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The Customer Service from Dennis has always been excellent!

Clechara Kendrick, at Advertising

I had first tried to build my site using Brilliant Directories but after months of frustration made the switch to eDirectory and was certainly glad I did.

Justin K, at Private

A full-featured collaborative / document / social networking suite.

Ambarish Bura, at SKillnet SOlutions

I recommend the product for every company looking for a cost-effective software to streamline internal communications and collaboration.

Alex Sid, Buyer/User at Machaon

HelpGizmo is an amazing product.

Paul Haverstick, at Internet Reputation

Dollar for dollar have not found a software like it.

Dr. Brian Cochran, Consultant/Reseller at Biz Help 101

I discovered Clinked on Google, whilst looking for a cloud based client portal.

Louisa Chen, at Safe Accountancy Ltd

We've used this very successfully where Yammer and other Facebook type approaches would not work for us.

Paul Drexler, Buyer/User at Bechtel Corporation

The Magentrix relationship has enabled NIP Group the ability to leverage Salesforce data to improve overall productivity while decrease processing costs, within a specific organizational department.

Tracy Wehringer, at NIP Group

We've got tired of paying a significant amount of money for each order generated by some online takeaway portals.

Xi Zhang, at Red Dragon