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Halogen's cloud based performance management software helps your managers give employees the direction, feedback and development they need to excel. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities. Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, users rave about Halogen eAppraisal and how it has enhanced both their performance appraisal process and management practices. Take a free trial! Learn More


by SilkRoad Technology

SilkRoad WingSpan brings every element of employee performance & appraisal management together into one easy-to-use platform. Easily manage employee development, align employee, department, and corporate goals, and measure success against the agreed upon standards and goals. WingSpan performance appraisal software will improve cumbersome employee appraisal processes, increase productivity, motivate employees, and create a performance driven company culture. Learn More


by Saigun Technologies

EmpXtrack is a comprehensive, affordable and flexible talent management suite that delivers a wide range of integrated functions including goal setting, competencies, appraisals, development plans, succession planning, 360 feedback, and pay recommendations. Helpful administrative tools such as progress dashboards, rich workflows, and timely email reminders make the process run smoothly. This robust cloud-based product can be implemented quickly and can grow with a customers needs. Learn More


by Applied Training Systems

Reviewsnap's acclaimed Web-based performance management system offers the most flexible, robust, user-friendly and cost-effective online solution on the market today. It includes performance review, 360 degree feedback and compensation tracking modules all bundled under one highly affordable annual subscription fee. Our customers have found Reviewsnap to be an ideal framework for enhancing employee communication, morale and productivity and for developing a culture focused on high performance. Learn More

Introducing the industry's easiest-to-use, most-affordable, most-effective performance review system. 20 Dollar Eval is the go-to performance review for small and mid-sized companies and teams within large companies. The smartly designed web-based system includes easy-to-follow prompts and automated features. Its flexible configurations make it a scalable solution to fit your specific needs. Learn More

PerformancePAM streamlines your employee performance management process with automatically routed employee appraisals, SMART goal setting, cascading goals, a competency library, feedback suggestions, and more. With PerformancePAM, you're entitled to every feature in the product including 360 degree multirater appraisals and companywide cascading goals at one sensible price. Learn More

Primalogik 360

by Primalogik Software Solutions

An affordable and easy-to-use performance management solution. It brings together performance appraisals and 360-degree feedback into one simple and integrated platform. Simplify your processes to ensure appraisals and surveys are completed on time. It includes performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback surveys, automated email reminders, customizable questionnaires and emails, and more. Try it for free. Get started in seconds. Learn More


by TribeHR

More than just Performance Appraisals! TribeHR is a complete employee-self-service HR platform with applicant tracking, recruiting, employee records, PTO tracking, ongoing performance management, annual reviews, onboarding, benefits tracking, and more. See why thousands of businesses with 20 to 1,000 employees choose our cloud-based HR software at an affordable price. Try TribeHR today! Learn More

Performance Pro

by HRN Performance Solutions

Performance Pro is a fully customizable, automated, online performance appraisal system. Designed for those requiring an effective and flexible employee development and evaluation tool, Performance Pro is readily adaptable to meet current and evolving company needs. Goal management supports employee development. Communication tools ensure sound and timely evaluations. Managers' tools promote simple and effective evaluations. View online product demo or obtain free trial. Learn More

PeopleGoal is a cloud-based employee performance management service which improves the way performance is managed at our customers businesses. Our solution allows business owners to align individual goals to those of the business, in real time and in the cloud. We drive higher engagement in the performance management process and use this data to produce key insights into how your teams and people work together. Learn More

- Simple and intuitive user experience - Ability to drive compliance across the organization - Integration into Compensation and Total Rewards Statements - More relevant reviews - Improved alignment between individual and organizational goals - Dashboard reporting with zero-click access to information for executives and the HR team - We now also offer STAYview, the only automated Stay Interview system available on the market. We guarantee a 20%+ reduction in turnover with this tool Learn More

700+ companies and more than 100,000 people trust Trakstar as their preferred Performance Management System. It's the most powerful yet easy-to-use system on the market, and everything you need in a performance appraisal system is included at a very reasonable cost. Take your paper forms and put them online - our form generator is completely customizable. 360 feedback, rich reports, customizable appraisal process all included. Get your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL, PRICE QUOTE or PERSONAL DEMONSTRATION. Learn More

Training Partner

by GeoMetrix Data Systems

Web-based Learning Management System completed with multi-language online access, portal capability and e-commerce. Learn More



