my team, allowing me to be able to see which rep is taking which call, how long they are staying on the phone with each contact, and what their actual closing ratio is.

Cons: Usability was a problem for some of the guys at the beginning. This wasn't a problem with the system itself but reflected more on the guys learning how to use it. Since learning how to correctly work the system, we haven't experienced any more problems.

Overall: I recommend this product to all marketing and sales managers. Using the Aim system has helped our marketing and sales departments be able to truly track where we need to allocate our marketing budget. This has been a great communication tool for both of these departments. Before using the Aim system these two departments would waist time pointing the finger at each other when our sales dropped. Now if our sales drop, we are able to quickly determine if our campaigns have lost momentum or if our sales reps are just not closing.

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Nicholas Thiel, Senior Director of Expansion at Narconon Freedom Center

November 14, 2011

AIM CRM met client management needs

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: AIM CRM was very easy to use and offered us the ability to highly follow our clients and their needs. Really loved the filter capabilities and ease of use for our employees. We greatly took advantage of the automation functions that saved us time and money by reducing errors.

Cons: Our needs were so specialized that we eventually needed something created for our specific business.

Overall: Overall the service, reliability and performance of AIM CRM was great and I would recommend AIM to anyone in the need for a client management system with robust tools.

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Eric Graff, President at Hansen Buildings

April 01, 2009

Would absolutely recommend this product to anyone needing a database for multiple users.

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: ~ User Friendly
~ Excellent Customer Service / Training
~ Excellent Web Integration features and automation features
~ Love the track-ability of the status of all clients and contracts

Cons: ~ Email feature needs to be upgraded; works fine as is, but could have more features.

Overall: Would absolutely recommend this product to anyone needing a database for multiple users. It has simplified our process of keeping track of who has what client and what the status of each client is. No more Excel spreadsheets!!

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Kristal McCleary, Closing Officer at Branson Hills Properties

March 26, 2009

The AIM CRM tool is excellent program for managing your leads.

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Has all the features of the most roboust CRM software available today.

Cons: The system is very easy to use and the support from the staff is best I have ever seen.

Overall: The AIM CRM tool is excellent program for managing your leads. As a Real Estate office the leads and the system that manages them are the lifeline of our business. Comparing the features, cost and value that AIM offers compared to the competition - AIM offers a much better value without giving up any of the bells and whistles. The system does it all and more. I would highly recommend it to any business that manages leads and clients.

Secondly I want to express my gratitude to the staff at AIM. They are always available and very supportive. I want to personally thank Stephen and Matt as there help and support being totally hands on with my business has greatly;y helped me. I cant say enough how much they have helped me understand and use the program.

Loyal customer
Michael Rich

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MIchael Rich, VP at US Home Loan & Credit Services, LLC

March 20, 2009

AIMcrm is not only easy to use, but it is also incredibly powerful in it's design.

Ease of Use
Customer Service

Pros: Easy, intuitive interface.
Makes tracking clients simple and effective.
Easy, yet powerful form building tools for data capture.
Great customer service.
Fast load time for a web-based application.
Highly customizable.
Strong automation functions.
Scalable, especially if you want to resell lead data.

Cons: Seriously, none thus far and we have been customers for almost a year.

Overall: AIMcrm is not only easy to use, but it is also incredibly powerful in it's design. It has an intuitive interface that is simple to learn, so for a beginner, it is a piece of cake to get up to speed. AIMcrm also tackles complex data management and tracking. The tools in AIMcrm for these purposes are also easy to learn and use. Many ideas that would take custom programming, AIMcrm has already thought of and included in it's design. You can capture, track and distribute data in just about any way you can imagine while also being able to automate the whole process.

In short, AIMcrm is a terrific system and a fantastic value. For it's vast functionality, it is the best deal when it comes to web based crm software. Through our research and shopping, it is the most competitively priced software if it's kind on the Internet.

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Strother Hammond, COO at Long Term Care Planners