Web-based employee performance management software that manages goals, tasks, performance reviews, compensation and benefits. Learn More

Performance Review Pro

by Performance Review Pro

A manager's shortcut to the most effective personal development plans that quickly boost employee motivation, performance & results. Learn More

Performance management solution that transforms the evaluation process into a strategic management tool. Learn More

Appraisal Smart

by Appraisal Smart

Web-based, online performance appraisal software for employee review and evaluation. Learn More


by Hirease

A performance management solution with customized appraisals, 360 notes, cascading goals and flexibility in the cloud and on the go. Learn More


by CRG emPerform

Web-based employee performance management including online appraisals, goal alignment, 360 reviews, compensation mgmt, and more. Learn More


by WorkforceGrowth

Easy to use online employee performance management system. It allows HR personnel and managers to setup and conduct reviews instantly. Learn More


by Insights For Performance

The price value leader. Robust features, flexible, intuitive, tier pricing, no multiyear contracts, setup, training, or support fees. Learn More

A3 Performance Accelerator

by MDA Leadership Consulting

Web-based performance management system that is designed to improve employee performance and reduce the administrative burden on HR. Learn More


by ActionHRM

Based around regular review and feedback so that any productivity shortfall can be addressed before it becomes an issue. Learn More

Altamira Performance

by Altamira

Performance evaluation software that provides competencies assessment, goals negotiation and assessment, email notifications, etc. Learn More


by Couraud Consulting

A system that will dramatically improve your staff appraisals while cutting right down on admin. Up and running in minutes. Learn More


by Insight Strategic Concepts

A simple and affordable strategic performance management system for organizations needing a less complex and easy to implement solution Learn More


by BullseyeEvaluation

Bullseye provides trend setting, non-form based solutions for employee and operational performance management- visual and intutive! Learn More


by Element 78 Solutions

360 Appraisal software. The Enterprise Model allows you to perform unlimited appraisals for an unlimited time. Learn More


by Centranum Systems

Web-based talent management platform designed to support the entire people management spectrum. Learn More

Cezanne OnDemand

by Cezanne Software

Streamlines performance management, from setting performance goals and development activities to administering employee appraisals. Learn More


by cfactor Works

Includes performance management, online self-service and workflow, benefit enrollment and administration functionality. Learn More

Cornerstone Performance Cloud

by Cornerstone OnDemand

Performance management tools that offer automated performance reviews, goals setting, assessments and career development plans. Learn More

Covalent EPM

by Covalent Software

Transforms your staff appraisals process to reduce the time and costs involved. It delivers better organisational performance. Learn More


by Dinamiks

Available 24/7 via secure web access regardless of user location, Dinamiks requires no software installation. It is easy to use. Learn More


by Bauschke & Associates

Web-based employee performance management software that incorporates journaling functionality. Learn More


by JustLogin

Flexible, customizable online 360 degree feedback and survey system. Features include rater selection, Excel data import, etc. Learn More

360 degree feedback reviews with online administration, limitless customization, simple user interface and reporting. Learn More

Learning and performance management platform for healthcare. Provides competency evaluation, surveys, and event scheduling. Learn More

Employee Performance Management

by Jakoba Software

Manage, engage and deploy talent through this easy-to-use, hosted, employee review and performance management solution. Learn More

Web-based solution that includes employee engagement, analytics, and social employee recognition tools. Learn More


by Track Surveys

Provides customized, multi-language online 360 degree feedback and talent management tools. Learn More

enCompassing Visions

by JPS Management Consulting

enCompassing Visions brings clarity and alignment between the employer, the employee, and the role. Learn More

An administration interface which allows project managers to control the entire 360 feedback process. Learn More


by EPIC Software

Employee review and lifecycle software that aligns management and employee expectations, helps make better hiring decisions. Learn More


by Perfode

Online employee performance appraisal solution that comes with interactive language audit capabilities for creating polished reviews. Learn More

Eval Custom Pro

by Umanosoft

User-friendly web-based performance evaluation solution for small to mid-size health care facilities. Learn More


by EZ HRReview

SaaS solution with competencies library, performance planning feature, appraisals history, performance percentage calculations, etc. Learn More


by FairSetup

A system that helps qualify relationship between impact, performance, and compensation with expectation-based collaborative feedback. Learn More

Focal Review

by SpiraLinks

Built and supported by HR professionals, runs on your premises or in the Cloud and deploys rapidly for 250 to 500,000 employees. Learn More


by OMNIview

An affordable talent management platform that includes internal and external talent management and performance management. Learn More


by Flexigoal

Performance review software application that offers review creation with libraries of business & productivity skills and goals. Learn More

gowerk PERFORM

by gowerk solutions

Performance Management that streamlines the review process, clarifies goal tracking, and identifies opportunities across a workforce. Learn More


by GroteApproach

Web-based performance management software that includes employee performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback. Learn More

Harvest HCM Performance

by Harvest HCM

Provides decision support and performance measurement tools that allow executives to meet corporate objectives. Learn More

HR Pro

by Omnex Systems

Web-based software for the HR department that allows management to set and manage employee objectives to core business objectives. Learn More

HR Pulse

by Pilat HR Solutions

System with extensive security, employee detail, performance planning, alignment and monitoring features. Learn More


by Intelesoft Technologies

Cost-effective, workflow driven, competency and objective-based performance management web application. Learn More

Offers all the tools you need to improve the employee performance. Manages employee goals, certification, pay-for-performance programs. Learn More

Impact 360

by Verint Systems

Gives an overview of employee performance with comparisons to target metrics, past performance, and peer performance. Learn More


by Kapta

Easy to use performance management software specifically for companies with under 500 employees. Learn More


by CompleteSurvey

360° feedback solution with branding, questionnaire building, and automated report generation functionality for leadership consultants. Learn More

Lumesse ETWeb

by Lumesse

Improve employee engagement, positively impact retention, performance, productivity, innovation, and learning with this solution. Learn More



Track, evaluate and control the behavior, performance, and activities of your employees. Learn More

MAUS Performance Review

by MAUS Business Systems

Generates fully formatted employee reviews; includes Intelli-text, a technology which writes natural text as if you wrote it yourself. Learn More

Measured Success

by McCann Associates

Enables companies to manage employee lifecycle; provides assessment, talent, training, and certification management. Learn More

Mercer 360

by Mercer

Internet based, multi-rater survey and feedback process for collecting and reporting data. Learn More

Metrics that Matter

by KnowledgeAdvisors

Human capital analytics to measure and increase the impact of your human capital processes from recruiting to leadership development. Learn More

NetDimensions Performance

by NetDimensions

Manages pre- and post-tests, skills tests, performance assessments, certification tests, course evaluations, and surveys. Learn More


by NuView Systems

Web-native HRIS that helps administer benefits, streamline the recruiting process, and track skills & training. Learn More

Web-based police performance evaluation software providing problem behavior warning, evaluation records monitoring and coordination. Learn More

Bespoke performance management and online appraisal software, tailored to specific needs and requirements. Learn More



ONOR helps executives, managers, and human resource departments who want to improve their local workplace or unify groups separated geographically. Learn More


by Adequasys

Scalable, modular and configurable software designed to more easily maintain, plan and manage data relative to the HR function. Learn More


by Operational Readiness Management Systems

Evaluate employees' readiness to perform job-related tasks and manage their continuous training requirements. Learn More

Fast, easy, affordable talent management solutions that enable workforce quality improving and leadership pipeline building. Learn More


by Total Compensation Services

Web-based system that allows healthcare facilities to manage staff performance and evaluate competencies. Learn More

PageUp People

by PageUp People

Solution that assists organization in recruitment, on-boarding, performance management, leadership development, and succession planning Learn More

PAS Dynamics

by Paragon Dynamics Info Systems

An application with appraisal creation, goal settings, role-based/designation-based status reporting, appraisal graphs, etc. Learn More


by Glodyne Technoserve

Managed service that helps you build core HR processes from talent acquisition to performance and compensation management. Learn More

Performance management and employee review system that includes appraisals and competency management capabilities. Learn More


by JCM Consulting

Flexible evaluation program that displays all quantity data, goal status and incidents from an evaluation period. Learn More


by PerfectSoftware

Online HCM software with web-based control panels that fully integrate payroll with all your other HR activities. Learn More


by HR Cloud

Automate employee appraisal process, develop succession plans, and motivate and retain talent with this cloud based solution. Learn More

Performance management tool that provides insight for appraisal conversations, reward decisions, and personal development planning. Learn More

Allows complex and global companies to plan and implement performance management programs, measure and track employee performance. Learn More

Performance Management

by LearnShare

Provides a streamlined performance appraisal process that ensures that employee's performance translates into organizational goals. Learn More

Performance management solution that helps companies with dispersed workforce align employee performance with corporate strategy. Learn More

Performance Management Plus

by On Target Performance Systems

Task-based system with training related reports, improvement plans tracking, evaluations scoring and scheduling for law enforcement. Learn More

Fully featured performance management software package that you can install and run in-house. Learn More

Performance Review Software

by SuccessFactors

Supports role-based competency models allowing managers to evaluate employees on their competency levels. Learn More


by Saba Software

Offers the ability to track and manage the performance of your team. Features include goal management and team performance calibration. Learn More


by Insperity

Comprehensive Performance Management solution for performance reviews, goal setting and tracking, job competency and event logging. Learn More

Protia Unify

by Protia

Focuses on performance instead of appraisals; ensures employees align actions to organization goals. Learn More



Web-based 360 degree feedback and appraisal tool. Offers system branding, multi-scoring scales, custom questionnaires, and reporting. Learn More


by Simitive

Cloud performance management software that delivers alignment of individual and organisational goals with real time measurement. Learn More


by Self Evident Enterprises

Goal setting software that enables employee progress tracking via standard reports, goal information storage in the system. Learn More


by Central Business Solutions

Online skill assessments for various projects/requirements from start to finish as well as post delivery support. Learn More

Small Improvements

by Small Improvements

Simple and intuitive. Small Improvements helps companies improve. Conduct performance reviews online and with minimal effort. Learn More


by Smart-wares

Web-based tool that automates the process of designing, administrating, and consolidating employee performance appraisals. Learn More

Starfield TMS

by Starfield TMS

Starfield provides Workforce Planning, Learning, Performance, 360 Assessment, Compensation, Succession, and Analytic solutions. Learn More


by Pathway Guidance

Web-based employee assessment software that offers performance maps, self-assessment tool, review templates, and interview guides. Learn More

Summit Employee Incentives

by Ritam Technologies

Tracks employee incentives and rewards, based on job performace. Can also be used to track customer loyalty incentives. Learn More

SumTotal Talent

by SumTotal Systems

Supports all assessment and development processes, including 360-feedback, performance appraisal & goal setting. Learn More

Talent Performance

by Head Light

Integrated employee appraisal software with Talent Management Suite Learn More


by Talentevo

Automated communication framework to improve the quality of the conversation between managers and employees. Learn More


by TalentSoft

Web-based talent management software with over 2 million users. Includes everything from acquiring to developing your employees. Learn More

Helps organizations build and manage the workforce; ties corporate initiatives to employees' career goals and learning. Learn More

TemboSocial Recognition

by TemboSocial

Non-monetary social recognition system with peer-to-peer employee contributions captured and shared across the enterprise. Learn More

Total Talent Management

by PeopleFluent

Manage shifting positions, payroll, bonuses, employee benefits, and employee productivity and performance. Learn More

TQ Performance

by TalentQuest

Performance management solution for automated, multi-perspective evaluations. Learn More


by ETC ComputerLand

Online employee performance evaluation software with employee scores viewing, broken processes and training opportunities identifier. Learn More


by viDesktop

Performance management and survey system which handles evaluations, goals management, upward and peer reviews and surveys. Learn More

Visual Performance Dialog

by ViperDialog

A tool for more effective team performance dialog that provides a unified view of all the performance details. Learn More

WebMentor Skills

by Avilar Technologies

Web-based competency management products to help you achieve your workforce planning and development goals. Learn More

Work Compas

by Cognito HRM

Helps small and medium sized organizations manage their goals and behaviors with simple processes and embedded training. Learn More

Workday performance management supports the full review process, from alignment to review to compensation. Learn More

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Goal Tracking Through Performance Appraisal Software

As companies become more agile and collaborative, they need flexible and immediate ways to track, change, add, and realign goals for individual employees and for groups. The goal tracking feature of performance appraisal software can help with this and be applied to many different types of goals. Read more to learn how.

Two Considerations When Selecting a Performance Management System

An automated review system is a gift an organization gives to itself, its employees and managers. Automated performance management is in part aimed to streamline a cumbersome paper based review process while insulating the organization from claims of questionable review practices. This narrative explores the pros and cons of split screen systems and canned authoring tools.